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There are dozens of gray areas such as the PANDORA leak, the continuation of the tension with the USA, the global economic recession, the terrorism threat in Syria, the domestic politics escalating the tension with the suspicion of Assassination, Greece continuing the conflict in the Mediterranean by taking France with it!

We look left and right like a tennis ball going back and forth between slogans…

Let’s start with PANDORA. Let’s briefly explain…

If there is no big intelligence organization or organizations, no one can go and get these documents. No one can do such a great coordination.

The mind which leaked the documents did not pass by TURKEY. Many names are mentioned…

From Turgay Ciner to Mehmet Ali-Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ, from Burak Öymen to Hüsnü Özyeğin, from İnan İpek Kıraç to Ahmet- Zeynep Kocabıyık, from Halit Narin to Aysun Kibar… I don’t care if the leaks are true or not. . One focus in the US was objecting to UK-based money flows. Including Turkey, it said to the rich, “I am struggling to determine Erdogan’s route. You are dealing with other things.

I won’t give you this money.” It wanted them to both come out of OFFSHORE and come back with BITCOIN and take a position inside.

Let’s continue…

When you talk to senior soldiers serving on the Syrian border, you hear something like this!

In the face of a problem, we go to the Americans, “Talk to the Russians”, we go to the Russians, “Solve it with the Americans” they say… Two great powers fighting on paper…

There are many points where Ankara disagrees with Washington. It’s not secret.

The S-400 became the prominent figure… President Erdogan spoke to CBS in New York, where he went for the UN summit.

“US is providing weapons aid to the YPG/PKK, this aid needs to end,” Erdogan said. When asked about the US attitude towards Turkey’s purchase of the S-400, he said, “It cannot interfere with it.

If you don’t give Patriots, you can’t interfere with the defense system I will buy from another country…” He answered clearly…

Why wasn’t PATRIOT given to us while Spain and Germany had it?

Did we need to use PATRIOT against Syria, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, Iran? I guess we did not!

So why wasn’t it given?

This is what I didn’t understand!

I wonder if the reason was “let’s not use it against RUSSIA”! Is there another element in the region that can compete with us? I don’t know!

What do you think?

US President Biden also stated that the YPG is an important force against DAESH and that they are fighting together… In other words, he was declaring that weapon aid to the YPG continues because of DAESH. They saw the YPG as an ally.

Right at this time, Turkey was sending a message to the USA both to buy F-16s and to modernize the ones they had.

Does Washington sell planes?

Would it repair the ones we fly? We don’t know.

However, it is obvious that since 2013, the USA has persistently implemented a policy of KEEPING Turkey AWAY from itself.

It is not in favor of solving any problem.

As a result, there is a picture of Turkey approaching Russia.

Just as these were being talked about, an interesting news came to the agencies! Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi announced the capture of Sami Casim, who is known as the deputy of the former leader of Daesh, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the “financial officer” of the organization. CASİM was being captured abroad.

There was a hundred million dollars in his COLD WALLET.

So he preferred BITCOIN… But that’s not what interested us!

Iraqi military officials were leaking that SAMİ CASİM was caught in TURKEY!

A mind, a hand, brought DAESH and Turkey side by side! Just as the F-16 bargaining will begin, when Biden and Erdogan will meet…

Since Turkey is a difficult geography, the debate did not end and the tension did not decrease… CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu started a new discussion with the words “I have concerns about political murders”. IYI PARTY also got involved. Koray Aydın raised the fear by saying, “We have also heard that there will be political assassinations”… Then the AK PARTY responded naturally… We heard the last word about political murders from Emre Taner, the former Undersecretary of MIT!

Speaking to the Parliamentary Investigation Commission on July 15, Taner said: “If the coup attempt fails, then an assassination will follow. It is the only instrument.

Coup is hard work. Beware of assassinations. I can say this based on my previous experience. Assassinations are extremely important, security is extremely important…” When you remember these words and add Kemal Bey’s concern, it is clear that only Turkey will lose from such a step, may Allah forbid… Moreover, President Erdoğan will be politically hurt… Turkey is on a free route for its own interests… It chooses its friends according to its interests, which is disturbing for others.

Persistently, Turkey is requested to report its location. When the USA cannot see this, it pulls out of the way and paves the way for rapprochement with RUSSIA… This is the picture when viewed from afar… Therefore, it is of great benefit to be very careful both in SYRIA and in the MEDITERRANEAN… ”

Never forget that US said ‘LET’S TAKE IT OUT FROM NATO’ because of the operations in Syria.

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Code Red from The Economist!
PRESIDENT Erdogan’s domestic performance will already be evaluated by the people at the ballot box. It’s been known for years. We are talking about a political leader who has always been winner. There are many steps taken on the axis from the minimum wage to the EYT issue and the last tax peace. I don’t get into these things much.

