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I have written about it frequently… Because these were not the subjects that were drawn a lot in the media. There was an eclipse of reason in the country. At least in some parts, in some groups. I knew very well that what was going on was not clearly explained. History was not quite as we were taught. I can’t go back and say “that’s wrong” or “he is guilty”. The important thing was to manage the future correctly. But knowing the balances…

Take a look at the presidential elections after Mustafa Kemal! Do we have a single painless election, including İsmet Pasha? This is an incredible balance in which guns are drawn, people are discouraged from candidacy by threats, and memorandums are given!

I don’t want to go into names and details… Lastly, Mr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu was placed AGAINST Erdoğan as a rival. Who decided on Mr. Ekmeleddin and why? Or why the country came to the brink of a coup with memorandum when Mr. Abdullah Gül announced that he would be a candidate… What was Yaşar Büyükanıt Pasha’s problem with Mr. Abdullah? What was the issue? Why was the country forced to live in constant tension? Ok! It was not Norway! But that was too much. Who wanted what from us?

Let’s open it… And let’s talk about the Presidency elections…

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was asked a while ago, “Do you want to be President?” He replied, “I cannot speak on behalf of the alliance, but if the alliance accepts this, I will be honored.” WHO WAS THE ALLIANCE? Opposition party leaders? The white-haired names of the opposition parties? Those who are in a global NETWORK and suggest a name that OUTSIDE wants?

I don’t know… The whole country doesn’t know that either… I don’t think Mr. Kemal knows the answer of “Who will be a candidate?” For example, how many people in the CHP knew when Mr. Ekmeleddin was nominated? Or did anyone know?

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu met with the British AMBASSADOR to ANKARA at a dinner. Normally this would not be news. Maybe we wouldn’t have known if the snow hadn’t taken ISTANBUL captive. However, the snow brought the meeting at the fisherman with it! When this came to light, İmamoğlu said, “We are talking about a dinner with an ambassador and the main representative of a country with which Turkey has the most intense relations. We had clarified the meeting 20-25 days ago and decided on the restaurant. This is not a secret dinner…

It is the responsibility of an Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor to establish relations with the ambassadors of such countries of the world, as well as the fight against snow…” The SECRET and CARRIER sentence here was to underline that the meeting with the AMBASSADOR as important as the snow! There was really nothing hidden.

The people at the restaurant were taking pictures of the meeting with their phones. However, as I wrote yesterday, CHP did not know about this dinner. Mr. Kemal did not know. The critical men of the party were unaware that they were chatting with fish for the road from restaurant Kahraman to Beştepe. In other words, Mr. Kemal was saying, “I WOULD BE HONORED IF THE ALLIANCE CONSENTS”, but obviously Imamoglu had accelerated his steps for the ALLIANCE…

And there wasn’t much that Mr. Kemal could do in this direction… Neither did his party. Only in the PARLIAMENTARY system the INSTITUTIONS MAKING THE STATE was somehow under the influence of some WESTERN CAPITALS.

While a significant part of the opposition against Erdoğan received this support from GERMANY, İmamoğlu was playing for the balance… So he wasn’t just meeting with the BRITISH AMBASSADOR…

One of the first to congratulate him after being elected was the former President of GERMANY Christian Wulff. “I am very happy to see and congratulate the new Metropolitan Mayor here,” Wulf said.

Some time passed, this time İmamoğlu was going to Germany and meeting with MERKEL. İmamoğlu said, “We had a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the event held due to the fall of the Berlin Wall. I received Merkel’s congratulations on behalf of our city, which successfully passed the democracy test. I conveyed the greetings of 16 million people from Istanbul to her and invited her to Istanbul…” shared it with the media.

During the ceremony on Bernauer Street, İmamoğlu and Merkel were giving really sincere images. In the evening, he was given the “Kybele Friendship Award”. It was WULF who presented the award!

Let’s continue…

There was also the US part of the issue. It should be talked about. İmamoğlu was hosting the former US AMBASSADOR of the USA, David Satterfield, who had transferred his duties to Jeff Flake, in his office in Florya and sending him off from there. . Imamoglu, who met with BRITISH AMBASSADOR at a restaurant, was probably thinking CHP alone wouldn’t be enough for him to be a candidate for the Presidency. For this reason, he was taking his own steps… He thought that by forming his own alliance, he could move forward more easily with the support he would receive from outside. And I think he was pursuing a policy of forcing the ALLIANCE that Mr. Kemal mentioned support him.

I think Mr. Kemal should leave the door of TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) or the Ministry of National Education as soon as possible and GO TO THE DOOR OF THE METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY… And if possible, he must never leave!

If he wastes more time, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to open the door of ISTANBUL like the other doors he went to! I think this time, Mr. Kemal should take precautions and not make an explanation. He should knock on the door all of a sudden…


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I have been writing for a LONG time that the 6 party opposition table is a way out for EUROPE. This is indeed the case when you look away from the local area. The fact that Mr. Kilicdaroglu will be working with Jeremy Rifkin is extremely useful in terms of explaining his POSITION anyway. Many players from the same ecole will walk with Mr. Kilicdaroglu and the 6-party opposition table. It is not known if they will last long enough. However, the game is going as it should be in its own patterns. There are not even small surprises for me.

