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The secret and open agenda of everyone in TURKEY is the interest rate cut of the CENTRAL BANK. One way or another, this is everyone’s special headline. “What’s going on?”, “What is Erdogan thinking of?”, “Why is he taking risks?”, “Why is the seat not guaranteed in the elections if it raises the interest rate?”, “On what basis does he take risks?”, “Why does he intervene in the interest rate that hurt before without fear?” THERE ARE MANY QUESTIONS…

Everyone is looking for answers. Others think that the decisions made by saying “MAY IT PASS SOON” are wrong. There are some names in the AK PARTY who think like this. It is normal. There really is a challenge… The opposition is arguing that IT HAS BEEN TOTALLY WRONG… The Alliance continues on this issue as well…

I read every post. Generally, they say that the CENTRAL is making a mistake… Those who say otherwise cannot be heard… I have to read all of them because of my job…

I also do POLITICAL CLASSIFICATION while reading. I’m looking at the political camp of the one who says a word…

After scanning the contents to understand what was going on, I went to SOROS, THE MAGICIAN OF MONEY. What did he say and what did he write? I checked… In a book he wrote in the early 2000s, he summarized the GLOBAL STRUGGLE in a few sentences…

“We can talk about the victory of capitalism in the world, but not yet the victory of democracy. There are serious mismatches between the political and economic conditions prevailing in the world today. We have a global economy, but political regulation is still firmly based on STATE sovereignty. How can the needs of global society be reconciled with the sovereignty of states? This is the crucial problem we face today…” THE ARCHITECT OF OPEN SOCIETY was saying this. It wasn’t the first time he had said this.

There were other examples as well… Especially when he was fighting against BUSH, he was going deep in the struggle…

“Cooperation is the key in globalism. Not competition. But globalization is based on competition. The Bush administration also supports this. Competition happens in trade. There is no competition in the military arena. There is a need for cooperation in globalization, which is what the world needs…” Just as Soros is against Trump he was also against Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. To Putin, Erdogan, Aliyev and Orban… He defined these names as AGAINST COLLABORATION… Trump was saying “GLOBALIZATION IS OVER” from the UN rostrum…


He was against the use of such force. That was roughly the case. A few years later, SOROS was criticizing the GLOBAL SYSTEM…

“Protecting the global financial system and making regulations for it is a very difficult task… Different countries are in different regulations. For this reason, it will be difficult to reach international common regulations…” SOROS predicted and continued: “But if you are not successful, there is an alternative system. And this system has already begun to show itself. This is the system I call state capitalism. State capitalism operates on a bilateral rather than a multilateral basis. I think this would be a very unfortunate and unproductive development. If we fail to achieve an effective and vigorous reorganization of the global financial system, the other alternative is state capitalism.”

The famous speculator Soros summarized his thoughts after the crises as follows:
“Global markets need global regulations, but current regulations are based on the principles of national sovereignty. Despite some international agreements such as Basel and good cooperation between market regulators, the source of authority is always the SOVEREIGN STATE. So it is pointless to make a broken mechanism work: we need to bring a completely new one. In the current situation, each country’s financial system is backed by its own government. The priority of governments is their own economy. This approach leads to financial protectionism. This could lead to damage or even destruction of global financial markets.”

Back to the beginning…

I read what was written after the Center’s interest rate cut. I also looked at what SOROS said over time. He was clearly describing the sides of the FIGHT. SOROS OBJECTED TO THE OUTSTANDING STATES. He already shared his reasons. INTEREST REDUCTION was also a decision taken by the GOVERNMENT…

As a matter of fact, we were watching the TURKEY part of the fight on the roof of the world… This fight, this hard fight, was as real as the prices of GOLD and CURRENCY…

In the coming days, we would see that President Erdogan took risks regarding the INTEREST or did what no one else could do, and took the CENTER.

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Although it is difficult to explain without mentioning people, I intend to try it. Everything is messed up. Even the Turkish Football Federation was attacked with long-barreled weapons. The tremors are much harder than they seem. But it’s hard for people to see and understand this. I’ve been trying to tell you about the Russian-Ukrainian war for months. Just as the sides are clear on the front, the same applies here. On the one hand, there are the founders and defenders of the old order of European origin, and on the other hand, there is President Erdogan and the bureaucracy, determined to move Turkiye from its place and place it on the new axis to be established. Of course, the army and the MIT come first…

Look at the last 15 years! All the moves, attacks, operations, warnings were actually a resistance against the changing Turkiye. They were objecting the route. Especially the England-France-Germany triangle is very effective in Turkiye. With their schools, businessmen, ecoles, culture, economy, intelligence… The US prefers to appear as a combination of the forces here! Organizations that go underground are already in the state.

