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Take a look at the last period.. Names like Trump, Biden, Prosecutor Mueller, Michael Flynn, Putin, Paul Manafort, Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Gina Haspel, Mike Pompeo, Prince Salman, DAES, YPG/PKK, Assad, Zuckerberg, Cinping, George Soros , Merkel, Macron, Queen II. Elizabeth were on our agenda every day.

The situation was different inside. We were hearing the names of opposition leaders together with President Erdogan, and the Central Bank, TUIK, DOLLAR, EURO, interest, Syria, Libya, Azerbaijan, Aliyev were always in our headlines.

Why were so many names, so many events, so many leaders in CONFLICT? What did they want? What were they aiming for? When we look at the politics inside, this is what we didn’t see, what we missed…

There was an important event in POLAND the other day. It was announced with short news again… It was obviously not important for them! Turkey’s EMBASSY IN WARSAW, located on Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was attacked. The attacker threw 3 Molotov cocktails at the staff and consulate entrance of the embassy building.

The police, who were in charge of guarding the embassy, immediately took action. They silenced the attacker. A state of emergency was declared in the city. Many camera records in the city were followed. They started tracking with dogs!

As I often write, I was putting Turkey next to a part of the USA and placing the Queen there. Poland was a different country in EUROPE! It may sound strange, but the biggest common point was the opposition to GEORGE SOROS. More recently, a parliamentarian from the right-wing ruling party in Poland described Soros as “the most dangerous man in the world” for promoting anti-Christian and anti-nationalist activities.

Ukrainian national Lyudmyla Kozlovska was also deported from Poland. Why? Because there was proof about Kozlovska that she was a member of OPEN SOCIETY! Soros and the government were against each other because of the GEZI ACTIONS and its CASE in Turkey. Soros did not hide that he did not like Erdogan and would do his best to eliminate him. In other words, there were FRONTS OF GLOBAL FIGHT in Poland as in Turkey. The Molotov cocktails thrown were an action that revealed this and brought TURKEY and POLAND on the same lane. But could the GLOBAL FIGHT only do this?

Of course not. Things were messed up in OCTOBER… Not many while ago, it was two months ago!

The Prime Minister of Slovenia, the Presidency of the EU, Janez Jansa, was the leader who used Twitter extensively. 63-year-old Jansa, known as “Marshal Twito” in reference to the former Yugoslav leader Marshal Tito, published a photo featuring George Soros and MPs of AP, accusing him of “trying to take over Eastern Europe”. Among those photographed were Hans van Baalen from Mark Rutte’s party and Dutch MP Sophie in’t Veld. Jansa put the note “13 of Soros’ 226 known puppets in the European Parliament” under the photo he shared!

All in all, it was turning into a battlefield. This fight within the EUROPEAN UNION was in the USA, England, Russia, Turkey and China! As the order established after the WWII broke down, a new one would come! So who would build it? The TRUMP side of the USA, Queen Elizabeth and Erdogan? Or is it the ecole that grew up in the EUROPEAN UNION and in the USA with the help of SOROS? Roughly, just as we see TWO ECOLES over ERDOĞAN and KILIÇDAROĞLU in Turkey, this was more than enough in all of the countries I mentioned…

However, we did not see this because of the ideologies that were taught to us. However, even the separation of the IYI PARTY and the MHP could be seen with the naked eye, outside of the ideological patterns.

We were missing it. There was another balance!

While Erdogan was carrying an ECOLE by himself in power, there were more than one rival names on the other side!

Those representing the GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING were in the majority in Turkey. Their number was very high in the political movements… The QUEEN, who sent British Prime Minister Theresa May to the USA as soon as Trump was elected and told her to land in Turkey before returning to London, was at a very important point… Kilicdaroglu kept talking about LONDON as he knew this… He was turning it into a drama and OPPOSING TO THE BALANCE OUTSIDE OF EUROPE, where TURKEY is located. This was the main subject undesirable to be seen in Turkey!

Politics was not made for the construction of bridges, roads, barrages, shopping malls, stadiums, power stations, or to manage stock markets, banks, and intelligence. The aim was to DETERMINE or change the COMPLETE ROUTE… The reason why our political discourse was heavy and burning was the fight of ecoles.

European ecoles wanted to reach the MIDDLE EAST through Turkey and turn the big game in their favor. Even if the opposition did not say it, they wanted it! And Erdogan, saw that the country’s interests depend on the other alliance. That was the struggle! Both local and global… According to this template, anyone can place any name they want in any place! The sides will be then clearly seen!

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We are going through VERY strange times. Just yesterday, I informed you, “WE WILL EXPERIENCE VERY SURPRISE INCIDENTS”. For those who could see the final state of the GLOBAL FIGHT, it wasn’t just a PREDICTION. There is an incredible war. Although we did not hear the missiles, planes, bombs and cannons in every capital, the struggle was very tough.

Russian leader Putin ignored the invasion that lasted for months and said, “The war in UKRAINE hasn’t started yet,” and in the meantime, ex-PRIME MINISTER SHINZO ABE was assassinated in Japan. ABE was a very strange person… His way of interpreting the world was different. Let’s analyze the past…

Donald Trump sometimes made some very strange speeches during his election campaign. He was raising the tension. It was the team behind him that wrote these speeches, but he was the one to say them. Trump was talking about JAPAN before he was elected.

