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I have been trying to convey to you for a very long time that TWO ECOLES have fought, clashed and are in a great struggle. To show this, I have written Russia’s intervention in UKRAINE many times here. I divided the winners and losers into two groups, especially in terms of their economic results.

I tried to show who the war was really between. The SCENARIO above would have cast a shadow over every country. Turkiye was not exempt from this. If President Erdogan and the MHP represent one ECOLE, their opponents were naturally the other! This was the case in the USA, Germany and England. In China too…

Recently, I insistently wrote that both Mr. Kilicdaroglu and the 6-party opposition table had little chance against ERDOĞAN. While I was writing this, I added, “The opposition is close to EUROPE. There is a Paris-Berlin line on the horizon. How will they win in Turkiye while the EU loses on a global scale?” I wrote this very often. There were neoliberal winds in the world. As a result, we saw ÖZAL. We saw Kemal Derviş. Now, there is an ecole that has declared war on the neoliberal understanding that starts in the USA and extends to Moscow. That’s the definition of a fight. That’s what’s spreading around the world… Roughly…

All the parties gathered around the table to eliminate Erdoğan and those who supported them from outside were FOCUSED on EUROPE. It was the center where they wanted to integrate. Is it natural? It sure is…

The US-RUSSIA axis would do their best to prevent EUROPE from winning by taking England with them. Otherwise it would be their own loss. Therefore, whether they wanted to or not, they were compelled to stand by Turkiye’s Erdogan. If Erdogan changed his way or came to power with a 6-party opposition table with PRO-EU attitude, they were the ones who would lose. They knew. For this reason, they could never stay away from Erdoğan. They had to give implicit or explicit support. That’s a fact!

The coming to power of Mr. Kilicdaroglu and his friends would have consequences such as EUROPE’s defeat of Russia, its shrinking of the USA, and its full dominance on a global scale. It was sharper and harsher than what a great war brought! In the light of all this, I added that Mr. Kilicdaroglu and other actors at the table are the last chance for the EU. While Turkiye was preparing for JUNE 2023, the opposition had to show its color while going to an important election for the world. Even though I knew what was going to happen, concrete developments were needed.

One of them took the stage. Mr. Kilicdaroglu, who made special trips to the USA and England, made the American neo-liberal economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin his advisor. Rifkin was going to make a presentation at the CHP’s Vision meeting at the Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center on 3 DECEMBER. When this emerged, a huge turbulence also occurred. There was a lot of praise and criticism… I’m not talking about that. Where would Mr. Rifkin take the CHP? What would it promise? I’m looking for answers to these…

Let’s go deeper… Let’s continue with examples.

And let’s see how the struggle will take shape… Jeremy Rifkin was born as the child of Russian Jewish immigrant Vivette Ravel Rifkin, who immigrated to Texas, and Milton Rifkin, a plastic bag manufacturer. He grew up in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1967. It was WHARTON SCHOOL OF FINANCE AND COMMERCE… He was successful.

He even received a merit award. In 1973, Rifkin did another thing that would shape his ideas later on. At the 200th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony of the BOSTON TEA PARTY, he organized a mass protest against oil companies. The Boston Tea Party in 1773 was a political and economic backlash. The colonies objected to the high tax that the British put on tea. For this reason, BRITISH ships full of tea were burned in BOSTON. This paved the way for the US War of Independence…

Rifkin and his friends were also unloading oil barrels into the harbor in BOSTON. The protest came just after the 1973 OPEC oil embargo…


The school Rifkin graduated from was truly a brand. For example, former US President Donald Trump, SPACEX founder Elon Musk and billionaire investor Warren Buffet were from the same school. The school has also graduated former and new CEOs of companies such as Fortune 500, ALPHABET Inc., Boeing, Comcast, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Oracle, Pfizer, PepsiCo, and TESLA. Jeremy Rifkin, who graduated from this school and has dozens of publications, was walking with a new perspective such as zero emissions, climate change, and the Third Industrial Revolution… For example, on January 31, 2017, the European Central Bank held a conference named “FUTURE AND DIGITAL INTEGRATION OF EUROPE” AND THE MARKET…” Rifkin convinced the European Union of a smart third industrial revolution there…

Rifkin published The Green New Deal in September 2019. In its review of the book, Forbes said, “Rifkin is the lead architect of the EU’s long-term economic vision, Smart Europe, and a key advisor to China’s Third Industrial Revolution vision. “The Green New Deal is an attempt to wake the United States from its sleep in the collapsing 20th century fossil fuel age.”

