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War and Money

FRANCE’s President Macron’s visit to China and his statement “We want to get rid of the dollar and the USA. We want to make our own decisions. We are not mandate…” fueled the GLOBAL STRUGGLE like never before. Former US President Trump also went to FOX and made a mess. So what was going on? Who was going where? Was the dollar collapsing? Where will Turkiye be located, in which position would it be? The USA was the country with the most debt in the world. The numbers are obvious. For example, in the article I read in 2019 and noted aside, the following was included… “The U.S. government collected $3.3 trillion in taxes last year, but spent $4.1 trillion. It had to borrow $779 billion just to cover the costs. National debt rose more than $1.2 trillion to $21.5 trillion. And the pure interest on that debt amounted to $371 billion. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that America will spend more interest than national defense in 10 years…” Think about it, it’s been 4 years since this article. The numbers went even higher. The USA has been in this situation for years. Its power comes from managing it. The US owes itself. That’s for sure. About 50 percent of the world’s debt is in DOLLARS. Alto the international trade… About 60 percent of foreign exchange reserves are dollars… When there is demand for the dollar, when there is demand for bonds on US Treasury bonds, the US continues its sovereignty. The US dollar was not always a reserve currency. Before World War I, the British pound was the dominant currency. The DOLLAR was almost never used outside the borders of America.

The British Pound WAS INDEXED TO GOLD and it was reserve money. In the previous century, France was in this position. Great breaks, wars led to the change of hands of sovereignty. When the First World War started, the states abandoned the GOLDEN STARDARD in order to cover their spending. The centralized US financial power also started to spread it around the world. In 1919, the UK could not stand it, the DOLLAR also rose, finding its place in the first place. The position of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency strengthened during World War II. America sold weapons, supplies and other goods to allied forces in exchange for gold. At the end of the war, the US had most of the world’s gold reserves. In Bretton Woods, the dominance of the DOLLAR was recognized by everyone… After World War II, more than 90 percent of the world’s debt was in dollars. But the economic decline in the early 1970s caused nations to lose faith in the stability of the dollar. Thus, they started to demand gold for the dollars they kept in reserve. Instead of watching American gold reserves run out, President Richard Nixon said, “THE GAME IS OVER. DOLLAR IS DOLLAR AND GOLD IS GOLD. There is no CONNECTION between them anymore. MONEY IS OURS, WE CAN MONETIZE IT AS MUCH AS WE WANT,”. It was already in the same time period that he went to China and started the awakening there. Of course, there was also an agreement with SAUDIS. Saudi Arabia would only trade oil with the DOLLAR, and the US would protect them forever… When this agreement came into play, the DOLLAR continued on its way without being connected to GOLD. So the oil was making the DOLLAR fly. As I often write, the real rival of the US was the EUROPEAN UNION. It was quite possible to read this like the war between DOLLAR and EURO. Both Russia’s entry into Ukraine and Britain’s farewell to the EU with Brexit were the same denominator moves. Apart from Macron, there were many leaders in EUROPE who wanted a break with the USA. They were also dreaming that the EURO would be RESERVE MONEY. But look at the last 10 years! Take a look at the terrorist attacks in Europe. Remember Paris, Nice, Berlin, Brussels, London. There was a bloodbath. Riots broke out. There is no peace left. One will wanted to divide the EU so that “EURO would not be stronger”. “It would not be the reserve money.” This was the conflict that took place inside. China wanted to come from ASIA, it intended to take the throne with YUAN. For this, they were pushing with all their might. However, the obstacle in front of them was TRANSPARENCY. That’s why they stumbled. Seeing this, British political economist Mark Blyth told the New York Times, “The dollar has no alternative… We are stuck in the dollar that gave the US surprising structural power,” he said. It was also a fact that everything had an end… There was a relationship between MONEY and SOVEREIGNTY woven with WARS, CRISIS. The debt of the USA is increasing, but the MONEY that would replace the DOLLAR could not show itself. Although central banks slowly fled the DOLLAR, this could not fully become clear. It was also the US that would lose the least of the DOLLAR’s depreciation. The collapse of the DOLLAR meant that those who bought US bills and bonds would find garbage in their hands! DOLLAR was like a blood-mixed poison. Everyone was complaining, no one could turn their backs. But it wouldn’t go like this. It wouldn’t be able to The USA would either dispose of some of its sovereignty with handover, or it would mess the targets with chaos and with war. All STATES still believed the figure written on the DOLLAR. This came from the power that the USA was trying to keep alive.

