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WHO heard? Does anyone knows? Have there been any leaks? I can’t guess… But let’s get straight to the point. In some deep conversations around the table in some gatherings, the subject is Erdoğan… Let me be more clear…

Some people are saying “ERDOĞAN HAS 10 MONTHS LEFT. He will not see 2023. Make your preparations accordingly.” Maybe they are sending a message to the relevant places in this direction. Maybe it’s an instruction. I heard similar things from the same addresses before the operations on 17-25 December, which we can call an important break. It’s interesting that the whispers have come to me lately. I look at the fluctuation within the CHP and the difficulties experienced by the alliance in placing a CANDIDATE AGAINST ERDOĞAN from this perspective.

It would not be right to name names, but important AMBASSADORS have also bought the proposition “Erdogan’s last year”. Whisper goes from ear to ear. CHP will be the best address to understand what is going on…

Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu was on a TV channel yesterday. He made very important points. The most important of these, I think, was the one about the MAYORS… I think he talked before he thought about it! I HOPE HE DOESN’T REGRET…

At one point of his speech, where Mr. Kemal made us feel that he wanted the candidacy for the Presidency, “Our Mayors will serve the people. In the second period, they will use the authorities they have taken from the people. They will receive their commendation from the public, and they will continue their duties as mayors…” Even if you look at it from the moon, this will be interpreted as “He closed the way for Ekrem İmamoğlu and Mansur Yavaş”! In the next sentence, there was an unconvincing SUPPORT coming from him…

Mr. Kemal, who gave a delayed support to Imamoglu, who ate fish in a restaurant with the British Ambassador on the day that Istanbul surrendered to the snow, said, “Of course I knew. Mr. Ekrem informs the Chairman when making an important decision. However, we know from the statements of Mr. Kemal’s staff that he DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE MEAL! Moreover, İmamoğlu had shown that he was acting on his own by saying “My President is so busy that why should he follow what food I eat?”.

The 6 parties formed against President Erdogan still have not been able to come to an agreement in the sitting position. Finally they said “ROUND TABLE”! It is clear that the leaders of the opposition could not drag the masses after them. This situation, which can be seen with the naked eye, will not escape the attention of AMBASSADORS, as they are all by İMAMOĞLU’s side. Even one-thousandth of the interest shown to İmamoğlu is not shown to Mr. Kemal.

Everyone from the former President of Germany to the ambassadors of BRITISH, USA and CHINA is around İMAMOĞLU. Mr. Kemal cannot see this. Isn’t it interesting that people come to Istanbul while no one goes to Mansur Yavaş? While establishing a social media connection, the leak from the 100 thousand lira room at the Hilton shows that he is not in control.

Mr. Kemal insists that 6 party leaders WILL SIGN THE COMMON TEXT TO RETURN TO THE PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM. THEY ALSO EXPECT THIS FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES…It’s normal! But what if the CANDIDATE IS NOT ONE OF THE 6 LEADERS THAT WILL MEET AROUND THE ROUND TABLE… What if a structure that does not take the round table too seriously will come into play…

According to the whispers, the CANDIDATE is not around that table! I wrote about it often. There will be those who remember. Der Spiegel had a cover! Trump-Erdogan-Putin-Cinping… It was a publication that challenged this alliance! TRUMP, who looked like the strongest figure on that cover, was leaving. The Ecole, that is, the line from GERMANY to the USA, which eliminated Trump, was now putting Erdogan in line. That was the hidden headline in the deep. I think Michael Flynn’s claim that “ARABELLA eliminated Trump” seemed to spread the issue here through EUROPE.

Hasn’t it come here before? Haven’t they tried before? Of course they tried. Erdogan was the winner every time. I still think the result will not change. However, it is also useful to know the preparations on the other side… There are some important names in the parties within the ALLIANCE formed against Erdogan! They carry a great message within the Great NETWORK… I see that no candidate will come out of the ROUND TABLE when attention is paid to these.

I think the developments are the kind that will put Kemal in trouble within the party. Are they prepared? How will they stop it? Can they stop it? If the HUNGARY elections in April turn out as they want, they will come out with great motivation. I do not know if it will be Imamoglu, but it will not be one of the people around the TABLE.. In such a case, what will Mr. Kemal and CHP do? How will this fire ball go away?