It is not unexpected that the team opposing the AK PARTY, MHP and President Erdogan come together. I think it would increase the number of alliances on the other side even more. Therefore, if you look at June 2023 as an election that only concerns us, what I wrote does not cover you. The event is much more important than we think.

I have been writing for a very long time that the USA has somehow wanted to eliminate the EUROPEAN UNION. I explain with examples. The most recent Russia-Ukraine War was an operation designed for this purpose. However, as a habit, we can only focus on the front of the stage. However, most of what we see is fake! The facts are hidden behind the curtain! In the invisible part…

Let’s explain…

Let’s go over Jeremy Rifkin again… Let’s see if you can make a connection between what I wrote and what Rifkin said. Rifkin is an important mind. He has important works. There is a world that he wants to change, that he dreams of. Rifkin was actually stating his position on a global scale with his books. His statements were clear. There was no question mark. The book “The European Dream: How Europe’s Vision for the Future Silently Overshadows the American Dream” by Rifkin described the role that EUROPE had taken against the USA.

Arguing that Europe’s path is the right one, Rifkin said, “When the political engine in the EU comes to an end with the necessary regulations, no one can stand in its way…” In other words, Rifkin was expressing that the USA glorified the SECOND INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION by telegraph, telephone, mail, with the dominance it established with fossil fuels, with its military bases distributed everywhere, but that it had come to an end. HE ANNOUNCED THAT THE USA IS DONE AND THE RISING POWER IS THE EUROPEAN UNION…

For Rifkin, the American Dream was based on economic growth, personal wealth, and independence. Patriotism was synonymous with the unbridled use of power. The American Dream is tired. The soil has been dug for 200 years. The earth has turned into a garbage dump with fossil fuels. An uninhabitable world has emerged. Now, however, a new EUROPE brings a new DREAM. Today, we see the emergence of a new set of values focused on sustainable development, quality of life and multilateralism. Less concerned with the brute use of power, the European Dream pushes us towards a more interconnected and interdependent world. Rifkin, who made this comment, then mentions about the UK, which is often the subject of my articles…


Where does England fit into this story? The British find themselves between a fading American Dream and an emerging European Dream gaining the upper hand. It is clear that Britain is in a unique position to play the role of a bridge between Europe and America… It has the potential to create a synergy between the two superpowers. But to have real influence in world affairs, Britain must choose to become part of a larger political entity. In a globally interconnected world, no one can exist as an island. The only question for England is whether it will make America or Europe its home. Rifkin, in his book “EUROPEAN DREAM”, in others, in his conferences and lectures, states that EUROPE is a great power and that the USA will decline and collapse. Defining the USA as a power that cannot wake up, Rifkin declares that they missed the train and that EUROPE has come a long way… Rifkin, who would serve as an advisor to Mr. Kilicdaroglu, was explaining the difference between the USA and the EU in other words…

“While the American Dream focuses on personal wealth accumulation and individual success, the European Dream focuses more on quality of life. While the American Dream emphasizes growth, the European Dream focuses equally on what Europeans call sustainable development. There is a deep commitment to environmental issues in continental Europe. Environment and biodiversity are important. EU member states have become great champions of the global warming agreement. They are moving towards the transition to renewable energies, organic and sustainable agriculture.

They use energy much more efficiently. 30 years ago they were far behind the United States in protecting the environment, but now they are significantly ahead. For example, even though there are 450 million people in Europe compared to our 280 million, the US uses a third more energy than Europe. The American Dream focuses heavily on property rights and civil rights as it expands our individuality. If you have property and civil rights, you are independent and self-sufficient. Europeans focus on social rights and universal human rights…” There are such long sentences and conversations. In the final analysis, Rifkin tells that EUROPE has overtaken the USA, will overtake it, and will take its place. There are many people who think like him.

But is this the truth? Even though Russia’s move over UKRAINE faced sanctions, it is obvious that the loser is EUROPE. Living in the shadow of nuclear has left no peace in any capital city in the EU. Fear has surrounded the mountains. The ENERGY card that Rifkin intends to transform is now bringing the end of EUROPE. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine once again taught us that the power can ruin the game… Unfortunately, that’s how it is. Mr. Kilicdaroglu and his friends at the table of 6 think like Rifkin. It is natural. However, the opponent ecole eliminates this with weapons and energy. This is what I am trying to explain. Macron saw this. He went to the white house to prevent the collapse of Europe. So the opposite of what Rifkin said was happening…


Rifkin became the new address of what I was trying to tell. Never analyse events from the local perspective. Everything changes when our perspective changes. That is what suits us…

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I have been trying to convey to you for a very long time that TWO ECOLES have fought, clashed and are in a great struggle. To show this, I have written Russia’s intervention in UKRAINE many times here. I divided the winners and losers into two groups, especially in terms of their economic results.