As I have often written before, these two sides even know each other’s fingerprints and control each other. And when they get a chance, they eliminate each other. This is actually a struggle extending from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic. It is not the problem and result of today. But recently, as we approach 2023, this fight has begun to emerge more than ever. I am sometimes surprised by what’s happening because I know the parties and follow them well. I have long been aware that those who fight with each other are in the same alliance behind the scenes. However, the fight continues at full speed in front of the stage.

Those who are distant from each other are at the center of a bloody and painful fight. There are too many proxy names. Since the world has to change, we feel the pain of it too much here. As I have written for months and years, an operation is being carried out in Europe and it leads to the accumulation of tension here. Because historically, we are on the same side with Europe. The state has always moved towards the west. Europe and its shadow are already at the center of our lives. Britain, which left the EU with Brexit, and France-Germany are very effective here.

Our leftist and our rightist are taking refuge in them. Those who are wanted and those who are running away… For example, none of the leftists go to Moscow. Or none of those who look Islamist go to Saudi Arabia. Even the PKK members take refuge in Europe. The sensitivity of secularism and the opposition to the regime are carried out from there. When the AK Party was founded, there were many people of European origin in it.

In fact, the party was very close to Europe. However, the incidents, attacks and elimination plans pushed President Erdogan and the state in another direction. As Turkiye distanced itself from the EU, tensions increased and became visible. On June 10, 2020, the French frigate Courbet, serving in the Mediterranean Sea within the framework of NATO’s Sea Guardian mission, wanted to inspect a Tanzanian flagged ship suspected of violating the UN arms embargo on Libya. However, Turkish warships accompanying the ship headed to Courbet aggressively with sudden maneuvers and locked the radar three times. So they didn’t let the frigate inspect the ship.

France immediately conveyed this incident to NATO. On the instruction of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, they conducted a technical review and prepared a 130-page report examining how the incident took place. They acknowledged Turkiye to be right. France then withdrew from the Sea Guardian mission. After a while, a similar incident occurred with Germany. The Turkish-flagged ship ROSELINA-A going to Libya was stopped by the German Hamburg Frigate around Mora. They searched the ship. The tension rose dramatically.

These two examples showed that the interests of Turkiye and Europe are not the same. For example, in 2017, Macron made a scandal. French President Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with Le Point magazine, said that “As you know, going on the global stage is not really that cool… I need to talk to President Erdogan every 10 days ”. It wasn’t personal. He was describing the differing routes and defining the conflict. Turkiye was struggling with Europe in the Mediterranean, Syria, Africa, Eurasia and Middle East.

There was everything in this struggle! In general, Europe was thinking of keeping the east of Turkiye at a distance and granting membership. Their strategy was in this direction. They were also aware that Turkiye’s entrance would increase Britain’s strength in the EU, as they knew Britain’s strength in Ankara. When Brexit happened, the balance changed radically.

July 15 Coup Attempt, which took place in the same year with Brexit, naturally paved the way for eliminating players close to Europe. EU lost Turkiye on July 15. Recently, we see that both President Erdogan and Defence Minister Hulusi Akar insistently focus on Greece. It’s not a random move. Greece’s harassment in the Aegean keeps going and the EU and France are known to be behind it. For example, Macron sent Rafale aircrafts to Athens and this was the representation of their war alliance.

France will come to Greece’s aid in the case of a war… Although we are members of NATO, there are conflicts. That’s why Turkiye is buying S-400. We can’t counteract Russia with S-400. Moscow is not the threat. Syria, Iran or Iraq are not a threat to Ankara. Now that Papua New Guinea can’t attack us, all that’s left is the West Coast… The possibility of them using Greece against Turkiye is not low at all!

That possibility could reappear at any moment as the future of Europe is crushed under the boots of the Russian armies!

This issue is long and deep! Evaluate all featured, spoken names and events within this perspective. As well as the politics…

And 2023 elections… The rest is not important…

NOTE: G7 finance ministers have reached an agreement on the application of a ceiling price policy to Russian oil. They attempted such a thing to reduce Moscow’s income. JP Morgan warned that if Russia retaliates this decision, the price of oil can rise to $380 per barrel. And if that happens, who will win? Yes! The United States and Russia…

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I get a lot of questions, but I’ll try to continue to explain what’s happening from the outside. Everyone is naturally curious about the names and incidents spoken inside. “Where are we going?” “What’s going on?” There are many questions like this. This is natural. The number of these questions will increase much more soon. As well as the tension… You can be sure that the incidents that happened and will happen inside are under the influence of an external force. In other words, what happened is the Turkiye scene of the fight outside.

