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Enemy Brothers



Enemy Brothers!

THERESA May, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak… Recently, the PRIME MINISTERs could not be enough for the UK. What could be the reason for this? The structure, which has such a strong history and traditions, could not find the PRIME MINISTER, and even if it found it, it could not keep them in their seat… What did this have to do with the GAZA and the Israel-HAMAS war and the Pacific? Let’s open it and refresh our memories and move forward…

The two focus that claim to rule the world, that is, the “TWO POWER CENTERS” that I have written for years as “TWO ECOLES”, have appeared in GAZA in recent days. The USA, which showed its weapons and sent its navy, took the lead here. Clear! If this determination continued, it would be inevitable for us to see important seismic political movements in a wide geography we are in. NOTE THIS SENTENCE! We will talk about it in the near future!

We cannot understand this because we have an education system that grows with fairy tales. We raise generations who cannot see the spirit of the AGREEMENT from memorizing the AGREEMENT ARTICLES. So the first step syndrome. If the first step is taken on the wrong way, there was no possibility that the other steps would be correct. There was also this situation in Gaza. We were not seeing the war between the United States and England. The masses were not familiar with this. It was strange. They were right… The truth was that blonde blue-eyed people could fight among themselves. Robert Anthony Eden…

He was the Foreign Minister during Great Britain’s SECOND WORLD WAR. He studied at Eton and Oxford. He spoke German and Persian like his mother tongue. His Arabic and Russian were also great. Between 1955-1957, he was the PRIME MINISTER. He was working during the 1956 SUEZ CRISIS. He was named “the most unsuccessful British prime minister of the 20th century”. England and France had marched to EGYPT, which wanted to nationalize the SUEZ CHANNEL by taking Israel in front of them. The USA and the Soviets, who were taught to be “ENEMY” in the books, in the lessons intervened. They even said, “We will hit Paris and London with nuclear weapons”!

At this stage, Robert Anthony Eden, who did not know the relations, was in the seat of the PRIME MINISTER. One of the names you can see next to Eden was John Enoch Powell. HE WAS AN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. He was supporting a conservative party. He served as a Minister. Although he was an academician, he carried out important intelligence activities in the SECOND WORLD WAR. British Prime Minister Anthony Eden, whose career collapsed when the US worked on the British-French campaign to retake the Suez Canal in 1956, recalled a conversation he had with his conservative colleague Powell in his retirement… “I want to tell you that our biggest enemies in the Middle East are Americans,” said Powell, “You know, I didn’t know what you meant…” said Eden. Years later, he was learning the truth. This struggle was continuing today. In full swing. Not only in Turkiye, or in the MIDDLE EAST. Everywhere. Let’s explain…

I wrote years ago… It was one of the critical steps of the war! HUAWEI… Meng Wanzhou, the senior manager of Chinese telecom giant Huawei, was detained in CANADA in an operation carried out by the CIA. 5-6 years ago… His father, Ren Zhengfei, owned the company. It was one of the names the Rothschild Family trusted! Meng Wanzhou was running the company’s finances. So what was the main motivation of the CIA, which was the basis for its operation? YES! Piercing the embargo on IRAN…

It’s like the same as ours. It was useful to look at 17-25 from this point of view. IRAN is coming to the table, the USA and Turkiye were getting nervous. The CIA was accusing HUAWEI and Meng Wanzhou and Ren Zhengfei of SPYING… While Huawei operations were spreading in waves, bad news was coming from AFRICA! At that time! Ethiopian Airlines’ “Boeing 737 8 Max” type passenger plane was crashing. This wasn’t the first plane to crash, but the campaign was big. With the coalition of BRITISH and CHINA, BOEING was being targeted and the company was shaken. There was a big loss.

This was actually the answer given to Huawei by City of London. I was already writing about the struggle of these two forces for years. The masses had a hard time understanding the sides because they didn’t know the WAR. Another axis would maybe be EUROPE, that possibility existed. Macron also expressed this frequently. But the SECRET PARTNER rushed to the aid of the US. It invaded Ukraine. The EU found a new and peaceful address: The USA’s arms! Thus, before the tension increased, the side were clear before the hands went to the trigger! Therefore, the whole WEST was now with ISRAEL!

Although Palestinian innocent children, young people, women, patients lost their lives, the BIG FIGHT continued from where it left off. And the US has been so determined for a long time, perhaps because it didn’t have much time. They were directly threatening the STATES. They were scaring the capitals over the atomic bomb they threw on Japan over what they did. It was another level. As I wrote yesterday, the USA wanted a final DECISION. We were one of the countries it asked to decide. It is not written, it is not drawn, but this is the case. Contact with London is not accepted, organizations that would walk on the same route were preferred, they would be. Until this decision was made, no senior official would come from the USA.

