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The war has started!
A country’s knowledge about where it will stand in the future, calculating where it will be, planning with whom and which roads it will pass, and being right, makes that country grow. I think this is foreign policy. This is what statesmanship is… The real success is to see the GLOBAL STRUGGLE, to be in the right place at the right time, to take into account many variables at the same time, and to walk by knowing the interests of those they allied with and finally win. It requires wisdom…

Unfortunately, what I have been writing for months has become a reality. I’m afraid the tension will escalate to the point that no one anticipated. And again, as never before, one side of the WAR should have been prevented from falling on Turkiye. The delivery of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine by GERMANY was a milestone! I will come to Berlin, but first let’s go from Ankara to London…

I’ve written about it a lot before. When Turkiye experienced the July 15, England was the first to knock on the door that rushed to help. BRITISH MINISTER ALAN DUNCAN was the first to arrive. Richard Moore, who would be the head of MI6, has also done big things. Even if you read about the names who left Turkiye after the ATTEMPT, it was easy to see that Ankara was far from the EU and close to London. Oddly enough, at the same time, Boris Johnson was being made FOREIGN MINISTER by Theresa May.

“We are reformatting our relations with our old friends. Great Britain will rise up. Everyone will get their share.” Johnson said in his private meetings. Johnson also said this in ANTALYA. I think July 15 was the date when Turkiye parted ways with the EU. Turkiye was now walking with the UK, which said goodbye to EUROPE like itself. Both Ankara and London were working to find and make another way. THE BIG GAME WAS ESTABLISHED…

If you refresh your memories a little, you will remember…

When Erdogan was the PRIME MINISTER, whenever he went to the USA, the PKK would take the stage and a terrorist act would take place in Turkiye. This was done most of the time when going the WHITE HOUSE. Timed attacks would follow each other. Even in Tokat Reshadiye, where the PKK was not present, such an attack was being carried out. In other words, one hand was objecting to the rapprochement of Ankara and Washington.

Nowadays, we were experiencing a similar situation, albeit in a different way, through the Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar. Whenever Akar went to London, the USA made a decision about F-16s or took steps to change the agenda. Akar went to London again on 14 January. He went there on 7 October as well. Every time he went, there were timed developments. This time the address was the USA. F-16s were on the agenda again. Congress and the Senate both got involved. The ‘condition not to harass Greek airspace’ has been removed. The relationship between the USA and Turkiye was kept ALIVE! They tried to. However, I witnessed it at the G-20 Summit in Argentina.

Turkiye was negotiating with the British and wanted a partnership in engine technology. Rolls Royce was one of the spoken addresses. Akar was also pushing this, he wanted to bring ENGINE TECHNOLOGY, which is of vital importance for Turkiye, here. The US wouldn’t want that. It was doing what needed to be done. England could not directly oppose the USA. There was balance within balance…

Let’s continue…

I have been writing for years that the USA wants to weaken the EU for the GLOBAL BALANCE. I looked at Russia’s invasion of UKRAINE from here. It’s not a secret. Does Britain also want the EU to be weaker? Certainly. TWO WORLD WAR took place among themselves. Wouldn’t they want it?! As I wrote yesterday, although they did not make a decision in the meeting in Ramstein, the USA did not give up.

First US Defense Lloyd Austin, then NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg crashed into Berlin. German Chancellor Scholz’s statement, “If you give Abrams tanks, we’ll send Leopards,” played into Washington’s hands. It instantly turned the incoming ball into a GOAL. They pushed GERMANY into an unknown war, saying, “We’re giving it right away”. Thus, Germany has taken the first step of a very big break. It abandoned the anti-Nazi, anti-militarist, peaceful, pacifist policies and its mood that emerged after the World War II. It turned its back on the GROWTH policy by getting closer to Russia-China.

Therefore, an adventure with no end began for the EUROPEAN UNION. KRIEGSPARTEI policies were started. In other words, the most important move was made in order to be a SIDE OF THE WAR and to turn into a WAR PARTY. Leopard tanks were an indication that GERMANY was directly involved in the war. It was an announcement!

With the pressure of the USA, Ukraine’s way was cleared, but vital weapons were not sent against Russia. On the contrary, policies that would make the EU an enemy of the Kremlin were allowed to grow. The Leopards would not win the war for Zelensky, but would put GERMANY against Russia. Although Berlin had nothing to gain, it did not hesitate to make these moves. It was a big issue. No matter how you look at it, the fact that TANKS would be given would change the tone and rhythm of the WAR. It was not known who would come on the field with which card.