A major economic crisis in the USA would highlight EUROPE, and the right central government could move the EURO to replace the DOLLAR with the steps it would take. Maybe the USA was not as strong as it used to be. Also the dollar… However, there was still no power looking for solutions to problems other than the USA. The US would definitely want to get rid of the debt loop. Both the EU and CHINA and reserve money would act to prevent it. This is the real truth underlying all actions. Only Macron clearly expresses this… The debt of the USA, that is, the continuation of the system, was returning from CHINA with money from the MIDDLE EAST and JAPAN. “Macron couldn’t go to China in my era, he couldn’t say those things,” Trump told Fox. And he praised Steve Bannon a lot, too.

“In the South China Sea or the Middle East, we will definitely go to war in the next 5 or 10 years,” the same Bannon said in 2017. Both France and Germany wanted to integrate with China and eliminate the US over MONEY. Macron announced this in a different statement last week.

The world is obviously facing an operation… Those who want to take over MONEY and those who want to keep it are on the field… Big players have a goal to both get rid of debts and build the new system from zero. Arm wrestling has begun. Let’s see who gets up from the table… Is it Turkiye? At the end of this struggle, we will meet with the winners at the same point… Let’s watch…

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Let’s host not only Kilicdaroglu but also Aksener here today. Then, let’s see what Devlet Bahceli wanted to convey with the “InshaAllah Turkiye will not change” statement that he said at the end of his speech…

And let’s move forward without forgetting the May 28 election evaluation of Hungarian leader ORBAN…

It was years ago. The late Mehmet Ali Birand was a young journalist. As the leader of the DAY 32 team, he was interviewing Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. If I’m not mistaken, it was broadcast on TRT-1. Maybe I didn’t remember the whole conversation. But I never forgot the crucial part. It was towards the end of the interview. In his own style, Birand was leaning forward a little and asking, making him feel that he is curious…

MR. ARAFAT DO YOU HAVE A WEAPON? DO YOU CARRY A WEAPON? Of course, Arafat was also an important name. He was an important character. He replied “YES” with a smile. Birand got even more excited with this answer and immediately sent the second question.. CAN WE SEE? While Birand was waiting curiously what ARAFAT would do, or rather couldn’t hide that he wanted to see what kind of weapon he was carrying, his pupils were almost dilated. However, there was an answer from YASER ARAFAT that was like a lesson that I never forgot and took notes: MR BIRAND, IF I TAKE IT OUT, I HAVE TO SHOOT.

Why did I share this? Yes, to explain the situation of Aksener… The leader of the IYI PARTY was insisting that ” THE CANDIDATE TO BE ELECTED” and saying that Kilicdaroglu could not win. She wanted to change that too. She was right. Time has already shown the results. It was understood how well she read politics. But it wasn’t enough! She was just as wrong about herself and her party. She couldn’t see THOSE depended on her.

She was missing the fact that she would achieve much more successful results by going her own way without joining the six party opposition table. She was sitting at table with the questionnaires in her hand. The day the CANDIDATE was to be determined, there was a crisis. According to the polls, Aksener wanted the CHP leader not to be a CANDIDATE. Kilicdaroglu was strongly against this and almost fired the IYI PARTY LEADER from the TABLE. The crisis was getting bigger and Aksener was on the screen and making her speech that took its place in political history.

SHE WAS DRAMATICALLY REACHING FOR HER WEAPON, BUT NOT SHOOTING! No one could describe it! She was right about most of the things she said on the screen. Could be. However, would a leader call both Imamoglu and Yavas LIVE and say “BE A CANDIDATE”? Come on, if you wanted to find a CANDIDATE on live, choose at least one of them and ask him! WHY DID YOU EXPAND THE CRISIS FURTHER BY CALLING TO BOTH WHEN YOU NEEDED ONE NAME? Political WISDOM already orders the people who will stand against Kilicdaroglu to deal with these things beforehand! You would meet with TWO MAYORS separately and carry someone with a HIDDEN AGENDA!