I tried to show who the war was really between. The SCENARIO above would have cast a shadow over every country. Turkiye was not exempt from this. If President Erdogan and the MHP represent one ECOLE, their opponents were naturally the other! This was the case in the USA, Germany and England. In China too…

Recently, I insistently wrote that both Mr. Kilicdaroglu and the 6-party opposition table had little chance against ERDOĞAN. While I was writing this, I added, “The opposition is close to EUROPE. There is a Paris-Berlin line on the horizon. How will they win in Turkiye while the EU loses on a global scale?” I wrote this very often. There were neoliberal winds in the world. As a result, we saw ÖZAL. We saw Kemal Derviş. Now, there is an ecole that has declared war on the neoliberal understanding that starts in the USA and extends to Moscow. That’s the definition of a fight. That’s what’s spreading around the world… Roughly…

All the parties gathered around the table to eliminate Erdoğan and those who supported them from outside were FOCUSED on EUROPE. It was the center where they wanted to integrate. Is it natural? It sure is…

The US-RUSSIA axis would do their best to prevent EUROPE from winning by taking England with them. Otherwise it would be their own loss. Therefore, whether they wanted to or not, they were compelled to stand by Turkiye’s Erdogan. If Erdogan changed his way or came to power with a 6-party opposition table with PRO-EU attitude, they were the ones who would lose. They knew. For this reason, they could never stay away from Erdoğan. They had to give implicit or explicit support. That’s a fact!

The coming to power of Mr. Kilicdaroglu and his friends would have consequences such as EUROPE’s defeat of Russia, its shrinking of the USA, and its full dominance on a global scale. It was sharper and harsher than what a great war brought! In the light of all this, I added that Mr. Kilicdaroglu and other actors at the table are the last chance for the EU. While Turkiye was preparing for JUNE 2023, the opposition had to show its color while going to an important election for the world. Even though I knew what was going to happen, concrete developments were needed.

One of them took the stage. Mr. Kilicdaroglu, who made special trips to the USA and England, made the American neo-liberal economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin his advisor. Rifkin was going to make a presentation at the CHP’s Vision meeting at the Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center on 3 DECEMBER. When this emerged, a huge turbulence also occurred. There was a lot of praise and criticism… I’m not talking about that. Where would Mr. Rifkin take the CHP? What would it promise? I’m looking for answers to these…

Let’s go deeper… Let’s continue with examples.

And let’s see how the struggle will take shape… Jeremy Rifkin was born as the child of Russian Jewish immigrant Vivette Ravel Rifkin, who immigrated to Texas, and Milton Rifkin, a plastic bag manufacturer. He grew up in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1967. It was WHARTON SCHOOL OF FINANCE AND COMMERCE… He was successful.

He even received a merit award. In 1973, Rifkin did another thing that would shape his ideas later on. At the 200th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony of the BOSTON TEA PARTY, he organized a mass protest against oil companies. The Boston Tea Party in 1773 was a political and economic backlash. The colonies objected to the high tax that the British put on tea. For this reason, BRITISH ships full of tea were burned in BOSTON. This paved the way for the US War of Independence…

Rifkin and his friends were also unloading oil barrels into the harbor in BOSTON. The protest came just after the 1973 OPEC oil embargo…


The school Rifkin graduated from was truly a brand. For example, former US President Donald Trump, SPACEX founder Elon Musk and billionaire investor Warren Buffet were from the same school. The school has also graduated former and new CEOs of companies such as Fortune 500, ALPHABET Inc., Boeing, Comcast, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Oracle, Pfizer, PepsiCo, and TESLA. Jeremy Rifkin, who graduated from this school and has dozens of publications, was walking with a new perspective such as zero emissions, climate change, and the Third Industrial Revolution… For example, on January 31, 2017, the European Central Bank held a conference named “FUTURE AND DIGITAL INTEGRATION OF EUROPE” AND THE MARKET…” Rifkin convinced the European Union of a smart third industrial revolution there…

Rifkin published The Green New Deal in September 2019. In its review of the book, Forbes said, “Rifkin is the lead architect of the EU’s long-term economic vision, Smart Europe, and a key advisor to China’s Third Industrial Revolution vision. “The Green New Deal is an attempt to wake the United States from its sleep in the collapsing 20th century fossil fuel age.”

In the same year, Ursula Van der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announced the plan of EUROPEAN GREEN ACCOUNT to make it “the world’s first climate neutral continent” by 2050. Jeremy Rifkin was awarded the 13th annual German Sustainability Award in December 2020 for his work in addressing climate change. The award was presented to Rifkin by the former German Foreign Minister, Economy Minister and Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel, with a laudatory speech. Bloomberg did not stay behind as well. “For almost two decades, US author and climate activist Jeremy Rifkin has advised governments in Europe and China on how to refit their economies for what he calls a third industrial revolution…Even when reviewed from a distance, Rifkin and his movement that he defended were echoing in EUROPE and CHINA, it said. I had already written about this relationship and intimacy on various occasions. The current that Rifkin represented naturally fell further away from President Erdogan and Mr. Bahceli.

He was far from an important power in the USA, Britain and Putin… I think Mr. Kilicdaroglu found the best adviser to explain the 6-party opposition table. Thus, the sides became clear… They declared that they were in a completely different place economically, politically and militarily. What would be the political gain or loss of this… I don’t know. What I know is that this ecole has been and will be defeated against the USA-RUSSIA.

How reasonable was it to expect a strong wind to blow from the BERLIN-PARIS axis in a war where Europe was the loser? We will live and see…

Let’s see who will be wrong… Me or the OPPOSITION…

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Great powers have great plans. This is true for the USA, China, the UK, the EU, and Russia. Roughly, war is among those who make up these forces. This is what is not understood. Alliances, coming from the same ancestry, belonging to the same religion do not prevent this war. Otherwise, the history of war would not be there. Look at Russia and Ukraine! Their language, their religion, their history are almost the same. But thousands of people died, are dying. Millions of people are displaced from their homes. Pain and tears are everywhere… Then it is imperative to understand what is going on.

