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War and Money

FRANCE’s President Macron’s visit to China and his statement “We want to get rid of the dollar and the USA. We want to make our own decisions. We are not mandate…” fueled the GLOBAL STRUGGLE like never before. Former US President Trump also went to FOX and made a mess. So what was going on? Who was going where? Was the dollar collapsing? Where will Turkiye be located, in which position would it be? The USA was the country with the most debt in the world. The numbers are obvious. For example, in the article I read in 2019 and noted aside, the following was included… “The U.S. government collected $3.3 trillion in taxes last year, but spent $4.1 trillion. It had to borrow $779 billion just to cover the costs. National debt rose more than $1.2 trillion to $21.5 trillion. And the pure interest on that debt amounted to $371 billion. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that America will spend more interest than national defense in 10 years…” Think about it, it’s been 4 years since this article. The numbers went even higher. The USA has been in this situation for years. Its power comes from managing it. The US owes itself. That’s for sure. About 50 percent of the world’s debt is in DOLLARS. Alto the international trade… About 60 percent of foreign exchange reserves are dollars… When there is demand for the dollar, when there is demand for bonds on US Treasury bonds, the US continues its sovereignty. The US dollar was not always a reserve currency. Before World War I, the British pound was the dominant currency. The DOLLAR was almost never used outside the borders of America.

The British Pound WAS INDEXED TO GOLD and it was reserve money. In the previous century, France was in this position. Great breaks, wars led to the change of hands of sovereignty. When the First World War started, the states abandoned the GOLDEN STARDARD in order to cover their spending. The centralized US financial power also started to spread it around the world. In 1919, the UK could not stand it, the DOLLAR also rose, finding its place in the first place. The position of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency strengthened during World War II. America sold weapons, supplies and other goods to allied forces in exchange for gold. At the end of the war, the US had most of the world’s gold reserves. In Bretton Woods, the dominance of the DOLLAR was recognized by everyone… After World War II, more than 90 percent of the world’s debt was in dollars. But the economic decline in the early 1970s caused nations to lose faith in the stability of the dollar. Thus, they started to demand gold for the dollars they kept in reserve. Instead of watching American gold reserves run out, President Richard Nixon said, “THE GAME IS OVER. DOLLAR IS DOLLAR AND GOLD IS GOLD. There is no CONNECTION between them anymore. MONEY IS OURS, WE CAN MONETIZE IT AS MUCH AS WE WANT,”. It was already in the same time period that he went to China and started the awakening there. Of course, there was also an agreement with SAUDIS. Saudi Arabia would only trade oil with the DOLLAR, and the US would protect them forever… When this agreement came into play, the DOLLAR continued on its way without being connected to GOLD. So the oil was making the DOLLAR fly. As I often write, the real rival of the US was the EUROPEAN UNION. It was quite possible to read this like the war between DOLLAR and EURO. Both Russia’s entry into Ukraine and Britain’s farewell to the EU with Brexit were the same denominator moves. Apart from Macron, there were many leaders in EUROPE who wanted a break with the USA. They were also dreaming that the EURO would be RESERVE MONEY. But look at the last 10 years! Take a look at the terrorist attacks in Europe. Remember Paris, Nice, Berlin, Brussels, London. There was a bloodbath. Riots broke out. There is no peace left. One will wanted to divide the EU so that “EURO would not be stronger”. “It would not be the reserve money.” This was the conflict that took place inside. China wanted to come from ASIA, it intended to take the throne with YUAN. For this, they were pushing with all their might. However, the obstacle in front of them was TRANSPARENCY. That’s why they stumbled. Seeing this, British political economist Mark Blyth told the New York Times, “The dollar has no alternative… We are stuck in the dollar that gave the US surprising structural power,” he said. It was also a fact that everything had an end… There was a relationship between MONEY and SOVEREIGNTY woven with WARS, CRISIS. The debt of the USA is increasing, but the MONEY that would replace the DOLLAR could not show itself. Although central banks slowly fled the DOLLAR, this could not fully become clear. It was also the US that would lose the least of the DOLLAR’s depreciation. The collapse of the DOLLAR meant that those who bought US bills and bonds would find garbage in their hands! DOLLAR was like a blood-mixed poison. Everyone was complaining, no one could turn their backs. But it wouldn’t go like this. It wouldn’t be able to The USA would either dispose of some of its sovereignty with handover, or it would mess the targets with chaos and with war. All STATES still believed the figure written on the DOLLAR. This came from the power that the USA was trying to keep alive.