I recently wrote that I analyze the Russia-Ukraine war differently than anyone else. No one inside is looking at it that way. I don’t know why, they are looking at the captioned headlines but they are missing the headlines that couldn’t be captioned! Yesterday, I came across an article in Global Research. There were Michael Hudson’s ideas in this article signed by Colin Todhunter. I was surprised. The famous economist Hudson and I have been writing almost the same things since February 24th… Prof. Hudson said that “The war in Ukraine is a geopolitical trade and energy conflict. It is the US effort to separate Europe from Russia. It is a war that USA started to end Europe by authorizing Russia…”

Prof. Hudson then raised the bar even higher. He came to a crucial point. “The main targets are Europe and Germany… They want to weaken Europe and Germany, especially their relationship with China… Since the 1980s, neo-liberal policies have emptied the US economy. The manufacturers are seriously weakened and the only way for the US to maintain its hegemony is to undermine China and Russia and weaken Europe…” The issue on which we disagree is Russia. Since long ago, the US has never had a problem with Russia. Moscow is not a rival for Washington. They’re two players who can’t come together in any way. However, Russia plays its role very well and is very helpful to the US in designing the global system. This is the fiction…

Hudson emphasizes that Biden and the neocons tried to block North Stream-2 and all energy trade with Russia so that the United States could keep it in its own monopoly. Of course! As soon as Europe solves the energy issue, it will establish its army and then become the address of global sovereignty. I think every logical person can see this. The United States and Russia both know that. Europe sticked to their plan by moving forward without an army and unpretentious, but the USA ruined this game. When Putin gave his approval, the Ukrainian war paved the way for what would happen.

Prof. Hudson said that “The United States knew how the sanctions against Russia would turn out. They were going to divide the world into two blocks. They were going to incite a new cold war with China and Russia. US policymakers have calculated in detail that Europe would be devastated by high energy and food prices, and food-importing countries in the Global South would suffer because of rising costs…”

Russia and China are moving away from the dollar. Yes! This is what it looks like. But even as this happened, controlling and pricing oil and gas was actually the key to the US’s attempts to preserve its own hegemony. And as a result, the debts made the lock pick in the hands of the United States unprecedented.

The United States is receiving support from a major crisis to maintain its global sovereignty, as it has done before. The sudden rise in commodity prices, which has dragged countries into dependence and debt, has been fictionalised before. The US is pretending to agree with the sanctions imposed on Russia. However, both the United States and Russia are winning because oil and gas prices are rising.

They make more by selling less. US energy-exporting companies make fortunes. But who will suffer when energy prices go up? Europe and China, of course. On top of that, the economic setback was inevitable when the line between the two sides was broken. Maybe the economic disintegration as well…

When energy prices combined with the crisis, this situation also affected agriculture. For example, Russia reduced fertilizer production after the sanctions. Because its exports were decreasing due to sanctions. Those who imposed the sanctions had to buy necessary gas and oil. And they’re already buying them. When fertilizer was not taken and production was reduced, US giant agricultural monopolies intervened…

Cargill, Archer, Daniel Midland, Bunge… So they continue to control not only energy, but also agriculture and money. The deep mind in the United States persuaded Russia to start the war. The goal is to finish off Germany and Europe, which have opened up to China and claim global sovereignty. The first step was energy. Europe has been defeated in this context.

When energy prices rise, not only the US and Russia win, but Europe faces rising costs with inflation and is pushed away from their global power claim. That’s what they wanted. As Europe struggles with energy, it naturally moves away from China. This was the second desired result.

It is a fact that 43 out of 55 African states face a total of $183 billion in public spending cuts over the next five years. In March 2020, the closure of the world economy due to covid started an unprecedented global debt process. Economic difficulties meant surrendering to the demands of Western financial institutions. It’s not a secret. And since debts are largely in dollars, countries’ dependence on the United States keeps going. The system continues as before. Crises, microbes and epidemics occur as desired and the system established after the Second World War continues on its way in a modified form…

As I often write, Turkiye has a role to play against Europe. Russia alone can shake but not digest Europe. If Turkiye does not help Russia, its job is difficult. For this reason, there was an Ankara-Moscow rapprochement. Not many people saw the Washington-London rapprochement in the background. Ankara doesn’t have an energy problem by taking sides with Moscow, but Germany and the countries in the alliance are trembling. In such an environment, Turkiye will be the first country where tension should inevitably rise. And it’s happening… Because the players on both sides are in conflict! For this reason, we need to examine recent events, people and struggles from this perspective. That’s loud and clear!