There’s already a lot of people who write about it. I am looking from OUTSIDE and I am looking for the answer to the question “What could be inside?”. That’s what’s permanent. This is what will determine Turkiye’s position and influence in the world… That is what will determine the future we will live in…

The British magazine THE ECONOMIST, which has an important place due to its owners, whom I have often written about here before, made a strange cover this week. The magazine, which placed the silhouette of President Erdogan on the crescent on the Turkish Flag, used the phrase “Turkiye is on the edge of a disaster” in its election analysis. When asked about this cover, President Erdoğan rightfully replied, “Does the British magazine determine the fate of Turkiye? My nation determines it. Whatever my nation says happens in Turkiye.”

Let’s leave it half finished here and continue…

POLICIES that are effective in the world and affect every state and everyone are made by people we do not know. “Why did Russia enter the war?”, “Why was NATO membership for Ukraine handled in a way that frightened Moscow?”, “When will the escalating war end?”, “To what extent would the EU be shaken by the energy crisis?” There was a mind, which brought many questions like these and determined the answers. Many STATES in the world do not know what will happen. They just face the consequences…. I think Zelensky is one of them…

One of the leading founders of the game is the US DEEP STATE. The significant strength of the Anglo-Saxon wing…

CIA DIRECTOR William Burns was at the forefront of the names that should be followed in the rhythm that would occur. It was a difficult task to learn unless asked where the CIA DIRECTOR went, when and how often. It was Burns who went to the Kremlin and met with DEEP RUSSIA before the war. Previously, Biden and Putin had already organized a special summit in Geneva. Intelligence was the one that planned it… Normally…


CIA Director William Burns reportedly held a secret meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev last week. The CIA leaked the news to the Washington Post, and everyone learned it from there. Burns was going to Kiev and was sharing detailed information with the Ukrainian leader about Russia’s upcoming military operations. Remember, we learned from the satellites of the USA that the war was already coming!

From the little bits of leaked information, it was clear that Zelensky was wondering how long the US could continue its aid! The leader of Ukraine thought that all aid could be cut due to the balance of the REPUBLIC. Moreover, CIA Director Burns replied, “Yes, this is very likely. You may not receive our help as you always do.” The director of CIA was leaving Zelensky in his fate’s hands. By making its internal balance an excuse…

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, Polish President Andrzej Duda said, “Russia will make a new attack in the coming weeks. This period will determine whether Ukraine will survive the battle. We are at a very important crossroads…” Duda stated that the current military aid sent to Ukraine is not enough and added that more advanced tanks and missiles should be provided. There was also another important meeting, and the USA’s Chief of Defence, General Mark A. Milley, was meeting in Poland with his Ukrainian counterpart to meet face-to-face for the first time since the start of the war. First Burns was leaving and then the commanders were sitting together… On the other hand, the defense ministers of Ukraine and Western countries were meeting at the Ramstein Air Base of the USA in Germany. The most important agenda was the sending of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine. German Chancellor Scholz was resisting and the USA was forcing! Russia, on the other hand, made a statement regarding this agenda and said, “If you give tanks, Ukraine’s suffering will increase.” It threatened them…

In other words, the invasion initiated by Russia on February 24 was continuing, and the counter-table was doing its best to somehow prolong it. With each passing day, it was weakening EU and slowly ruining it. The borders on which the war was based were inside Europe. Soros’ statement “Our civilization is in danger” was very meaningful and true. While the possibility of prolonged war is shaking the West, Turkiye is also going to the elections. The prolongation of the war means that the role of Turkiye will increase even more. At this very point, CAN A LEADER WITH INCREASING POWER ON THE GLOBAL SCALE LOSE AT THE LOCAL SCALE?

This is the point to look at. I think it’s hard, it is very difficult…

Do not exaggerate the situation with the USA, the F-16 shortage and spare parts problem. Those men said “Turkiye is our strategic partner on a global scale,”. What else can they say? Look at the GLOBAL ROUTE that few people know and see, not daily turbulences. Someone from the 6 party opposition table cannot eliminate Erdogan, it does not suit the route of the world. An equation in which Erdogan stepped aside was not considered from the very beginning. This is what I see.

Because the void that will occur will turn into a tsunami starting from Russia and this is not a very desirable choice. Both Turkiye and Erdogan plays an important role in this balance… I can not see a will that wants it to change. I’m not sure if there is anyone at the table who understands this… I just wanted to remind you…

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The Painting!
In 2014, RUSSIA carried out the desired operations on CRIMEA very easily. Of course, the daily life of MOSCOW did not change, although there was some reaction. The tension and conflict among the political figures in Ukraine, the position the country will take, brought two camps over Kyiv. More precisely, it paved the way for the TWO EXISTING ecoles to appear. It was not a secret that Putin was disliked by SOROS. Important names such as Yushchenko-Tymoshenko- Yanukovych were on the stage for the future of UKRAINE. However, Moscow did not want SOROS to come under its nose by using politics. Although there were many reasons that were talked about, this was one of the main reasons that were not talked about in between. UKRAINE first met the ORANGE REVOLUTION and the Kremlin did not remain silent about it.