In the same year, Ursula Van der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announced the plan of EUROPEAN GREEN ACCOUNT to make it “the world’s first climate neutral continent” by 2050. Jeremy Rifkin was awarded the 13th annual German Sustainability Award in December 2020 for his work in addressing climate change. The award was presented to Rifkin by the former German Foreign Minister, Economy Minister and Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel, with a laudatory speech. Bloomberg did not stay behind as well. “For almost two decades, US author and climate activist Jeremy Rifkin has advised governments in Europe and China on how to refit their economies for what he calls a third industrial revolution…Even when reviewed from a distance, Rifkin and his movement that he defended were echoing in EUROPE and CHINA, it said. I had already written about this relationship and intimacy on various occasions. The current that Rifkin represented naturally fell further away from President Erdogan and Mr. Bahceli.

He was far from an important power in the USA, Britain and Putin… I think Mr. Kilicdaroglu found the best adviser to explain the 6-party opposition table. Thus, the sides became clear… They declared that they were in a completely different place economically, politically and militarily. What would be the political gain or loss of this… I don’t know. What I know is that this ecole has been and will be defeated against the USA-RUSSIA.

How reasonable was it to expect a strong wind to blow from the BERLIN-PARIS axis in a war where Europe was the loser? We will live and see…

Let’s see who will be wrong… Me or the OPPOSITION…

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Political Articles





On the way to the SECOND ROUND, I shared Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s change of lanes, and before President Erdogan’s group speech on June 1, 2022 and the passwords there. Let’s take a general look at May 28 today. Let’s analyze what’s going on from this point of view…

The development and being on the track of the political system in Turkiye happened after the second world war. The USA came to EUROPE as a savior, dived among the forces fighting each other TWICE and ended it. The USA, which ended the war with its military and economic power, brought the new system it wanted everywhere and did what could never be tried and done before. IT WAS EMERGING THE WORLD EMPIRE. Besides its military power, the DOLLAR was becoming reserve money and building an enormous system. At the end of the war, the CONSTITUTION of countries such as GERMANY, ITALY and JAPAN was made by Washington and the Pentagon.

Although Turkiye did not enter the war, it was naturally affected by the new role distribution that started with BRETTON WOODS and was doing its part. We were advancing in the parliamentary system with multi-party life. The establishment of COALITIONS was the main goal! When this system came to many countries, things were running differently here. Those who adapted Turkiye to the system established after the SECOND WORLD WAR could not get the results they wanted in the ballot BOX. Even though the system was brought, it did not work out with Adnan Menderes-Celal Bayar. When the people started to vote, they did not use their preference for those who held control of the system. This was seen. Action was taken.

Those who came out of the ballot box were consented to the role of SECOND CAPTAIN ON THE AIRCRAFT. You are elected, you come by voting, but when the CAPTAIN wants, he can take the controller and disable you. There was a CAPTAIN that the nation did not see. He stepped in whenever he wanted. We were mostly experiencing this in the form of MEMORANDUM-WARNING-COUP- FINANCIAL OPERATIONS. The people could not liquidate the CAPTAIN, on the contrary, the CAPTAIN threw the CO-PILOT chosen by the people out of the cabin when they deemed it necessary. There were many examples… After the 1960 COUP, there was a depression. Although it was not taught in schools, this was the case.

Upon this, CAPTAIN PILOT’s bosses decided to do what they did in other countries here as well. No matter who was elected according to this movement plan, there would be a CONSTITUTION they would comply with. The constitution would be made by CAPTAIN and the power behind it, and even if the CAPTAIN was not on the plane, its landing and takeoff would be controlled. The 1960 STRUGGLE was actually a play staged to make a CONSTITUTION. In the following years, the same ANXIETY laid beneath its change from time to time!

Even if you were elected, you didn’t have a chance to rule the country. So what was the IMPACTS that took the stage as the CAPTAIN? IT WAS ABSOLUTELY THE APPLICATION OF MULTINATIONAL DECISIONS.

Let’s continue.

You are establishing a party, you are standing before the nation, you are telling about your plan and program, but even if you were elected and came, you could not be a BOSS. The AIRCRAFT would never be under your control. Those who insisted and said “I MANAGE THE AIRCRAFT” were also being pushed down the cabin one by one. From Menderes to Demirel… There were many examples… THE PEOPLE REBELLED AGAINST THE DRESS THAT WAS SEWED OUTSIDE AND DID NOT FIT, THEY WERE SHOWING IT AT THE BALLOT BOX WITH THEIR VOTES, BUT THE CAPTAIN OBJECTED AND COULD PUSH THE NATION aside.