That’s what the opposition side can’t see!

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February 24 will be understood and explained much differently in the future. Russia’s attack on Ukraine disrupted the whole balance. This is where the most debated issues in Europe and in here will end, although they are not well known. I’ve been trying to explain for months that the world is headed for a new breaking point. This is the meaning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. However, we evaluate all the incidents based on the people and their statements. But when the roles are distributed, there are differences between what is done and what is said. This is natural.

For example, Putin opposed EU and NATO membership of Ukraine. He sent his army. He did what he said. This is what the story looks like. Did he do the same thing for Finland and Sweden, even though he threatened them? No! He didn’t and he won’t. Finland is also joining NATO and it is Russia’s neighbor! Did he put pressure on them? Of course not. The process already keeps going as planned. There is no need. Europe doesn’t have an army.

They do not have the ability to respond to the move made by Russia. And the biggest drawback is that they haven’t solved the energy problem yet. Oil and gas are two important game changers that should be brought from outside. Merkel was very confident that Putin would not use his energy card. She thought that their commercial cooperation between them would prevent such a move. Things didn’t go the way she thought they would. However, if we try to interpret Russia’s operation from today, we can’t reach a conclusion.

The storm, which started with the Arab Spring, continued with the traumatic events such as the change of power in Qatar, the coup in Egypt, the operations against Erdogan in Turkiye and Brexit. What happened in 2013 and 2016 is important for both Turkiye and the world. December 17-25 operations, Gezi Park protests, July 15 Coup Attempt naturally put Turkiye in another position.

If you look carefully, you can see that we were constantly arguing with Europe during this period. The turmoil in Libya was also involved. Our ships were stopped in the Mediterranean. They harassed us. For example, a few years ago, Minister of Family and Social Policies Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya was declared “persona non grata” by the Netherlands. The crisis has grown considerably. Although it is in the same lane, it is possible to see a different reaction in the quarrel over Osman Kavala recently. 10 Western countries wrote a warning letter to Ankara. When the objections increased like an avalanche, the low frequency was needed…

My point is that there is a distance between Turkiye and Europe. Every election season, Europe makes Turkiye feel that way. They are very uncomfortable with President Erdogan’s influence there. Turkiye, which they have not taken to Europe for years, is now changing its shell and becoming their opponent. It’s the truth. Because even though we don’t see it in the newspapers and television, a power has decided to eliminate Europe…

This can only be achieved by a great world war. That’s what they want to do… That’s why Russia took action. Holding nuclear power, Moscow put forward the energy card and showed that it will be a nightmare for Europe. There’s news everywhere…

Russia shut down North Stream-1, the largest pipeline that sends gas to Europe, under the guise of maintenance. This 1200km pipeline, which starts near St. Petersburg and reaches Germany under the Baltic Sea, has the capacity to transport 170 million cubic metres of gas per day. This line, which was completed in 2011, was closed for maintenance for 10 days in July. Recently, the amount of gas sent has been reduced to 20 per cent of the capacity. The North Stream-2 line, which was built parallel to this line, was completed last year, but after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany decided not to open this line. The United States was already constantly reacting to this line.

Trump and Biden said “This line should not be opened”. Although Merkel said that “We will not listen to anyone”, the Ukrainian war disrupted her plans. They closed the valve! Russia’s gas move has left Europe helpless. For example, with the suspension of natural gas delivery through the North Stream pipeline, the gas price per 1000 cubic meters in Europe exceeded $2,900.

Russian energy industry giant Gazprom announced the closure of the North Stream gas pipeline between August 31st and September 3rd, prompting an immediate 5 per cent increase in prices on London’s stock exchanges. In the Netherlands, the price reached $2,906 in October futures contracts. Although the Russians cited the repair of gas piston unit 24 at the Portovaya compressor station for the gas outage, the cause was purely political! They wanted to shake and corner Europe.

Russia spent $10m of natural gas every day at a processing plant near the Finnish border, but they were fine with it. Russia is giving less gas to Europe, but it is earning much more than before. As the Washington Post wrote in recent weeks, it has already taken over Ukraine’s 12 trillion dollars worth of land, ports and mines. They are undermining and shaking the European industry by cutting off the gas.

It’s destroying their potential to be rival of the United States. The EU has difficulty in connecting with both the Middle East, Eurasia, China and Africa. In fact, in this period, Macron said, “Turkiye incites French hostility in Africa. They are making Anti-French propagandas”.

In short, Europe knows that Turkiye is on Russia’s side, London is approaching Ankara after Brexit, a new game has begun, and the US is behind all of this. They can see this… In this power distribution, the opposition side will want to eliminate Erdogan. As I’ve written before, it’s very difficult.