In one of his speeches, he said “Japan must have nuclear weapons right now. If they don’t pay more the US troops should withdraw.” This was an assertive move. Trump took part in the election and won. ABE was the first Japanese prime minister to go to the United States. ABE stopped by Trump Tower in Manhattan even before the WHITE HOUSE. There was a meeting that lasted 90 minutes.

ABE attended the meeting with only one interpreter, and Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and National Security Advisor Lieutenant General Michael Flynn were at the meeting. After the meeting, ABE said that “I’ve realized that I can trust Trump”. After a long time, ABE resigned and shocked the whole world, and he first called TRUMP to explain the issue.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine was changing everything. While the Russian soldiers were advancing, Putin said “Anyone who tries to stop Russia will face consequences that they have not seen before.” Everyone understood what he meant. Although Putin didn’t say it explicitly, he was implying NUCLEAR WEAPONS. From that moment on, a NUCLEAR DISCUSSION started in JAPAN… Ex-PRIME MINISTER SHINZO ABE was the prominent person about this…

Japan, the first and only country in the world where these weapons were used, was divided into two. The former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated, argued in a television program that Japan should be open to nuclear weapons sharing, similar to the one between its allies the USA and NATO members, against Russia’s nuclear threat. So ABE wanted NUCLEAR weapons. Abe thought that Japan should be more active and it should defend itself, and he said “We need to understand how security is provided in the world. We shouldn’t consider it taboo to discuss the facts we face.”

However, PRIME MINISTER Fumio Kishida fiercely objected to this proposal at the risk of conflicting with his predecessor and he said “Our country will keep three anti-nuclear principles.

Such a thing is unacceptable,” and thus, he deciphered the gap in between. Although Shinzo Abe struggled to change the constitution dictated by the USA after the war, nuclear disarmament was a life goal for the Hiroshima congressman KISHIDA who replaced him. The three principles that KISHIDA defended, “We will not contain, produce or allow nuclear weapons”, were in the JAPANESE CONSTITUTION…

Abe kept acting like a hawk on the TAIWAN issue as well. For example, when Shinzo Abe was talking about the Washington-Beijing tension, he was acting like the President of the USA… Thereupon, the Japanese Ambassador to Beijing was summoned to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Beijing warned that “Japan should not be militarist as it was in the past,” and said “Those who oppose our red line will be crushed.” Abe opposed China saying: “Neither the United States nor we will remain silent if China enters Taiwan.”

Abe clearly and crisply wanted the US NUCLEAR UMBRELLA to be in his country. He demanded that the ships and submarines carrying the nuclear power of the US navy be in their ports and that the nuclear codes of PENTAGON be in TOKYO.

It was even said that the JAPANESE CONSTITUTION hasn’t said “NO to NUCLEAR” since Abe’s grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, who came from a noble family. With these discussions, they were trying to get the public accustomed to the idea of NUCLEAR, first to open the way for containing it and then for producing it.

Maybe Japan does not have nuclear weapons, but it has the infrastructure and material to produce more than any other country! So runnig past the NUCLEAR threshold would be a piece of cake for Japan…

Abe sometimes overrode the USA about TAIWAN! He said “If China makes a move against TAIWAN, the US must abandon its policy of “strategic uncertainty” After Russia started the war, the NUCLEAR issue was in the news all over the world and Japan’s ex-PRIME MINISTER was killed by a sailor soldier. THE NAVAL WAS OBJECTING!

With Putin’s moves, EUROPE was in a tight corner because of UKRAINE. The FAR EAST would have to become the HOT ZONE with this assassination. Russia, which was alleged to have rigged the American elections, now playing the leading role in Ukraine. We’ll see what happens after Shinzo ABE’s murder…

Keeping in mind that TRUMP was the first person to initiate the NUCLEAR debate, we can say that things will get more complicated… Because the foundation of what is happening now was laid at that time…

Although 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami killed the 67-year-old ex-PRIME MINISTER Shinzo Abe in Nara, near Kyoto, with a hand-made weapon, the reality was very different from this. This was just the emergence of the GLOBAL FIGHT that had penetrated deep into JAPAN. Even though we don’t know who gave the order, we will soon find out who it was from the CHANGING BALANCES… But this incident will not be the last surprise…

Eid Al Adha Mubarak to everyone.

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I belive that the small inside events that leave a mark should be observed at from the outside and I’m writing this because it isn’t possible to do the opposite. I’m talking about GERMANS and TETONS. I’m talking about a solid ecole here. I’m trying to describe a system that affects the entire globe and isn’t afraid to assert its power.