Yanukovych was supporting Moscow. He was the one who struggled first. He wasn’t strong enough. He took shelter in Russia. Then soldiers took the stage with guns, Russian tanks. Many people got hurt. In the final analysis, CRIMEA became Russia’s. At that time, such a reaction was not given to Putin. Strangely enough, they were trying to ensure that all exits were measured and not too destructive. The Russian operation, which started on February 24, looked like a gnawing operation in UKRAINE, outside of CRIMEA. Even when you take the map and put it in front of you, you will see how valuable the Russians have captured both strategically, economically and militarily. The WAR, which started under the template of NATO MEMBERSHIP, engulfed all of EUROPE and wiped out Ukraine. This is the point reached… I think the Russians and Putin were beating both EUROPE and SOROS in UKRAINE…

The anchoring of SOROS, one of the main players of GLOBALIZATION, in KIEV would obviously shake Moscow after a while. Putin was smart and experienced enough to know that. He chose the method of disrupting the fiction with a gun. “It will spoil the game,” he thought. We heard and read many people’s names at the time of the ORANGE REVOLUTION! Now we keep hearing Zelensky’s name…

Famous money magician George Soros attended Davos last year and made a debut there that summed up the situation. Soros said, “The world is increasingly entering into a struggle between two diametrically opposed systems of government! Open society and closed society. The war in Ukraine may be the beginning of the Third World War and our civilization may not survive it. “The best and perhaps the only way to protect our society is to defeat Russian leader Putin as soon as possible.”

Also last year, Kissinger, another well-known name like Soros, was also speaking at DAVOS. The subject was the UKRAINE WAR again… Henry Kissinger, the architect of the US Cold War strategy, the famous political scientist and former US Secretary of State, was making a call to Ukraine and things were getting messed up. Kissinger saw the danger and explained what had to be done: “Ukraine has to accept Russia’s terms. They have to give the land and make peace.

The continuation of the war, especially the greater involvement of the West, will bring the stability of Europe to disaster. Ukraine must accept the situation and make peace before the war becomes more dire. To make peace, it must give land to Russia…” Henry Kissinger, 98, also commented on the policy of isolating Russia: “Russia is a very important part of Europe. It is very important for European security. Isolating Russia would be catastrophic…” The same Kissinger also spoke at DAVOS the previous day.

He also made an important statement: “Before this war, I was against Ukraine’s NATO membership, because I feared that it would initiate a process just as we saw it. Now that the process has reached this stage, the idea of a neutral Ukraine under these conditions does not make sense. I believe that Ukraine’s NATO membership is a suitable option now.” Kissinger offered the following prescription as a way to prevent the conflict from escalating: Kyiv, Washington and their allies must do what they have done so far. Military and financial aid to Ukraine must continue without interruption. Pressure on Moscow must be increased.

As a result, Russia should be expected to step back…” Henry Kissinger started his speech with the words “THE THING I WAS SCARED OF HAPPENED BECAUSE WHAT I SAID WAS NOT TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION”…

The war continues at full speed and the delivery of the LEOPARD TANK TO UKRAINE was on the agenda…

The Leopard 2 was developed by the Krauss Maffei Wegmann company in the 1970s as a 3rd generation main battle tank for the West German Army. To this date, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has produced around 3600 Leopard-2 battle tanks and delivered them to many countries. In order for a country to export the Leopard tank in its inventory to another country, it needs Germany’s approval. SO when a THIRD country sends a tank, GERMANY will have sent it! The range of the tanks, which can reach 70 kilometers per hour, can be up to 450 kilometers. Equipped with 120 millimeter smoothbore guns and a technology that allows them to detect and target enemies from a long distance, tanks can attack the enemy while they are on the move.

Tanks with crews of four are offering “all-round defense” for troops against threats such as mines, anti-tank fire and improvised explosives. This brings a change in the rhythm and content of the war. The trench warfare would end as soon as the tanks took the stage. The tanks had the ability to defeat the Russian troops. So the things would be different…

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink was also at DAVOS. He was saying, “No one should expect an optimistic painting from me for 2023″…

Turkiye will go to the elections under these conditions. The result will affect the world, it is inevitable. It will, and you will see.

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All for Gas
Today, let’s go over the important words of important names and reach out to the ecoles. Who is doing what? Whose influence is weakened? Let’s look for answers to these questions…

ALI BABACAN from Turkiye attended the World Economic Forum held in Davos. Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He became prominent with his stance and speech at DAVOS, where many important names were present. “China is embracing foreign investment. It will open its doors even more,” said Liu, one of the names closest to Xi Jinping and the head of the economy. Liu’s open appeal to the world leaders gathered in Davos to invest was understood as an OPERATION TO SOLVE THE ISSUES TO STRENGTHEN THEIR SLOWING ECONOMIES. In his speech at the World Economic Forum, Liu expressed the concepts of “strengthening international cooperation” and “maintaining world peace” 11 times. New data on China’s gross domestic product also show that the country’s economic growth slowed in 2022, hitting its lowest level in nearly 50 years.