Within the GLOBAL BALANCE, there would definitely be those who would like to involve Turkiye. History has shown this to us. I don’t know how they do it, with whom they do it. However, there is a WAR in which the US-UK and the EUROPEAN UNION are involved. Russia, on the other hand, is the country that most clearly shows that it is in a WAR! China is a giant waiting for what will happen!

We are facing a brand new GLOBAL ALGORITHM…

I don’t want to get into detail by giving names. A time period in which both the opportunities and the dangers are growing has begun. I hope I’m wrong. However, what appears at the stage are not developments that can make people happy. Turkiye took a clear stance against GLOBAL ECOLE after 15 July. Even the Central Bank’s rate cut decisions were a message given to them. Ankara was meeting with Washington via London. Messages were coming back and forth. This storm, which was started for the birth of a brand new ECONOMIC SYSTEM, will ultimately bring what to whom and take what from whom? An incredible period has begun. We have entered a period where we need to think for a thousand times before we speak.

When the situation was so critical, Turkiye’s place, position and attitude became very valuable. This revealed that the results of the ELECTIONS to be held would unquestionably shake the GLOBAL LEAGUE. The election results will show the GLOBAL IMPACTS to the whole world. And that is a sign of how painful the elections are going to be. The 6-party opposition table will also want to come up with a SURPRISING candidate to look at these newly developing balances and change Turkiye’s position and direction. Today is different from yesterday, and tomorrow will be different from the next day. Turkiye is a very big country. The developments here will affect every state.

That’s for sure! Look at what’s going on.
If you only follow the domestic politics, you won’t have a chance to understand much…
Look INSIDE from the outside…
One thing is for sure, IT IS DANGEROUS AND COMPLICATED OUTSIDE… Let’s see. Let’s watch…

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Political Articles

The C5+1 Diplomatic Platform



The C5+1 Diplomatic Platform

At the top of the WORLD, very important steps are being taken that I am trying to write about. Interesting contacts are being made for both route and alliances and the future. These were not moves to be seen with breaking news. What was important to us was Turkiye’s preferences and steps to take.

Before increasing the gear, it was necessary to read well the statements made by Devlet Bahceli Bey yesterday. Mr. Bahceli has been an important voice in every period. Although he didn’t talk much, what he said was valuable.

THE PART REFLECTED IN STATE POLICIES should have been carefully monitored. MHP leader mentioned about the EUROPEAN issue that I have been trying to write about for days yesterday! “THE EUROPEAN UNION IS OVER FOR US,” he said.

Bahceli said, “For us, the European Union is over. We were not born with the European Union, we do not die with the European Union,” he said. In other words, he explained that ANKARA fell completely away from the EU and that it was not possible to find a new way. Europe has been keeping us waiting at the door since 1960.

The latest report already included advice on FINISHING MEMBERSHIP INTERVIEWS. Both President Erdogan and Bahceli were responding to the EU’s stance with the same clarity. Relationships were damaged unreparably, traveling to separate worlds.

Let’s continue…

The US’ INDIAN CORRIDOR was the prominent step in the G20 in Delhi. The USA, which formed a BLOCK against China against the UK, took the EU with its RUSSIAN card and prepared India with a population of 1.4 billion as a new player, and declared the NEW SPICE ROAD and even included the DEMOCRATIC CONGO. However, it kept Turkiye out. The EUROPEAN connection with India would be GREECE and ITALY, which recently left by rebelling against the SILK ROAD.

The USA was taking another interesting step as it prepared to put a new fiction on the stage through INDIA. It was very interesting for us. The date of the step was going back to 2015, OBAMA, John Kerry… Upon the first knot in 2015, US President Biden was coming together in C5+1 format under the UN roof in New York. The USA was meeting around a table with 5 CENTRAL ASIA TURKISH STATES between Russia and China. President of Uzbekistan Sevket Mirziyoyev, President of Kazakhstan Kasım Comert Tokayev, President of Tajikistan Imamamali Rahman, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhammedov and President of Kyrgyzstan Sadır Caparov attended the summit held in New York hosted by US President Joe Biden.

The common step between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and the USA was taken in Samarkand in 2015. While the second C5+1 dialogue of the Central Asia-US foreign ministers was held in Washington in 2016, the parties then met more than 10 times at the level of foreign ministers or deputy ministers.

