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The state mind does not make plans to save the day. The state mind sees beyond and takes steps towards the future. The state has no feelings. It is always 18 years old. Sometimes it pretends to be asleep, sometimes it shows itself weak, but when the right time and place comes, it hits the table with it’a fist so hard that there is neither a table nor an opponent.

Leaders are faces in front of the curtain. They are just names, but some names are special. Such as Mete Han, Atilla, Osman Gazi, Çelebi Mehmet, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Yavuz Sultan Selim, Sultan AbdulHamid… The most important name of our time is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but just as many names have come and gone, his name will also be gone, his work will remain. These names come and go, and the state is permanent. The Ottoman Empire called itself The Eternal State. Of course, the Ottomans knew better than me that everything other than Allah is mortal. The secret that it called the state eternal was that it saw this state as the continuation of the state founded by Rasulullah (Aleyhi Salatu Vesselam).

Now let’s get to the topic… I will try to explain to you as much as I can how the mind of the state works.

Turkey has been working in the Mediterranean and especially the Eastern Mediterranean for a long time. When we look at the last 7 years, a history is being written in the Mediterranean. Although it can’t find a place for itself in the media today, history will surely write this glorious struggle.

The countries that are against us in the Eastern Mediterranean are implementing all kinds of dirty policies. Firstly, the Egyptian government of Sisi. See, I said in the first paragraph that the state has no feelings. The state acts in line with its interests. It may be friends with its enemies tomorrow. It is the state interests that matter.

Turkey has been trying to reach an agreement with the Sisi government in the Eastern Mediterranean for a long time, but the Israeli-led Sisi government is doing nothing but closing all the roads on the way to an agreement and giving us trouble. Turn off your phones and read more carefully from now on. Between the lines, you will notice how the mind of the State works.

It was the beginning of March of 2021. Egypt was suddenly stepping back, respecting Turkey’s maritime continental shelf and giving us the green light on the way to an agreement. What was happening to the Sisi administration, who said black to what we said was white and no to what we said was possible, that it suddenly shifted into reverse? What happened to the Sisi administration, which stood up against us on every issue, and how it suddenly softened? The answer to this is hidden in a country that is 5200 kilometers away from us…

Turkey has been making big breakthroughs in Africa for a long time. With a little research, you can see that these expansions started in 2005, but it actually goes back a lot. It officially started in 2005.

Relations between Turkey and the late Martyr Leader Mursi were very good. We were about to make a sharing agreement in the Eastern Mediterranean… You know the rest of the story.

Sisi, the Pharaoh of the Millennium, who took over the administration with the support of America and Israel, put all the agreements with Turkey on the shelf and started to become a wall against us. Of course, this situation interrupted our plans, but it never completely eliminated it.

The One that closes one door opens another…

Those who read the life of Sultan Abdul Hamid or watch the TV series Payitaht Abdul Hamid know that if diplomacy was an art, Sultan Abdul Hamid would be the shining star of this art. He would be the most skilled artist who gave plaques to those who practiced this art.

Diplomacy never runs out of options. If your opponent is closing a door to you, you force other doors. Isn’t there a door? If so, you call your master and produce a door. In diplomacy, whoever gives up is either a coward or has admitted defeat.

The Sisi administration had closed all the doors to us, but we opened such a door that the Sisi administration would realize that a 3–5-year-old mind could not stand against a 2500-year-old mind and would experience that it had no choice but to take a step back…

When Turkey started to open up to Africa, it separated some countries from other countries. Libya, Somalia and Ethiopia. We used the Ethiopian card against Egypt. When you examine the 2020 data, you will see that Turkey is officially the second country that invests most in Ethiopia. I can say very clearly that it is the first in unofficial data by far. I don’t want to bore you by giving numbers and going into details, besides, the subject I’m really interested in is deeper than that. The important issue for us is strategic partnership, strategic agreements.

The Nile…

The Nile is not an ordinary simple river, and it will never be. It has been so in the past, it is so now and it will be so in the future. The Nile River means life for Egypt.

On the other hand, when we look at Ethiopia, we see a state profile that has been trying to develop its industry for a long time. Industry needs energy. If you can not produce energy, you will not make any progress in the industry. We talked about diplomacy… Identify the weak point of your enemy and attack from there. Look how Turkey is catching the Sisi administration from its weak area and knocking it out in one move. Read carefully…!