There’s not much they can do. Even if they think, “The election is over and we won”, they have almost no chance… How will they win when Europe is losing? Focus on the strategy, not people and incidents! That’s my opinion.

We’ll see what happens…

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Let’s analyze the traces of the Russian-Ukrainian war. And I think the incidents will fasten soon and there will be a lot of surprises. Soros and his close friend Mikhail Khodorkovsky will be behind, in front of or in the center of the incident. Putin’s biggest rival in the world is Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former boss of Yukos, who spent 10 years in prison…

Not everyone remembers, but in 1995, at the age of 31, Mikhail Khodorkovsky went to Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum and met Soros in a cafe. There was another person with these two important people. He was also a very critical person. It was Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky… These three important people were talking about the elections in Russia. Soros said to Berezovsky “You’ve had a good life so far. Now the communists are coming back and it’s time to run…” Later on, the business of this ecole did not go well in Russia.

Khodorkovsky was arrested in 2003 and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Berezovsky was probably the most powerful person in Russia. He was very influential and very rich. He had a disagreement with Putin when he was very strong during the Yeltsin period. And because of the new system, he had Roman Abromovic against him in SIBNEFT. The wealth of capital changed hands. The new player was now the well-known Abramovic.

Berezovsky was friends with people like Litvinenko and Markelov. He became the target of the regime. Even though he lived in England, the death knocked on his door. In 2013, with Germany’s involvement, Mikhail Khodorkovsky was released, but he was killed!

Those who follow Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through current incidents are wrong. This is a move that was initiated a long time ago. They were just waiting for the right time. On February 24, when Putin took action, the whole world revolted. But they were pretending…

What really happened is very different from what happened on the battlefield. Russia is being crushed under Western sanctions, but at the same time it is cutting down the gas and cornering the EU through energy. News in the mainstream media is like this. However, when we look a little deeper, it can be seen that the situation is different.

For example, important Russian companies such as Gazprom, Novatek, Lukoil, Rosneft and Tatneft earned large sums of money under the name of loan partnership and investment of 130 billion dollars. The weird thing is that as I’ve been writing for months, it’s baffling where the money comes from!

British and American banks, such as HSBC and JP Morgan Chase in Canary Wharf, one of the heart of banking, are sending money to Russia. Although the West appears to be sanctioning Moscow in the headlines, they are acting together on oil and gas in the background. They are surrounding the European Union in some way.

In Ukraine There were a few smart people who said “Stop this. You are financing the war.” but no one listened to them. Meanwhile, trade reports between the European Union and Russia continue to come up. The European Union’s exports to Russia decreased by 48 percent in the first three months of invasion, which began on 24 February, compared to last year. However, the amount of exports from Russia to 27 European Union countries increased by 68 percent due to rising energy prices. Between March and June, export of 15.32 billion euros were made from the European Union to Russia.

This number was about 30.5 billion euros in the same period last year! Exports from Russia to the EU reached 80 billion euros in the same period. Between March and June 2021, this number was around 47 billion euros. Energy accounts for 62 per cent of EU imports from Russia. It’s not a secret! The price of natural gas imported by the EU from Russia was $6,127 (MMBtu) in March 2021, the price increased 5.6 times in June 2022 and reached $34.35!

Soros, who knows this equation better than anyone, warned the EU months ago. George Soros said that Western civilisation can’t survive unless Russian President Vladimir Putin is defeated in Ukraine. Soros stated that Putin’s move shook Europe deeply and said, “This may result in the Third World War.” But Russia has the nuclear power. And Europe is completely dependent on Russia in terms of energy.

Europe has to find a solution while the US and Britain are secretly transferring money to Russia. So far, no one knows how to do that. However, this global tension will affect us as well. In Britain, Foreign Minister Liz Truss, leader of the ruling Conservative Party and a favourite of the prime ministerial elections was asked: “Do you see Emmanuel Macron as a friend or as an enemy?” She highlighted a very important background information by saying “It is not clear yet.”

Europe’s fight, struggle and problems will somehow move here…
The reason behind the wave we see on our beaches is the storm outside…
Look at the incidents through this perspective…

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There are many opportunities in Turkiye’s future. We must understand and realize this. What I have written since the day Russia entered Ukraine is clear. I’m writing the exact opposite of what the world media is writing. Russia didn’t start this invasion alone! And it can’t. It doesn’t have that kind of power! It sent its troops to Ukraine for a new balance and a new cleanup. Those who follow closely know, they are deliberately prolonging the war.