Liu’s honest speech and request of INVESTMENT was also a result of GLOBAL CHESS, as I wrote yesterday. The representation of China with a high-level delegation in Davos and the absence of Russia built a completely opposite image. While China refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it was running to DAVOS, being thrown to other poles with RUSSIA. And this was nothing but the result of the GLOBAL FICTION. Meanwhile, while Liu He announced that the OPEN POLICIES would continue, his main meeting would be in Zurich. He was to meet with the US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, with whom he had met ONLINE several times. This was a very important step! Let’s continue… Now let’s go to the USA and look at Turkiye from there…

John Bolton defended the expulsion of Turkiye from NATO in his article titled “Message from NATO’s Elected Ones to Erdogan” published in the Wall Street Journal. “If the West takes bold steps to support the opposition in Turkiye in the presidential election, there is a chance that Erdogan will be stopped,” wrote John Bolton, the Donald Trump administration’s National Security Adviser in 2018-19. Bolton, who wrote that he knew that it would not be easy for Turkiye to be expelled from NATO, also advised, “If every member acts as if Turkiye does not exist, there will be results.” Stating that the NATO card coming to the table before the elections and putting Turkiye in a risky position will weaken Erdogan’s hand, Bolton made the final with the words “Otherwise, Erdogan’s victory is a risk for us.”

The US, the invisible face of the war that started with Russia’s entry into Ukraine, took a step towards solving energy problems in Europe! “If they make a long-term contract, the USA will increase the gas it gives to Europe by 5 times,” said Toby Rice, Director General of the American gas company EQT. Thus, if there was a contract, EUROPE would buy the cheap gas from the USA, which it could not get anywhere. Toby Rice added that the US currently supplies 100 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Europe, adding that it is possible to increase this amount to 500 billion cubic meters if the contract periods are extended. Rice stated that this way, Europe can avoid being dependent on Russia for gas. Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 were bombed and the USA was on the scene. It was using the gas card to completely connect EUROPE to them. Russia would have given its gas to both China and India anyway. There was a sharing in ENERGY. Not many people saw that…

Let’s go to the USA again…

Let’s move on to another frequency…

Spokesperson of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, answered questions about the decision regarding the F-16 sales to Turkiye at the daily press conference. On a question, Ryder said, “When it comes to the bilateral relationship between Turkiye and the United States, we have always said that Turkiye is an important partner and ally. Therefore, we will continue to work closely with Turkiye’s leaders to strengthen this relationship and ensure that our mutual defense needs are taken into account.”.

Asked whether the US administration’s approval of the sale of F-16s to Turkiye and the plan to sell F-35 aircraft to Greece are related, Ryder noted that these issues are independent of each other and that the US has relations with both countries. The next question was important. “Some members of the Congress object to the sale of F-16s to Turkiye. Did the Pentagon advise anything to the Congress? HERE the answer to this question was very clear. Generally, they wouldn’t answer questions clearly. But the expressions are clear.

Spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder replied: “This is something for Congress to decide. I can’t tell them what to do from here. As I said again and again, Turkiye and the United States share an alliance and Turkiye is an important partner not only in the region but also in the world…” Meanwhile Kissinger was also attached to Davos. The 100-year-old political genius said, “I gave up on what I said last year. Ukraine should now be a member of NATO…”

This is what I’ve been trying to say for a long time.

There may be problems, there may be conflicts, but the USA cannot do without Turkiye. Because its rival is not Turkiye, but EUROPE and CHINA. Turkiye is needed more than we think in order to control, weaken and rule these rivals. However, since every subject is spoken with templates and the sounds of ridiculous people are too loud, it does not seem real to others.

Unfortunately, Turkiye is a more important country than we know. This is the truth. The structure you call the Pentagon, that is, the US ARMY, is the place where all politics are started. A GENERAL sits at the head of the structure called CIA. Don’t think that the CIA leaders are wandering around… The Pentagon determines the POLICY, and the CIA does what is necessary. This is the situation. With the Russian War, China was separated from the EU. Russia was already too smart to take refuge in Beijing. The EU was asked to remain weak and vulnerable. That’s what happened. Now, while RUSSIA would control the EAST, the USA would lock the West with its friendly identity. Turkiye would stay close to both of them… The 6-party opposition table would also try to eliminate Erdogan in order to damage this balance… The Gulf would also continue its financial support. This is roughly the point… Like John Bolton, there were many who did not understand what Patrick Ryder was talking about.

There is nothing we can do about it.

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We have a basic approach to put the ECONOMY on a separate shelf and evaluate it. However, there is no economy that POLITICS does not approve. Especially not the GLOBAL economy. While going through a global war, it is actually desired to establish a new economic rhythm. There are economic reasons behind every event we experience. Let’s talk about something different. I don’t like drowning in numbers either, but it’s good to have a brief look…

The Chinese economy grew by 3 percent on an annual basis in 2022, with the effect of strict Covid-19 measures. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached $18 trillion in the January-December 2022 period, increasing by 3 percent compared to the previous year. This was the lowest annual increase recorded in China since 1976, after growth of 2.2 percent in 2020, when the first effects of the Covid-19 outbreak were felt. This fell short of the Chinese government’s growth target of around 5.5 percent for 2022. The Chinese economy has maintained high growth rates for most of the 46 years since the last contraction in 1976. You will see that China had become a GIANT with 10 PERCENT growth in general when you analyze it… Industrial production increased by 1.3 percent in December 2022 and by 3.6 percent throughout the year.