It was 2011. Ethiopia was proclaiming that it would build the Renaissance dam on the Nile. 10 years have passed and today this dam has reached the stage of completion. InshaAllah, this dam will be completed and put into use soon. This dam poses a great danger for Sisi. InshaAllah, this dam will be the move that will bring the end of Sisi, this is my personal wish.

The mind of the Deep State not only corners the Israeli-American puppet Sisi administration with its deep relations with Ethiopia, but also hits it every time it strikes to give it what it wants. Since the Sisi administration is aware that this dam will be the end of them, it threatens Ethiopia with war, but in response to this, military agreements are signed between Turkey and Ethiopia. This is not enough either. A delegation of Turkey goes to visit the dam and says, “Whatever you do, it’s useless! There is a decision coming from the sky.”

Naturally, these visits and agreements were met with resentment by the administration of Sisi, the fake Pharaoh of millennium, but they would have left no effect other than the dust effect that a simple wind would take from a 2500-year-old piece of rock.

Of course, Ethiopia’s military power is not strong enough to compete with Egypt. This is real. But Libya’s military might not be able to cope with Egypt either. We all know what happened. This is why military agreements with Ethiopia are of critical importance. The Sisi administration cannot directly fight Turkey. They experienced this in Libya. The whole world saw what happened in Syria and Azerbaijan. The military and defense industry power that Turkey has reached is not only disturbing the Sisi administration but also all our enemies, which is why the Sisi administration cannot confront Turkey through Ethiopia. Like the former prime minister of Armenia, Nikol Peshinyan, he will be disgraced and end in resignation. He knows very well that from the moment he attacks Ethiopia, he will fight Turkey behind the scenes. It’s good for us, but the scary thing for them is that they don’t know what weapons they will face when such a war takes place. He knows very well that the weapons that Turkey will give will inflict heavy damage on the army under Sisi. Sisi, the fake Pharaoh of the Millennium, who is currently in great economic trouble, is also afraid of the reaction of his people when he receives a big military blow.

The bottom line is that Sisi’s biggest fear is the unknown, the inability to foresee. It has become Sisi’s nightmare that no one but us knows about the technology we will give to Ethiopia. If he does not intervene in the dam, he will face a water problem, if the Egyptian people cannot reach water, they will rise up and attack Ethiopia, which will lose power, this time he will find a power he could not even imagine, Turkey. The war will both devastate and put the already troubled economy in even deeper trouble. It ends up losing power again. This uncertainty has put Sisi administration into such a vortex that they have not a single second to breathe easily.

Turkey cornered the Sisi administration and left no chance for a move. The message is very clear. Either you give us what we want in the Eastern Mediterranean or you endure what happens to you in Ethiopia. The choice is yours!

Egypt saw that the situation was scary. That’s why the Sisi administration, which said “NO” to everything we said, broke down its walls and turned all “no” answers into “yes”. That’s what Diplomacy is. This is the state of mind.

This is exactly the reason behind the statement of our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, “There are many fields in which we can cooperate with Egypt”. It was a war of reason, waged through years of strategy and diplomacy, that pushed the Sisi administration down this path. Well, even though the opposition in our country responds to this statement with a simple and silly answer “Turkey is making concessions”, it is not a very important issue to be considered.

Make sure of this. Sooner or later Egypt will come to terms with us. There is no other way. They must. Watch, follow, they will send many delegations to Turkey soon. Then others will come. In this region, it will be what we say!



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Political Articles

The Evil Plan



The Evil Plan

Henry Kissinger, who we know as U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, stated that when the U.S. opened up to China, was Russia’s archenemy and said, “When we have two enemies, we thought it wouldn’t be wise to treat them completely equally….”

In an interview he gave a while before his death, Kissinger said that the independent tensions between Russia and China caused the US to open up to China, and said, “Former Soviet Union President Leonid Brezhnev could not have imagined that China and the USA could come together. But despite all his ideological hostility, Mao was ready to start negotiations (with the US). The Chinese and Russia alliance, which is now formed against special interests, does not seem to me to be a permanent relationship at its core,”.