Both TEUTONS and ECOLE are still engaged in a fierce battle. For this reason, we should read politics, murders, gambling, betting, drugs and character exchanges here. It’s easy to comment just by looking at the names. But I don’t think it is convincing and satisfying… It’s not true… Open the map and divide the world into three parts! USA-EUROPE-CHINA…

This is where the fight is taking place. The USA sent RUSSIA to the field to prevent the other two sides from uniting. USA forwarded them not to China, but to EUROPE, whose defense is much weaker. WHY? Because the EU, especially GERMANY, did not have GASPETROL assurance. Although they are great thinkers, great actors, great civilizations, they were helpess about ENERGY. THEY CANNOT MAKE A MOVE… Washington knew this very well…

Moscow made a move. Great GERMANY is suffering a very serious crisis. There are more ahead. Even during the TRUMP period, the USA frequently asked them to “turn off NORTH STREAM-2 Pipeline”. This is what war caused, it was closed. The Russians also reduced the gas from Nord Stream-1 Pipeline by 60 PERCENT. In fact, gas will not be given for 10 days and the excuse is that there is maintenance on 12 JULY. The GERMAN DEEP STATE doesn’t think that gas will come back again. They do not inform the public, but the danger is great. Very great. It is not possible to take a step without GAS in sectors such as STEEL, GLASS, CHEMICAL.

UNIPER company buys and distributes gas wherever it finds even if it is expensive. The company is about to go bankrupt. The damage is heavy. Thanks to WAR, the Russians both reduced the gas and increased the price. It was almost like attacking the GERMAN ECONOMY with missiles. THEY DID SO.

This crisis would affect all of EUROPE… The GERMAN ECONOMY lost its competitiveness as gas prices rose. It will be even worse. As I have written a thousand times, THE EXPECTED RESULTS OF THE WAR ARE HAPPENING! And there is no country that will not be affected by this!

Including us…

I wrote earlier about the possibility of seeing the dark side of this war in ENGLAND, RUSSIA and TURKIYE. Then I said “Extraordinary incidents can occur in these three countries”. Because that ECOLE had to break the pressure created by RUSSIA with the support of the USA. I explained that the EUROPEAN economy consists of EUR 2.5 trillion would try this.

You will see that weird things will happen… This was inevitable because it was beginning to show signs of an aftermath that was more severe than the effects of the Second World War. It was impossible to stop a truck with no brakes. That’s what I was trying to convey. The situation is more or less like this…

ENGLAND experienced a political earthquake while GERMANY was in trouble. Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON HAD TO resign. He couldn’t bear the effects of ongoing resignations in his party. He’s gone! Johnson left by saying “YOU CAN’T GET RID OF ME WITHOUT HAVIN BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.”

This phrase was in the headlines. As a journalist from ETON and OXFORD, the PRIME MINISTER wanted to say, “I HAVE SUCH A POWER BEHIND ME THAT YOU CAN’T TAKE ME”. I think he was the most outspoken PRIME MINISTER in British history.

He was talking about the GLOBAL FICTION without hesitation. At the G-7 and NATO summits last year, when the events occured, he met with Biden and made this statement which got lost between the lines: “WE ARE REVIEWING THE SYSTEM FOUNDED by Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill after the Second World War and this time it will be much stronger. ”

Boris Johnson who shined with BREXIT was the prominent name in leaving the EUROPE. Or that was what the power behind him wanted. Even while he was resigning, BREXIT was a source of pride to him.

During the NATO summit in Madrid, the British Prime Minister said, “I have a dream of establishing a new and modern Roman Empire instead of the European Union…”. And then he added: Turkiye is vital in this structure. There should also be Israel and Ukraine… Johnson, pointing to MACRON next to him, said “That’s his idea!”. Of course, it was MACRON who was working for the EU army and said “NATO is brain dead”.

The French president stated that the EU was dysfunctional and confirmed that UKRAINE’s candidacy would take years. He also said “The EU was too late to address the financial and economic crises. National responses are being used as a last resort rather than the JOINT responses.” Was the former British prime minister Boris Johnson attempting to persuade France to join him in dissolving the EU, or was he attempting to warn them of their inevitable collapse? They were trying to prevent the GERMAN-FRENCH alliance, as they have done throughout history…

The real issue was that RUSSIA was bothering GERMANY through energy… Although it is not in the news nowadays, CHINA couldn’t protect itself from this storm. Xi Jinping-Putin duo, PRESENTED AS A FRIEND, was making polite gestures to avoid coming close to one another. Even though this was the case, it was not simple to avoid being impacted by such a big operation. It was crucial that JOHNSON, who claims to have a great power behind him, resigned. It was clear that he completed his mission with BREXIT.

No matter how you look at it, the fall of the PRIME MINISTER in ENGLAND was very important… It was not an event independent of the war between RUSSIA-UKRAINE, the energy crisis of GERMANY, the new state of NATO, the US soldiers coming to the EU, and the fact that EUROPE was on the verge of dissolution…

The rules, balances and the actors keep changing nowadays…

We have to be much more careful and calculate the pressures well…


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There is an issue that was covered up. In January 2019, Queen Elizabeth’s 97-year-old husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, rolled over in his car and he almost died. The accident that occurred on the A149 highway in the Norfolk region was quickly removed from the agenda. However, this kind of events were taking place both in France, Germany and surprisingly in England. The incidents that spread to USA was also not to be underestimated…

Guns and bombs were exploding, but no one understood anything.

The media and agencies were giving us a suspect and guiding us on how to think. Since we don’t like questioning and investigating, we didn’t go after these events. We accepted what was presented as TRUE and continued our lives. However, life doesn’t work like that.