Retail sales, a measure of consumption and demand, fell by 1.8 percent and by 0.2 percent during the year. It seems that many combinations such as troubles in the real estate sector, bankruptcies, Covid-19 closures, new bans on foreign capital and investors leaving the country played a role in the formation of this result. As I have often written before, China’s success story began with the first official visit of US President Nixon. The USA, which gave them money and technology, paved the way for the MONEY arising from trade to be evaluated in its own financial system. The USA made an experiment with Japan, where it dropped the atomic bomb, and after the results obtained, it entered CHINA FOR CERTAIN GLOBAL VICTORY.

For example, as we all know, Phil Knight of Stanford entered China with Nike. Nike was one of the first US brands to go to China. For example, if a US company was going to China and investing $100 billion, the Beijing administration had to spend that same amount of money on US bills. That was roughly the balance. There were still many US companies that kept China strong…

We were not looking at the economic stones laid on the road for the POLITICAL target. And when you miss it, there is not much left. Anyway… China, with a population of more than 1.4 billion, would not be able to spread prosperity to the society when it fell below 10 percent growth. Growth below 10 percent had an inward-looking side as well as having effects on the world. China’s economy was an EXPORT-based system. Those who brought the change were from the USA. That was the balance! China kept producing, while the USA was consuming. Then things slowly changed. While the USA did not take an important stage in history, the SECOND WORLD WAR began.

Even if the USA sent soldiers, it kept its country strong, it kept producing, and sold what it produced to everyone. The war forced the USA to invite them to EUROPE. It came. They covered the EU like a scarf. They formatted the political-military-economic system here as well. But the EU was not like China. As it gained its power and developed, it distanced itself from the USA. It has achieved a great economic growth. They became the only competitor of the USA on a global scale. And they went to China just like the USA did. They played the role. This event could be explained and understood with economic data. When POLITICS is involved, things change. That’s what happened. Not many people write, but if China is a threat to the USA, it is a danger to Russia!

As I’ve talked about it here before, the USA HAD TO TAKE A STEP TO AVOID COLLAPSE. And this move came from Russia on February 24. They entered Ukraine. The shock that started with Covid-19 turned into a crisis. It is odd that it was EUROPE that was shaken by the hardship of WAR, as in the two world wars! What a coincidence, the USA was far away again! Again, its help was asked! Whether it’s Bush, Trump or Biden, the Washington administration was full of men smart enough to see CHINA coming. Europe’s overtaking of the USA in trade with China was the biggest messenger of the war. This meant that the game President Nixon and US planned was ruined 50 years later. It was a great danger to them. If they could afford it, they would take a step.

And they did! Russia has plunged into UKRAINE, whose excuse is unconvincing even to children. It cut off the lifeblood of the SILK ROAD. It left EUROPE without energy. It weakened Beijing’s contact with EU capitals. The economy of EUROPE, which overtakes the USA in its trade with China, became smaller. The danger of recession has arisen. When the difficulties were experienced one after another, distance arrived. In addition to the reaction of the USA, the loss of competitiveness of the EU in the energy grip has shaken China’s export-based economy.

UKRAINE was nothing more than a TEST tool used here. While millions of people were suffering, the GLOBAL ECONOMIC WAR was audible even among the sounds of bullets, bombs, and cannons. Even while the war in Ukraine was active, the automobile giant Volkswagen, which belongs to GERMANY, said, “GET OUT OF CHINA NOW!”. Of course, economists will evaluate these growth figures of China. But it was as if his ability to become a POLITICAL GLOBAL PLAYER was severely damaged. Macron’s visit to Biden and his request that meant ‘Give us some space.’ were the results. A similar problem for Europe as a whole was now at the door of CHINA… Of course, we cannot know what will happen. However, the fate of the GAME is clear. Those who established the game and those who implement it are on the stage… At least for now, the losers look like the EU and CHINA…

It was not possible for these developments not to affect the elections in Turkiye. Therefore, 6-party opposition table would do their best. Because the President would determine Turkiye’s position and route! I think it would be useful to look at what will happen from this perspective…

The reason for possible tensions is related to WHERE TURKIYE WILL BE, AND WHERE IT WILL STOP…

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The issue of Tanks!
GERMAN Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht resigned. She blamed the media as she left. Prime Minister Olaf Scholz has accepted Lambrecht’s resignation, who he called “a first-class defense minister” until yesterday. He had to. Don’t be fooled by the words “She got on a military helicopter with her son” or “She shot and posted a scandalous video on New Year’s Eve”…

The resignation has nothing to do with them!

