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The Global Struggle!
I have often tried writing about BLACKROCK here before. Great player meant great power… This organization published its report named “2023 Global Outlook-A new investment playbook”. The company that rules the world, which manages trillions of dollars, has revealed what will happen in 2023 from its own perspective…

Important figures were involved in the research and analysis led by Larry Fink. In addition to the Second President Philipp Hildebrand, important figures such as Wei Li, Alex Brazer, Vivek Paul and Scott Thiel were signing the report. The report was telling a lot of things. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, has warned that the recession to be experienced in 2023 will be completely different from the recessions that have occurred in the past. Important conclusions were made for all instruments from central banks to inflation, from interest rates to stocks. BlackRock roughly said, “A major economic crisis is coming. This has never happened before. Forget everything you know. A new economics book will have to be written…”

Lockdown times that started with the pandemic, the central banks printing money, the openings after the completion of the vaccines, the inflation that broke off the supply chains and the inflation that does not seem to stop, and the RECESSION that is spoken now… I am talking about economic recession…

And Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, which turned all calculations upside down, and rising energy prices, fluctuations in the market and insecurity…

When we look at the event politically, it is possible to talk about the US-EU-Russia-China axes and the coordinates they affect… For example, Elon Musk, who has never been silent in the past days, is speaking again, but his words were going to an important center. Over a critical name. Musk was posting on social media, “Anthony Fauci needs to be tried…” Musk was showing FAUCI, one of the heroes of the pandemic, as a target. There were many people who said that the COVID-19 virus was spreading through Harvard. The chief of that section was Fauci!l The first step of the incidents was taken with the virus…

At this point, BlackRock was saying, “A new world order is coming.” With destruction…

The shock that started with the virus was at its peak with the entry of Russia into Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was also confirming what I wrote since February 24. Lavrov answered the question in the first days of this month by saying, “The USA has enslaved all of EUROPE. It keeps the entire European Union under control, not just the Germans.” He continued, “They are attracting investors from Europe with incentives. They are collapsing the EU from within. They are ending their industries,” he said.

The same Sergey Lavrov was going to the Munich Security Summit 4 years ago and chatting with his interlocutors there. There, Lavrov said, “Washington immortalizes its interests in EUROPE by using Moscow. And it strives to stop or even cut off the closeness between Germany and Russia…”…

In other words, he was describing the point reached 4 years ago. Lavrov even shared that the Germans were aware of this effort… But did anything change? No! Russia enters Ukraine, the EU is shaken, the USA was the winner, even for now…

What I wanted to convey was the fact that GREAT POLITICAL ACTIONS were made for GREAT ECONOMIC RESULTS… The real truth behind every scene was MONEY! And there was a mind, an ecole, a power that did it. I don’t know if they will reach their target point. However, it was obvious that they were walking within the fiction. It looked like the EU and the EU CENTRAL BANK with the moves they made through the FED. They were pressing EUROPE with money on the one hand, nuclear fear on the other, and energy on the other. It was not enough, they were taking the investors on the Berlin-Paris axis and taking them to the USA. Macron was going all the way to Biden to complain about it. A multifaceted fiction was on the scene. It was no longer a SECRET that there ould be major tremors with the crisis.

The center of this power was in the USA. 25 percent of the world economy was the USA. No one was outside the gravitational field when its influence was taken into account. The USA, which had big problems, was playing big. History showed us that the elimination of a great power was not due to the problems it experienced, but to its inability to find a solution. The USA was burdening the EU and China, which it saw as its rivals. When the EU weakened, the stones would also move in BEIJING, as China’s largest market would be damaged…

In other words, the USA was taking its problems abroad, taking the chaos to another address and looking for a solution! They were making move after another move while others couldn’t. I think that’s the difference.

However, there were many people who said that the focus of power in the world would shift to ASIA. The possibility of weakening or even splitting the USA was among the issues that were voiced. The power and prosperity of the USA came from the system it established after the Second World War. Others were producing, the USA was consuming, and the money was staying within its own financial system. They were removing 5 skins from a sheep. Now it was time to change that. The GLOBAL GREAT STAGE, underlined by BlackRock, would bring us a completely different world. Could the US do this? I do not know.