A major economic crisis in the USA would highlight EUROPE, and the right central government could move the EURO to replace the DOLLAR with the steps it would take. Maybe the USA was not as strong as it used to be. Also the dollar… However, there was still no power looking for solutions to problems other than the USA. The US would definitely want to get rid of the debt loop. Both the EU and CHINA and reserve money would act to prevent it. This is the real truth underlying all actions. Only Macron clearly expresses this… The debt of the USA, that is, the continuation of the system, was returning from CHINA with money from the MIDDLE EAST and JAPAN. “Macron couldn’t go to China in my era, he couldn’t say those things,” Trump told Fox. And he praised Steve Bannon a lot, too.

“In the South China Sea or the Middle East, we will definitely go to war in the next 5 or 10 years,” the same Bannon said in 2017. Both France and Germany wanted to integrate with China and eliminate the US over MONEY. Macron announced this in a different statement last week.

The world is obviously facing an operation… Those who want to take over MONEY and those who want to keep it are on the field… Big players have a goal to both get rid of debts and build the new system from zero. Arm wrestling has begun. Let’s see who gets up from the table… Is it Turkiye? At the end of this struggle, we will meet with the winners at the same point… Let’s watch…

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Political Articles





SURPRISES starting with G20 Delhi seem to have increased the gear. I know that these will probably be reflected in Turkiye after a while. Believe me, very important steps are being taken, alliances are changing, the routes are deviating. If what you will read in the lines below becomes true, there is no possibility that Turkiye will not be affected! This is clear and certain! Everyone is involved in this! From money magician George Soros to Klaus Schwab, from BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to King Charles, everyone is in the same squad…

Let’s move forward by explaining it carefully…

Prince Charles, the first heir to the royal family, took the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, England. The Prince of Wales, who was 4 years old when his mother was crowned on February 6, 1952, became the King after 70 years. A nickname of KING CHARLES was also ‘ecoking’.

Let’s move from here…

We saw the participation in the orbit in which the Earth is traveling rapidly, in DAVOS. Charles, who was the PRINCE at the time, was addressing important points by looking the world media in the eyes in front of the microphones.

Prince Charles saw global warming and climate change as the biggest threat to humanity so far and urged the business world, leaders, to take urgent action to ensure a sustainable economic future! And it happened a few years ago… Prince Charles wanted to free the GLOBAL ECONOMY from carbon. Coming to Davos in an electric vehicle, he was clearing his direction and warning: Global warming, climate change and the devastating loss of biodiversity are the biggest threats facing humanity.

And it is largely the result of our actions…” Prince Charles’ GLOBAL ATTITUDE was clear. For this reason, when he became KING, the closest names were assassinating characters, causing a pen crisis! In front of the cameras. So that everyone would think he was unskilful and laugh at him.

Let’s continue…

Prince CHARLES took the throne after his mother’s death, became the KING. And he chose FRANCE for the first visit as well. Charles would go to PARIS as KING. However, one hand was coming into play. You can also translate it as the war of ecoles, which I often write… King Charles wanted to hug and pose with Macron. However, due to the new pension law, France was in a turmoil. There was no peaceful day on the streets. Macron was forced to send a note saying “Come later. With love,”.

So what would the KING do?! He didn’t break from the same line. This time, he was taking EUROPE forward again and breaking the steering wheel to BERLIN. After BREXIT, that is, after 2016, it was preparing to open a new page.

The British monarch was greeted with a military ceremony at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Here, for the first time since Federal Germany was established, a military ceremony was held for a foreign state representative. King Charles, who went to the Bellevue Palace, the German Presidential residence, signed the Presidential Private Book here. The King of England was attending the “Energy transformation and sustainability” event at the Bellevue Palace and a dinner in honor of President Steinmeier himself.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who welcomed Charles and his wife Camilla in Berlin, said it was an important “European gesture” for the monarch to choose France and Germany for his first state visit before his coronation. Steinmeier was inviting CHARLES to GERMANY at the Queen’s funeral. However, the BRITISH DEEP STATE would make this decision. They also obviously APPROVED it…

The UK’s break with EUROPE took place with BREXIT. Take a good look at that period! You will see who wants to leave and who wants to stay in the EU. Former PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR was the most prominent among the pro-EU names. It was a name in the focus of very important relationships. I think it was one of the most different figures in the history of ENGLAND. “I’m going to stand up and change the British minds on BREXIT,” Blair said.