WE ARE WATCHING THE WAR OF THE EUROPEAN DYNASTIES right now. Russia’s invasion of UKRAINE, Europe’s sanctions for this situation, the increase in energy prices, the shaking of the EU, especially GERMANY, the never-ending war, the revival and change of NATO, deeming China as the main problem, these were calculated factors.

A few days ago, a TERROR attack happened in DENMARK. Why would Denmark, known as one of the most peaceful places in the world, was attacked? Police and agencies announced that the attacker had psychological problems!

RIGHT AWAY! Three people were killed and dozens injured, but the explanation was brief! Ironically, 2 of the dead were CITIZENS of SWEDEN preparing to join NATO! So what was going on? Let’s see…

There was also a background of the statements made at NATO meetings that no one understood. In this plan, DENMARK HAS BEEN PROMİNENT especially for the last two years! Many did not realize it but the country that came forward was DENMARK. And its power came from the dynasty.

PRINCE PHILIP, who rolled over with his vehicle and died last year, was born in Corfu. In Greece. He was the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth. We didn’t know but at his birth he was given the titles Prince of Greece and Denmark.

When his parents left Greece, he was educated in Scottish and German schools in a program run by Jewish teachers. He joined Britain’s Royal Navy at the age of 18. He was in “warm” seas during the Second World War. He accomplished important things. After the war, he began using his grandparents’ surnames in March 1947.

He was now LIEUTENANT Philip Mountbatten… Shortly after, he married Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. He became the Duke of Edinburgh. The full name of the dynasty was SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-GLUCKSBURG…

His mother was the Princess of BATTENBERG… His father, ANDREW, was the Prince of Greece and Denmark…

Philip gave his father’s name to his son, who was known to be friend with Jeffrey Epstein and whose name was constantly in the news! Although they were originally from Denmark, they were known as the GREEK ROYAL FAMILY. This was the inter-dynastic relations…

There was a war between the GERMANS and the BRITISH. One of the oldest wars in history… England was careful about not to bring FRANCE and GERMANY side by side and they succeeded. They are now running a containment operation through MACRON. However, FRANCE has not said “OKAY” yet. The main goal of the WAR and the energy crisis is to end GERMANS who gave their souls to EUROPE. GAS shortage has seriously shaken the GERMAN INDUSTRY. They had a CURRENT deficit for the first time in a long time. Germany was losing power. There was a severe economic turbulence ahead. Even if they didn’t explain, they knew why.

Even though the instrument in front of them was RUSSIA, they could easily see the British-US coalition behind. That’s why they were looking for a solution. The only feature of DENMARK was the Dynasty power within NATO and its support for the NETWORK established against GERMANY. While the NATO SUMMIT IN MADRID was increasing the effect of the USA in EUROPE, it was making BERLIN helpless on top of their energy crisis.

The GERMANS also put their own forces forward and took part both in DENMARK and in the BRITISH CABINET. While Prime Minister Boris Johnson was struggling with resignations, there were bullet noises in Copenhagen…

The GERMAN origin ecole was responding by showing itself as “TERROR” in the USA…

All these moves caused some changes. From the MAFIA to terrorism, from drug trafficking to assassinations, from financial operations to intelligence wars, it disrupted every balance and and a new one was able to be established as a result. A major war was raging in the background as we assessed daily developments based on well-known names. The fact that Cyprus became a favorite coordinate, the murder of Halil Falyalı, the surprising death of Muhammed Sanusi Barkindo who was the Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the fact that Zelensky played his role well, and the steps taken for the establishment of a GRAIN CORRIDOR, the rumor that Prince Charles received a bag full of money, the targeting of SADAT, and even the plans formed to liquidate Berat Albayrak, these were just the fronts of the war happening at the top.

And still, we were only acting by looking inward. We were not thinking why DENMARK, which was the first country to accept the NATO membership of SWEDEN and FINLAND, was attacked. We were not questioning the messages given by the raid on the shopping mall called FIELDS in Copenhagen… Although the fact that GERMANS-TOTONS were stuck puts pressure on Boris Johnson for now, this is the beginning of a chain of events that will come all the way to TURKIYE… Therefore, the 2023 elections are not only Turkiye’s concern… That’s why last year, ITALIAN PRIME MINISTER DRAGHI, who called Erdogan a DICTATOR, came to Turkiye and sought a way out for his country. The Italian press was also calling out to the PRIME MINISTER, “You had to go to ANKARA at some point”…

Although the Russians pulled the trigger in the operation launched to end and dissolve EUROPE, Turkiye is playing a very important role… They will want to replace Erdogan to change the course of events. THIS IS THE ACTUAL GAME. THIS IS THE REAL STRIFE…

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Since I was out of the city, I wanted to take a break from writing the articles and observe the events so that they wouldn’t be in pieces. I had significant meetings in the interim. People don’t understand what’s going on because the point of view is SHALLOW nowadays. There are rumors going on. Everyone writes and says something… However, I have tried to write the new world order since February 24, the Russian invasion and before. I can now see that some people have started to agree with what we are trying to say. And they will… But there are many who act by rote. We can’t do anything for them.