However, it is true that it set out on a journey for that. Washington has the FILE OF THE GREAT CRISIS experienced in 2008. Through that rehearsal, the actual fiction would now be staged. The global economic war would also have political consequences.

There were also those who wanted to put Turkiye in a position where political consequences were experienced. It would be useful to look at the latest developments in this way… Here, too, there would be those who wanted to change the political equation. A new struggle was beginning.

Istanbul was once again becoming the center of the GLOBAL STRUGGLE. The start of the new game is given through Imamoglu…

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Political Articles

Dahlan Scenario



Dahlan Scenario

At midnight, a dear friend of mine asked, “Is Dahlan coming to rule Palestine or is he being brought there?”. A new page was essential for GAZA, which has been living with bombs since October 7. So who would open this page? How would he do it? With whom would he implement it? And what was on the Turkiye-facing side of this? Let’s move forward with the answer to the question my friend asked today…

Before answering, it was necessary to know about July 15, HAMAS and the international support behind it, and Ankara’s position. Of course, DAHLAN was a prominent name enough to answer all of these! Let’s move forward…

Muhammed Dahlan WAS A NAME WHO COULD ACT JOINTLY WITH MAJOR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. He was smart. He was very well educated. He was born into a poor family in Khan Younis, a city in the south of the Gaza lane, in 1961… He was arrested by ISRAEL when he was young. This was THE DARKEST AREA! From that moment on, he took on a different identity. It is unclear how long he remained in prison. Even though he said “I spent 10 years”, no one saw him inside! He learned HEBREW very well and got out! He studied at the Islamic University in Gaza with a scholarship. He received an invitation from Cambridge University, one of the most respected educational institutions in the world. He was a business graduate! He became a businessman who made investments in the media and IT sectors, especially in energy. He served as advisor to Dany Rothschild. A life in London was offered to him. On the other hand, he was working closely with the CIA and MOSSAD. While one mind was pulling towards MI6, a stronger hand was pushing towards the Americans. Finally Dahlan was finding his way. For example, Dahlan went to Pennsylvania many times after 2011! Isn’t it strange?

Muhammed Dahlan came to the fore when he was added to the red category on Turkiye’s Wanted List for Terrorism on charges such as “military and political espionage” for carrying out the July 15 coup attempt. Dahlan, one of the former leaders of the Palestinian Conquest Movement, had been living in exile in the United Arab Emirates for years. He was serving as security advisor to UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The prince called Dahlan “MY BROTHER”. He was the name behind the anti-Turkiye rhetoric and steps in the UAE. It is not known as invisible, but it provides support from behind the scenes. He would put the fiction on stage.

Dahlan was one of the important heroes of the intifada movement between 1987 and 1993. The support of the USA and Israel was clear! If HAMAS were wiped out from the GAZA lane, THE CHANCES FOR PALESTINE LEADERSHIP WOULD BE VERY HIGH. This is what has been happening since October 7th. Ruthless bombardment! In 1993, Dahlan took part in the negotiations of the Oslo Accords, which were seen as an unsuccessful peace process between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. It participated in the negotiations with Israel. He became the head of the 20 thousand-person Palestine Preventive Force, which was established in Gaza after the Oslo Accords in 1993. He was in constant contact with the CIA and MOSSAD. He had become stronger. The relationship network was obvious. Naturally, he was starting to compete with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. It was no secret that the preventive force led by Dahlan was torturing HAMAS members in prison. Due to the power he gained, Gaza would begin to be known as “Dahlanistan”. He received constant support from the USA and ISRAEL for his PRIVATE ARMY, and used this on HAMAS and other ISLAMIC GROUPS. He didn’t want a rival.