The excuses that were spread out were usually based on reactions. When difficulty was felt in these two systems, engineering comes into play, “TURKISH” and “ISLAMIST” pieces are cut off from the parties in the CENTER, and the way for the WEAKENING OF THE MAIN MOVEMENT was opened.

Oddly enough, in Bretton Woods, the USA was adjusting the world, and GERMANY and the UK, which were on the sidelines, were going down to the field to protect their forces here. The losers on the GLOBAL SCALE were also fighting among themselves here. It was not possible for the nation to understand or analyze this either. Both institutions and capital were being divided. This was what happened from the 1960 coup to 1971, from 1980 to February 28, from 17-25 to July 15. A mind was constantly finding and looking for someone to put in the state room. Sometimes this was the army, sometimes the CAPITAL, sometimes communities, sometimes parties. There was always a PLAYER.

Even if the NATION VOTED, it could not come to power… Such a CONTRADICTION was going on. This was roughly the case. Erdogan was coming and eagerly getting to work, but he was also wanted to be liquidated by his party. He didn’t know. He was living and learning. The system was in progress by changing its shell and case. The difference was that Erdogan was determined and did not get scared and retreat.

Erdogan, who progressed by solving chronic problems, was the person who was asked to be expelled from the CABINET since he came. He always resisted and won every time. There were several reasons for this. The most important thing was that he could explain himself to the NATION. When he managed to come together with them, he was never alone. He had a story, a case, a voice, a message. The public was reading and understanding this correctly.

This was the point where CHP members had difficulty understanding. Even if Erdogan was the PRESIDENT, he was working hard like the first day. He was trying to solve every negativity. The country was growing and sitting on an independent line. As these were seen, the other party was PREPARING AN ATTACK WITH NEW METHODS! Headlines such as “ERDOGAN MUST GO”, “ERDOGAN’S PERIOD IS OVER”, “KILICDAROGLU, THE NAME TO END THE ERDOGAN PERIOD” were actually a request to return to the system that was brought long ago. They were camouflaging it by calling him a “DICTATOR”.

They were taking the state with the covers of “ERDOGAN MUST GO FOR DEMOCRACY”. In other words, while Erdogan represented Turkiye’s position on an independent line, the other party was rebelling against it. That’s why they were pushing nonstop. Does CHP leader Kilicdaroglu know these? I don’t know. However, I think he knows because he ‘asked for pardon’. The first round revealed that people did not show much interest in this. Maybe Mr. Kilicdaroglu was very good-intentioned and sincere.


For this reason, on May 28, the fight will be between those who wants to send Erdogan away from the cabinet and those who defends him. This naturally brought with it the question of who would rule TURKIYE.

Kilicdaroglu was also changing his lane and declaring that he had left the Captain’s ecole. And would that be convincing? Would he get something in return? WE WILL SEE THIS ON SUNDAY. On one hand, Erdogan, who has been flying with the nation for 21 years, on the other hand, Kilicdaroglu, who is a candidate to be the NEW CAPTAIN…

That was the brief definition of the battle…

It’s almost time. We will see…

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Wagon Change

In general, we look at what is happening with the weakness of loving the uniform. I guess this has nothing to do with education either. You love what you love, you don’t like what you don’t like. This is a bit like this with us. For many reasons, a mass wants “Mr. Kilicdaroglu to win, Erdogan to go”. This is not difficult to understand! Another point is difficult to understand!

Kilicdaroglu first planned a table on his way to May 14th. He also established it. As I often write, a player had to be included as NATIONAL CORE. This was Mrs. Aksener. The same CORE was standing with the MHP on the opposite side. Mr. Kilicdaroglu walked for a long time with this TABLE he founded and did not announce his CANDIDACY.

When he saw the question I often asked, “Friends at the table nominated me. I was nominated,” he said. He expected us to believe this too. I don’t know who objected to this from the CHP. Kilicdaroglu also neutralized Mrs. Aksener with the system he brought. He continued his insistence. After the election, it was LATE when he REALIZED THAT HE NEEDED NATIONALIST VOTES.

CHP members are not interested at all, or few are aware of what is going on. Kilicdaroglu, who somehow came to May 14, and Kilicdaroglu, who took the stage after the morning of May 15, were never the same man. Oddly enough, there was no one looking at this! It was obviously easy to continue with the love of uniform. They did not want to lose the comfort.