In fact, I was considering writing about the attacks in the USA, the massacre in Denmark, the mysterious outcomes of the NATO SUMMIT, Turkey’s new role, and the challenging times Germany will face. I was thinking about explaining the “COLLAPSE” with the gas crisis. There were lots of topics to talk about… THE GLOBAL WAR was, after all, still raging.


There are events that are talked about and even decided on inside. Like the murder of Halil Falyalı… And other murders that share the same ground… Other steps… Some people write about the local side of the issue, of course. However, there is another issue that was missed… My followers will surely remember this… I wrote a lot about the daughter of Trump, the former US President and her husband Jared Kushner. Kushner was an American and a member of CHABAD. He was speaking about it from the podium at HARVARD in 2003. It was not a secret. There was nothing illegal. They were just a DEEP HASIDIC structure… Long Island’s Manhasset Bay was the center. It was like a small master control desk located across from the Chabad Shell gas station there in Port Washington. The LINK between Trump and Putin was provided by this STRUCTURE. For this reason, there were investigations towards Trump and it was said that “RUSSIANS INTERVENED IN THE ELECTIONS”. Putin needed power over the world. CHABAD provided this. Putin wanted an organization loyal to him to replace Jewish power in his country. Even more, they were also managing RUSSIA’s DEEP MONEY.

Since 1999, Putin has appointed his two closest confidants, the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, for this job. Afterwards they became the CHABAD’s biggest bosses worldwide and its MOST important figures. And under the leadership of Berel Lazar, the rabbi of CHABAD, they established the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia.

And this name referred to as “Putin’s rabbi”. There were significant persons in CHABAD, as I have frequently written. Bayrock Sapir led by Tevfik Arif, Felix Sater and Tamir Sapir was an orgaization that stood out enough to partner with TRUMP. Because, the money they managed was beyond reason. In 2007, Trump even hosted the wedding of Sapir’s daughter in Mar-a Lago. Trump did trade business with Leviev. Abramovich’s wife Dasha Zhukova and Ivanka Trump established a close relationship and Kushner became the groom. The link that got these people to come to Washington for Trump’s visits to Russia and the oath-taking ceremony was CHABAD. Is it bad? It’s not… Is it a secret? Not at all…

This structure was different from the traditional JEWS. For example, they could not serve in the military. Israel reacted to this. “What would we lose if we don’t serve in the military?” they asked. When the answer was “5 billion dollars”, they sent 10 billion dollars… This STRUCTURE was faithful and solid as a bone. They were really different from other Jewish groups. They were able to take financial, political and strategic steps. For example, they could open a CHABAD HOUSE even in a non-Jewish country AFGHANISTAN… They wanted to take this step in Turkey as well, of course. They were going to open two HOUSES in Istanbul on both the ANATOLIA and RUMELI. Two house of prayer. However, they had ISAK ALEVA against them. So they wanted to overcome this obstacle with a sweet variation. RABBI named MENDI was going to replace Isak HALEVA. Mendi and his family came to ISTANBUL. HOWEVER, THE JEWISH SCHOOL DID NOT REGISTER THE CHILDREN. Since he is not a TURKISH CITIZEN, they rejected them repetitively. I think they asked Mr. Abdullah Gul at that time. He intervened so that MENDI’s children were able to get to school… Anyway.. Putin, since 1999, even before, since YELTSIN, the Russian Jewish Congress under the leadership of oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky has been wanted to be undermined. Russia wanted to act as an umbrella for the Jews. So Gusinsky was the game planner and the game changer. That’s why he was cleared up. At that time Russia already had a chief rabbi named Adolf Shayevich, recognized by the Russian Jewish Congress. However, Abramovich and Leviev put Chabad rabbi Lazar as the head of rival organizations. The Kremlin removed Shayevich from the religious affairs council and recognized Lazar as Russia’s chief rabbi… Lazar accompanied the Russian LEADER to the WAILING WALL…

It’s a long story… Let’s talk about Cyprus… There has been an underlying unrest in the ISLAND for a long time. The murders committed inside and outside of Cyprus ruined everyone’s life. Even though they don’t come here often, CROWDS gather and express their complaints. One of them is CHABAD. Everyone knows about the JEWS who come to Cyprus to gamble. It’s been like this for years, it’s not illegal. They come and gamble with their money and leave. Many of the people who recently arrived have started to visit this CHABAD HOUSE on SATURDAY MORNINGS. However, the murder of FALYALI and the troubles happened on a GLOBAL NETWORK naturally increased the tension. Every event and every person began to be suspected.

The reactions were not new but the issue is known now. The fact that the Chabad-Lubavitch structuring in the TRNC opened a SINAGOG and acted as the only authority there was disturbing Istanbul at first. Also, those who oppose this structure have been reacting since 2008. It was spoken secretly that around 200 companies came to CYPRUS, opened accounts, bought lands and banks. Naturally, this kind of power would not stay away from POLITICS, it couldn’t. There was no missionary in Judaism. However, some people were alarmed by this STRUCTURE’s network and its global power. It was vital that the STATE maintain complete control over every action in order to suppress the rumors and keep a healthy flow. There may not have been a SECRET, MYTERY, or TARGET, as I have highlighted. Transparency, however, would solve all issues. Bringing FUND to Cyprus and arranging it was the best way for everyone. It would put an end to the worries and clear the way… It was truly unbelievable how much money Chabad-Lubavitch was able to manage… They appeared strongly in every field from jewellery to gold, from construction to banking… And thus, the state’s strict control system would guarantee that appropriate steps were taken. Thereby, in Cyprus, the economy would recover and people’s minds would be at ease… Controlling the power is as crucial as having it by your side…