Both the EU, the US and Russia are doing this. It is clear that the EU is afraid. Weapons aids don’t change the course of the war. However, it prolongs the severity and impact of the incidents that triggered the crisis! Yesterday, I wrote that Olaf Scholz, after becoming the new prime minister, told Putin, “Don’t do anything crazy. We won’t get Ukraine into NATO. Trust us…” and yet Putin didn’t stop.

Because he couldn’t. A deal had already been made with the United States and with Britain in the background. We need to understand this. Otherwise, if the Kremlin had run this operation alone, no one in Moscow would even be able to find a piece of bread! That’s loud and clear! Russia saw the war of division. It showed his position. It initiated the plan to dissolve the European Union.

It’s obvious what they’re going to gain and what they’ve gained. Likewise, there is a great future for Turkiye. If Turkiye interprets the incidents correctly and makes the right moves and chooses the right alliance, it can grow very much. Although the equation is difficult, there is a lot to be gained…

Let’s talk about Germany. It’s our subject!

Let’s look at the consequences of the war. We can see interesting results even if we only focus on electricity… In Germany, companies produce electricity. Electricity supplier companies are in the queue. They don’t produce electricity themselves, they buy and sell it. They buy them from the spot market.

They make sales contracts with municipalities and companies. In Germany roughly half of the electricity is bought and sold from the spot market in the short term. This takes place at the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig, Eastern Germany. Large firms such as RWE, EON, EnBW and VATTENFALL founded this market…

Negotiations and sales are also transparent. Half of the electricity consumed annually is sold in this way. The remaining half is realized through long-term transactions. Yesterday morning at the Leipzig Electricity Market one megawatt/hour of electricity was sold for 602 Euros. It has already been over 565 euros for a long time. One megawatt/hour of electricity was 81 euros last year. In 2020, it was 40 Euros…

It is obvious how much Germany lost with the war and how it was cornered. That was the purpose of the Ukrainian operation…

The ecole, headed by Germany, thought that they could have the last word as a global giant, thinking that they had solved the energy issue with Russia. They made plans in this direction. Putin spoiled the game! He made a deal with the other side.

Let’s continue…

Ralf Stoffels, CEO of BIW Isolierstoffe GmbH, a manufacturer of silicone parts for the automobile, aerospace and white goods industries, personally experienced what was happening and he summarized the situation: “Energy inflation is much more dramatic here than elsewhere. I fear that the German economy will gradually lose its industry”. In sectors such as automobiles, chemistry, glass and steel, a debate has begun over the idea of “Let’s move factories to other countries”. Russia is using gas as a weapon and this has put the EU, especially Germany, in a difficult situation. They are making great efforts to prevent cities from being left in the dark and factories from being closed. It’s no secret how tough it will be in winter…

Germany is not the only one who has seen and experienced how critical the situation is, of course… I think President Macron of France was the first to see it coming. “NATO is brain-dead” he said, and he anticipated the current crisis. He said, “If we don’t build our own army, we don’t stand a chance.” He went to the White House to visit Trump and planted the sapling he had brought to commemorate the historic friendship of the two countries. The next morning, there was no trace of the sapling. One power said that “France cannot have a close relationship with the United States”.

When Biden was elected president, he made his first move with AUKUS against Macron. Knowing that those without an army had no say, Macron was also clear about the energy crisis. The French leader said that the age of abundance is over, describing the period his country will experience as the ‘age of sacrifice’. “Russia’s attack on Ukraine has initiated instability. Everyone should be ready for a difficult winter…” and thus, he summarized the current situation. And he went on: “I’m not spelling disasters but we have to be loud and clear…”

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi also intervened. “Russia uses natural gas as a geopolitical weapon against Ukraine and its European allies.” he said. The Italian Prime Minister said that it is inconsistent for Europe to meet almost half of its natural gas needs from an imperialist country, while they are talking about sovereignty rights. He also stated that he doesn’t know how to deal with the rising natural gas prices of households and businesses…

There is a force that wants to finish off Europe and dismantle it, though it is not mentioned. On the other hand, Europe is trying to cope with this and struggling to eliminate the danger…

We should evaluate what’s happening through these two options and prefer the right side. Looking at the list of topics discussed inside, the topic I’m talking about is not even in the top 100! But believe me, there is no other topic! Those who don’t believe me will understand soon…

We shouldn’t focus on small details and polemics, but we must focus on the global struggle itself… We shouldn’t miss so many opportunities…

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I have been trying to address the same issues since the day Russia attacked Ukraine and sent its armies. I think we need to understand the big game, the big balance, and the global struggle. After all, this war and the sides of this war will affect us. We can’t run away from this. If you think this war is about Kyiv and will be limited to it, you are very much mistaken.