Kissinger, one of the architects of former US President Richard Nixon’s visit to China, will change the balances in the world after the Ukrainian War ends. “It will not be possible for China and Russia to have the same interests in the problems that appear…” he defined the future. Those who follow will know that I have been writing for a long time that Russia and China are in a hidden competition. Kissinger had also declared it before he actually died. In essence, it was the USA that pulled Russia and China up. Sometimes economically, sometimes militarily… Washington wanted two bigs in the EAST… To be able to keep its own balance at all times… So it was increasing its options…

Also, Kissinger and Putin were very close. Kissinger, who turned 100 years old, was going to Moscow and spending 10 days. He was meeting with Putin alone and an alliance was being achieved at unknown points. And the WAR OF UKRAINE came after these visits. And yesterday, WESTERN MEDIA was discussing the Ukraine war, saying ‘The US economy and oil companies have won’. Too soon to notice, huh? That’s why the war was already being fought…

Putin was driving his army to Ukraine and filling his vaults with profits from oil and gas. As Trump made clear, the EU was seeing that it had to take care of itself. The energy shortage was increasing costs, reducing back in global competition. The arms race began, the channel of spending was changing, it had to change. For this reason, the GERMAN media were making headlines that they should have the atomic bomb and that they wanted to see their own soldiers instead of US soldiers. There was a global mind.

Russia was disrupting all the balance of the EU through Ukraine, and it was separating China with the biggest trade partners, the EU. Defense threat was directing EUROPEAN DYNASTIES from China to themselves… And while all this was happening, DAESH, which we saw just below our border, was appearing in SAHEL. They were capturing over 50 strategic points in Senegal, Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Chad and Sudan and used brand new weapons that were not seen before…

They were also explaining that they would establish a state. The first reaction naturally came from China and Europe… So the fiction was moving at full speed. Putin was also explaining that Turkiye is a unique partner in terms of energy… In the grand plan, the EU was being weakened, so China was being stopped. Russia was being enlarged, becoming a fearful dream. In this equation, Turkiye would also become a giant…

Anyone can watch all the developments through the local election perspective. I have no words. However, in the GLOBAL LEAGUE, the cards were shuffled and shared. Seeing this, Erdogan even meets with Sisi, the CHP, which was far from all this, could not get out of HATAY… We have to be interested not in slogans, but where the country can go… Although there is a risk, the opportunity is great…

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Polar Wolf



Polar Wolf

RUSSIA is continuing to be the OTHER, staying in the headlines, and it will. Although not many people could see the end of the balance, there was MOSCOW… Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny died in the closed prison surrounded by ice. He was killed! Navalny was against PUTIN, his party, the system.

He was an opponent fully supported by the WEST. First, he wrote about corruption, shared it on social media, and over time he was going to cause trouble for Putin. Although he entered the Moscow Mayor’s elections and lost, he continued on his way as the shining star…

Aleksey Navalny, who became the name closely followed by the system, got on the plane on August 20, 2020 to go from the city of Tomsk to Moscow. Navalny got sick during the flight. Upon this, the plane landed in the city of Omsk. It was stated that Navalny, who was taken to the hospital in Omsk, may have been poisoned with a substance mixed with his tea. Navalny, who was 44 years old at the time, was transferred to the Charite Hospital in Berlin by private plane from Omsk on August 22. Since he was getting along with the WEST, the GERMAN STATE immediately took care of the incident.

German Government Spokesperson Steffen Seibert announced on September 2 that Navalny was definitively poisoned by a chemical belonging to the Novicok group used to combat nervous diseases. Seibert noted that on September 14, Navalny’s poisoning was confirmed by 2 more independent laboratories in Sweden and France. On September 7, Navalny’s health was improving and coming out of a coma, Charite Hospital announced it.

Navalny’s team suggested that the chemical belonging to the Novicok group was previously found in the water bottle in the hotel room in Tomsk. Navalny was discharged from the Charite Hospital, where he was treated in Berlin on September 23. It has been officially documented that the toxic substance Novicok was found in blood samples taken from the Russian man from the opposition.

This substance was also found in the body of Russian agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter, who were poisoned in England in 2018. The Skripal incident brought with it the fact that 20 WESTERN countries, together with Britain, imposed sanctions and reactions against Russia. Similar developments were experienced in the Navalny incident. It would keep happening…

When poisoning with opposition names came side by side, the eyes naturally turned to the RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE FSB. There was a right side to this. For example, the death of former KGB officer Litvinenko, who was declared a ‘traitor’ by the Kremlin in 2006, suffered from radioactive Polonium poisoning in a hospital in London. There were other names, such as Litvinenko. These were the names who fought PUTIN and the system he brought. They were losing their lives one by one. WESTERN intelligence services were supporting and the MEDIA was investigating the NAVALNY incident via the FSB.