So what was going on…

Let’s open it…

At the beginning of December, very different news came from Germany. A GROUP pressed the button to make a COUP, but the police acted first and destroyed the organization. The leader of the group, which ignored the German government and defined themselves as Citizens of the German Empire (Reichsbürger), was Prince Heinrich, a member of a 700-year-old dynasty. All were arrested. The aim of the organization, in which 21 thousand people ACTIVELY took part, was to eliminate GERMANY and return to the EMPIRE period. In fact, this organization was also disturbed by the role GERMANY assumed after the Second World War. They found it impersonal and without identity.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht also described Russia’s attack on Ukraine as an important turning point (Zeitwende) and declared that Germany had to reevaluate security issues and that the German army would be strengthened to defend the country and its allies. She was saying this just last SEPTEMBER. Lambrecht did not hesitate to emphasize that this process also required a change in the political culture, view of the army and military issues.

The Minister, who was criticized and resigned, said that in order for future generations to live in a free environment, in peace and security, Germany should make an urgent change and the German army should be made stronger and more active in this process. Lambrecht explained the point she thought must be reached and said, “The most important thing is that our Germany must change… Let me make this clear: If we do not make this change, it will not be possible for us to live in safety in the future”. And I guess not many people in Germany were not ready for that. That was the problem. The country could not remove the CODE on the country. Even though they made progress economically, they were submissive to the game established politically and militarily…

Before the German minister was forced to resign, she said “We need strong, combat-ready armed forces to be able to defend ourselves and our alliance in times of danger. In 2022, this is no longer just a theoretical game of ideas, but a reality… Many new weapons will be purchased for the German army. New units will be built. This is not an easy thing to do.

It is a very difficult process…” The Minister was saying briefly, “If we do not change our minds, the end will not be good for us”. Shr declared that they could not trust anyone. She also expressed at every opportunity that the Russian attack should wake everyone up. However, she resigned…

Reminding that Germany was the country that benefited the most from the security architecture established during the Cold War, the German Minister said, “Germany’s size, geographical location, economic power, in short, its weight imposes a leadership role on us. Whether we want it or not… this is also valid for military,” she was actually challenging the United States. That’s what the media didn’t write about. She was a great MINISTER with a horizon who wanted to go on her own path… Apparently she was not strong enough…

On January 20, there was a WESTERN DEFENSE MINISTERS MEETING in Ramstein. The main agenda was whether to give the German Leopard tanks to UKRAINE. The resigning MINISTER and some of them were distant, they were saying, “This means we go directly into the war.” However, there were many people who thought otherwise. Giving an effective weapon like the TANK would re-determine the direction, time and scope of the war. And it was not easy to predict who would be dragged this step.

It was not a secret that eastern EUROPE would be under fire. The EU had no power against the Russian army. The USA was the guarantor. Okay but, when would it come, on what condition, and what would it do after it came? Did they want a new NORMANDIA? It wasn’t clear. The FIRST and SECOND WARS broke out as a result of GERMANY’s objection to the global plan. Recently, GERMANY has opposed the GLOBAL SYSTEM ECONOMICALLY this time. It approached China.

It made the EU the FIRST PARTNER OF CHINA. The USA fell into second place. And Russia’s attack on UKRAINE was no surprise in light of this fact. If the WAR was to grow and expand, the loser would be EUROPE. That is clear! And how much the war would affect whom was unknown. However, it was a fact that we were faced with a great ECONOMIC FICTION over politics. If the TANK decision is made, everyone will say, “Who will be the economic winner of this war? And will we profit from this storm?” It was imperative for them to search for answers to these questions… If these developments occur, DOMESTIC POLITICS would become much more painful than you think. The elections would be held in the shadow of the growing war…

In the light of these developments, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar was going to London as the official guest of British Defense Minister Ben Wallace. And on January 20, in RAMSTEIN, MINISTERS OF DEFENSE would speak about the SPIRIT OF WAR.

Apparently, everyone is getting ready. We are getting ready as well…

NOTE: CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, made a harsh statement about Pashas who applauded Erdogan’s words at an opening and said, “I call out to the commanding ones again; if you want politics, you can’t do it with that holy uniform. I won’t allow it.

You are Turkiye’s soldiers,”… From the point of view of the ARMY-POLITICS-COUNTRY POSITION, it could be seen that ANKARA and the 6 party opposition table were in completely different places. We must look at what is happening from this perspective. Both at the election and the pain we will experience.

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Soft Power
It is not easy to find the answers to where we are going in the DAILY news pace. When you take some time and start sorting the questions, it doesn’t stop. Bringing them all together and finding a common answer and understanding the movements is not for everyone. It is hard…

I think it would be clarifying to stay in this window and reach out to the elections that Turkiye has gone through and look at what will happen from the frame of STEVE BANNON and GEORGE SOROS…

Even when we look at the last 7-8 years, we see that EUROPE has been shaken by TERROR like never before. France is officially in pain. Various cities were left breathless with guns and bombs. It was tested by a power in the same way in Germany, England and Belgium. If I try to count, this page will not be enough! But these happened. It was not possible to predict what would happen here without finding the answers to these questions. Of course, in my opinion… Going through TWO ECOLES, which I often write about, would help to understand…

The wind that started with the ARAB SPRING, polled Turkiye with the GEZİ PARK events, and anchored in Syria brought change in many countries in 2013. Go all the way to Qatar! A short time passed. And a very important step has been taken. There was no reason. We didn’t know why, but it was taken. This was the farewell of the ENGLAND DEEP STATE to EUROPE. While it was JULY 15th in 2016 for us, London was parting ways with BREXIT. This was a move that would be taught in history classes in the future.