Russia’s entry into Ukraine is nothing but the implementation of a GLOBAL plan. Russia, which opened its energy card, then drew its grain gun. There is no economy left unaffected. The world emerging from the pandemic faced the consequences of war. Prices have skyrocketed, inflation has exploded, the balance of payments has deteriorated, and the ideals of countries have deviated. THE EU AND CHINA WERE AT TOP OF THE ONES THAT MISSED THEIR TARGETS…

Let’s explain…

In China, quarantines and heavy restrictions have hampered consumer confidence and economic growth. Last week, young people marched in Shanghai saying “WE WANT FREEDOM”. Andon Health, a company registered in Shenzhen, reported a 32,000% increase in net profit in the third quarter of the year to the same period of 2021. It was meaningful in terms of showing the point that COVID has reached in China. Other companies producing Covid tests in China were also multiplying their profits.

The economic implications of China’s attempt to get rid of the virus have never been clearer. In the week of November 14, while the number of COVID-19 cases increased, the number of domestic flights decreased by 45% compared to the previous year. China’s top 3 airlines lost a total of 74 billion yuan in the first 9 months of 2022. According to Macquarie, an Australian investment bank, subway traffic in China’s 10 largest cities has decreased by 32% per year. Box office revenues, an indicator of people’s willingness to go out, fell 64%. On November 27, only 42% of Chinese cinemas were open. Some of the biggest cinemas have closed completely. China’s youth unemployment rate hit a record 19.9% in July. The volume of road transport in the week to 25 November was 33% below the level of the previous year. The economy has shown signs of corruption as Covid infections reach unprecedented numbers. Banks eased access to loans. Opportunities were provided for the revival of the construction industry. So what the rest of the world was experiencing in 2021, China was just beginning to experience it. Restrictions were suffocating people and frightening FOREIGN CAPITAL. For example, APPLE was one of those who experienced this shock recently. The factory, which is owned by Taiwanese Foxconn and employs 200,000 people, was hit by an epidemic in October that forced it to partially shut down. No food could be found. The garbage turned into a mountain. Thousands of workers ran to the highways to go back their homes. They tried to reach their house on foot. The pressure of the national authority on companies was also having an effect on COVID. Tencent and Alibaba, for example, announced that their revenues fell for the first time in the last quarter. Tencent’s profits fell 50 percent, while Alibaba’s net income fell by half. State pressure on some very successful private companies in China was causing FOREIGNERS to take their money from the table and run away. Japan’s Softbank has withdrawn its massive investment in Alibaba. Berkshire Hathaway, owned by US businessman Warren Buffet, was also selling its shares in electric vehicle company BYD. Tencent lost $7 billion in investment in the second half of this year only. In its latest evaluation of the country, Standard and Poor’s said, “Some investment decisions are being delayed and some foreign companies are looking for a way to shift their production to other countries”…

However, in the GLOBAL CRISIS that started with COVID, everyone was writing, drawing and saying that the winner was CHINA. I was writing, “If the USA is to be defeated by this GIANT it has formed with its own hands, it will take its place in history as a tremendous mistake.” There was a rise in China that began with the visit of US President Nixon in 1972. The USA was doing to China what it applied to Japan after the Second World War, and STARTING THE SECOND ECONOMY BASED ON EXPORTS but DEPENDENT ON IT… China was growing based on exports, it kept producing and, quickly closed the gap between the USA and the EU. Almost all economists were talking about a second JAPANESE MIRACLE. Despite the crisis that started with Covid, CHINA did not stop. However, small signs were starting to appear… In the latest figures announced, CHINA could grow as big as Turkiye. However, with its population approaching 1.5 billion, China had to grow at least 10 percent. It had happened so for years. However, the figure is now decreasing to 3.9, and it was said that it would go below this figure in total. Both the IMF and the World Bank were revising the GROWTH figures. They were pulling it down!

The main reason for the decline in growth was the decline in exports. When exports declined, the way for tax revenues to decline was paved. It also led to a reduction in public spending. These numbers were going around in the circle, pulling GROWTH even further down! There could be many explanations for all this. However, the first address to look at should have been the PARTIES OF THE GLOBAL STRUGGLE…

If you think that 200 countries around the world does whatever they want to, there is nothing to write about anyway. But if you say “great powers determine the course and maintain control”, let’s continue! This was the truth that lay at the center of both wars and struggles. What we went through was nothing but a fight between two ecoles marching with different alliances. I wrote that Washington will not lose against Beijing, as THE MIND, which has grown the USA, still has not left it. I argued that the victorious power would break the EUROPEAN UNION besides China… The USA needed effective partners to deliver results. TRUE. For this, RUSSIA was in the first place. It took its place on the stage as the BAD-OTHER-KILLER-ENEMY. It started the operation to end EUROPE. It took Ukraine, and wiped it out. With rising energy prices, it financed the war. It also took the confiscated lands, riches and booty to the Kremlin. The United States also watched from afar the sway of its biggest rival, EUROPE, and the decline of its partner, CHINA. There were many sides to be affected by this struggle. Turkiye was on the winning side… And it would be the rising power…