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Russia attacked Ukraine. We were waiting for it and we wrote about it… I’ve moved what I’ve seen outside of the known templates here. I noted “I hope I’m wrong”. There is dust and smoke all around… Stock markets collapsed, companies lost value, wheat prices skyrocketed, gold skyrocketed, foreign exchange rose, oil went crazy, it is not clear what will happen to natural gas! When great powers like Russia use weapons, it has global repercussions. If this intervention of Russia was the result of the Biden-Putin meeting in GENEVA, as I predicted, they would have shot at least 5 birds!

I wrote a lot. During the period of the previous President Trump, the WHITE HOUSE was shaken by the Russian WAVE. It was alleged that the Russians rigged the elections and had TRUMP elected. 67 names next to Trump left or were forced to leave. From Steve Bannon to Michael Flynn, from Paul Manafort to George Papadopuulos… It was as if a mind took the stage during the TRUMP era and pressed the button to make RUSSIA “OTHER”. The Kremlin was attributed so much power that it would affect the fate of the USA. That was no small thing!

Russia hit it… From NATO to Biden, from Boris Johnson to Olaf Scholz, there is a lot of talk. But no one is saying anything. I wrote the other day, “If Ukraine were a member of NATO, such a fight would not have taken place”.

If NATO had included UKRAINE with the emergency meeting, RUSSIA would not have taken a step! BUT THEY DID NOT DO IT AND RUSSIA ATTACKED! The entry of Russian troops into UKRAINE would have multiple consequences. THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM would suffer greatly. Maybe it would have to change completely. The United Nations, which could not control the Kremlin, would be empty.

The European Union, which tried to bring order to the world with HUMAN RIGHTS and INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, would come to the brink of collapse. It would turn out that NATO was not a sufficient deterrent. Alliances would be reviewed. Criticizing Lenin and Stalin, Putin would take the stage as the new ROMANOV…

It is unlikely that the Kremlin alone will make this change! As I have written for a long time, I think that the USA, which has deep ties with Putin and Russia, will weaken Europe, which it sees as a rival. I don’t think that Biden and Putin, who were fighting in front of the stage, are far from each other. Look, the President of the United States says, “My wife and I are praying for Ukraine.” However, there are dozens of options that he can do! But Biden preferred what anyone could do and decided to pray. There was also the NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST on 3 FEBRUARY.

Biden was saying, “The world will change completely in 2022. Know that.” The Russian deep state has always sent its heaviest NAME TO THE NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST! Talking about Lenin and Stalin, Putin was actually declaring that he wanted the EMPIRE back. There will be those who remember. Last year there was the wedding of ROMANOVS in St. Petersburg…

With the October Revolution of 1917 by the Bolsheviks, it was the first royal wedding in Russia in more than 100 years after the overthrow of the last Russian Tsar II. Nicholas. Putin, who gave the title of Saint to the Romanovs in 2008, sent a special representative to the ceremony at the CHURCH, as if describing the new era: THE EMPIRE WILL COME BACK. OUR SYMBOL IS THE ROMANOVS. BUT THE NEW GENERATION WILL BE THE EMPIRE…

Yevgeny Prigozhin, also known as Putin’s “chief”, was serving at the wedding! Russians are entering UKRAINE, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was saying, “Today is a “terrible” day for Ukraine and a “dark” day for Europe… Putin made a big mistake.” And he accused Putin of not recognizing for violating INTERNATIONAL LAW.

The GLOBAL SYSTEM would not be broken by adhering to the rules! Or the new one would not be installed in the light of the RULES! All the developments justified FRANCE, which did not trust NATO and the USA. EUROPE was punishing for not forming its own army and not including Turkey in its time. There were no deterrents left.

THAT’S THE REALITY THEY FACED! Step by step, Russia was swallowing EUROPE. The pause and retreat of Europe would hurt everyone. It would hurt China… GREAT COMMERCIAL RELATIONS would be damaged. While EUROPE was importing 500 billion Dollars from China, it was exporting 200 billion Dollars! Losing market share with rising oil prices would create a negative climate in CHINA. The United States was the furthest from the fight.

They were just watching. They were also praying from time to time! Trump: “If it weren’t for us, you would be speaking GERMAN in Paris right now!” saying, reminding them of their role in the WWII and showing that NATO could not do anything in this process. And now it seems that without the USA, there is no such thing as NATO!

EUROPE is helpless and silent! This was making the European capitals shiver from fear years later! Russian intervention would have military, political and especially economic consequences. It would be a very well-intentioned assessment to think that this move that came after the pandemic occurred spontaneously. It is not easy to calculate what a climate will bring to whom even when the possibility of not being able to find wheat is spoken.