It was obvious. In this climate, where the conditions are getting sharper, Turkiye’s decisions inside and outside were of course extremely important. Opposing Israel meant saying “STOP” to brutality, confronting the USA and EUROPE. Strange, but this is the point reached. Protecting Palestine would be perceived as support for London. This place is even stranger, saddening, upsetting, not easy to understand at all. But that’s the political atmosphere. The result of this wind and this pressure was changing the PRIME MINISTER in the UK every month. Even a name like Netanyahu could officially disrespect the PRIME MINISTER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Even from afar, I could see that all capitals were waiting for Turkiye’s decision. How will Ankara find balance? How will it take a step? What kind of relationship would it establish? The answers to these questions concerned not only us and the region, but also the world. CLOSELY as well… We will see that this interest is visible to the naked eye soon…

In the 100th year, a 100-year decision will be made… Maybe I’m exaggerating. I don’t know. We will understand soon…

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Political Articles

Mysterious Relation



Mysterious Relation

Never look at the issues daily. There are those who have a very deep plan and those who come with artificial agendas to keep us busy. What are we talking about lately… Many issues are in our headlines such as the attack of HAMAS, Israel’s disproportionate response, the death of the innocent ones, the debris in Gaza, the change in the CHP, the protection of the YPG by the USA, the stage of the 50+1 agenda, the confusion in the IYI Party, the attempts of the Turkish Armed Forces to buy planes that can replace the F-35 and F-16s, and the increase in interest rates… And POLATS! So why was all this actually happening? Let’s see…

Let’s start with a small but important detail… As I wrote yesterday, US Chief of Staff Mark Milley went to Tel Aviv on March 3 and gave a memorandum to NETANYAHU before the growth of street events in ISRAEL. Israel’s closeness to England and China was absolutely undesired. After this meeting, Milley came to NORTHERN SYRIA without anyone knowing. On March 4… A day later! Explanations and reactions followed each other. Since the USA could not say “he met with the YPG”, it tried to ignore the event with balanced sentences such as “OUR UNITS THERE WERE INSPECTED”. US Ambassador Jeff Flake was called to FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

Ankara was right! They were not coming to Turkiye, who they were partners with in NATO, but to the region where the YPG was wandering freely. The opposite of Milley’s visit was happening before the October 7 HAMAS attack. In Ankara, the PKK was trying to organize a SUICIDE BOMB attack, our police were preventing this! Upon this, the TAF was launching an air operation against the YPG. However, the F-16s that were not given to us came into play and were dropping our UAV. The USA was giving protection! Two days later, HAMAS was carrying out the biggest attack in history in Israel. The common point was the use of PARAMOTORS! A line was being established between the north of SYRIA and Israel, one through Mark Milley and the other through PARAMOTOR! This was the point that should not be avoided! Let’s continue…

The construction of DAESH was necessary for the future SHAPE of the region. DAESH was the first step. They gathered men from all over the world and brought them to the region, right under our noses. They put the YPG/PKK in front of them. Thesis and antithesis were intertwined! There was no one who recognized DAESH. Who was giving the money, the guns, the men? What were their political goals? We didn’t know. Who was managing it? We couldn’t predict! When everyone who took the role did what was necessary, the BBC stepped in and broadcast the evacuation images of DAESH from RAKKA. The news was titled “Rakka’s Dirty Secrets: BBC Reveals Secret Agreement for the Evacuation of ISIS Militants”.

The news was making a great impact. Because in the news, DAESH’s managers, staff, families were evacuating under the supervision of US soldiers and the YPG/PKK they supported… With this news, the world was announced: “THE USA IS BEHIND ISIS”. It was true! But some information was missing! The BBC used to hide the UK. It was hidden. Long after the operation was perceived, the news was corrected as “US BRITISH PARTNERSHIP”! However, in mind, there was the suggestion that the USA supports DAESH and the YPG! Which was true! The priority for the Pentagon has always been the YPG/ PKK. Because they would shape the region through them. Not a day, not a week, not a month or a year, but that was their ultimate goal! Thousands of trucks and weapons were not given for anyone’s good appearence! The USA, which entered IRAQ twice, wanted to bring the KURDS together with Turkiye! Either as a neighbor or with another structure! They didn’t give up on it. Remember Trump’s letter! He was vouching for to Mazlum Kobani! He wanted President Erdogan to meet him! Even this was telling everything!