That’s what I’ve been trying to say for a long time. Neither Mr. Kilicdaroglu nor the 6-party opposition table could have had the power to lead the course into a EUROPEAN line. They wouldn’t have allowed it… Even Merkel did not think that Putin would enter UKRAINE. They spoke the same language. They knew each other from a young age. But the result is there. BIG PLAN EATS THE SMALL PLAN… What if Mr. Kilicdaroglu changes his way? It is possible; but then, his partners will not let him! A global game is being played! It’s not hide and seek… Look at what’s going on. Turkiye will rise. Don’t worry…

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Turkiye has always been a country open to FOREIGN INTERVENTION, whether it is spoken or not. Sometimes this happened through political parties, sometimes with economic burdens, and sometimes with military pressure. But it has always been like this. Turkiye could not take a healthy path because it could not get rid of this clamp. OUTSIDE had formed a huge OLIGARCHY inside. The invisible forces were actually the power itself. Although no one could see their connection with the OUTSIDE, they could not write. ELITES working with foreigners carried the keys of the country in their pockets. It happened…

Fears grew when the Democratic Party came to power.

Both USA, UK and EUROPEAN forces actively showed themselves in the capital. With the intervention of the outside, they established other parties, both for RELIGIOUS and NATIONALISTS. The aim was to prune the power of rulership. Our political history was full of hundreds of such examples. A power inside, sometimes showed the stick by saying “Islamist” and “anti-regime”. Good but, the late DEMİREL was not an “ISLAMIST”, there was no problem between him and the regime. But it was also sent 6 times! No one was looking OUTSIDE for the reason for this happening. It was passed over with small, short templates. Yet the root was not here! This game went on like this until Erdogan.

Let’s explain…

Macron was the first leader to see that Europe was in trouble and to say “NATO’S BRAIN DEATH HAPPENED”. The French leader is now about to go down in history as the only leader to make a STATE VISIT to the USA for the second time… Macron was hosted by President Donald Trump in 2018, and they even planted saplings together in the garden of the White House. THE SAPLING THAT PORTRAYED FRIENDSHIP AND ALLIANCE WAS REMOVED THE FOLLOWING MORNING. The French leader is now traveling to the USA again due to the changing balances… One of the goals Biden scored as soon as he arrived was AUKUS, which describes today. They crashed into the multi-billion dollar submarine project that France bought from Australia. They have officially taken over Europe. So they indicated today.

At this point, Russia was entering Ukraine, opening the EU sanction card, and Moscow was hitting them all with ENERGY it had. Although I wrote at every opportunity that they wanted to eliminate Europe, it was not difficult to see that Macron sometimes magnified the work. The French President was voicing the same words for the Kremlin as he had said about Turkiye a week ago. Emmanuel Macron claimed that Russia was “hunting the French” over struggling African countries where France had a military conflict or lost influence. “The various powers that want to build influence in Africa want to harm France and the French by making people doubtful, and to lay the groundwork for their own interests,” Macron said. France accused Russia of being anti-French in the region, especially in Mali, through Wagner. In addition to Mali, he blamed Turkiye for the disturbance in countries such as Burkina Faso and Niger! While Russia is shaking the EUROPEAN UNION over the ENERGY card, on the other hand, this struggle has descended to AFRICA… Both Turkiye and Russia are against France! Could it be a coincidence? Of course not…

The French leader was seeing the game after Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. Like other EUROPEAN countries… For example, while RUSSIA was raising prices and cutting gas, the USA was running to help! While the USA was sending liquid natural gas to EUROPE, it was pricing them 4 times more. On the other hand, its attitude was different for its own producers! This situation was one of the reasons that eliminated the chance of EUROPE to compete with the USA. Although Macron said, “This does not suit the understanding of alliance,” no one listened. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire was revealing the trade with documents.

As I often write, the arrival of Biden paved the way for the establishment of the old balance between RUSSIA and the USA. That’s what the SUMMIT they did together in GENEVA was about. The war came later on. The question is… If the USA and RUSSIA were making an alliance, who was the rival? There were two options. EU and CHINA! Yes, they were both rivals. The two powers, together with the countries in their spheres of influence, were on their way to stop these two axes. WAR was a result. EUROPE had to see its lack of energy, give up its claims on the world, and turn from the way it started to become great. That’s why they pressed the button. There were two other countries that played a key role here. One is England and the other is Turkiye. Due to its location, Turkiye was indispensable.

MACRON was the first one to see that the USA would break the EUROPEAN UNION. This is the purpose of his visit to the USA. He would demand from the White House a FRANCE that wanted to maintain its power even if the EU disintegrated. The war did not stop, there was no peace on the horizon. This was pushing up the energy prices and causing the KREMLIN to fill its vaults. It was none other than the EU that paid the bill. They were alone with exaggerated bills from both Moscow and Washington! As the world media wrote, if the WEST BLOCK were anti-RUSSIA, they would have lowered the OIL prices to $30 and Moscow would have been finished. There would be no need for sanctions. But what did they do? The complete opposite thing… Thus, they increased the expenses of both the EU and CHINA…

While starting the elimination of Europe, Turkiye was indispensable. For this fiction to reach the final, it was essential for Turkiye to take a role. President Erdogan was doing this wonderfully. He kept the balance between Russia and Ukraine. The 6-Party opposition table was clearly next to UKRAINE. While speaking at John Hopkins University in the USA, where Mr. Kilicdaroglu could not find the support he was looking for, he said, “We are with Ukraine. We will do what is necessary for the EU without losing time…”. The other members of the table supported the same idea…