Russia has announced that in retaliation for Russia Today’s ban on German publications, it will stop Deutsche Welle’s operations in Moscow and cancel the leaves granted to its employees. The fight in UKRAINE has already started… Even if some people don’t want to believe it without hearing gunshots, this is the case. The power with a GLOBAL perspective is counting on eliminating Orban in Hungary, keeping EUROPE strong, pushing Russia out, and eliminating Erdogan and throwing the Kremlin out of the region…

The same power seeks to dismiss Boris Johnson in order to distract the UK. Erdogan was a leader who got over these operations every time. He will do it again. But there will be confusion in the front formed against ERDOĞAN…

The first ones to be taught seems to be there… The biggest obstacle in the AK PARTY is the lack of energy, they always say “REIS will get the job done anyway”…

Maybe this article should have been written in APRIL. However I wrote about it beforehand…

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Mission Completed

What makes PRESIDENT Erdogan different and successful is his skillful use of transitions between AXISES. CHP leader Kilicdaroglu has not taken a single step in this regard. He had no moves planned. Moreover, it is not clear whether he is aware of the existence of such a BALANCE out of his perception.

Let’s explain…

Erdogan was politically banned after he came to power in 2002. The ban had been removed. He came. He received the PRIME MINISTRY from Abdullah Gul. The walk has begun. As I often write, the connection between that state of the AK PARTY and Erdogan was weak. At that time, “BREXIT” did not take place, the UK was an important member of the EU. Turkiye was also asked to proceed on that path. The architect of this was Abdullah Gul, who determined the policy of the party. However, after a while, Erdogan realized that speeding on this road would not bring anything.

He began to look for an opportunity to return. Turkiye was working day and night to join the EU, but GERMANY and FRANCE were saying “Absolutely not”. The reason was London. Because the EUROPEAN UNION was in a struggle with England, even if we didn’t understand it. If Turkiye joined the EU, London would take over the EU with the power of votes brought by the population. Because Ankara-London relations have always been at a high level historically.

It knew how many French and German leaders there were, and it was stopping ANKARA for this reason. We could never join the EU. We were looking for reasons at different points! Paris-Berlin also wanted to divide us through the PKK, to include the Western part of the EU, to make it a member, and to ensure the integration of the remaining part with IRAQ. Controlled little Turkiye would be inside, and the rest of it, the KURDISH STATE, would be kept out. Thus, both London and ANKARA would have got hurt. So there was a game within a game. There was also the USA, which participated in this STRUGGLE either through NATO or through direct interventions, albeit far away. They also saw the EU as a rival, ECONOMICALLY ON A GLOBAL SCALE. They were afraid of the closeness of EUROPE with CHINA, its contact with Africa and the bridge they were trying to establish with the Middle East. Also, the fact that they tied a giant like RUSSIA with the ENERGY CORRIDOR was increasing the hidden tension. ALL OF OUR POLITICAL STRUGGLES WERE UNDER THE SHADOW OF THESE ACTORS.

In this balance, there was a way and a place. Such was the arrival of Kilicdaroglu. While Deniz Baykal was constantly working for Turkiye’s entry into the EU, he would have found it right to side with the USA. It must be admitted that the developments in the CHP would be of interest to everyone who voted or not. In the past, it was its privilege to be the only political party of the state and to represent this past today. And they used it all the time. Before Tayyip Erdogan burnt the bridges with EUROPE, the button was pressed.

In 2010… Both the CHP’s ideology and the masses it addressed had to change. It was wanted. This happened. Kilicdaroglu came. The official ideology was gone. The CHP has turned into an opinion-free political movement. Even certain names, who have no depth, say “I will be a candidate for the General Presidency”… It was like a joke, but this was a result. It was describing the point they were at.