As soon as Kemal Kilicdaroglu did not give up, you would take the bomb and throw it in his lap! She didn’t. She got up from the table. She left. She could not find a candidate and she continued. Then she turned and came back to table. She damaged herself and the party! Have there been great injustices and immorality? YES! TRUE. But such was the leadership! You will act according to the masses, what was the need for you! While Mrs. Aksener was wrong about herself, she was completely right the Kilicdaroglu issue…

Panic begins. Resignations were coming from the party, and the headquarters was in turmoil. Everyone was in a rush. The rush to search for a CANDIDATE began in a hurry. In the live broadcast, she even reached Ersan Sen and was thrown to the point of “Let’s talk. We can make you a candidate…”. It wasn’t going to happen, but it was happening. Two heavy players of table were trying to confront President Erdogan with their inexperienced mistakes! Isn’t it like a joke! Even though Aksener understood that table was established to announce Kilicdaroglu’s candidacy, she could not draw her own path…

In fact, a new road opened that day, neither Aksener, nor Imamoglu nor Yavas could see it! Those who could not read and decipher the events would be gone. Probably, these names would no longer be politically like Kilicdaroglu. If you were going to compete with a leader like Erdogan, it was imperative that the ALGORITHM be very solid. However, table was sitting around for a year and dispersing and could not even determine a CANDIDATE! The official announcement of the alliance, which collapsed before 14 May, was delayed after 28 May.

Consider the other side of the coin! President Erdogan has been in power for 21 years. According to political scientists, “WEARINESS” was too much. “LOSS OF VOTES” would not be a surprise. Despite being in power for all these years, he was cleaning up his own party, dealing with the difficulties brought by the COVID-19 virus, being the mediator of the Russia-Ukraine War, preventing economic blows, talking separately with the USA and the EU, and then liquidating the six party opposition TABLE. Someone who does a lot of work against those who can’t announce a CANDIDATE… THAT WAS THE SITUATION. That’s what was seen…

The leading one of those who saw this liquidation was Devlet Bahceli. When he received the results of the elections held on the evening of 28 MAY, he appeared on the screen and gave a meaningful speech. “Global lobby, manipulative ones, peddlers, schemers, provocateurs, moneylenders, bankers, all countries from the USA to the EU have read the edict of disgrace and could not overcome the spirit of Canakkale, the national struggle stance.

Before 14 May, Turkiye was besieged from all sides, all kinds of domestic and foreign operations were treacherously advanced and revived…” He drew attention to the GLOBAL dimension of the elections. And in the end, “…Many things will change in the future, almost everything. It seems so. InshaAllah Turkiye will not change…” Well, what did Devlet Bahceli mean here? I asked this to my friend who knew both Devlet Bahceli and the party very well…

The answer was global! My friend, said that the sentence of Devlet Bahceli should be interpreted as “The election results of May 28 are unbearable for the NATIONAL ALLIANCE. It is quite possible that not only Kilicdaroglu but also other leaders will leave or be forgotten. We know the losers somehow. I hope there will be no surprise names filling their place.”

Strangely enough, an evaluation close to the same line came from the Hungarian leader ORBAN! Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke about the elections in Turkiye. Expressing that Erdogan’s victory in the Presidential Elections in Turkiye brought a great relief for him, Orban said, “If Erdogan had not won, Soros’ man would have opened the borders to immigrants, I prayed a lot for victory.” He normally took table as well as Kilicdaroglu and put them next to SOROS…

I think Devlet Bahceli wanted to draw attention to the new waves that will come from this wing. As I often write, elections would have GLOBAL CONSEQUENCES. Now comes the time when we will see them…

Just wait…

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Losers Club

Since Turkiye was very critical after the SECOND WORLD WAR, those who wanted to bring a new system to it lined up. USA-ENGLAND-GERMANY- FRANCE…

As I wrote before, they added us to the series of countries governed by COALITIONS. They established their own defenses through “CONSTITUTIONS” so that there would be no accidents. When those who did politics to BREAK THE GAME came to power, they found the “constitution” like an obstacle in front of them. This was nothing more than closing the way for the country’s NATIONAL POWERS. Political formations, which acted knowingly by seeing the danger, were either divided, dealing with financial concussions or being cut with coups. THIS IS HOW THE WHEEL WORKED. I smile when I watch their discussion in CHP about whether ” Mr. Kilicdaroglu should go or not”

It’s not just about who the PRESIDENT is! It should be known that the cadres, understanding and route should change. Instead of thinking about them, they think it’s a talent to insult the AK PARTY voters. The strange thing is that Anatolia opposes the system brought after 1945, while the CHP member in the cities did not think of anything but “Make Erdogan go”. They did not have the same sensitivity.

They didn’t even realize it. They were trying to get out of the business by defining what was going on as NATIONALISM… They were missing the awakening in ANATOLIA. On the evening of May 28, they ignored hundreds of thousands of people who participated in the election celebrations in dozens of countries. They did not look at the source of this enthusiasm that lasted for 21 years… Erdogan never let go of his struggle with his own party and the opposition, as he made his way, the MASS behind him grew even bigger. He both liquidated the OPPOSING ECOLE in his own party, brought the fully united opposition to its knees and establish a balance of judgment between the WEST and RUSSIA in such a painful period!

