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There have been many incidents since Russia’s armies entered Ukraine. With the different dimensions of war, of course. The most important of these events were the bizarre deaths of the oligarchs. Dugin and his daughter were targeted… The Dugin issue is very important. I’ll get back to that. But first, a little reminder…

It is very interesting that the people that died were dealing with gas which will destroy Europe. Many important figures about Gazprom have committed suicide or been found dead in their homes! In the three months following the invasion of Ukraine, 6 oligarchs linked to Gazprom were eliminated.

The West naturally said that “Russia is eliminating them.” For example, oligarchs Sergey Protosenia and Vladislav Avayev, who lived in Girona of Spain and Moscow, the capital of Russia, first killed their family members on April 20 and then committed suicide!

55 years old Sergey Protosenya, vice president of the natural gas company Novatek, reportedly stabbed his wife (53) and his daughter (16) to death at home and then committed suicide. At the same date, Vladislav Avayev, the former vice president and former senior Kremlin executive of Gazprombank, another Russian oligarch living in Moscow, was also said to have committed suicide after killing his wife and young daughter.

The suspicions increased. Kremlin became the target. Before that, on March 3, Ukrainian-born businessman and Russian oligarch Mikhail Watford was found dead in his home in Surrey, England. The death of 66-year-old Mikhail Watford was in the middle of sanctions reports against Russian oligarchs.

Watford’s death was recorded in police records as an ‘unexplained death’. He settled in England in the early 2000s and changed his name from Mikhail Tolstosheya to Mikhail Watford. He made his fortune from the oil refinery and natural gas company he owned. There’s been a lot of similar incidents.

Leo Shulman, senior executive at Gazprom, was found hanged at his home in St Petersburg on 30 January. Russian businessman Alexander Tyulakov, who lived next door to Sculman, was also found dead suspiciously. Oligarch Vasily Melnikov, owner of medical device giant Medstom, was found dead in his home. There were other people like that. What they all had in common was that they were involved in the gas business.

Let’s talk about Dugin…

Darya Dugina, daughter of political expert Aleksandr Dugin, who is described as the ‘brain’ of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died due to the explosion of the vehicle she was in. Dugin was the real target. However, it was claimed that he survived the explosion by changing his car at the last moment. According to Russian media reports, they attended an event on Saturday and then left and headed home. But father Dugin decided to change his vehicle at the last moment. The car Dugin’s daughter was in exploded near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy. Officials say Darya Dugina who was working as a journalist, was killed in the blast.

However, no further details of the incident were explained. But photos of Dugin taken at the time of the explosion were released. The saddest images of a father were published. The world followed the incident through Dugin. 30 years old Darya Dugina, daughter of Aleksandr Dugin, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2015. Dugina, known as a journalist, was a political observer at the “International Eurasian Movement”.

The first thing logical people said was “Has anyone seen the body?”. The second question was “Who took pictures of Dugin in front of the exploding vehicle?”. There are few but influential people who claim that the Russian secret service was involved in this action.

It’s an interesting detail that people targeting the father and daughter missed the change of vehicle before the attack. How did they miss such a detail in an assassination that had been planned for so long? How couldn’t they determine that the father and daughter left the festival separately? Considering that Dugin was at the scene at the time of the explosion, why did they choose to go with two separate vehicles?

We can ask a lot of questions about the incident that are pending to be answered. But more interestingly, there was another important issue that was leaked. A meeting with Putin and Dugin took place some time before the incident. It was a very private meeting. It was coordinated by the Russian intelligence FSB. So Dugin and his daughter were targeted shortly after the secret meeting, which included the people at the top of the state. After this assasination, the Kremlin which lost many soldiers in Ukraine, naturally gained an important card. It claimed that the forces behind Ukraine had attempted to kill Dugin and his daughter, and this convinced the people with anti-war opinion inside. Also, the explosion paved the way for the cleanups to be made. As I wrote yesterday, after this incident, the Kremlin said, “The war will continue. There won’t be peace. We will go until the end.” and their people supported this.

Assassination of one of the most important figures would unite the Russian people. With this assassination, the war would continue. The United States has already warned its citizens saying that “Leave Kiev immediately”. As if the war started yesterday…

It is obvious that Europe will tried to be eliminated no matter how you look at it. That’s the point. Those who are fighting in front of the stage, the US and Russia, became united in the backstage. And Britain is among them… Did Dugin’s daughter really die in the explosion? Were there people in the vehicle? We probably won’t be able to find out.

But even the news of the young journalist’s death was effective in determining the future of the war and it caused war to continue. And that’s how it’s gonna be… As I have often written, there will be many incidents like this. They are trying to eliminate European continent… And the first target is Germany…

If that happens, they’ll have control over China. There’s a big game of chess being played on guns, gas and oil. A process involving the intelligence organizations has begun. They took the lid off. It is clear that many more incidents will happen.

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The Direction!
Russia’s entry into Ukraine on February 24, the EUROPEAN UNION being officially a side in the war, the Western ALLIANCE’s appearance as ONE STRUCTURE against Moscow, Turkiye not closing its doors to Russia, and the elections…

Although different countries and different capitals may seem like different agendas, they are all links of a chain. The synagogue raids in Israel, the drone strikes in Iran, and the emergence of Azerbaijan as the center are all but a front of the great war…

The arm wrestling, which took place on a global scale, would naturally be reflected inside…

Let’s try to open that window today. Let’s try to understand what’s going on…

The term RABBIT ATHLETE, which is frequently seen in athletics, was valid for UKRAINE at the moment…

The Kyiv administration inconceivably came face to face with Russia, whose power they would not have a hard time understanding. By ignoring diplomatic channels… Ukraine lost people, lost lands, lost its future. Of course, Russia also had losses. BUT IT MADE MONEY, IT GAINED LANDS AND REACHED ITS HAND TO WEALTH. It expanded its country. The winner was Russia.