Following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 and the 2006 elections resulting in a HAMAS victory, Dahlan started a bloody internal conflict against HAMAS within the ranks of the Conquest Movement. Those in the Conquest Movement rightfully increased their reactions to DAHLAN. They were also subjected to assassinations like HAMAS leader Ismail Haniyeh! US-based magazine “Vanity Fair” stated that Dahlan was at the center of the conspiracy prepared by the Washington administration to remove HAMAS from power after HAMAS’s election victory in 2006. So, as I have written for a long time, HAMAS was close to England and MI6. Even though they were walking together, paths were parted and GIANT POWERS were clashing. It would always be like this! It was extremely easy to see this through HAMAS and the MUSLIM BROTHERS.

Dahlan was a person who was disliked by the close circle of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He was sent out of the country in 2011 because he was very skilled as a “troubler”. He was going to the UAE. Exile was beginning. He was even held responsible for the death of Yasser Arafat. It was also claimed that he took a significant amount of money of Arafat after his death! The SECRET MISSIONS given to DAHLAN, who settled in the UAE under the protection of the Prince, were endless. He worked intensively at the headquarters of intelligence organizations. His anti-Turkish actions were known to everyone. He was CODING the UAE’s FOREIGN AFFAIRS and making it anti-Turkish. He was provoking Islamic countries by saying “Erdogan is resurrecting the OTTOMAN”. And he was successful. While Dahlan was staying in ABU DHABI, he did not refrain from making moves against the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. He was attacking his common enemy with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and their common enemy: IHWAN, that is, the MUSLIM BROTHERS, which they saw as the continuation of Palestinian HAMAS.

If HAMAS was defeated, Qatar would also be defeated. They would miss the chance to rebuild Gaza. Doha would not be in the cards. There would be no City of London in England. During the COVID period, the opportunities Dahlan provided to PALESTINE would be more visible.

THE NAHYAN FAMILY was going to rebuild GAZA. Qatar would leave, ABU DHABI would come. Dahlan would take over the job. He would open a new page. It was necessary to look at the October 7 HAMAS attack through the DAHLAN allegation. If HAMAS was to be expelled from GAZA, if it was to be wiped out, it would not be replaced by a force from the same ecole. The opponent was DAHLAN, the man with the most influential, powerful and secret relations. Would the USA and Israel want this? YES! They were going to bring him anyway. If this happened, Turkiye’s relations and closeness with PALESTINE would be damaged. It would settle in another axis. That’s why I’ve been writing for days, “The aim of the USA is to erase the power of England from the region.”

Turkiye was experiencing July 15 and the country was shaken. Shortly after this date, El Ghad Television, broadcasting from the Nilesat satellite, was making anti-Turkish news. The owner of the channel was DAHLAN. The theme of “Others must intervene in the issue in Turkiye” was openly discussed. The claim that said Ankara was using HAMAS and GAZA was also shown at length on the screen! That was DAHLAN! What would happen to Palestine was not a SECRET. We also had to see the danger coming step by step. We should act early and eliminate it. Let’s watch…

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Six Billion Dollars



Six Billion Dollars

Although the French have a share in the MIDDLE EAST, the boss is the BRITISH! Even after the Second World War, that is, even after the US won, this did not change much. But it would change! What would happen would also develop within this framework. I might go into the details in another article, but US President Biden was talking about establishing a new world against China’s SILK ROAD project at the G7 Summit and announced the GLOBAL GATEWAY. He wanted to. After this statement, the street protests in ISRAEL were spreading on a NATIONAL scale and Netanyahu was shaken. Anyway… Our topic is not the protests! Let’s travel to a more critical place…

I wrote about the NAMAZI FAMILY a long time ago and said, “They are the USA’s hands, arms, feet, eyes, ears in IRAN”… When the streets got mixed up in Iran, the STATE thought that the power behind was this family and arrested SİAMAK NAMAZI… Let’s start the article from this family and come to HAMAS and from there to Turkiye… First, remember…

The USA imposed an exemption on the $6 billion sanctions imposed on Tehran in exchange for the release of 5 American citizens imprisoned in Iran. Is it true? Definitely. This step was being taken in mid-September. Washington was releasing the 6 billion DOLLARs imposed on sanctions for 5 Americans imprisoned in Iran, paving the way for South Korea to come to QATAR. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was officially managing this operation! Within the scope of the agreement, 5 Iranian prisoners would also be released!