Together with the Kilicdaroglu, CHP has turned into a party that has nothing but to speak up against President Erdogan. In my opinion, the worse thing was that Kilicdaroglu presented an extremely inadequate graphic in terms of GLOBAL BALANCES. This is what interested me. It was Kilicdaroglu who said “WE WILL BE A EU MEMBER IN THREE MONTHS”

4 days before the election, he said “I will send the Syrians back to their country within two years at the latest. Turkiye will not be a refugee warehouse. We keep them here so that the Europeans can be in peace. We suffer, but they are comfortable…

The USA was also getting its share from Kilicdaroglu. Some time before the elections, he was attacking President Erdogan over AFGHAN REFUGEES. “I call out to the USA: We never accept these agreements with Erdogan as the future member of power and the alliance that will rule the country. Whatever you said to him, whatever you told, Erdogan is responsible for them, not the Republic of Turkiye…” Kilicdaroglu didn’t forget England while he was attacking AK Party. “They do business with the bankers in London,” he said. Before the election, he also went and visited there. Erdogan was also criticizing this at the mass meetings with the words “They will not give you 300 cents, let alone 300 billion dollars”. Kilicdaroglu made the final with Russia.

He was setting the bar very, very high due to disturbing content hitting the internet shortly before the elections. Addressing KREMLIN directly, Kilicdaroglu said, “Dear Russian Friends, you were behind the montages, plots, Deep Fake content and tapes that were spread out in this country in the past. If you want our friendship to continue after May 15, get your hands off the Turkish state. We still want business and friendship…” he was displaying an attitude that was not seen in political history. In an interview with the WSJ, one of the respected publications of the USA, the CHP leader would say, “We will follow NATO’s decisions. We will impose sanctions on Russia.”

In general, Kilicdaroglu did not have an economic policy, nor did he have a political route. He came and turned CHP into a POPULIST party WHILE MENTAL REVOLUTION WAS NEEDED. This could not be the desired goal. Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s mission was over. May 28 was the last day. The CHP was to be designed for the post-President Erdogan. Kilicdaroglu had successfully completed the work of preparing the land. He probably didn’t know that himself. Probably his advisors too… I think a name that is given importance for the CHP and the EUROPEAN UNION will take the stage. This is the trend. CHP meant EUROPE for a very long time. This is why Kilicdaroglu was brought in anyway…

Even though he didn’t know it, that was the case. President Erdogan was struggling with his own party, bureaucracy, financial circles and GLOBAL GIANTS, and he was standing strong. Kilicdaroglu, on the other hand, was leaving without understanding his duty in the party. He would have to go… Or he would choose political suicide and ruin both himself and the party…

President Erdogan showed that he gave importance to the balance of the USA-ENGLAND with the CABINET he established, and maintained his distanced stance from the EU. Seeing this, German Prime Minister SCHOLZ was calling on the evening of 28 May to congratulate him, saying “COME TO BERLIN” and Macron was calling “I will come if you are available”…

If we lived in New Zealand, maybe we wouldn’t look at these balances much.
But this is where the GLOBAL KNOT will be untied…
ANATOLIA… Only smart and strong ones survive.

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Mysterious Shadow

Turkiye has left behind a very important election. The tremors experienced after 28 May would continue. While the wind started by Selahattin Demirtas in HDP continued to blow violently, Ekrem Imamoglu started to scratch the CHP from within and openly challenged it! He moved the stones by saying “CHANGE IS A MUST”. IYI Party was not settling down either.

Meanwhile, Macron was opposing the extension of NATO to JAPAN by continuing its rapprochement with China, and the EU countries, especially GERMANY, were doing their best not to issue visas to the Turks. Dams were targeted in Ukraine and it was desired to increase the effects of the WAR. So what was going on inside? What awaited us?

Let’s see if you wish…

The main structure that was disturbed by Turkiye’s prominence as a GREAT AND EFFECTIVE power in its region was the EUROPEAN UNION. From an economic perspective, the relationship was obvious when the finance was X-rayed! The EU had set up a braking system over the PKK through the SDG. There was also the USA, but their target was different.

If Turkiye grows and becomes a powerful STATE, it would be difficult for EUROPE to access energy resources, establish a game there, compete with the USA, and more importantly, establish a GLOBAL EMPIRE. For this, they infiltrated the PKK from the very beginning and supported the SEPARATOR movement. They were going to take the EAST of ANKARA and combine it with the KURDISH STRUCTURE in IRAQ and make us an ineffective little country. By taking the remaining piece in to the EU, they would ensure complete control. That was the rough plan. The USA and RUSSIA also wanted to control the energy routes of EUROPE from the very beginning. The latest NORTH STREAM 1-2 Pipelines were blown up. The EU’s weakest aspect was energy. They were coming from there.