Addressing from the kitchen of his house, mass meetings, halls, squares and social media until May 14, the CHP leader was a LEADER WHO STAYED CLOSE TO GLOBAL POLICIES, DEFENDED THE EU AND SHOWED THAT PLACE AS A TARGET. That is clear! This has changed. It has changed with the speed of light. That’s what I had a hard time understanding! A leader, a TABLE goes in the opposite direction in one day, and no one was focusing on it. There was no trace of Kilicdaroglu, who laid back on the EU and challenged Russia…

For example, “We, as the CHP, are a party that has turned our faces to contemporary civilization since the date we were founded. As CHP, we see full membership in the European Union among our goals. We believe that Turkiye should take part and contribute to this reconstruction process of Europe…” The CHP leader, who made many speeches, was bringing the job to the point of “In the third month of our government, every citizen will go to the EU without a visa…”.

There was more! Kilicdaroglu who said “It is a pride for me to be likened to German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz,” also said, “We will fully implement all the democratic standards of the European Union without waiting for the EU to open a new chapter. We will make relations with the West a priority, not the Kremlin. We want to be a part of the civilized world…” he was setting his course with these words. He was announcing it. There was no problem with that either.

I often asked, “Mr. Kilicdaroglu, there is a big difference between where you go, where you want to go and where the Turkish STATE wants to go! How will you win here as you lose in the ecole, GLOBAL ARENA, where you lye your back on?”. Mine was just a catch.

I was seeing and underlining the CONTRADICTION. I was stating that Mr. Kilicdaroglu’s march could not be long-term. The results that were announced on May 14 showed that I was right. This was the first ROUND! On the same evening, while the results were announced, there was a CHANGE, a TRANSFORMATION that was not seen in our political history.


In other words, he was knocking down the table, which he carefully established. Apart from Mrs. Aksener, the names there didn’t matter much anymore. They were not important. They were the players of an ecole, where they went on a trip together. There was no room for them in the new game. Mr. Kilicdaroglu was seeing this by being defeated on May 14th. And he wasn’t resisting, he was changing his side…IN OTHER words, HE NO LONGER LOOKED DIFFERENTLY AT THE EVENTS THAT WOULD AFFECT THE BACKBONE OF THE STATE. He was leaving his friends at the table.

His agreement with Umit Hoca and his signature were more than saying “I CHANGED”! As I wrote yesterday, the DEEP STATE was somehow showing Kilicdaroglu what was right. Seeing that he was on the wrong path, Kilicdaroglu understood this and was doing what was necessary. Kilicdaroglu’s 180-degree change was not a harm for a CHP member. Maybe they didn’t want to see this turn.

I don’t know. But that’s what happened. Already, the CHP leader was saying a lot to justify me. Kilicdaroglu addressed Europe through Syrians in the program he attended. Upon a question about refugees, “We will build the substructure, ensure the safety of life and property, and then send them away. We will also receive the money from the EU. If Europeans do not protect the rights of Syrians, if they do not pay to build their homes, roads, hospitals, we will terminate the Readmission Agreement, they can go to Europe then, what are they even doing here?” he said. This was no different from saying “WE WILL MAKE THE EU SINK IF NECESSARY”. IMMIGRATION flood was the nightmare of the civilization established by the EU. Mr. Kilicdaroglu knew this. He was pulling this card! There was more.

“Our people deserve first-class democracy, not third-class democracy. Whatever democratic rules there are in Canada, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands, let’s bring those democratic rules to our own country. Turkiye can do all of this, it has that capacity. What happens if it doesn’t give a visa? We do not rely on them. We should turn around and say, ‘You are people who do not keep your promise, your ethical values are not right, you are trying to give people a lesson, but you are not actually fulfilling your duty’.

We have provided all the standards of the EU, will they take us or not? They can take it or leave it. I don’t care at all. Turkiye has to be the dominant country of this region. We have a dream. We will make Turkiye the most powerful country of the entire Mediterranean basin…” We were coming to the CHP leader who said “I want a Turkiye that challenges the world” from Kilicdaroglu, who did whatever he wanted until May 14!

Looking between the lines, we came across a Kilicdaroglu profile confirming what President Erdogan did! Whether many people don’t understand or don’t want to see it, that’s exactly the case! The CHP leader seemed to have seen and solved the power, horizon and balance of the COUNTRY overnight. This POWER could attract you, even if you were the CHP leader. The opposite was not possible.

Mr. Kilicdaroglu’s journey was continuing. In different wagons, from different perspectives, with different partners, to a different future… In other words, Kilicdaroglu WAS ALSO PARTICIPATING IN THE CHOICE OF WALKING ON SEPARATE ROADS WITH EUROPE AS THE TURKISH STATE, WHICH STARTED WITH Gezi events and CONTINUED WITH 17-25 OPERATIONS. May 14th brought too many new things. One needs to see those things.

This is the case…

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