After this decision of the British, I immediately looked at only one name! To the famous money magician SOROS… I think he is a very smart man. His horizon was not something that everyone would understand. However, on the way he went, it was impossible not to clash with the STATES. So he did. Soros said right after BREXIT that “Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has made the disintegration of the EU inevitable”. It was 2016…

A name that beat the Bank of England BY THE CASE OF BLACK WEDNESDAY was saying these things. He saw DEVALUATION in the Pound, shuttled between Sterling and Mark and eventually made a fortune in an operation that was unprecedented in history. He was beating the Bank of England… He continued and told about today by saying, “The disaster scenario that many feared came true. The disintegration of the EU has reached a point that cannot be reversed in practice. Financial markets all over the world continue to experience turmoil as the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU are negotiated. And it will be very long and complex…”

During the COVID-19 epidemic, he was describing the course of the situation by giving the same words on the example of ITALY, saying “I DO NOT HAVE MUCH HOPE LEFT FOR EUROPE”. Brexit opens the floodgates for other anti-European forces in the Union, while Geert Wilders was proposing “Nexit” in the Netherlands, while the National Front was calling for “Frexit” in France. The group led by Poland and Hungary and Slovenia was next in line. As Soros defended OPEN SOCIETY, SOME STATES AND SOME LEADERS were reacting to it. Like ORBAN, the Hungarian leader Soros had taught in England…

Anyway… On the other hand, another player was landing in EUROPE and was traveling in the opposite direction. Steve Bannon…

Britain’s decision to leave the union led to the inevitable rise of far-right parties in countries such as Hungary, Poland, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy, which increasingly questioned the effectiveness of the EU. Bannon also walked with THE MOVEMENT and shared the stage with the far-right leader Marine Le Pen at the party congress in France. Bannon used the phrases, “Let them call you racist and the enemy of foreigners. Don’t listen, wear these titles as your medal of honor.” In Italy, Matteo Salvini’s League Party and the far-right party Brothers of Italy also announced that they would support “The Movement”.

It was not a secret that Bannon was on good terms with Trump’s close friend and former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage. Steve Bannon was landing on Europe and blowing the wind of nationalism and provoking the hostility against EU. In other words, he was doing the opposite of what George Soros did… After the steps taken, COVID-19 came and devastated everyone, and before they were about to be a union, the EU and RUSSIA were getting into a fight because of the UKRAINE issue. A new one was added to the endless troubles of Europe. Now people are afraid of war visiting a third country.

In other words, the wind that started with BREXIT continued to blow towards EUROPE. The Trump-Putin-Erdogan-Cinping axis, which Soros did not hide that he hated, was one step ahead. “OPEN SOCIETY” could not move forward against these leaders. I think Der Spiegel also brought these leaders to its cover in 2018 and asked, “Is GERMANY AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON?”. Soros was an American businessman. He was committed to the EUROPEAN spirit. This ecole had a strong influence on the USA. Although they had rivals, they were not ALONE. The situation was the same in China, Russia and Turkiye… Even though the names were changed, the WAR OF THE ECOLES was going on at full speed. Many readings could be made on the relations of Steve Bannon-Soros, Trump-Soros, Bush-Soros, Orban-Soros, Erdogan-Soros, Putin-Soros.

I often write that Turkiye’s choice will have GLOBAL effects while approaching. This is the reason! The SIGN we built by saying “Soros” is not as ineffective and weak as it seems. On the contrary, they have an experience that can sign larger organizations more than the opposite ecole. I don’t have any intention of showing anyone as THIS or THAT. However, the 6-party opposition table has a format that looks very close to OPEN SOCIETY. I don’t think I need to write how Europe will be in peace if they eliminate Erdogan.

In such a case, it is not difficult to predict that the biggest damage will be experienced in England. And it’s no secret that Putin’s Russia can’t stand it any longer… And there are many other similar things… In fact, we are at the center of a WORLD WAR where soft power is used. Many people are not aware of it. This is the explanation of the days we are going through…

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Secret Code
As I have often written, TWO ecoles are clashing for DIFFERENT REASONS IN DIFFERENT PLACES. The Russia-Ukraine war is one of the main factors determining the future. The war would also shape the future of politics in Turkiye. These are the developments that need to be evaluated as a whole: the situation in Europe in terms of energy, Sweden’s continued attack on President Erdogan even though it wanted to be a member of NATO, allowing the demonstrations, Russian Chief of Staff Gerasimov’s sudden decision to be sent to the FRONT, the 6-party opposition table’s ridiculous actions while making preparations.