Obviously, we would see the USA and RUSSIA clashing in front of the stage. It is imperative that Turkey take steps knowing the background of the crisis. It is vital to understand what is planned, especially for the MIDDLE EAST. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s inexperience on NATO and unawareness of the international balance has turned his lands into a “A COUNTRY BEING USED” by the EU and NATO. The signature behind the tragedy was comedian Zelenski! Don’t you find it interesting that NATO can’t produce anything other than words, despite Putin’s saying “We have no power to oppose NATO”? Doesn’t it tell you that the GAME is huge? Russia’s coup is the first step for the NEW WORLD ORDER…

A process where the ones who look at the developments from this side will win has begun… If RUSSIA’s harsh steps are heard on the axis stretching from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan, Turkey will have to bring its own system both in Syria, the MIDDLE EAST and CENTRAL ASIA.

We are going through a period where it is very important to go beyond the fight images on the screens and think.

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The problem between UKRAINE and RUSSIA, or more precisely between the USA and Russia, came and sat on top of the world. EUROPE will be the most affected one. Seeing this after the WWII, France brought the EUROPEAN ARMY to the agenda, especially in the last period. Although the main player behind was GERMANY, it wasn’t done. It couldn’t have been done.

They weren’t strong enough. The WWII showed that there are really smart men in the world. Even if the system they established is destroyed by the SOVIETS, even after 70 years, there is a huge majority that does not understand. I think we are going through such a climate now. I don’t want to glorify anyone. I have no such purpose. However, Turkey has 100 years ahead of it, with both opportunities and risks. Here we can get a big share with the right move. I guess we have to understand the GAME first…

And we must read the last 70 years very well… From President Nixon’s departure to China in 1972, we must focus on the cracks of the LIBERAL world and the final solution found…

NATO is the cause of the Ukraine-Russia crisis! Or rather, the USA! The strategy of wanting Ukraine to join NATO and making it a part of the West consists of three interrelated components. The expansion of NATO and the European Union, the permanence of the Orange Revolution aimed at producing pro-Western leaders in Kiev… Russia, on the other hand, was gaining the upper hand by saying, “NATO promised us when the SOVIETS were parting ways. There would be no expansion to the East even an inch…” The USA is putting pressure on such a point that it was impossible for RUSSIA to remain unanswered.

This is how the Ukraine issue started…

Let’s open it… I wrote the previous week, “The rise in oil prices is nothing but support for RUSSIA…”. Trump spoke the other day:
Russia is getting richer with rising oil prices. Weak sanctions are insignificant compared to the seizure of a country and strategically important territory…


While the Twin Tower attacks were taking place in 2001, John Mearsheimer, the author of The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, was saying something important back then… China’s first target is to become the hegemonic state of ASIA… Explaining the STATE with the theory of “aggressive realism” Professor from West Point John Mearsheimer used to say that “Every state that has power wants to expand”… Looking after 2001, it is obvious that Prof.Mearsheimer was right… CHINA, which was poor in the early 1990s, became a GIANT thanks to the liberal policies of the USA. With its growing economy, China pressed the button to increase its military capacity. EVERY EMPOWERED STATE EXHIBITIONS AGGRESSIVE ATTITUDES IN FOREIGN POLICY.

THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE OTHERWISE. It is not a secret that the US influences and controls the Western World. China intends to seize ASIA in order to establish and break this balance. Well, could DEEP RUSSIA, which brought Putin to power, not know what Prof. Mearsheimer,one of the deep names of the USA, knows?

It is not possible…

The USA has 1.5 competitors in the world. And it will want to take its steps accordingly with its partners. The biggest competitor is CHINA, which has 4 times more population than itself. The other is EUROPE, which has a lively relationship with CHINA. The USA will first want to control EUROPE in order to fight against China. It will do this by referring it to RUSSIA over the UKRAINE issue it provoked.

Just as the WARSAW Pact was established against NATO, now we will see CHINA with the alliance of PAKISTAN-NORTH KOREA-LAOS-MYANMAR. The USA, on the other hand, would prepare allies such as Japan-India-Singapore-Vietnam-Australia in the EAST for the new system. 2 POLES were already ready! For this reason, the heart of the world was beating in CENTRAL EUROPE, in the balance it established with the SOVIETS. Now the space is much larger and more playful!

THE SOUTH CHINA SEA, THE EASTERN CHINA SEA and TAIWAN WILL BE THE THREE prominent CENTERS… The MIDDLE EAST would also remain important to control China’s energy demand… In the WORLD WHERE NUCLEAR WEAPONS TALK, even if it is not possible to destroy a target, SURROUNDING PLACES was the wisest way. The USA also wanted to finish the surrounding process by giving a LARGE SHARE to RUSSIA…

DEEP RUSSIA, with its growing economy and increasing military capacity, had no difficulty in predicting that CHINA would swallow itself when the day came… When the day came when China would openly challenge the USA in 20 years, ASIA would be completely CHINESE LAND. IT SHOULD HAVE. It was not a secret that China was making moves for it. Russia knew it too!

In the final analysis, RUSSIA, which has no borders with the USA, would not hesitate to walk with the power of the USA. The SOVIETS did this. Why wouldn’t Putin do it?! The BALANCE between the US and the Soviet Union was different.