Since 24 February, which is the day of the first attack, I claim that there has been no logical reason for Russia to enter Ukraine. The main reason was kept in the background. Newspapers and televisions didn’t mention this. They positioned everyone as they wish and told them what to think. However, what’s actually happening is very different from what’s happening on the battlefield. I’ve written it before.

Merkel, who was loved by everyone and won awards, became an unwanted woman in her own country. What happened showed that Germany would lose. It was not a secret that the EU would suffer greatly. If the European Union, which set out for global sovereignty, lost and dissolved, they would surely search for those who are responsible. On that list, Merkel would be at the top… For linking Germany to Russia…


When Merkel stepped down, Olaf Schoz took her office. German Chancellor Scholz made a very important statement to the German newspaper Die Welt. Scholz confirmed what I’ve been writing for months. He spoke in the most honest and transparent way since becoming prime minister… “Before Russia’s attacks on Ukraine began, I met with Russian President Putin. I promised Putin that Ukraine would not be a member of NATO in the next 30 years. But I see that Putin has some ridiculous ideas. Putin thinks Russia and Ukraine should not be separate states. This is a war in which Putin proves his intention to conquer his neighboring country. I think that was the point. NATO has never been a threat to Russia. The Kremlin is now focused on gaining territory in eastern Ukraine. But we will never accept this. We will continue making contact with Putin. We have sent many weapons to Kiev, and we will continue to do so. Putin came up with the idea of drawing borders all over Europe, and then he said, “That’s mine and that’s yours.” But the world doesn’t work like that anymore…”

At the NATO Summit in Bucharest in 2008, Merkel vetoed Ukraine. So Germany was sincere about this. However, the issue was not whether a country is a member of NATO or the EU. The point was that Germany’s opponent wanted to destroy the global ecole that had emerged from Germany. These two ecoles rule and share the world. The fight is between them. That’s why I often write about how Biden and Putin agreed on a new world order at the Parc de La Grange on the shores of Lake Leman in Geneva. The meeting on June 16, 2021 lasted 2 hours. Before that, there were two important summits between China and England. The roles was distributed and they chose their target.

So they moved according to the decision they took. Therefore, the German prime minister says he cannot understand Putin’s attack, even though he assured him about Ukraine. And he’s right. This has nothing to do with Ukraine. And then there’s the other side of the medallion.

And that is NATO. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke again. He spoke about the war:
“The best thing to do for peace in Ukraine is to give more military support to Ukraine. And to send ammunition along with it. This war has become a war of attrition, logistical advantages and willpower. Therefore, it is now much more important for NATO allies to support Ukraine. We’re helping Ukraine defend its right to self-defense. President Putin made a big strategic mistake. He thought he could take control of Ukraine in a few days. But NATO countries must continue to support Ukraine against Russia’s brutal aggression. And they have to invest a lot more in defense…” The secretary-general then spilled the beans:
“The Ukrainian armed forces and all the Ukrainian people show tremendous courage and determination. Russia’s war in Ukraine is the biggest crisis threatening Europe’s security since the Second World War…” And what have I been writing since February 24th? And even before that… Of course, the target is the Europe and its Union… And they started this war to destroy the European economy.

Action was taken to keep the ecoles, headed by Germany, away from its global goals. The United States and Russia agree on this! And England is at the heart of it. Turkiye is the balance… Ankara avoids making sudden moves. Because most of the trade is done with Europe. And Europe is stronger here than the United States and Russia. Economically and politically…

Since I know this, I insist that they will want to eliminate President Erdogan. Six, or rather Seven-Party Opposition Table which is a picture of that Europe ecole will want to take down Erdogan. This is essential for the survival of Europe. For this reason, the 2023 elections are more important and critical than ever.

Since I know this, I think that Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu will not be a candidate no matter what. That’s still my opinion. Because Istanbul capital doesn’t want Mr. Kemal. And this is the biggest issue in the opposition. And there will be strong winds. The French newspaper L’Opinion claimed that the West should be prepared for the post-Erdogan process…

And then it said “…They need to set a long-term strategy for a country with more than 80 million people and prepare themselves for the post-Erdogan era by helping the Turks who will vote for the opposition…” Will Mr. Kemal has a chance? I don’t think so.

Will the opposition be able to agree on a single candidate? It seems so hard. Because there is no consensus in Europe….

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There have been many incidents since Russia’s armies entered Ukraine. With the different dimensions of war, of course. The most important of these events were the bizarre deaths of the oligarchs. Dugin and his daughter were targeted… The Dugin issue is very important. I’ll get back to that. But first, a little reminder…

It is very interesting that the people that died were dealing with gas which will destroy Europe. Many important figures about Gazprom have committed suicide or been found dead in their homes! In the three months following the invasion of Ukraine, 6 oligarchs linked to Gazprom were eliminated.