This was no surprise either. So what did that mind, who built the war, want? What was it planning? I think we should have brought the lens to Turkiye by looking at the event like this. The real losers of the war were the EUROPEAN UNION and GERMANY. The two countries were at war, and a huge AXIS was lost. Because their weakness was ENERGY. They were dependent on RUSSIA there too…

It was not possible for them to produce a solution. Germany, which made a FUTURE plan according to Russian energy, was deprived of it. Its industry was turned upside down. Exports were greatly affected. Growth figures have declined. Inflation harshly showed itself. With this crisis, the European Union deviated from the path of INDEPENDENCE, which MACRON often mentioned. It had to. The fact that Germany suffered more than anyone else did not pave the way for France either. Paris failed to rise to leadership in the EU. It was tortured in Africa by those who made the FICTION. While all the balances were shaken, the EU and the USA, agreed to give the TANK although they did not intend to. The tank would only prolong the war. Now the “LET’S GIVE A PLANE” proposal was being talked about. This would serve to increase the anger of the Kremlin, as well as to prevent the ESTABLISHMENT of the PEACE TABLE.

When analized with a calm mind, it was seen that all preparations were made for EUROPE to lose. If the USA was really against RUSSIA, it should have given the plane, the missile and the air defense system, whatever was necessary! It should also bring oil prices down. BUT, such a step would never be taken. With a controlled war, RUSSIA would win and EUROPE would lose. And the economic data showed that Washington had entered the lane it wanted. As early as 22 August, the Bundesbank was pointing to the recession in its report. Due to rising energy costs, production, trade and exports were weakening. Also, the bond with CHINA was tensing up to its former strength. Both Germany and the EU were standing against Russia under the umbrella of NATO.

Just at this stage, politics was changing inside and the 6 party opposition table were sharing their common texts. They were declaring that they would do this on the main topics such as law, justice, judiciary-public administration-transparency and auditing, economy, finance and employment science, R&D and digital transformation, sectoral policies-education and training-social policies-foreign policy, defense, security and migration…

When you notice the points that needed to be looked at, you understand the position of Turkiye. The election will be made over this POINT anyway. The NATO issue, which was frequently mentioned by President Erdogan or Devlet Bahceli, was the address of the general distinction. Even from a distance, it was easy to understand this from the NATIONALIST LINE.

While Meral Aksener and her party were not far from NATO, Devlet Bahceli and his party were both distant and against it. This area of CONFLICT will be completely reflected in the ELECTIONS… The result of this would reveal the position of Turkiye. Thus, many areas such as the route, alliances, economic window, political reflexes, and the organization of the state would be reshaped. If 6 party opposition table wins, the eliminations will start…

The table, which established an ALLIANCE to eliminate President Erdogan from power, says, “We will work to complete the process in this area within the framework of dialogue, justice and equality in line with our goal of full membership to the European Union…”, They were both confirming what I have been writing for months and revealing the ways that have diverged with PRESIDENT ERDOGAN.

There was more… They were explaining the route thoroughly with the emphasis “We will comply with the European Convention on Human Rights and other legal documents of the Council, as a requirement of our Constitution, and we will implement the decisions of the ECHR…”.

And with the statement “We will continue our contributions within NATO on a rational basis and taking into account our national interests”, it was announced that we would not stay away from NATO and continue on the road together. Thus, as seen in the last SWEDEN example, President Erdogan’s attitude, which did not let NATO do whatever it wants but did not leave it as well, would leave its place to a harmonious frequency. GLOBAL POLITICS and GLOBAL FICTION were already taking place under the NATO sign. With the Erdogan-Bahceli alliance, the 6-party opposition table was located in the opposite direction here…

There was much to write about in this distribution. The moment you managed to step outside of Turkiye and look, we saw that the 6-party opposition table, established under the leadership of the CHP, was a STRUCTURE THAT OPENED THE DOORS TO GLOBAL POLICIES AND ADOPTS THEM!

At the same time, it was also seen that this GLOBAL ecole was on its knees before Russia. In other words, 6 party opposition table was going down to the field to become a member of the club of losers. Erdogan-Bahceli, on the other hand, was establishing a new balance on the position taken by Russia, turning its back on the EU “with impartiality” and opening the door to Moscow. This was not inconsistent with ANGLOSAXON policies when viewed from a large frame. In other words, it was clear that they were on the winning side and that they were winning.

Already, the European media has been saying for months, “THE ONLY WINNER OF THE WAR is TURKIYE” in headlines. I mean, those men understood and explained it, but some groups were trying to ignore this…

As the war was planned to last longer, it was not difficult to predict that EUROPE would struggle with the energy crisis and economic difficulties. While the 6 party opposition table was sailing through this challenge, Erdogan saw the collapse in the Berlin-Paris axis and was not anchoring away from Putin… This would form the basis of the election…

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The Password is July
Incidents are happening one after another. Holding a pen and keeping one of them apart is not enough to see the whole scenario. Therefore, let’s list the events of the last days and go over them one by one. Let’s come to Turkiye. Let’s reach the elections. Let’s look at why and how the power is separated with the 6 party opposition table. Let’s try to figure out who is in the race with whom…