Let’s continue…

Russia experienced the biggest attack since the invasion of Ukraine on the first day of January. So on the first day of the new year, fire fell on Moscow. In the first hours of the new year, Ukraine struck a school that Russian soldiers stayed in Makiivka in the occupied Donetsk region. Ukrainian intelligence claimed that 400 Russian soldiers were killed and 300 injured after the attack. The Russian army, which banned the use of telephones, suffered heavy losses due to the soldiers who did not care about this ban.

Ukrainian intelligence (perhaps EUROPEAN INTELLIGENCE) was tracking the phone signals. Thereupon, the attack began with HIMARS missiles supplied by the USA, and the Russian Air Defense System shot down two of them. However, the 4 missiles that hit the school caused great loss. This event led to the drawing of swords in the Russian army, that is, in the RED ARMY, which took its name from the regime…

The reckoning was beginning. There were too many claims! After the attack, General Surovikin, known for his brutality, known as “General Armageddon”, was removed from the command and administration of the war, and General Gerasimov, who was the HEAD OF THE GENERAL STAFF, was brought in. Even if you just scan the photos from the agencies, it was possible to understand that the Minister of Defense Shoigu and Gerasimov were very good friends. There was a strong alliance between them. General Surovikin was taking office to lead the war in October and was finishing the entire infrastructure of UKRAINE.

He was stepping for decisive victory that would end the war. But a hand was coming down the field to stop him. Russian mercenary company Wagner Group and its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and Chechen leader Kadyrov supported General Surovikin and blamed Gerasimov and Shoigu for what happened. In other words, a hand, a power, a mind was going down to the field to prolong the RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR. It would never be known who shared the phone signals that killed 400 Russian soldiers at the school. It would disappear in the meantime. However, a MIND managed to prolong the war by changing the stones…

The invasion of Russia was shaking Europe deeply, and its capitals were having nightmares. For this reason, even Finland and Sweden were setting out to become NATO members. At this point, Turkiye was objecting as an important member. It especially demanded that Sweden correct itself and distance itself from terrorism. Although Sweden gave the message “NO PROBLEM” every time, yesterday it embraced the propaganda of the terrorist organization and prevented the peace from coming. So if we looked behind us, it was possible to see EUROPE attacking. The fact that NATO turned a blind eye to this was obvious. Roughly, the ANGLOSAXON alliance aimed to prolong the war and end the TETONS’ homeland, EUROPE.

At least they wanted to limit their influence on a GLOBAL SCALE… This war was very lively in Turkiye as it was seen in the territory of UKRAINE. These were the two main bodies of ecole wars anyway! Trying to explain the developments in short sentences was not enough to understand what was going on. While the TWO ecoles were fighting among themselves, they wanted both Russia and Turkiye to be on their side. This determined the direction of the operations. No painful step would come by itself. Especially in Turkiye…

On the one hand, AK PARTY-MHP are standing together, and on the other hand, all of the others are standing together while they are going to the elections. As I have written for a few days, President Erdogan shifted his journey, which he started with the AK PARTY, to another axis when he saw that they wanted him to be dismissed. When he realized that he was the biggest rival of his own party, he approached ANGLOSAKSON ecole. He was right… The BREXIT decision was nothing but the declaration of the ecole wars. The target was EUROPE. KNIGHT’S ALLIANCE, which we define as Teutonic, is acting with the motto “If we take Turkiye, we will break the game. We will be the winners”, by drawing the EU, the VATICAN and the companies that give spirit to the USA. The same lane is now being asked to slowly open around PUTIN…

Merkel’s NORTH STREAM GAS PROJECTS were already being implemented for this purpose. But the ANGLO-SAXON mind was eliminating it. When Turkiye came to the table, the subject was the elections. EUROPE was completely on the side of the TABLE. Even though there were many statements about the CANDIDACY that would confuse us, it was CLEAR THAT A HIDDEN STRATEGY WAS WORKING. They had two goals! Either they would win the election or they would try to come with a big economic crisis after the election they lost…

It was not a coincidence that DEVA’s leader Ali Babacan frequently talked about his economic successes and this coincided with the period when the ALLIANCE, which I underlined as TEUTON, was strong here. However, President Erdogan was an influential leader on a global scale. When he moved Turkiye to where he was, the balance changed. For this reason, the Presidency elections are very valuable in terms of explaining the POSITION. Where will Turkiye be? Elections will answer that question. When the box is so important, Washington, London, Berlin, Paris and Moscow are trying to be involved. One way or another, the table of 6 would announce a CANDIDATE. Even if they experienced frequency differences within the same lane, they would find a way. And this would be a person that could affect EUROPE’s position and struggle on a GLOBAL SCALE… For this reason, the election is important for others as well. The best example of this is that Ekrem Imamoglu, who went to umra with his parents, was going to meet with the bosses of ARAMCO there…

Not many people still know, but Turkiye is a much more valuable and important country than you think…

That’s the reason of the struggle…

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