Despite all these difficulties, the support given to President Erdogan was to keep the COUNTRY IN THE NATIONAL LINE. This is how ANATOLIA evaluated it. Kilicdaroglu, on the other hand, thought that he would get results by taking Ali Babacan and Ahmet Davutoglu with him and adding Mrs. Aksener to the coalition. There was nothing that the CHP would gain when those who were defeated by Erdogan and stepped aside became a political shelter. No one understood…

Let’s open it…

Let’s go to NATO, EU again… Let’s stop by Demirtas, who saw the game and said “Enough, I’m out”…

It was the French leader MACRON who loudly expressed the idea of INDEPENDENCE in Europe, that is, what needs to be done against the USA. He launched an attack against the US by putting forward the idea that “EUROPEAN ARMY SHOULD BE ESTABLISHED”. He did this as soon as he took office.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who attended the security conference held in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, talked about regional security issues during his speech here. Macron, who said that he could no longer rely on the USA for the security of Europe in 2019 and explained what happened with the words ‘NATO is brain dead’, and now he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin started a military operation in Ukraine and woke NATO up with electric shock.

“Today we must do everything we can to help Ukraine carry out an effective counter attack,” the French leader said in his speech and said that Ukraine is currently defending Europe. Emphasizing that lasting peace is at stake, Macron said, “In the most peaceful way, an area must be established that will ensure coexistence with Russia without any sides.” As I wrote yesterday, Noam Chomsky and Macron were meeting at the same point!

Let’s continue…

While Macron wanted to expel NATO, he suddenly had to cling to the structure they criticized with despair with Russia’s move. Turkiye, on the other hand, was giving signs of doing what Macron wanted to do in the same time period! It was buying an S-400 and approaching RUSSIA. One of Turkiye’s biggest problems was THAT IT COULD NOT CHOOSE THE AXIS IT WOULD STAND ON! It wasn’t easy, of course, but this much of indecision was enough. Is it the EU? Is it the USA? Is it China? Is it Russia? WHO is it? We were trying to go by finding balances. It wasn’t happening.

Because we were big players in the MIDDLE EAST and they all had big plans here independent of each other. Either we would clash and fight with all of them, or we would keep the enemies away with new alliances. After July 15, Turkiye found itself in DEEP RELATIONS with Russia. The spirit of time obviously brought this. While the 28-member EUROPEAN UNION, which was basically established against the USA, would reach China through Russia and establish a GLOBAL EMPIRE, the Kremlin came to Bestepe and they reached to the WHITE HOUSE.

England was saying goodbye to the EU with Brexit and we were saying goodbye to the EU with July 15. The rapprochement with Russia was not a PREFERENCE that the Paris-Berlin line liked very much. But they had nothing to do. Turkiye had a card strong enough to deeply shake EUROPE and lead it to destruction. It was not difficult for Ankara to start the REFUGEE WIND, to shake the EU. Neither the USA nor Russia would object to this!

With the start of the ARAB SPRING, the loser in general was EUROPE. France, in AFRICA, and Germany was losing in here. Turkiye, which they have been keeping at the door since the 1960s, was suddenly the country that held the security key of EU CAPITALS. An era was closing, power was changing places. Despite everything, Turkiye was shining and making its way.

The French media wrote “TURKS TOOK Africa FROM US WITH MENEMEN.” for a reason. It had been a long time since a long-term struggle started. Erdogan started this with the liquidations from the AK PARTY. The conditions brought GREAT opportunities in front of Turkiye. President Erdogan was the one who made the best use of this.

That’s what the CHP didn’t understand. They were closing their eyes to the struggle. Even though they did not enter this lane, the people voted and called it “KEEP GOING”. It was insufficient to explain what happened only through the PKK/YPG, it would be incomplete. Both TURKIYE and ERDOGAN chose their side in a GLOBAL STRUGGLE. The TABLE set up by Mr. Kilicdaroglu was on the other side.

On the side whose defeat is inevitable… That was the point. They still don’t seem to understand…

Demirtas understood and stepped back. We are watching Mr. Kilicdaroglu…

NOTE: When looking carefully at Demirtas’s statements, A DUAL STRUCTURE stands out at the party. So there are TWO ECOLES that I often write here too. Kilicdaroglu and Demirtas would also be defeated in their own party because they were on the losing side on the GLOBAL SCALE. This was inevitable. There were no signs indicating otherwise for now.

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