Let’s continue…

Let’s start with NATO, Sweden and Finland…

Sweden, which has allowed terror and anti-Islamic provocations one after another, is the most prominent figure of the last period. NATO membership came to the fore. Turkiye calmly listed its demands. However, instead of solving the problems, provocation came and took the stage. The Swedish administration allowed the demonstrations of the terrorist organization PKK. It did not prevent the Quran being disrespected in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm. Normally, Turkiye reacted to these actions at the highest level. “We cannot approve of Sweden’s NATO membership process,” it said. Was it right? It was completely right… While Ankara was waiting for a step back with regret, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström announced that the NATO meetings with Turkiye were suspended. And he also said, “We will start the negotiations in July,”…


We will come there. This is the main idea of the article…

While the crisis that grew with the burning of the Quran in Stockholm continued, President Erdogan made a statement that Finland’s NATO membership could be approved without Sweden. While Turkiye was closing the doors to Sweden’s NATO membership, it wanted to act FAIRLY to Finland and reveal the difference in approach between the parties. It was announcing that Finland could be accepted which did not cause trouble. At the highest level… Erdogan said, “We can give a different message about Finland if necessary.

Sweden will be shocked when we give the different message about Finland. But Finland should not make the same mistake,” he said. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also expressed his opinion, “It would be a fair approach to see the difference between a country with problems and a country with less problems…” Despite all these well-intentioned steps, Finnish Foreign Affairs Minister Pekka Haavisto showed up and said, “The security of Finland and Sweden depends on each other. Our wish is to become a member of NATO together with Sweden.” And he continued: “Many countries, including the USA, England and our European allies, gave us assurances for this. That’s also a good reason to wait. These countries have said that if anything happens to us, they will come to our aid because we are on the waiting list. We have received these guarantees and promises… Of course, they are not like NATO’s Article 5, but they are very important for us…” Let’s go back to August from this point… TUSIAD was summarizing the situation by announcing that it had received a letter. USA vice minister of Treasury Adewale Adeyemo’s letter was delivered, explaining that the relations that can be established with people and organizations ON RADAR within the scope of the sanctions against Russia could pose a risk that could cause trouble for companies operating in Turkiye… The Wall Street Journal also stated “USA and Turkish companies, made a warning against working with sanctioned Russians” “The U.S. Treasury Department continues to put pressure on its NATO ally, which has strong ties to Moscow.”

Reuters was also reporting on an unnamed US Treasury Department official, raising tensions between the US and Turkiye. It was stated that Brian Nelson, Undersecretary of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at the US Treasury Department, would come to Turkiye and warn about the breaching of sanctions against Russia and Iran. It was implied that access to G7 countries would be cut off if sanctions were breached’. There were many tension-filled areas with the USA, especially the F-16 crisis. In fact, last week, the US media wrote that the Biden administration was forcing Ankara to prevent Russia and Belarus from allowing US-made passenger planes to land and take off at airports in Turkiye. A similar visit was experienced after 17-25 December.

Then Michael Cohen, who took on a much more influential role in the CIA, did it. All accounts that were thought to be close to Iran, all banks were examined one by one and reported. There were files that were turned into lawsuits. As I wrote the other day, the USA was putting pressure on GERMANY and dividing the world into two as LIBERALS and AUTOCRATS. Those who were AUTOCRATS were those who tried to open their own economic and political paths. Germany, on the other hand, was taking its place in the LIBERAL class because it did what it was told. Economic, political and military actions were increasing over the SANCTIONS on Russia. Trouble maker country Sweden was listening trouble maker John Bolton. Former White House National Security Advisor Bolton mentioned about Turkiye and NATO and expressed his opinions: “Let’s cancel NATO before we make Sweden and Finland members. Let’s take Turkiye. Then let’s quickly set it up again. Thus, we will get rid of ANKARA…” …

The camp, which was against Turkiye, was starting to take a clear stance to the membership of Sweden-Finland through NATO, through relations with the USA… Let’s go back to the beginning…

Announcing the suspension of NATO meetings with Turkiye, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström was referring to the elections in Turkiye when he said, “We will start in July…”. They hoped that the 6-party opposition table, which they supported openly or secretly, would win the elections to be held on 14 May.

After Erdogan leaves, they think that the meetings will be started and concluded after Devlet Bahceli leaves the stage. In other words, Erdogan and Bahceli would lose the elections and continue on their way with the pro-NATO political mind in ANKARA. After the provocation in SWEDEN, Turkiye is going to the elections where NATO is paying attention!

When the elections are won by Erdogan, Turkiye will now continue in a position opposing NATO. A distant relationship…

The moment the 6 party opposition table eliminated Erdogan, the roads would merge with NATO forever. As it can be seen, NATO’s EUROPEAN wing thought that the table would defeat ERDOGAN. They were hoping to walk with ANKARA that changed its attitude! Despite all this, the 6-party opposition table had little chance of winning.

Erdogan’s influence was much more than they imagined. If there were to be meetings in July, I think SWEDEN WOULD HAVE TO APOLOGIZE AND THEN START.

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Global Power
Many politicians or political scientists think that countries build their own paths. Is it really the truth? Isn’t there a force we don’t know, a pressure we don’t know, a mind we don’t know? Russia’s entry into UKRAINE on February 24 and the many events that followed were the flares of the new BALANCE. It is necessary to first read what is going on through GERMANY and then question which side Turkiye will be on.