The majority of the operations that were carried out in Turkiye were planned by EUROPE. Erdogan destroyed it. Despite those who broke away from the AK PARTY, he did not lose anything from his power. He would not lose. President Erdogan knew where the wind was blowing much, much better than the opposition competing with him… Elections were going to be held with the ones who KNOW and who do not KNOW.. The result is not hard to predict… THE BALANCE is clear…

There will be surprises as well…

Watch and see…

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I have written thousands of times that TURKIYE is an indispensable player in the global league. Some thought I was exaggerating. They couldn’t stop their habits. However, there are still many people who do not understand what is going on and try understanding it with templates and plans. Evaluation should be made by taking into account the value of TURKIYE, the area it covers and its location. Otherwise it will be disappointing…

Let’s clarify it…

TURKIYE has come face to face with EUROPE many times in the Libya issue, the Syria issue and the MEDITERRANEAN issue. There was tension on the high seas with both French and German warships. They were so close to fight. So was the refugee issue. At every opportunity, the interests of the EU and TURKIYE clashed… Now we were able to discuss with those who kept us waiting at the door for years. We were in competition…

So what was going on? That’s the question. It wasn’t difficult to RESOLVE GLOBAL TRENDS the moment you found the answer. Let’s move forward with two examples… One is THE ECONOMIST and the other is Pirelli CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera…

The world-famous magazine The Economist featured FROZEN EUROPE on its cover last week. He drew a catastrophic scenario for the European continent and commented, “They might drop from the global league, and may experience economic and political collapse.” He wrote that the change in geopolitical balances, rising energy costs and high inflation will end EUROPE. Shortly…

He explained that rising energy prices pushed companies away from competition, exploded inflation, brought bankruptcies and pruned power over the world. In other words, they have made a COVER similar to what I have written since FEBRUARY 24th…

However, the first question to ask should be “WHO IS FIGHTING WHO?”. The correct question also brought the answer… Even if the subject was long and deep, a summary could be made. The power led by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, the financial giant that supports Biden, has kept the “GREEN WORLD” motto for the last few years. Europe took the LEADERSHIP here. For example, he overtook Blackrock, who said “I WILL NOT INVEST IN COAL and FOSSIL FUEL” and announced this to the CEOs of large companies by letter. Before the Russia-Ukraine war, they had SWITCHED IN ENERGY. In time, they would reach their goal. They thought so.

As I have written a thousand times, when RUSSIA plunged into UKRAINE with the fiction of the USA, EUROPE trembled. The realities of life were different from making decisions at the desk. They were living it. And by paying the bill… What was The Economist, who made the cover of FROZEN EUROPE and said “EUROPE IS LOSEING ITS CLAIM”, in the finale? YES! Let the USA come again with MARSHALL’s HELP… NATO, which came to Europe with its military after the Second World War, and the USA, which covered them like a shawl, did not forget the money, and with the help of MARSHALL, they were completely establishing and seizing the system. That was its strength. From that day on, the EU tried to come to an agreement within itself. They formed a UNION and stood against the USA. It had no military and no energy. First they tried to take Russia and then China with them. If the US could not disrupt the way, there was no problem.

But it was certain that one day it would come to their doorstep. They did this through Russia. By detonating the NORTH CURRENTS, “YOU CANNOT JUST DO THAT!” they said. The entire EUROPEAN economy froze in an instant. All plans, production accounts, competition figures were turned upside down. EUROPE was facing with the consequences of a WAR. The fact that they were allies on paper did not mean that they were FRIENDLY, that they worked together in many alliances or that they were blonde and blue-eyed. This is where we were wrong. The USA wanted to keep a CHINA, which it controls, and break it off from EUROPE and establish the balance. However, the main goal was to collapse the EUROPEAN UNION, formed by 27 countries. It was to make them give up on their claim.

It was to limit its political and economic power. They gave the start with CORONA and added the energy behind it. US bases in Alexandroupoli, Qatar, the Baltic, Italy or Romania were always there to check the ENERGY card!

It was to prevent EUROPE from taking a confident step. Pirelli CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera was one of those who wisely interpreted the ENERGY crisis that started with Russia’s entry into Ukraine. Indicating that the energy crisis puts economic competition, and therefore welfare, at risk in Europe, Pirelli CEO said, “History shows that this means jeopardizing democracy.” He continued: The primary issue is, of course, energy bills. Because of prices, European companies lose their competitiveness compared to their competitors. This is an extraordinary situation. We’re losing contracts…

If there is no immediate response to the energy crisis, we will have thrown away everything that has been formed in Europe for decades… Pirelli CEO Tronchetti stated that the energy crisis did not affect the USA and Asia to a large extent, and he called “We must find a way to protect our interests”

The USA was leaving China alone away from the Berlin-Paris equation, trembling and attracting EUROPE with the fear of the Russians, taking the UK aside with BREXIT, disrupting the EU’s chemistry, and sending an invitation to TURKIYE in this game.

The invitation came from either London or Moscow. That was the rough description of the GLOBAL STRUGGLE. And so far it was working like clockwork. If EUROPE exaggerated the reaction, it would find a nuclear threat against it. It didn’t have much things to do, as you can understand. TURKIYE acted in accordance with this GLOBAL balance.