In the research prepared jointly by the German Spiegel magazine with media organizations Bellingchat, CNN and The Insider, it was stated that FSB agents Stanislaw Makschakow, Oleg Tajakin, Alexej Alexandrow, Iwan Ossipow, Wladimir Panjajew, Michail Schwez, Alexej Kriwoschekow and Konstantin Kudrjawzew followed for 1 year to poison the opposition Navalny. The FSB never responded to these claims. Later, England imposed SANCTION on these names…

Especially England was showing a harsh and clear attitude before. After the poisoning of Agent Skripal, more than 100 RUSSIAN AGENTS were deported from countries with 20 countries. England, on the other hand, went further and surprised Moscow. Moscow was surprised when London presented the deport list. Even the top-secret agents that the Kremlin thought were unknown to the British domestic intelligence organization MI5 were on that list…

All of this was not enough for NAVALNY to survive. The opposition Navalny was staying in one of the most severe prisons in the country, known as the “Polar Wolf” colony. It was 1900 km from Moscow. The definition of extreme cold was as if it was made for that region! The prison, about 60 km north of the Arctic Circle, was established in the 1960s as part of the GULAG system, Soviet labor camps. WESTERN intelligence services kept Navalny alive as an alternative to PUTIN. Putin was also waiting for the right time for elimination because he knew this. In fact, on a question, the Russian President laughed at the opposition and said, “Navalny was no one for us. If the Russian security forces had asked him to die, he would have died”.

The EU, which was afraid of Russia’s moves, was also getting softer against NATO! The Defense Minister of Macron, who said “NATO is brain dead,”, Sebastien Lecornu announced in Brussels that France would meet the budget set by NATO. Russia is pushing, EUROPE is trembling, defense budgets are flying, competitiveness is decreasing due to energy costs, and the US stood out as the only PROTECTOR. THE SYSTEM was continuing. Trump and Putin kept shaking the EU that cannot defend itself… GOOD COP BAD COP fiction was on stage. Turkiye will benefit from this balance. It will be at the top as a country that uses great power in the region. While EUROPE is descending, TURKIYE will be rising.

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New Page



New Page

President Erdogan’s visit to EGYPT, meeting with SISI, discussing the future of PALESTINE and ISRAEL, bringing the last shape that the Middle East will take to the table, the Kurdish issue to be brought to the agenda, the USA increasing the pressure in the region, the increase in the complaints of the EUROPEAN Union, which is under the threat of Russia… Constitutional Court decisions, the steps taken by the Council of State. Reinstating 450 members of the judiciary… And the local elections held…

We are going through a phase where roles are distributed GLOBALLY. Let’s go through Israel… Let’s try to understand… Jews live in various countries around the world. Until yesterday, both in their state and the place they have, they did not have a population…

However, when the GLOBAL POWERS took this decision, the button was pressed. ISRAEL was established, especially for JEWS from EUROPE. Why? Because the MIDDLE EAST was unique in terms of energy sources! And these resources were wanted to be kept under control by the WEST. There should not have been a PROBLEM between the regional elements and the WEST. Even if there was, it shouldn’t have been revealed!

THE REGION, WHICH IS ALL OTTOMAN SOIL, TENDS TO SEET THE WEST AS AN ENEMY, IT IS NOT A SECRET! THIS SHOULDN’T BE TRIGGERED. All eyes should have turned to another address instead of WEST, it should have been the TARGET! That was ISRAEL! It was an operation to build another ENEMY in the region… “ISRAEL” was the best solution.

Jews, who were oppressed in Europe, were sent to Palestine instead of America, which was then an immigration area… When the Jews came, the DYNAMICS OF THE REGION, looked at the JEWS in front of them instead of looking for an enemy and said, “Okay, these are our real enemies”… This is how the CONFLICT and the WAR started. This prevented the curtain from descending for years! ARABS were hostile to ISRAEL, warm to the WEST, and we were distant from ARABS, who were friendly to ISRAEL! That was our dress.