Turkiye is a leading country whose people are almost entirely MUSLIM. After the Second World War, we struggled with COMMUNISM, which was unlikely to come here due to the ROLE given to us. It was hard to understand. However, all state institutions were formatted accordingly. Yeltsin’s withdrawal from the stage and Putin’s career brought a GLOBAL change. SOVIETS were collapsing, borders were changing, but a new ECONOMIC ALGORITHM was emerging with politics. When the SOVIETS was corrupted in 1991, the COLD WAR was over!

The Warsaw Pact members parted their ways. Germany ended its division and united. Although not many people knew it, since the artificial threat SOVIETS had disappeared, NATO had come to an end. As Putin once said, the idea of a EUROPEAN UNION was reviving from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Germany was approaching Russia, providing technology, and was accelerating its GROWTH very clearly by supplying gas and oil of nickel, aluminum, titanium, palladium. As a result, first NORTH STREAM-1 and then NORTH STREAM-2 were implemented. Germany was both taking Russia with it and reaching CHINA through them with cheap energy.

It was an incredible game even on paper. It was a step that would make EUROPE, especially GERMANY, the architects of the GLOBAL balance. GERMANY, which had lost two wars, could thus forget all its pain and make others suffer when necessary. The station it was going would give this power. As Germany’s pace increased, the United States faced disturbance. This was also normal. After all, they were not playing a game…

Deep USA concentrated its reaction on NORTH STREAM 1-2 LINES, which DEEP GERMANY cares about. US presidents and CIA directors came and forced it, but Gerhard Schroeder, Angela Merkel, and German business leaders stood up together. When the USA could not move forward, it asked for help from its former partner RUSSIA! Now MOSCOW had the stage!

Trump was elected and he got in the White House. But before he even came, Trump and all his men were on the radar of the CIA and FBI. Many names, from Trump’s daughter and son-in-law to Paul Manafort, were caught on the “ESTABLISHED RELATIONS WITH RUSSIA” network. Even the NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR had to quit. Trump was shocked before he even got to the WHITE HOUSE. THE US DEEP STATE WAS ORGANIZING A CRUSADE FOR RUSSIA.

This was the main explanation for what was happening in the USA. The philosophy of “RUSSIA IS BAD, NO ONE CAN STAND ON ITS SIDE” was proclaimed. This ARTIFICIAL agenda, which shook the USA, came to the EU. The game was built for that. In fact, the “RUSSIAN FILE” was given to the USA by the British intelligence MI6. From the UK, which parted ways with Brexit and waved to the EU…

The reason for the start of this storm was the prevention of Russian GAS, OIL and CHEAP RAW MATERIALS, led by GERMANY, from entering the EU. In fact, the target of the crusade in RUSSIA was none other than GERMANY. US President Biden was moving forward by putting this in the mold of “DEMOCRACY” and “AUTOCRACY”. At the same time, they were producing the OTHER or the ENEMY… Europe was also a civilization too valuable to stand on its own, which needed to be protected from AUTOCRACY.

The United States was tasked to come and protect and save them all. Those who are against, that is, those who do not follow the plans of the USA and seek their own way, were autocrats! It was harmful and dangerous. The crusades, which were invented by the POPE to ensure ONE IDEA ON EUROPE, were now organized in the EU. Both had the same purpose. To protect and improve the existing economic system. But they did not want the others to understand that.

RUSSIA, being deceived by NATO’s childish tricks, invaded UKRAINE. And now the movie has begun. And it would take a long time… UKRAINE was located in the very center of the ECONOMIC BORDER drawn by the USA. It was the focal point of a bend that ended the SILK ROAD!

And of course, Turkiye was right next to what was going on due to its location. So where will Turkiye be? Where will it stand? What is it going to do? Looking at it since February 24, BALANCE was being built over Turkiye. ERDOGAN was solving all the crises between EUROPE and RUSSIA.

Those who made headlines as “SULTAN” were now THANKING HIM. However, the fact that TANKS would be given to UKRAINE with the pressure of the USA would change the direction of the war and the balance. The war would prolong, and the economic rhythms and tones would become fully evident. While these are happening on the roof of the world, Turkiye will go to the elections. There are also conflicts with the USA in many areas, from Ankara’s closeness with ESAD to the fact that THY did not fly to Russia, from the fact that the F-16 was not given to the assassination of Sinan Ates. They did not want us to buy aircraft engine technology from England or to make our own way.

I didn’t care about these. These things would be easy to deal with. “They were organizing a crusade against Russia with the claim of “THEY CHEATED IN THE ELECTIONS”. What it actually is and what it seems like are totally different! They were trying to end, overthrow and remove Europe. They could not do this with Moscow alone. A key country like Turkiye was also necessary… When Turkiye entered the game, it would bring the MIDDLE EAST with its population and influence.

This is clear…

However, in recent days, especially after the TANK incident, I have been hearing the crackling voices of some minds, who fully participated in the operations to bring the EU to its knees, saying, “Turkiye should leave RUSSIA and come this way. Let the balance be established as in the times of the Soviets. Ankara should not be with Moscow, but against it.” Of course, this is not a decision to be made in a day. It is not a decision to be made right away. However, hearing these whispers, which will affect the fate of the 6 party opposition table, is important enough to take notes. Because Turkiye’s ROUTE will only change if the 6 party opposition table wins.. It is necessary to go to the elections knowing that there are those who want this to happen… It is also necessary to avoid considering the TABLE as a group of those who think differently…

Turkiye is approaching an election that will determine everything and every place…

After the election results, Turkiye’s decision would determine the GLOBAL POWER…

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The War of Headlines
This is how the GLOBAL arena is viewed:
Each state walks in the direction it has determined for its own interests, produces appropriate policies, and the sum of these ultimately builds a huge balance. ALLIANCE IS FORMED with those you row in the same direction and animosity with those you oppose. The scenario and the game we are in was actually built after World War 2. The USA came to EUROPE as a savior. Who did it fight? GERMANY…