In other words, the USA was now trying to take a step as a STATE to the region where intelligence agencies entered using unofficial STRUCTURES and then liquidated. This is why this TABLE was established.

The game, which was established before July 15, was rising to the LEVEL OF LEADERS after the announcement of INDIAN CORRIDOR. Already, Biden was inviting leaders with a LETTER a month before the UN Summit in New York.

Another person travelling around the region, such as Secretary of State Blinken, was Gary Peters. Peters was commenting on the region as “the most important part of the world.” His visit was also interpreted as “the beginning of a new era in the US policy towards Central Asian countries”.

The US, which blew a new wind for the CENTRAL ASIA TURKISH STATES in 2015, landed in India with OBAMA in the same time period and was greeted with great enthusiasm. Later, India, where Trump also went, became the biggest partner of the USA in ASIA in the new period. Companies like APPLE were also saying goodbye to CHINA while strengthening DELHI.

In EUROPE, which was having problems with the Russian war and whose field of action was narrowed, had to comply with Washington’s plans when it did not get what it wanted in Africa. The US, which never reduced its oil prices was now pushing it towards 100 DOLLARs again. It was causing Russia’s vaults to be filled, which looked like its rival and enemy on paper. The same was paving the way for Russia to sell cheap oil to INDIA due to the war, and on the other hand, it was starting the GREEN ROAD OPERATION with the EU for the INDIAN CORRIDOR. No matter where you look at it, it was seen that their main goal was to weaken the bridge built between Beijing and London. Although it is not said, the main purpose was to prune the SILK ROAD, which CHINA announced in 2013, and to ensure that it was born dead.

Cinping announced the SILK ROAD project in KAZAKHSTAN, 2 years later US Secretary of State John Kerry was going into the CENTRAL ASIA STATES. The arm wrestling never stopped. Not many people saw it. There was a question that came to mind here! “Would RUSSIA allow US intervention in CENTRAL ASIA?” Those who didn’t know fiction would ask about it! They were right…

The answer wasn’t actually difficult. When I looked, when I read the role distribution well, SHARING was obvious. With the war, Russia was going into UKRAINE and taking everything. He was limiting the EU, becoming a partner to the BLACK SEA, and harming the SILK ROAD in EURASIA. The USA was allowing this, and they were pushing the the 5 Turkish States towards DELHI for their partner India.

If Russia had a serious objection, the USA would not be able to set up the C5+1 table so easily! I don’t know if US President Biden will meet with President Erdogan in New York. However, the policy they follow is challenging Turkiye. It limits its biggest allies in NATO. INDIAN CORRIDOR cannot succeed without Turkiye. It won’t either. Still, for now, they are following the way they know… Who sees this the best is President Erdogan and Bahceli…

For this reason, Erdogan was reacting to the questions of PBS about events and names that directly concern the EUROPEAN UNION… The next day, Bahceli was seen on the screens with statements that cut off relations with the EU. In fact, AZERBAIJAN was reaching for the trigger against the ARMENIANS. They were pointing a gun for KARABAG. They were all happening one after the other on the same day. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Emir of Qatar Sheikh Temim bin Hamed Al Sani and United Arab Emirates National Security Undersecretary Sheikh Tahnun bin Zayid Al Nahyan were meeting in the Red Sea in 2021. They were posing in shorts and the photo was being served to the world. Already, the rapprochement of Saudis and Israel was already evident as a result of the same climate. In other words, INDIAN CORRIDOR was a project that has been worked on for about 10 years.

Turkiye would be busy with this in the coming days.

As you can see, GLOBAL WAR was continuing in pixels…

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Political Articles

Big Competition



Big Competition

The course, route, direction of a country, and the wind behind it naturally reveal what comes in the future. It helps to understand what kind of horizon it is running to. Instead of understanding this, when internal conflicts and vicious discussions are present, the main thing to be seen is not to be seen. It is not possible to go to domestic policy through instant blood pressures through ideology and the topics where materials are made. There will be no way to follow. What about Turkiye?

I don’t want to go into recent history and names. Everyone followed the truth they believed in the final analysis. However, the number of characters who had a wide mindset and read and prevented the future was either none or very small. It was as if that was the truth behind the troubles that were suffered! Also, all political movements could not row in the same direction. They were not allowed anyway.