But CHINA is different! It had the potential to become richer than the USA, with its economy that produced with STATE CAPITALISM, its large population and its military power increasing day by day. This is what they are scared of! It was not difficult to keep the balance by controlling the Soviets. China was a different power! New game, new plot, new alliances were essential.

I think the step taken to get UKRAINE out of the Russian orbit is the biggest move against CHINA. Britain’s parting from EUROPE with BREXIT, NATO’s return to the fields from 2021, AUKUS and the USA’s sending nuclear to the seas and expanding the alliance in the East… These are the steps that are taken all against CHINA.

I don’t know if it will be successful or not. However, CHINA, which was surrounded by the seas that I saw, is now surrounded by land from ASIA, where it wants to challenge the USA…

The USA started a game where it can weaken Europe and control China. And everyone from England to Japan is in the game.

Turkey cannot stay outside either. As I wrote yesterday, Turkey will be forced to choose its side…

Significant developments can be seen from a distance. Let’s see what is going to happen…

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What is waiting for TURKEY?… Recently, I have tried to write about INSIDE, even though I don’t want to. Because INSIDE was also the OUTSIDE! I put Erdoğan and Bahçeli on one side, and 6 parties on the other, and tried to convey what was actually going on. Of course, there was also the fact that “HDP” was on the table even though it was not…

EMOTIONS come to the fore in the geography where we are located. For example, the foreign policy of the party we vote for or the economic program it will follow is of little interest to us. The axis that will carry the country around the world is nothing! HOWEVER, THAT IS THE ISSUE… The struggle is made precisely for this. I have been writing that EUROPE and TURKEY parted ways. I try to explain the domestic politics through the power of EUROPE here. I add that from time to time, Ankara shoots at EUROPE through Soros and Osman Kavala. For the sake of understanding…

Let’s open it…

Upon the invitation of CHP’s Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, IYI Party’s Chairperson Meral Akşener, Saadet Party’s Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, Democrat Party’s Chairman Gültekin Uysal, DEVA Party’s Chairman Ali Babacan and Gelecek Party’s Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu, Çankaya Municipality’s Ahlatlıbel met at their facility. The parties, which I have described IRONICLY as “UNLIKE EACH OTHER”, gathered around the round table. All of these parties looked alike. They were the same. There was no difference between them.

Our comments were sterile because we were stuck with ideologies and stereotypes. Our definitions were lacking. All OPPOSITION PARTIES, as I often carry here are EUROPEAN supporters. They represent the values of Europe…

If you look at the statement made after the opposition’s 5.5-hour meeting, you would see what I mean. They emphasized that the Strengthened Parliamentary System is the common and primary goal. THAT IS CLEAR. However, they also gave details… For example, “… Turkey has no problems that cannot be solved by consultation and consensus.

The important thing is to build a democratic Turkey where fundamental rights and freedoms are guaranteed within the framework of the Council of Europe and European Union norms, where everyone sees themselves as an equal and free citizen, where they can freely express their thoughts and live as they believe. …” This statement was important. Two days before the meeting, Ahmet Davutoğlu was making a statement and giving a message through NATO… Davutoğlu said that Turkey was not represented at the NATO meeting, where the Russia-Ukraine crisis was discussed, “This cannot be the reputation Turkey deserves.”.

You can look at the S-400s bought from Russia, or THROUGH THE CONTINUATION OF OSMAN KAVALA’S INVESTIGATION, either over the Cyprus, or over the reaction against George Soros, or the German Frigate to block our ship going to Libya. If you want, look at the French warships and our navy’s coming to the brink of conflict…

Or through the US not giving F-35s… The fact that we are standing against Europe and NATO will not change… GLOBAL ECOLE’s homeland, EUROPE, seriously objects to Turkey’s current position. They know that for Turkey’s position to change, the POWER must change. This is what we overlooked. We only read politics from the inside. However, the reality is completely different.

While this attitude of Europe continues, 6 parties (AND HDP) are making moves against Erdoğan with an alliance. The most important actor making Erdogan’s job difficult is US President Biden… Ankara, which was able to easily overcome EUROPE’s sorties during the Trump era, is now struggling with Biden’s influence…

Owners of Global Ecole aim not only to eliminate Erdoğan but also to eliminate the established system in Turkey. This is the struggle. This system change is what is meant by the PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM! In order to do this, it will be required to experience a GREAT BREAKTHROUGH during the ERDOĞAN period.

For example, not taking a step in the economy… Not stopping inflation, such as experiencing a currency crisis… The other party will play these and similar cards. In order for the system to change, it is a must to make people complain … Current politics needs to cover GLOBAL politics with a black curtain…

We will experience the steps taken for Turkey’s approach to EUROPE through terms such as cost of living, exchange rate, current account deficit. We have lived it… Even though the purpose is different, we will discuss other elements… But if Erdogan does not give way to EUROPE and those who defend those values, they will have nothing to gain.

THE GULF OPERATION is Erdogan’s plan to break and get rid of the EUROPEAN-based containment… Consider the events like this… As long as Erdogan keeps the economy strong, the winner will not change… Look at the event of landing in the Gulf from here…

NOTE: The echoes of Halil Falyalı’s assassination continue. A source of mine said, “Falyalı lost a large amount of drugs. Two groups were hurt. That’s the reason for the execution!”…

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