So what did the USSR do? It also fought with Germany! So why did two STATES fighting against the same ENEMY DECIDE TO BE ENEMIES as soon as the war was over? Moreover, the USSR had no power to stand against the USA. It does not have it today either…

That was the point, even if some didn’t understand it or didn’t see the game. Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefellers tried to destroy the USSR. They’ve been very successful. However, the United States immediately rushed to help. It cleared the way for Putin by flying oil prices as well as cleaning the country. Oil prices were not an ECONOMIC element as it was thought, but a purely POLITICAL instrument. If the USA had not intervened in time, the SOROS PHILOSOPHY, which dominated EUROPE, would have connected the whole RUSSIA with them. At the end of this game, the collapse of the USA was inevitable.

They did not stay away, they interfered with the game. The depths of Washington knew very well that their real rival was the EUROPEAN UNION. Both Macron and Merkel were aware of this. However, GERMANY had to find its own exit and drag the EU along with it. GOOD RELATIONS and MONEY FLOW would have led them to their destination if they changed course towards RUSSIA. Those were their thoughts. Good relations with Russia would open the door to CHINA, which was waiting behind. The axis from Lisbon to Tokyo was dominated by GERMANY, the EU. Money, raw materials, oil, soldiers and weapons were also here. And the population…

The power that this game would eliminate was, of course, none other than the USA, which collapsed into EUROPE after the Second World War. While this balance was forming right next to us, Turkiye could not see it. Except for the US-RUSSIA balance, parties close to the EU came to power. This was the first period of the AK PARTY… Knowing this balance, the first thing I looked at when Russia entered UKRAINE on February 24 was the OIL PRICES. If the USA was really on the side of the EU and against RUSSIA, what it had to do was simple. It would lower the OIL PRICES, hit the Kremlin and end Putin’s rule. I would do that if I were in their shoes. So has such a step been taken? No!

On the contrary, oil prices went up to 140 dollars. The USA made the EU finance the war! While Russia was filling its pockets, it was taking both UKRAINE and shaking the EU. In order for EUROPE to become GLOBAL SOVEREIGN, it was necessary to seize both military power and energy lines. IT WAS WALKING WITH TWO MAJOR MISSING THINGS. The USA knew this best. It was incomprehensible that Putin frowned at Berlin when he was on such good terms with GERMANY. Both Obama, Biden and Trump were strongly against NORTH STREAM gas lines. They were objecting to what the EU did from 10 thousand kilometers away. Why? Because the ECONOMIC rival was truly the Berlin-Paris axis. In addition, China’s good relations with them and their overtaking of the USA in trade made it necessary to press the button.


This was the reason for the disappointment of Merkel and Gerhard Schröder, the master mind of NORTH STREAMS! They thought they had convinced Putin and deep Russia. However, the game was set from Washington. GERMANY, which set out with Russia and got along with it, was now sending its LEOPARD tanks to UKRAINE and officially becoming a side of the war, as PESKOV underlined. Focusing on the benefits of walking with Moscow to establish the future, Berlin was now the target! This OCTOBER, the German Minister of Health was saying, “We, as Germany, are fighting Putin.” There were neither tanks nor Leopards present. However, what was said was true. And it was imperative that RUSSIA be repelled in every way, and that Putin should be pushed back. They were fighting for that. And this rhythm was increasing. In fact, the German Foreign Minister was posting a message on social media saying “We are now on the side of the war”.

What did Germany and the EU have to take from this war? Nothing! Because there was not a country to win against. The USA, on the other hand, would definitely help RUSSIA in the background, no matter what happened in front of the stage. That is for sure! Since we are far from reading what is going on ECONOMICALLY, we do not understand the USA or Russia. Both GREAT POWERS DO NOT WANT ARCHITECTS OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES AND IN THE WORLD.

This is the SECRET CODE OF WAR. They want the GLOBAL BALANCE to rise on their shoulders. Therefore, they would use both the energy and the weapon. Without hesitation. Just as Soros fought Putin and Bush, the opposing team was fighting him with philosophy. That’s what happened. GLOBAL ecole and its players, who took the spirit from EUROPE, were very strong here. 6 party opposition table was the visible version of this. Now this team, this ecole would work even harder for elections after the TANK DECISION. As I wrote months ago, THE KNOT would be untied in Turkiye. While the victory of the AK PARTY-MHP line could bring dark days for the EU, the victory of the 6 party opposition could change the balance and put Putin in an endless tunnel. And both choices would have different GLOBAL effects and consequences.

While the possibility of prolongation of the war was growing, it was very important and critical who would be the leader in Turkiye! Is it a decisive leader like Erdogan who doesn’t like to take a step back, or someone who considers stepping back a virtue, and sees it inconvenient to come forward?

After the TANK decision, the outside will also work for the SECOND OPTION…

They’ve already started making headlines…

Those who once said, “We would not be able to live without Erdogan,” have now started attacking openly.