It was standing against EUROPE, it was getting a rematch. While we were getting stronger and growing day by day, EUROPE that had 27 members was rapidly heading towards disintegration… Politics would be shaped accordingly. If someone still says, “We are strong on the beaches. We have the Kurdish votes behind us. Mr. Kilicdaroglu is the right candidate,” there is not much time left to see that they are wrong. Let them wait…

While waiting, they should ask themselves “HOW WILL WE WIN WHILE GLOBAL EUROPE IS LOSING?”.. They should start thinking about another question, “Would they allow Six-party Opposition Table that is close to the EU ruin such an enormous plan? I haven’t even come to the power of President Erdogan, who filled the stadiums at the end of 20 years…

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Although it is difficult to explain without mentioning people, I intend to try it. Everything is messed up. Even the Turkish Football Federation was attacked with long-barreled weapons. The tremors are much harder than they seem. But it’s hard for people to see and understand this. I’ve been trying to tell you about the Russian-Ukrainian war for months. Just as the sides are clear on the front, the same applies here. On the one hand, there are the founders and defenders of the old order of European origin, and on the other hand, there is President Erdogan and the bureaucracy, determined to move Turkiye from its place and place it on the new axis to be established. Of course, the army and the MIT come first…

Look at the last 15 years! All the moves, attacks, operations, warnings were actually a resistance against the changing Turkiye. They were objecting the route. Especially the England-France-Germany triangle is very effective in Turkiye. With their schools, businessmen, ecoles, culture, economy, intelligence… The US prefers to appear as a combination of the forces here! Organizations that go underground are already in the state.

As I have often written before, these two sides even know each other’s fingerprints and control each other. And when they get a chance, they eliminate each other. This is actually a struggle extending from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic. It is not the problem and result of today. But recently, as we approach 2023, this fight has begun to emerge more than ever. I am sometimes surprised by what’s happening because I know the parties and follow them well. I have long been aware that those who fight with each other are in the same alliance behind the scenes. However, the fight continues at full speed in front of the stage.

Those who are distant from each other are at the center of a bloody and painful fight. There are too many proxy names. Since the world has to change, we feel the pain of it too much here. As I have written for months and years, an operation is being carried out in Europe and it leads to the accumulation of tension here. Because historically, we are on the same side with Europe. The state has always moved towards the west. Europe and its shadow are already at the center of our lives. Britain, which left the EU with Brexit, and France-Germany are very effective here.

Our leftist and our rightist are taking refuge in them. Those who are wanted and those who are running away… For example, none of the leftists go to Moscow. Or none of those who look Islamist go to Saudi Arabia. Even the PKK members take refuge in Europe. The sensitivity of secularism and the opposition to the regime are carried out from there. When the AK Party was founded, there were many people of European origin in it.

In fact, the party was very close to Europe. However, the incidents, attacks and elimination plans pushed President Erdogan and the state in another direction. As Turkiye distanced itself from the EU, tensions increased and became visible. On June 10, 2020, the French frigate Courbet, serving in the Mediterranean Sea within the framework of NATO’s Sea Guardian mission, wanted to inspect a Tanzanian flagged ship suspected of violating the UN arms embargo on Libya. However, Turkish warships accompanying the ship headed to Courbet aggressively with sudden maneuvers and locked the radar three times. So they didn’t let the frigate inspect the ship.

France immediately conveyed this incident to NATO. On the instruction of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, they conducted a technical review and prepared a 130-page report examining how the incident took place. They acknowledged Turkiye to be right. France then withdrew from the Sea Guardian mission. After a while, a similar incident occurred with Germany. The Turkish-flagged ship ROSELINA-A going to Libya was stopped by the German Hamburg Frigate around Mora. They searched the ship. The tension rose dramatically.

These two examples showed that the interests of Turkiye and Europe are not the same. For example, in 2017, Macron made a scandal. French President Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with Le Point magazine, said that “As you know, going on the global stage is not really that cool… I need to talk to President Erdogan every 10 days ”. It wasn’t personal. He was describing the differing routes and defining the conflict. Turkiye was struggling with Europe in the Mediterranean, Syria, Africa, Eurasia and Middle East.

There was everything in this struggle! In general, Europe was thinking of keeping the east of Turkiye at a distance and granting membership. Their strategy was in this direction. They were also aware that Turkiye’s entrance would increase Britain’s strength in the EU, as they knew Britain’s strength in Ankara. When Brexit happened, the balance changed radically.

July 15 Coup Attempt, which took place in the same year with Brexit, naturally paved the way for eliminating players close to Europe. EU lost Turkiye on July 15. Recently, we see that both President Erdogan and Defence Minister Hulusi Akar insistently focus on Greece. It’s not a random move. Greece’s harassment in the Aegean keeps going and the EU and France are known to be behind it. For example, Macron sent Rafale aircrafts to Athens and this was the representation of their war alliance.

France will come to Greece’s aid in the case of a war… Although we are members of NATO, there are conflicts. That’s why Turkiye is buying S-400. We can’t counteract Russia with S-400. Moscow is not the threat. Syria, Iran or Iraq are not a threat to Ankara. Now that Papua New Guinea can’t attack us, all that’s left is the West Coast… The possibility of them using Greece against Turkiye is not low at all!

That possibility could reappear at any moment as the future of Europe is crushed under the boots of the Russian armies!