The West naturally said that “Russia is eliminating them.” For example, oligarchs Sergey Protosenia and Vladislav Avayev, who lived in Girona of Spain and Moscow, the capital of Russia, first killed their family members on April 20 and then committed suicide!

55 years old Sergey Protosenya, vice president of the natural gas company Novatek, reportedly stabbed his wife (53) and his daughter (16) to death at home and then committed suicide. At the same date, Vladislav Avayev, the former vice president and former senior Kremlin executive of Gazprombank, another Russian oligarch living in Moscow, was also said to have committed suicide after killing his wife and young daughter.

The suspicions increased. Kremlin became the target. Before that, on March 3, Ukrainian-born businessman and Russian oligarch Mikhail Watford was found dead in his home in Surrey, England. The death of 66-year-old Mikhail Watford was in the middle of sanctions reports against Russian oligarchs.

Watford’s death was recorded in police records as an ‘unexplained death’. He settled in England in the early 2000s and changed his name from Mikhail Tolstosheya to Mikhail Watford. He made his fortune from the oil refinery and natural gas company he owned. There’s been a lot of similar incidents.

Leo Shulman, senior executive at Gazprom, was found hanged at his home in St Petersburg on 30 January. Russian businessman Alexander Tyulakov, who lived next door to Sculman, was also found dead suspiciously. Oligarch Vasily Melnikov, owner of medical device giant Medstom, was found dead in his home. There were other people like that. What they all had in common was that they were involved in the gas business.

Let’s talk about Dugin…

Darya Dugina, daughter of political expert Aleksandr Dugin, who is described as the ‘brain’ of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died due to the explosion of the vehicle she was in. Dugin was the real target. However, it was claimed that he survived the explosion by changing his car at the last moment. According to Russian media reports, they attended an event on Saturday and then left and headed home. But father Dugin decided to change his vehicle at the last moment. The car Dugin’s daughter was in exploded near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy. Officials say Darya Dugina who was working as a journalist, was killed in the blast.

However, no further details of the incident were explained. But photos of Dugin taken at the time of the explosion were released. The saddest images of a father were published. The world followed the incident through Dugin. 30 years old Darya Dugina, daughter of Aleksandr Dugin, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2015. Dugina, known as a journalist, was a political observer at the “International Eurasian Movement”.

The first thing logical people said was “Has anyone seen the body?”. The second question was “Who took pictures of Dugin in front of the exploding vehicle?”. There are few but influential people who claim that the Russian secret service was involved in this action.

It’s an interesting detail that people targeting the father and daughter missed the change of vehicle before the attack. How did they miss such a detail in an assassination that had been planned for so long? How couldn’t they determine that the father and daughter left the festival separately? Considering that Dugin was at the scene at the time of the explosion, why did they choose to go with two separate vehicles?

We can ask a lot of questions about the incident that are pending to be answered. But more interestingly, there was another important issue that was leaked. A meeting with Putin and Dugin took place some time before the incident. It was a very private meeting. It was coordinated by the Russian intelligence FSB. So Dugin and his daughter were targeted shortly after the secret meeting, which included the people at the top of the state. After this assasination, the Kremlin which lost many soldiers in Ukraine, naturally gained an important card. It claimed that the forces behind Ukraine had attempted to kill Dugin and his daughter, and this convinced the people with anti-war opinion inside. Also, the explosion paved the way for the cleanups to be made. As I wrote yesterday, after this incident, the Kremlin said, “The war will continue. There won’t be peace. We will go until the end.” and their people supported this.

Assassination of one of the most important figures would unite the Russian people. With this assassination, the war would continue. The United States has already warned its citizens saying that “Leave Kiev immediately”. As if the war started yesterday…

It is obvious that Europe will tried to be eliminated no matter how you look at it. That’s the point. Those who are fighting in front of the stage, the US and Russia, became united in the backstage. And Britain is among them… Did Dugin’s daughter really die in the explosion? Were there people in the vehicle? We probably won’t be able to find out.

But even the news of the young journalist’s death was effective in determining the future of the war and it caused war to continue. And that’s how it’s gonna be… As I have often written, there will be many incidents like this. They are trying to eliminate European continent… And the first target is Germany…

If that happens, they’ll have control over China. There’s a big game of chess being played on guns, gas and oil. A process involving the intelligence organizations has begun. They took the lid off. It is clear that many more incidents will happen.

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