Boris Johnson, one of the leading figures in the Brexit campaign, said Blair had advocated for Britain’s membership in the Euro in the past and misleading the UN on the Iraq War, saying, “I urge the British people to stand up and turn off the TV when Blair once again comes to television with his condescending campaign.” Nigel Farage described Blair as “the man of yesterday”.

Blair insisted on his ideas that “THE PAINFUL BILL OF EXITING THE EU WILL COME BEFORE US” at every opportunity. TWO ECOLES, which I often write, existed in the UK, just as it existed in the USA. Just like here and they were struggling. They were struggling fiercely.

Tony Blair WAS A POLITICAL FIGURE DANCING IN THE MIDDLE OF GLOBAL RELATIONS… For example, he insisted that the alliance between the USA and EUROPE should be supported. He was listing the lessons to be learned from the Ukrainian war. “The world is at a turning stage comparable to the Second World War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union…” he was describing the point reached. In a program he participated in, he said “…the world will be at least bipolar.

The biggest geopolitical change of this century will come from China, not Russia. China’s position as a superpower is natural and understandable. It’s not the Soviet Union. However, the West should not allow China’s military superiority. We must increase defense spending and maintain our military superiority. The U.S. and its allies must have an adequate (military) advantage over the possibility or type of any type of conflict in all regions…” It wasn’t easy to fit Tony Blair in a few lines. It was a special name. He was also in New York for the UN SUMMIT. Again, he was holding important meetings at important intersections. Blair’s new mission was to COMPLETE the RETURN to EUROPE initiated by King Charles… He was struggling to implement ‘secret plans to reverse Brexit’ by taking Keir Starmer with him. Macron was also walking with these two. Negotiations were already taking place at every opportunity. Germany was already ready for this. Representatives of GLOBAL ECOLE were meeting for the NEW SYSTEM, reviving the DAVOS SPIRIT…

London’s return to EUROPE with King Charles would be TONY BLAIR’s victory. How Blair looked at the USA was in the lines above. When this was the case, the WEST, led by the USA, was putting CHINA across. The same WEST had already taken INDIA with them through CLEAN AND GREEN ENERGY. Interestingly, IN THE UK, THE INDIAN RISHI SUNAK WAS THE PRIME MINISTER… The balance was being set quickly.

TWO ECOLES were clashing both inside and outside. Those who traveled were those who stood close to the GLOBAL ECOLE for NOW, were the ones who looked at the world from there. Just yesterday, both President Erdogan and Bahceli were making harsh statements about the EU and EUROPE. If the UK also turned to the EU, if BREXIT disappeared, no one could stay out of this change. Everyone would be affected in some way. INTERNAL politics would be officially rewritten. President Erdogan would have to continue with a new system…

We were in a phase where both the cards and the balance changed rapidly. A MIND WAS CHANGING THE WORLD QUICKLY. That is for sure!

It was necessary to see this and move accordingly. We were going into a lane where the old words had no meaning. There will be many surprises… Let’s watch…

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The C5+1 Diplomatic Platform



The C5+1 Diplomatic Platform

At the top of the WORLD, very important steps are being taken that I am trying to write about. Interesting contacts are being made for both route and alliances and the future. These were not moves to be seen with breaking news. What was important to us was Turkiye’s preferences and steps to take.

Before increasing the gear, it was necessary to read well the statements made by Devlet Bahceli Bey yesterday. Mr. Bahceli has been an important voice in every period. Although he didn’t talk much, what he said was valuable.

THE PART REFLECTED IN STATE POLICIES should have been carefully monitored. MHP leader mentioned about the EUROPEAN issue that I have been trying to write about for days yesterday! “THE EUROPEAN UNION IS OVER FOR US,” he said.

Bahceli said, “For us, the European Union is over. We were not born with the European Union, we do not die with the European Union,” he said. In other words, he explained that ANKARA fell completely away from the EU and that it was not possible to find a new way. Europe has been keeping us waiting at the door since 1960.

The latest report already included advice on FINISHING MEMBERSHIP INTERVIEWS. Both President Erdogan and Bahceli were responding to the EU’s stance with the same clarity. Relationships were damaged unreparably, traveling to separate worlds.

Let’s continue…

The US’ INDIAN CORRIDOR was the prominent step in the G20 in Delhi. The USA, which formed a BLOCK against China against the UK, took the EU with its RUSSIAN card and prepared India with a population of 1.4 billion as a new player, and declared the NEW SPICE ROAD and even included the DEMOCRATIC CONGO. However, it kept Turkiye out. The EUROPEAN connection with India would be GREECE and ITALY, which recently left by rebelling against the SILK ROAD.