Since the ARAB SPRING, we have been seeing the EUROPEAN UNION, whose movement area has been restricted, both in AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, and EURASIA. Turkiye took the stage in the AZERBAIJAN-ARMENIA WAR lastly. It weakened the EU.

The EU, which could not stay away from the energy corridor and basin, naturally sided with the 6-party opposition table in the elections. The arm, which reached HDP through Kilicdaroglu and his friends, demanded tectonic movements in the region. The color and the tone were discussed. All along… This was the issue on one side of the elections. However, England-USA-Russia did not think like the table and Selahattin Demirtas, who has been imprisoned for about 7 years. Demirtas was the most accurate reader of what the results of the elections meant.

Although it was not clearly stated, Demirtas and his party HDP were falling apart on the GLOBAL AXIS. Understanding this, Demirtas said, “I sincerely apologize for not being able to put forward a policy worthy of our people. I promise to correct these deficiencies with my practical efforts. Also, thank you for your constructive criticism of me. “As I continue the struggle from prison, I leave active politics after this phase,” he said.

He wanted to be a candidate for the presidency, but his party did not allow him. Demirtas was also expressing his feelings and summarizing the picture: Our party started working for the election one month before the voting day, and it could have only been in the form of a half-finished and messy work… I try to explain, but every time, my voice echoes back to me. Many things are going on and I try to run institutions because I don’t find it right to reflect them to the public.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the institutions don’t work…” In other words, while Demirtas was careful to stand side by side with EUROPE, his party was slipping down from his hand and rolling into another axis. He wouldn’t explain it either…

Naturally, it was hidden between the lines. Despite this, the European Court of Human Rights continued to support the detained former HDP Co-Chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag. Since 2018, the ECHR has been demanding that two names set FREE within the scope of the right to freedom, security, and freedom of expression. President Erdogan was also against these decisions. “We do not care,” he said. Thinking that Demirtas also took a hit from his party, he was leaving politics. That’s roughly what happened…

When the election was all on the agenda, the PKK was taking the stage… For example, from Kandil, “The opportunity to put an end to the AK Party-MHP government has been seized. This opportunity should be used well. Kilicdaroglu should be supported…” they said. “Do whatever it takes to make Erdogan leave. During this period, everyone should unite and show their unity…” These statements could be seen everywhere in the media. ”Of course we support Kilicdaroglu. Kilicdaroglu gave hope to people. Supporting him is important for the future of the Kurdish people.”

Kilicdaroglu and his friends were caught in the wind blowing from KANDIL and could not take a step. Considering what was going on, when the prominent ones were analyzed, it was not difficult to see that the PARIS BERLIN line was shaken over CHP. The distance that the EU wanted to take with CHP and HDP was also getting reactions from outside Turkiye, BIG PLAYERS were objecting. Macron, who said, “Let’s exclude NATO. It is time to get out of the shadow of the USA,” reached places as far as China. He was carrying the game to the EAST. Germany was on the same frequency. It agreed by remaining silent.

NATO SECRETARY GENERAL Stoltenberg, who came to President Erdogan’s swearing-in ceremony, said, “What happens in Asia is important for Europe, what happens in Europe is important for Asia, and that’s why it’s even more important for NATO allies to strengthen our partnership with their Indo-Pacific partners.” So he was correcting France…

Kilicdaroglu, on the other hand, was explaining how much he cared about the SILK ROAD by saying “My BIGGEST DREAM” and sharing the ROUTE on the map. However, for some reason, he did not involve AZERBAIJAN! For this reason, he strongly objected to the fact that someone outside of the COORDINATE he was in should come and take the CHP. Even if he was constantly defeated… Imamoglu was also against the place where Kilicdaroglu’s CHP was located. Not knowing this, he was waiting silently for him to deliver the party…

The shadows of the GLOBAL FIGHT would be on the CHP and HDP in the coming days… It was useful to look at the developments from here. Although the fight seemed like an internal matter, it actually had a GLOBAL content…

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