Although I write often, the UK was also very strong in the region. Even in Syria, hundreds of people who spoke with a South London accent were working on MI6 while US soldiers were walking around. Not to mention the Russians. They were also in a secret alliance with the USA! Let’s accelerate…

The reason why Russia or the CIA eliminated Prigojin was the BIG deal with MI6. After the agreement, where the oligarchs were instrumental, a rebel, that is, Prigojin who set out to overthrow Putin, was being eliminated on the plane. A similar one was experienced in KARAKOY. After the evacuation of DAESH was leaked and the issue was closed, a BRITISH man that carried out very critical steps in the region was eliminated in Karakoy. Former British military officer James Gustaf Edward Le Mesurier was found dead in front of his home. Nobody knew a detail. His wife was also returning to her country at the speed of light. However, the two names were giving an important message.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zaharova said, “Le Mesurier was an MI6 agent working in various parts of the world. The Balkans and the Middle East were the regions where he stayed for a long time…”! There is also an interesting development, ESAD was also stepping in… “The CIA is responsible for the death of intelligence James Gustaf Edward Le Mesurier… They did it…” What was interesting was that RUSSIAN televisions showed great interest in the event. The front of the house in Karakoy was full of RUSSIAN reporter for days! In other words, Turkiye was surrounded for change in the REGION! The history of this was also long. Critical date was Erdogan’s 2013 visit to the USA!

Afterwards, relations with Obama were deteriorating and getting worse day by day. We have to admit that below are the USA, England and Russia. And the US never allows us to relieve on financial matters. It will not. The issue of the F-35 or F-16 is also related to the YPG/PKK. They do not want us to operate cross-border. Our meeting with Eurofighter would also be blocked. The Germans could not give this permission despite the White House. They wouldn’t. They were doing their best to make us weaker without leaving a fingerprint. We were going through a time period where the game had to be read correctly and taken the right step. No one should have rested except those who brought ECONOMY and POLITICS side by side and knew how to read! ISRAEL would be put in order first! Wait and see! Then that EFFECT would stand at our door…

I wrote last week! Even QATAR was dragged by those men to their side! Blinken warned for AL JAZEERA publications, DOHA changed immediately! BECAUSE THE NAVY WAS AT THEIR DOOR! We were not given a role in the ceasefire. Even this was an invitation to the table. This is how the Swedish issue should have been looked at! If we didn’t talk about the region on our frequencies, there was no one to talk to. OUR boundaries are known. However, the mind would find a new system and solve it! Otherwise, they would bother us… This is how the entire political mechanism should look at developments. However, we should not waste time! In my opinion…

They cannot do it without Turkiye. Don’t mind the ceasefire or the fact that they share their roles. At the end of the day, Israel will also need STRONG TURKIYE… We have to go with our own algorithm and our own software. That’s how we should meet everyone. The essence of the matter is that we don’t have many people with us. Knowing this, we must be involved in the game…

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President Erdogan’s ability to determine the agenda in the country, the new steps of the CHP that will change and will not be far from the USA, 50+1 discussions, the turmoil in the IYI PARTY, the back garden diplomacy with the HDP, the monetary policy followed by Mehmet Simsek and his friends, HAMAS, Israel, the ceasefire, intelligence organizations, threats, the dead, the destroyed hospitals, the Chinese leader’s visit to the USA, the important changes in the cabinet in the UK and more… Let’s go step by step. Maybe we can explain it more easily…

I wrote a thousand times. I continue persistently without getting tired! Never look at what is happening within its limits. This pushes us to “LIMITED UNDERSTANDING”, which results in missing the whole truth… Let’s open…

Netanyahu came to power by the end of 2022. With a coalition. A week later, a hand was involved. It made ISRAEL face a rebellion. They faced a GEZI-LIKE incident like we did. When Netanyahu came to power, he had to find himself ALLIANCE. This was true for every state. No mistakes, no flaws. Even if you didn’t know that Netanyahu was close to the UK, the US knew. To prevent this, to prevent the wrong step, President Biden sent Chief of Staff Mark Milley to Tel Aviv.

His Israeli counterpart Herzi Halevi, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Mossad President David Barnea and other security guards gathered around the table. Of course, he also met with Netanyahu. The media leaked that the issue was IRAN. It was natural. No one would look back anyway. However, the issue was different. Milley was there to GIVE A memorandum TO THE NEWLY elected NETANYAHU GOVERNMENT! In other words, the first word to Israel “Do not take the same path as England. Or there will be a cost. Make up your mind”.