Republicans rightly reacted to President Biden, saying, “It’s a big mistake to pay a ransom for the world’s worst terror-supporting state.”. The money kept in South Korea was transferred to the Central Bank of Qatar for Iran to use in the purchase of humanitarian aid. The use of this also meant harm for sanctions. 4 of the 5 detained Americans were placed under house arrest. One of them was already at home. Among the American detainees were Siamak Namazi, who was detained in 2015 and sentenced to 10 years in prison on espionage charges, capitalist Emad Sharghi, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Iranian-born British-American environmentalist Morad Tahbaz, who was arrested in 2018 and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Other names that would be released were not disclosed.

Previously penalized organizations such as the National Iranian Oil Company and the Central Bank of Iran could now freely transfer funds from accounts in South Korea to Switzerland and Germany from here to accounts in Qatar. In other words, the USA was pouring money into Tehran. As well as through the formations they sanctioned… Let’s put the part so far aside now…

Nearly two weeks passed and the world started the day with the tremor in ISRAEL. HAMAS was landing in ISRAEL with a method that it had never tried and done before, and was organizing an unprecedented operation in which at least 1200 people died and 2,900 people were injured! HAMAS is raining rockets on Israel, at least a thousand people who participated in the operation managed to take 100 Israelis hostage! After such a shocking operation, there was a great reaction and the war started. But we still didn’t know the real reason for what was going on! Everyone was writing and drawing and talking. It was natural. What was going on in the back? Who was doing what? How did it succeed? So what happened to the 6 billion dollars that IRAN received among all these problems? Who was helping? Was there a share that went to HAMAS from here? Could HAMAS have taken all the money? Is it possible for Hezbollah to seize the money first and send some of it to HAMAS? We don’t know!

These questions had to be asked. In the USA, it was said that “the money went to HAMAS” in some places. Before the attack, the ice melted with IRAN, 6 billion dollars were released, the money came to QATAR and from there it stopped in the Central Bank of Iran or somewhere else through it! WHERE WAS THE MONEY! Blinken came and agreed with Iran, the flow of money started, included QATAR in the game, silenced the ARABS, gave way to Israel, and I wonder if they were doing a big operation with the HAMAS label they used from behind?

Were they getting it done? A hand told HAMAS to “walk” and was preparing to change the line of the region from the background. After Israel’s response after the HAMAS operation, the region would never be the same. The City of London or China could not take a step to keep the US stuck in the region. Both the MEDITERRANEAN and the Gulf were clamped by the US navy. The steps that would affect global chess were prevented. The US-IRAN closeness, which started with $6 billion, was gaining new dimension after about 40 days after the Israeli attacks. It was as if the USA was sending money to Tehran again as a reward! 10 billion dollars under sanction were being released due to Iran’s trade with IRAQ! When? A month and a half after the attacks!

If there was no move to upset the balance right now, the United States was taking the WEST and the MIDDLE EAST with it. It didn’t forget AFRICA either. China would now be limited to ASIA and its south. Is this enough for Beijing? It is not known. But this is the last event! The US, the largest trading partner, and the EU would no longer stay. When this is the case, the USA would definitely want to erase the UK from the MIDDLE EAST.

While all this is happening, former British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who took office with promises to revive the country’s economy and broke a record by staying in her seat for only 45 days, said that the US should rebuild its global leadership. Where? In The Wall Street Journal… “The U.S. conservatives should run the U.S. and their voices must be heard more,” Truss said.

Even the former PRIME MINISTER of England, who fell away from the USA, was saying this! The fact that Blinken came to the MIDDLE EAST many times was not just for the HAMAS-ISRAEL issue. They made moves continuously for the NEW SYSTEM. This was the point to look at carefully… It was seen that all preparations were made for the change!

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