Isn’t it strange! But the war is just beginning…

Let’s watch…

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The war has started!
A country’s knowledge about where it will stand in the future, calculating where it will be, planning with whom and which roads it will pass, and being right, makes that country grow. I think this is foreign policy. This is what statesmanship is… The real success is to see the GLOBAL STRUGGLE, to be in the right place at the right time, to take into account many variables at the same time, and to walk by knowing the interests of those they allied with and finally win. It requires wisdom…

Unfortunately, what I have been writing for months has become a reality. I’m afraid the tension will escalate to the point that no one anticipated. And again, as never before, one side of the WAR should have been prevented from falling on Turkiye. The delivery of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine by GERMANY was a milestone! I will come to Berlin, but first let’s go from Ankara to London…

I’ve written about it a lot before. When Turkiye experienced the July 15, England was the first to knock on the door that rushed to help. BRITISH MINISTER ALAN DUNCAN was the first to arrive. Richard Moore, who would be the head of MI6, has also done big things. Even if you read about the names who left Turkiye after the ATTEMPT, it was easy to see that Ankara was far from the EU and close to London. Oddly enough, at the same time, Boris Johnson was being made FOREIGN MINISTER by Theresa May.

“We are reformatting our relations with our old friends. Great Britain will rise up. Everyone will get their share.” Johnson said in his private meetings. Johnson also said this in ANTALYA. I think July 15 was the date when Turkiye parted ways with the EU. Turkiye was now walking with the UK, which said goodbye to EUROPE like itself. Both Ankara and London were working to find and make another way. THE BIG GAME WAS ESTABLISHED…

If you refresh your memories a little, you will remember…

When Erdogan was the PRIME MINISTER, whenever he went to the USA, the PKK would take the stage and a terrorist act would take place in Turkiye. This was done most of the time when going the WHITE HOUSE. Timed attacks would follow each other. Even in Tokat Reshadiye, where the PKK was not present, such an attack was being carried out. In other words, one hand was objecting to the rapprochement of Ankara and Washington.

Nowadays, we were experiencing a similar situation, albeit in a different way, through the Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar. Whenever Akar went to London, the USA made a decision about F-16s or took steps to change the agenda. Akar went to London again on 14 January. He went there on 7 October as well. Every time he went, there were timed developments. This time the address was the USA. F-16s were on the agenda again. Congress and the Senate both got involved. The ‘condition not to harass Greek airspace’ has been removed. The relationship between the USA and Turkiye was kept ALIVE! They tried to. However, I witnessed it at the G-20 Summit in Argentina.

Turkiye was negotiating with the British and wanted a partnership in engine technology. Rolls Royce was one of the spoken addresses. Akar was also pushing this, he wanted to bring ENGINE TECHNOLOGY, which is of vital importance for Turkiye, here. The US wouldn’t want that. It was doing what needed to be done. England could not directly oppose the USA. There was balance within balance…

Let’s continue…

I have been writing for years that the USA wants to weaken the EU for the GLOBAL BALANCE. I looked at Russia’s invasion of UKRAINE from here. It’s not a secret. Does Britain also want the EU to be weaker? Certainly. TWO WORLD WAR took place among themselves. Wouldn’t they want it?! As I wrote yesterday, although they did not make a decision in the meeting in Ramstein, the USA did not give up.

First US Defense Lloyd Austin, then NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg crashed into Berlin. German Chancellor Scholz’s statement, “If you give Abrams tanks, we’ll send Leopards,” played into Washington’s hands. It instantly turned the incoming ball into a GOAL. They pushed GERMANY into an unknown war, saying, “We’re giving it right away”. Thus, Germany has taken the first step of a very big break. It abandoned the anti-Nazi, anti-militarist, peaceful, pacifist policies and its mood that emerged after the World War II. It turned its back on the GROWTH policy by getting closer to Russia-China.

Therefore, an adventure with no end began for the EUROPEAN UNION. KRIEGSPARTEI policies were started. In other words, the most important move was made in order to be a SIDE OF THE WAR and to turn into a WAR PARTY. Leopard tanks were an indication that GERMANY was directly involved in the war. It was an announcement!

With the pressure of the USA, Ukraine’s way was cleared, but vital weapons were not sent against Russia. On the contrary, policies that would make the EU an enemy of the Kremlin were allowed to grow. The Leopards would not win the war for Zelensky, but would put GERMANY against Russia. Although Berlin had nothing to gain, it did not hesitate to make these moves. It was a big issue. No matter how you look at it, the fact that TANKS would be given would change the tone and rhythm of the WAR. It was not known who would come on the field with which card.

Within the GLOBAL BALANCE, there would definitely be those who would like to involve Turkiye. History has shown this to us. I don’t know how they do it, with whom they do it. However, there is a WAR in which the US-UK and the EUROPEAN UNION are involved. Russia, on the other hand, is the country that most clearly shows that it is in a WAR! China is a giant waiting for what will happen!

We are facing a brand new GLOBAL ALGORITHM…

I don’t want to get into detail by giving names. A time period in which both the opportunities and the dangers are growing has begun. I hope I’m wrong. However, what appears at the stage are not developments that can make people happy. Turkiye took a clear stance against GLOBAL ECOLE after 15 July. Even the Central Bank’s rate cut decisions were a message given to them. Ankara was meeting with Washington via London. Messages were coming back and forth. This storm, which was started for the birth of a brand new ECONOMIC SYSTEM, will ultimately bring what to whom and take what from whom? An incredible period has begun. We have entered a period where we need to think for a thousand times before we speak.

When the situation was so critical, Turkiye’s place, position and attitude became very valuable. This revealed that the results of the ELECTIONS to be held would unquestionably shake the GLOBAL LEAGUE. The election results will show the GLOBAL IMPACTS to the whole world. And that is a sign of how painful the elections are going to be. The 6-party opposition table will also want to come up with a SURPRISING candidate to look at these newly developing balances and change Turkiye’s position and direction. Today is different from yesterday, and tomorrow will be different from the next day. Turkiye is a very big country. The developments here will affect every state.