Although the media did not know the background, former Vice President of MOSSAD Ram Ben-Barak was giving signs from his Twitter account! In his post, BARAK said: “US people are visiting one after the other to understand what our “stupid leaders” want to do with actions such as opening fronts behind and fighting Iran, fierce attacks on the judiciary, entering into a dispute with more than 60 percent of the population…”.

The White House and especially the PENTAGON were very hopeful about this visit. However, it did not happen as they expected. Events were flowing from another lane. Upon this, as NETANYAHU’s son underlined, the USA made itself noticed more, street protests grew, everyone was involved in the conflict. The tension rose. Netanyahu’s son Yair said in his posts on social media, “There is definitely the USA behind the action”… Anyway…

Thinking that this was not enough, the Pentagon was sending the second important name to Tel Aviv this time. This time it was the United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin who stood before Netanyahu…

The US Minister spent two days in Israel. Unfortunately, he did not succeed in getting what the WHITE HOUSE wanted. Netanyahu was not on the Washington line. On top of that, the streets were getting in a turmoil which was even stronger. Intelligence and the army were involved. The pilot to board the planes could not be found. So was Netanyahu receiving the message? Was he stepping back? Absolutely not! He wasn’t giving up. He was making a very, very important move, as he did not hesitate to issue the JURISDICTION LAW. This was the beginning of the road to CHINA anyway! This was where everything changed!

After the BREXIT decision, England was trying to get closer to the two countries in the world the most. ISRAEL and TURKIYE… After London said goodbye to EUROPE, it started negotiations for a free trade agreement with Israel…

The real agreement was signed last MARCH. Before Cameron’s arrival, James Cleverly, who was Secretary of State, and his Israeli counterpart Eli Cohen were signing a historical agreement. With the agreement introduced as “2030 VISION”, “2030 ROAD MAP”, the two countries were almost integrated. The roadmap included detailed commitments to deepening cooperation across Israel’s UK relations, including trade, cyber, science-technology, research-development, security, health, climate, gender! Immediately after the agreement, Netanyahu was also going to LONDON. Although he was greeted with “CRIME MINISTER” and “ISRAHELL” cardboards, he was in a good mood. The alliance was made. Although it was not spoken much, 400 Israeli TECHNOLOGY companies were serving the UK. ISRAEL was taking the stage to address the concern that arose with the seizure of Boris Johnson’s phone with spyware. London was also returning to the IMPERIAL rhythm by keeping this power with it.

The AGREEMENT was the last move that took things to a point of no return. The US would press the button. It was obvious. That is how HAMAS came! Together with the USA inside ISRAEL, they destroyed TEL AVIV. They turned Netanyahu into a confused and shocked man. The US had to show its power.

And it was doing it. Netanyahu didn’t remember Rishi Sunak, whom he hugged around his neck a few months ago saying “MY NEW PARTNER”, when he saw the danger, he didn’t know! He didn’t even look at the face of the British Prime Minister, who came to his country after the HAMAS attack. However, a few months ago, the HISTORICAL AGREEMENT was being signed and the PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL was screaming with joy. Netanyahu, who threw himself in front of Biden who came to Tel Aviv after the attack, was changing at the speed of light. However, this CHANGE would not be able to save him! His mission and his time were over! Let’s continue…

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, who went to Beijing some time before the HAMAS attack that caused protests around the world, said that “no one should expect us to put aside the impact we have on China.” He was extremely right from his point of view. Although the Prime Minister changed every week in England with the pressure of the USA, the intention of the DEEP ENGLAND was hidden in these words. After BREXIT, City of London wanted to take Israel and Turkiye with them and play the great fiction with CHINA. The only force against it was the United States. That’s why the struggle in history has been more painful than ever. It would continue at full speed. London’s agreement with Tel Aviv also meant that Israel would walk with CHINA! The FICTION was this. It was obvious that those who did it and those who ruined it!

Since Netanyahu was going to leave, the changing politics in ISRAEL would probably show itself here as well. As I have been trying to write for days, 50+1, the change in the CHP, the fight between the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, the decision to release Ogun Samast and the fact that objections immediately followed, the conflict in the IYI PARTY and the possibility of it getting worse were always related to these developments… I don’t know if it was clear enough, but the US was changing the rhythm and alliances in the region with the power of the gun.

It came with the new system. Including our domestic politics! The only force that could have prevented it was none other than GREAT BRITAIN. The struggle is here. Clear! Look at what will happen through this window! Another scenario was waiting for us if England answered, another scenario if it couldn’t. It seems London is trying to stay away and avoid responding!

Let’s watch and see…

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