This issue is long and deep! Evaluate all featured, spoken names and events within this perspective. As well as the politics…

And 2023 elections… The rest is not important…

NOTE: G7 finance ministers have reached an agreement on the application of a ceiling price policy to Russian oil. They attempted such a thing to reduce Moscow’s income. JP Morgan warned that if Russia retaliates this decision, the price of oil can rise to $380 per barrel. And if that happens, who will win? Yes! The United States and Russia…

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I get a lot of questions, but I’ll try to continue to explain what’s happening from the outside. Everyone is naturally curious about the names and incidents spoken inside. “Where are we going?” “What’s going on?” There are many questions like this. This is natural. The number of these questions will increase much more soon. As well as the tension… You can be sure that the incidents that happened and will happen inside are under the influence of an external force. In other words, what happened is the Turkiye scene of the fight outside.

I recently wrote that I analyze the Russia-Ukraine war differently than anyone else. No one inside is looking at it that way. I don’t know why, they are looking at the captioned headlines but they are missing the headlines that couldn’t be captioned! Yesterday, I came across an article in Global Research. There were Michael Hudson’s ideas in this article signed by Colin Todhunter. I was surprised. The famous economist Hudson and I have been writing almost the same things since February 24th… Prof. Hudson said that “The war in Ukraine is a geopolitical trade and energy conflict. It is the US effort to separate Europe from Russia. It is a war that USA started to end Europe by authorizing Russia…”

Prof. Hudson then raised the bar even higher. He came to a crucial point. “The main targets are Europe and Germany… They want to weaken Europe and Germany, especially their relationship with China… Since the 1980s, neo-liberal policies have emptied the US economy. The manufacturers are seriously weakened and the only way for the US to maintain its hegemony is to undermine China and Russia and weaken Europe…” The issue on which we disagree is Russia. Since long ago, the US has never had a problem with Russia. Moscow is not a rival for Washington. They’re two players who can’t come together in any way. However, Russia plays its role very well and is very helpful to the US in designing the global system. This is the fiction…

Hudson emphasizes that Biden and the neocons tried to block North Stream-2 and all energy trade with Russia so that the United States could keep it in its own monopoly. Of course! As soon as Europe solves the energy issue, it will establish its army and then become the address of global sovereignty. I think every logical person can see this. The United States and Russia both know that. Europe sticked to their plan by moving forward without an army and unpretentious, but the USA ruined this game. When Putin gave his approval, the Ukrainian war paved the way for what would happen.

Prof. Hudson said that “The United States knew how the sanctions against Russia would turn out. They were going to divide the world into two blocks. They were going to incite a new cold war with China and Russia. US policymakers have calculated in detail that Europe would be devastated by high energy and food prices, and food-importing countries in the Global South would suffer because of rising costs…”

Russia and China are moving away from the dollar. Yes! This is what it looks like. But even as this happened, controlling and pricing oil and gas was actually the key to the US’s attempts to preserve its own hegemony. And as a result, the debts made the lock pick in the hands of the United States unprecedented.

The United States is receiving support from a major crisis to maintain its global sovereignty, as it has done before. The sudden rise in commodity prices, which has dragged countries into dependence and debt, has been fictionalised before. The US is pretending to agree with the sanctions imposed on Russia. However, both the United States and Russia are winning because oil and gas prices are rising.

They make more by selling less. US energy-exporting companies make fortunes. But who will suffer when energy prices go up? Europe and China, of course. On top of that, the economic setback was inevitable when the line between the two sides was broken. Maybe the economic disintegration as well…

When energy prices combined with the crisis, this situation also affected agriculture. For example, Russia reduced fertilizer production after the sanctions. Because its exports were decreasing due to sanctions. Those who imposed the sanctions had to buy necessary gas and oil. And they’re already buying them. When fertilizer was not taken and production was reduced, US giant agricultural monopolies intervened…

Cargill, Archer, Daniel Midland, Bunge… So they continue to control not only energy, but also agriculture and money. The deep mind in the United States persuaded Russia to start the war. The goal is to finish off Germany and Europe, which have opened up to China and claim global sovereignty. The first step was energy. Europe has been defeated in this context.

When energy prices rise, not only the US and Russia win, but Europe faces rising costs with inflation and is pushed away from their global power claim. That’s what they wanted. As Europe struggles with energy, it naturally moves away from China. This was the second desired result.

It is a fact that 43 out of 55 African states face a total of $183 billion in public spending cuts over the next five years. In March 2020, the closure of the world economy due to covid started an unprecedented global debt process. Economic difficulties meant surrendering to the demands of Western financial institutions. It’s not a secret. And since debts are largely in dollars, countries’ dependence on the United States keeps going. The system continues as before. Crises, microbes and epidemics occur as desired and the system established after the Second World War continues on its way in a modified form…

As I often write, Turkiye has a role to play against Europe. Russia alone can shake but not digest Europe. If Turkiye does not help Russia, its job is difficult. For this reason, there was an Ankara-Moscow rapprochement. Not many people saw the Washington-London rapprochement in the background. Ankara doesn’t have an energy problem by taking sides with Moscow, but Germany and the countries in the alliance are trembling. In such an environment, Turkiye will be the first country where tension should inevitably rise. And it’s happening… Because the players on both sides are in conflict! For this reason, we need to examine recent events, people and struggles from this perspective. That’s loud and clear!

That’s what the opposition side can’t see!

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