Let’s open…

There are three main axes on Earth! SECRET-OPEN are in competition. USA-ENGLAND- EU… Especially with Germany and France… These three axes live in Turkiye with three separate plans! From the economy to the defense industry, from politics to intelligence, they all accumulate power for different purposes. One of the centers where the competition between them is seen the most is these lands. The secret purpose of the coalitions is to incorporate these movements. It is not explained, but it is like that. The deep and complex relations of the Ottoman Empire and England were transferred to the republic. London is the great mind. That’s for sure.

The USA, which rised with the Second World War and obtained the definition of superpower, also seized some of the power of England, which came here. Although EUROPE seems to be the player who is losing its power, it has managed to be on the stage under all circumstances. So doesn’t the question come to mind? “AREN’T THEY ALL IN NATO AND IN ALLIANCE?” That’s the right question!

Even if we don’t know, being in alliance does not mean that they are going in the same direction. Think about Turkiye and terrorism! Many countries that are members of NATO were doing things against TURKIYE behind the scenes! Is it true? Definitely… The prevailing understanding in NATO or similar formations was: BE CLOSE TO YOUR ENEMY…

Let’s speed up…

When the AK PARTY came to power, there were very important attacks that I wrote about in the past. These were about the future of Turkiye. Since the comments in the media did not show the truth, no one could understand and explain what was going on.

On November 15 and 20, 2003, ISTANBUL was shaking at four different points. The attacks also took place at carefully selected points. Trucks loaded with explosives were first exploding in front of the BET ISRAEL SYNAGOGUE in Sisli and a few minutes later in front of the Neve Shalom Synagogue in Beyoglu. While the agencies were not publishing this news, the first thing that came to mind was the idea of a reckoning with the JEWISH FOLK globally. 5 days after Istanbul could not get over this shock, this time completely different addresses were attacked. This time, the address where the bombs went was the United Kingdom Consulate in Istanbul and the HSBC building. So the UK was being targeted directly.

Nearly 60 people lost their lives in the attacks, Istanbul hosted scenes that looked like war images, and 750 people were injured. If you want, evaluate the first attacks in one group and the second attacks in the other group. It doesn’t matter. It was that a force visible to the naked eye targeted the UK’s influence in Turkiye and ISTANBUL. Again, the first comment that came to my mind was that “The USA ATTACKS THE POWER OF THE UK IN TURKIYE”.

However, like all the world media, the local media was saying AL QAEDA. They were bringing photos of men we didn’t know on the screen and confusing us. In order to target England, organizations should have had power other than terrorism and terrorist organizations.

That was the truth… These attacks paved the way for the 17-25 December operations and from there to the 15th of July. TWO GREAT POWERS AND MINDS WERE FIGHTING FOR TURKIYE IN TURKIYE. That’s what happened.

There have been many developments such as the Arab Spring-Gezi Protests-Storm in Magrip-The turmoil in Syria-The things that happened in Iraq-The change of the administration in Qatar-The beginning of liquidations within the AK PARTY-The tensions in the Mediterranean-The rising of the Armenian issue.

BREXIT was the most critical step of these. So the sides were getting clear… With these attacks, a lot was happening in Turkiye. What was perceived as our own internal fight at first glance was actually the competition of the GREAT TWO POWERS.

The storm, which started in 2003 and lasted until July 15, caused the STATE to change direction or make clear decisions. When the first foreign guest who came immediately after the departure was British Minister Alan DUNCAN, Ankara was giving the necessary message to the necessary place.

Despite the attacks and the explosions, the historical friendship was still settling at the top, and Turkiye was sailing to new horizons with the UK, which said goodbye to EUROPE. In addition to the EU, the USA was also most disturbed. Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, the EU’s loss in energy, paved the way for the US to become very strong again. They were now responding to the THE SILK ROAD PROJECT OF THE BRITISH MIND together with the SPICE ROAD. The architect of this road was Washington. Turkiye was out for now.

During that time, PRESIDENT ERDOGAN was going to New York and his first guest was ELON MUSK. There was a possibility of coming to Turkiye for the factory. Even if it was ELON MUSK sitting in front of President Erdogan, the corporate identity there was PENTAGON. The factory that was wanted to be established would be enough for us to understand the tone of the USA’s contact with Turkiye…

The arrival of TESLA or a joint step through STARLINK would directly indicate that the heart of the US DEEP STATE was involved. If they come, we will understand that the USA and Turkiye will open a new page and Ankara will balance its relations with London.

If they do not come, we will see that Turkiye will continue its long journey with the UK and its balance…

THIS COULD BE THE RELATIONS AMONG THE GLOBAL PLAYERS. Our duty is to watch… Let’s just watch…

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