That’s for sure! Look at what’s going on.
If you only follow the domestic politics, you won’t have a chance to understand much…
Look INSIDE from the outside…
One thing is for sure, IT IS DANGEROUS AND COMPLICATED OUTSIDE… Let’s see. Let’s watch…

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Where are the Tanks?

It is useful to put the gun and money side by side and think. It is important to look at this balance with a healthy eye in order to understand the actors of the global system and to see who is fighting whom. Let’s start with a little news first. From there, let’s look at the force pushing Germany towards Russia. Let’s focus on the new trench opened over the Leopard tanks and reach the elections in Turkiye…

The USA-based Global Firepower company, which ranks the world’s most powerful armies every year, has announced the list of 2023. While the top three countries of the previous year did not change, Turkiye moved up two places to 11th place. Germany, on the other hand, dropped from 16th to 25th in 2022. Looking at the list, there is no one who can come close to the military expenditures of the USA. For example, Russia, which shakes Europe, allocates 82 billion dollars a year to its army, while this figure reaches 230 billion dollars in China, the biggest rival of the USA.

The USA, which controls all the great seas and therefore its money remains as RESERV, puts 760 billion dollars at the disposal of PENTAGON… When you add up the expenditures of the 30 most powerful countries in the world, they still cannot catch up with the USA… This was the difference in between. And under everything that happened was to protect and keep this system alive. As I have been writing for months, it was for this reason that RUSSIA entered UKRAINE. FOR THE CONTINUATION OF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM… MORE THROUGHOUT, to prune the competition of EUROPE with the USA…

Let’s explain…

Ukraine has been asking for Leopard 2 main battle tanks for months. Especially recently, this expectation has increased incredibly. It was all around. Last week, there was a meeting that lasted more than 5 hours at the Ramstein Air Base of the USA in Germany. Defense ministers of important countries talked about LEOPARD TANKS, which are thought to be given to Kiev. There was no decision made. But that was the point! “Everyone should do whatever they can to help UKRAINE,” NATO defense ministers said in a statement. “Whoever has Leopard tanks in their inventory should send it.”

Prime Minister Olaf Scholz, who did not deliver German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine, is suspicious of Germany’s involvement in military conflicts! He thinks that NATO should not enter into direct conflict with Russia. He is extremely right. For this reason, German Chancellor Scholz announced that the USA could deliver the Leopard tanks to Kiev in exchange for providing Abrams-type battle tanks to Ukraine. In other words, Germany saw the game set for the EU for itself. Macron was the first leader to understand this. Germany finally realized that they wanted to be drawn into chaos through LEOPARD.

When this stance became clear, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and then NATO’s General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg went to Berlin. Both visits were quite tense. Germany’s new Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius, said, “No decision has yet been made on the supply of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. NATO should not be part of the conflict in Ukraine.” Then came the ‘urgent supply’ statement from Stoltenberg. As you can see, the USA was putting great pressure on GERMANY for the Leopard tanks, and was calling the NATO’S GENERAL SECRETARY for help in this matter. A MIND was persistently trying to make GERMANY the visible side of the war. Despite putting pressure on GERMANY, NATO’S General Secretary was also praising and saying things that Moscow could hear: Berlin provides the most comprehensive military, financial and humanitarian support of any of Kiev’s allies. It plays the key role. Weapons from Germany save lives in Ukraine every day…”

Stoltenberg, who was waiting for an “URGENT” answer, was actually describing the well they wanted to draw GERMANY into, with the words “There is no indication that Russian President Vladimir Putin has changed his goals… The only way to lasting peace is to make it clear to Putin that he cannot win on the battlefield”…

Everyone had a role to play for the new ECONOMIC balance that was desired to be established through WEAPONS. Hungary was one of them. There has been some incidents in Hungary a few days ago. Prime Minister ORBAN forced more than 170 generals and officers into early retirement. Names who served in NATO with important duties, whose 25-year service period has expired and whose age is over 45, have been dismissed from the army.

With this move, Orban positioned his army away from NATO. No one knows if the dismissed officers had a function like the coup supporters that emerged in GERMANY a while ago. However, it is also a fact that there was an elimination… It was not a secret that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban fought with Soros and the ecole he was in. It was also whispered that the number of dismissed officers would be much higher. When determining the position of an EU member, it approached Moscow and Ankara, not Brussels.

It is interesting, is not it?

Two dirty minded men appeared in Sweden and the Netherlands, trying to damage the Qur’an. This caused an outburst. As the blood pressure was rising, a strange fire broke out in Istanbul and the Surp Pirgic Armenian Catholic Church in Karakoy was engulfed in flames. A hand was persistently positioning Turkiye away from the EU. It was as if events were being ordered one by one to determine the camps!

Let’s continue…

The mind that wanted to drag Germany and EU after that into a well was pushing for the NEW SYSTEM. Russia’s mission was enough for the EU to sail into dark days. Already, Macron was evaluating Putin’s intervention with the results of the SECOND WORLD WAR.

While EUROPE was in a very serious grip, President Erdogan wanted to continue his power in 2023, which he came to in 2002. While the 6-party opposition table, which was considering eliminating Erdogan, was not even a single piece of news in the country’s local press, PRESIDENT ERDOGAN was in the headlines of the world every day.