The USA was taking another interesting step as it prepared to put a new fiction on the stage through INDIA. It was very interesting for us. The date of the step was going back to 2015, OBAMA, John Kerry… Upon the first knot in 2015, US President Biden was coming together in C5+1 format under the UN roof in New York. The USA was meeting around a table with 5 CENTRAL ASIA TURKISH STATES between Russia and China. President of Uzbekistan Sevket Mirziyoyev, President of Kazakhstan Kasım Comert Tokayev, President of Tajikistan Imamamali Rahman, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhammedov and President of Kyrgyzstan Sadır Caparov attended the summit held in New York hosted by US President Joe Biden.

The common step between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and the USA was taken in Samarkand in 2015. While the second C5+1 dialogue of the Central Asia-US foreign ministers was held in Washington in 2016, the parties then met more than 10 times at the level of foreign ministers or deputy ministers.

In other words, the USA was now trying to take a step as a STATE to the region where intelligence agencies entered using unofficial STRUCTURES and then liquidated. This is why this TABLE was established.

The game, which was established before July 15, was rising to the LEVEL OF LEADERS after the announcement of INDIAN CORRIDOR. Already, Biden was inviting leaders with a LETTER a month before the UN Summit in New York.

Another person travelling around the region, such as Secretary of State Blinken, was Gary Peters. Peters was commenting on the region as “the most important part of the world.” His visit was also interpreted as “the beginning of a new era in the US policy towards Central Asian countries”.

The US, which blew a new wind for the CENTRAL ASIA TURKISH STATES in 2015, landed in India with OBAMA in the same time period and was greeted with great enthusiasm. Later, India, where Trump also went, became the biggest partner of the USA in ASIA in the new period. Companies like APPLE were also saying goodbye to CHINA while strengthening DELHI.

In EUROPE, which was having problems with the Russian war and whose field of action was narrowed, had to comply with Washington’s plans when it did not get what it wanted in Africa. The US, which never reduced its oil prices was now pushing it towards 100 DOLLARs again. It was causing Russia’s vaults to be filled, which looked like its rival and enemy on paper. The same was paving the way for Russia to sell cheap oil to INDIA due to the war, and on the other hand, it was starting the GREEN ROAD OPERATION with the EU for the INDIAN CORRIDOR. No matter where you look at it, it was seen that their main goal was to weaken the bridge built between Beijing and London. Although it is not said, the main purpose was to prune the SILK ROAD, which CHINA announced in 2013, and to ensure that it was born dead.

Cinping announced the SILK ROAD project in KAZAKHSTAN, 2 years later US Secretary of State John Kerry was going into the CENTRAL ASIA STATES. The arm wrestling never stopped. Not many people saw it. There was a question that came to mind here! “Would RUSSIA allow US intervention in CENTRAL ASIA?” Those who didn’t know fiction would ask about it! They were right…

The answer wasn’t actually difficult. When I looked, when I read the role distribution well, SHARING was obvious. With the war, Russia was going into UKRAINE and taking everything. He was limiting the EU, becoming a partner to the BLACK SEA, and harming the SILK ROAD in EURASIA. The USA was allowing this, and they were pushing the the 5 Turkish States towards DELHI for their partner India.

If Russia had a serious objection, the USA would not be able to set up the C5+1 table so easily! I don’t know if US President Biden will meet with President Erdogan in New York. However, the policy they follow is challenging Turkiye. It limits its biggest allies in NATO. INDIAN CORRIDOR cannot succeed without Turkiye. It won’t either. Still, for now, they are following the way they know… Who sees this the best is President Erdogan and Bahceli…

For this reason, Erdogan was reacting to the questions of PBS about events and names that directly concern the EUROPEAN UNION… The next day, Bahceli was seen on the screens with statements that cut off relations with the EU. In fact, AZERBAIJAN was reaching for the trigger against the ARMENIANS. They were pointing a gun for KARABAG. They were all happening one after the other on the same day. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Emir of Qatar Sheikh Temim bin Hamed Al Sani and United Arab Emirates National Security Undersecretary Sheikh Tahnun bin Zayid Al Nahyan were meeting in the Red Sea in 2021. They were posing in shorts and the photo was being served to the world. Already, the rapprochement of Saudis and Israel was already evident as a result of the same climate. In other words, INDIAN CORRIDOR was a project that has been worked on for about 10 years.

Turkiye would be busy with this in the coming days.

As you can see, GLOBAL WAR was continuing in pixels…

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