This FICTION was coming to an end, as I tried to write after the October 7 HAMAS attack. Now, the roles given to ISRAEL and PALESTINE are coming to an end, and a new page was opening. Israel is attacking, Palestinians with no production and source of income were dying to live. While PEACE was easier and cheaper than anything else, this road was not chosen, BLOOD and PAIN were preferred. When the focus was on this point, it was difficult to discuss and see GLOBAL POLICIES. What happened was never and was not discussed from the perspective of reality. Neither the names of HAMAS living in 7-star hotels nor the task given to Israel! Anyway…

It was the plan of the BRITISH on the basis of ISRAEL. The Balfour Declaration made this clear. Arthur James Balfour, who was Secretary of State in Llyod George’s war cabinet, was the one whose signature was the basis of this step. Balfour wrote a letter to LORD ROTHSCHILD, informing that the British government would support the establishment of a Jewish state in the Palestinian soil… The issue was the sharing of the OTTOMAN TERRITORIES. The French were at the center of the issue. Other EUROPEAN DYNASTIES as well… The war is over, OTTOMAN is gone…

AFTER THE SECOND GREAT WAR, ISRAEL came. We were also given the TASK of RECOGNIZING them. EUROPE was supporting it willingly. The USA took the stage, established the GLOBAL SOVEREIGNTY and they were taking care of the thesis that “ARABS should see ISRAEL before us”. However, all these years that have passed were not enough to reduce EUROPE’s role in the MIDDLE EAST. That was the point. That’s what’s up to date. This was the reason why both RUSSIA pressed the buttons in UKRAINE, HAMAS and ISRAEL at the same time in the region! The problem could not be solved before it became CHRONIC. That’s how Americans would look at things!

How would the 75-year-old formation transform? Without Turkiye, this would not be possible. The problem was here too… HAMAS leaders often come to Turkiye, meeting with President Erdogan. I think in August 2020, Erdogan hosted the HAMAS COMMITTEE. HAMAS WAS ACCEPTED AS A “TERROR ORGANIZATION” BY THE US. They weren’t looking from where we looked. “We continue to express our concerns at the highest level about the relationship with names identified as global terrorists,” the U.S. said after that meeting. In fact, the USA was also noting “This situation causes Turkiye to be isolated from the international community”. Turkish Foreign Affairs was responding very harshly. But that was the case!

President Erdogan was meeting with Ismail Haniye at the Vahdettin Mansion and let him visit often. The US was also put Haniye on the list of “global terrorists” after 2018… In other words, TURKIYE and USA were in separate camps in the global league… I’ve already written this a lot… Let’s continue…

So what was wanted now? Let’s look at this together… A DEEP USA that revives and grows Russia through UKRAINE stands in the middle. For those who can see, of course… EUROPE has been discussing for days whether NATO will lose its members. “If I come, I’ll send the EU away…” Trump says. “If Russia walks, I will not go to defend EUROPE,” he makes the statements that make Paris-Brussels-Berlin jump. So a lot has changed in the West. The USA DOES NOT WANT TO SEE EUROPEANS IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Including BRITISH…

They have decided to end the Israel-Palestine balance… Those who founded ISRAEL would now limit it… In this case, it was inevitable that a power that was absolutely far from EUROPE and looking at the USA and RUSSIA with a smile would take control. This was none other than TURKIYE. It couldn’t be… President Erdogan and the AK PARTY took off the old dress on Turkiye and threw it away. Now there was a TURKIYE that was very close to the ARABS, the region and the people of the region.

An understanding that reminded, revived history and established a relationship through the MUSLIM identity was dominant. Although it was not hostile to Israel, the future of a wind that removed its role from circulation was also obvious. The turbulence, which started with the attack of HAMAS, opened the door of the road that would extend to the KURDISH CARD at the end of the day. No matter where you look, there is no desired choice other than for TURKIYE to solve the problems with the master key it has!

This role that Turkiye will take has been prevented by both EUROPE and the UK by the turmoil in domestic politics. We kept watching this with completely different motives. We could neither discuss the ROLE that Turkiye should take, nor those who stopped us on the way! It was not allowed…

Look, Turkiye is talking about the mining disaster that occurred in ILIC. Screens, newspapers are full of these news. Some say “THE COMPANY IS CANADIAN” and to whom they say “US” and close the case! I am not going to enter ANAGOLD or SSR Mining. Because this area is already troublesome and problematic. Precisely for this reason, no one writes RIO TINTO, which is the boss of the real business… Rio Tinto stays in the background because it saw this problem in advance, but we were missing it again… That was our situation…

President Erdogan shook hands with SISI by clearly showing the axis change. It was the first step to prepare this region for its new shape. On the way to LOCAL ELECTIONS, those who were supported by the EUROPEAN winds would want to prevent this and try to get ISTANBUL. As you can see, the fiction and the script are always the same… And strangely, the sides that struggle do the same.

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