While each country would return to its own field, Turkiye would maintain its role in the BALANCE and grow. It would be a bridge between Berlin and Moscow. The EU will be in trouble. In this way, CHINA will also be controlled. When you open this window and look outside, you can see that some of the members of the 6-party opposition table would not even vote for their own party… I think…

President Erdogan has been winning for years because he has read the direction of the world very well, while others have been losing because they did not know what to read. This is the difference…
For the eyes that can see…

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The Scenario!
Let’s start with a SMALL reminder… After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation was established and the country’s first President was Boris Yeltsin. The name Yeltsin held by the hand and gave way was Putin. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s taking office, the KREMLIN PRESS SERVICE has released some images. Many images that have remained hidden until today have emerged. The most interesting was the footage of Putin and Bush dancing in SOCHI. The photos were taken in 2008. Accompanied by BALALAYKA, the two leaders were dancing and cheering. However, we thought that two POWERS were fighting in front of the stage. The masses believed that too.

Let’s continue…

A pervert showed up the other day. He set the Quran on fire in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm. In Sweden, which awaits approval for NATO membership from Turkiye, the freedom of the anti-Islamic demonstrator, the extreme right-wing Rasmus Paludan, normally caused a tension. A similar ugliness took place in the Netherlands. Edwin Wagensveld, who has committed crimes before, has showed up. The pervert, who had insulted our values before, tore up the Qur’an that he had taken in his hand… Then he burned it. The purpose of these two unbelievable actions was advertising anti-ISLAM and anti-TURKIYE…

What was going on? Why were they showing up?We need to analyse this…

The GLOBAL FIGHT was in the background, and fine calculations were being made about the role Turkiye should take and the position it would occupy…

The issue went far beyond NATO membership. The steps taken, the provocations, had more than one result. As I often write, TWO GREAT ECOLES in the world have been fighting within ISLAM for a long time. While one wanted MODERATE ISLAM, the other said, “IT CAN NOT BE MODERATE: ISLAM should stay out of politics.” For this, they were developing GLOBAL policies and putting them on the stage. For example, Al Qaeda was a CIA operation. It was created to make ISLAM the other and to end MODERATE ISLAM. It was brought to make Islam the other and end moderate Islam. The organization, which has the power to carry out operations all over the world, did not have a political goal, nor did it have a captured leader! Isn’t it like a joke? An organization in a cave was shaping the world.

This was the reality of ISIS that we experienced recently. The war over ISLAM was brought before our eyes in proportion to the power of the parties. While the US-RUSSIA alliance, which many thought as the ENEMY, wanted to keep ISLAM out of politics and did not want to allow a GLOBAL FICTION OVER ISLAM, especially EUROPE was investing in MODERATE ISLAM. They thought of ISLAM compatible with capitalism. Many operations have already been carried out in this direction in Turkiye…

In other words, while the EUROPEAN ECOLE wanted to make ISLAM moderate and expand the field, the opposite ECOLE brought Islam and terrorism side by side and wanted to end the MODERATE ISLAM formula. See, there was no MUSLIM involves! But that’s how GLOBAL OPERATIONS are done. This was the preferred way to replace the WWII, which killed millions of people and was so devastating…

The sides are still fighting, but they wanted to put their mutual plans into practice with symbols and terrorism… But obviously, RUSSIA had to enter UKRAINE for the things to settle. On February 24, the fuse was ignited and things happened. As I wrote from the beginning, the target of the war was EUROPE…

There was an important name confirming what I wrote! French President Emmanuel Macron…

The French leader said that Europe is experiencing pain of an “unprecedented crisis” over the Ukraine issue. According to Macron, the continent would either be free or choose between the USA and CHINA. It would be dependent and bound to one of the two powers…

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Macron said that “Europe’s economic model was directly and indirectly deeply affected by the results of this war.” The French leader said, “The world has become economically bipolar between the USA and China. Europe has to decide whether to ‘become a servant of either one’ or ‘to follow the path of freedom and solidarity’. However, it has not been able to answer this question so far…

The answer that needs to be given is a Europe that is economically, technologically and militarily dominant…” And Macron emphasized that one of the problems of the EU, which has expanded to the EAST over time, is these countries that want AUTHORITY…


When ISLAM was brought side by side with terrorism, it would lose its POLITICAL STRUCTURE. For example, they performed similar operations on the LEFTIST’S SIDE. When you come together with terrorism, you can not have an opinion you can embrace. You are declared as the OTHER. For example, President Erdogan said, “The WORLD is bigger than 5”. As a Muslim leader, he said this everywhere. This discourse of Erdogan brought a storm of excitement in MUSLIM GEOGRAPHIES. On the streets of Muslim countries, Erdogan was loved more than their own leaders. He was much more popular. That’s why he was attacked from everywhere.

Erdogan’s rise was also found in countries where the left was strong. It was possible to see this even in Brazil. Let’s go back…

Rasmus Paludan and similar pervert Edwin Wagensveld, who set the Qur’an on fire in Stockholm, went too far. The issue is beyond giving or not giving support for NATO membership. A power is operating on the values that are believed in Turkiye. It was pressing the button so that it would never be side by side with EUROPE. Two perverts were pushing Turkiye away from possible EU rapprochement through the Qur’an. This was not limited to the current government, either! An operation that would not be affected by the change in power, even if there was a very small possibility, was being signed. When the issue was updated, Turkiye would not SUPPORT and APPROVE it in NATO, so it would side with Russia.

The silence of the USA would be seen in the background… As Macron said, EUROPE would make a choice and be under the control of the USA. Russia was paving the way for this with the war decision, and Turkiye was keeping the continent out of breath by staying away from the EU. A long-term, long-considered scenario is working fine. They are trying to test our most sensitive spots… Let’s see what happens.

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