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TURKEY has never been left alone.

There were many reasons for this.

There was, of course, before…

But take a look at the last 20 years. If I try to list what happened, it is necessary to give an additional newspaper.

The AK PARTY came face to face with the “IRAQ OPERATION”. As a result, contact with the United States began.

It was President Bush. The comings and goings, the votes on the bill in the Parliament and the emergence of the first split within the AK PARTY… We were looking at almost every event by putting sentimentality as the first choice. And when that happened, we missed a lot of things. As I have written for a long time, there were TWO MAIN POWER CENTERS who wanted to control the world. And these two powers intended to control Turkey. I’m not going to go into details about names. However, what we have experienced in the last 20 years has been nothing but a war between these two powers. In the meantime, there were other FOREIGN elements who wanted to take the stage for their own interests. However, these were not the kind that would upset the great balance…

Take a look at the year the AK PARTY came to power! What happened… For example, President Erdogan and Abdullah Gul were at odds with the IRAQ OPERATION. There were other names within the AK PARTY who said “NO” to the motion. In any case, the eliminations, crossroads, ruptures and tensions within the AK PARTY and STATE should have been looked at from here. Because this point was also the knot of the WORLD’S FIGHT.

Let’s talk about it… Let’s go to 2003.

We didn’t know much, but the big fight was the USA! That was the source of the wave that reached us.

The world-famous American currency speculator, George Soros, was literally waging war on US President George W. Bush.

“Why shouldn’t we re-elect President Bush?” Soros gave a two full-page ad to the Wall Street Journal. He published his personal messages under the title. “This will be the most important election I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve never been so heavily involved in politics in normal times. But President Bush is endangering our security and harming our vital interests. That’s why I’m publishing this message,” he said in his announcement.

SOROS was among the most important players of the GLOBAL system.

Although he lost his former power over time and was replaced by others, he was a very influential figure at that time. A BANKER TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA


Even a small child knows; that announcement did not only belong to SOROS. It was the reaction of a class, an ecole, a power!

Soros also shared an important detail in the announcement…

“I am trying to develop democracy with the values of a free and open society with the foundations I have established in different parts of the world since 1979…” The history here was important. To understand the present.

The USA was also effective in the FIRST GREAT WAR. Even though it was behind the scenes, it was deciding the outcome.

BUT AFTER THE SECOND BIG WAR, it started to control the world.

So, WITHOUT GLOBALIZATION, the United States was a great power. It was controlling everyone, everywhere. The NATIONAL GLOBALIST struggle that started and then spread in the USA actually started after 1980… SOROS was the leader of it.

We always saw him at the front on the way to the colorful revolutions.

He would never get along with the REPUBLIC, that is with Bush, and then with TRUMP. Because the ecoles were in conflict… It will be very general, but the reason for the turbulence we lived in for years was that these two powers clashed and quarreled in every institution, everywhere.

Soros insisted that the decisions in the global open society would be taken with the participation of the USA and through multi-faceted discussions.

How similar is it to the words of President Biden! How far from Trump! Soros was against the MAIN STREET ecole in the USA that made the USA the leader after the FIRST and SECOND WORLD WAR. They were also against the GLOBALISM…

Saying “I’m ready to spend my last penny to get him gone” for President Bush, Soros would give the same reaction to Trump, even after years.

Speaking at the 48th World Economic Forum in Davos, SOROS said: “I see the Trump administration as a threat to the world.

But this temporary phenomenon will disappear in 2020 or less.”

During the Trump era, there were hundreds of breaks in the White House.

There were dozens of eliminations.

I wrote most of it. I shared it with you. The reason for the fight was obvious… While Main Street wanted to take PENTAGON with it and keep going, Wall Street preferred money… This fight, this distinction existed in Turkey as well. It was not difficult to see this in the change of the Central Bank governors and also in the AY YILDIZ PROJECT, the foundation of which was laid the previous day.

The fear of “when the globalists take the money and leave, a collapsed USA will remain” had an important place in the US DEEP STATE.

Trump was fueling the war with the words, “We have been exposed to a trade deficit of 13 trillion in 20 years”.

While Trump was not interacting with the opposition here, he was saying “FRIENDS” before Biden came… There were many people who took part and were used in the game without knowing this equation.

Although Turkey blinked at the two powers from time to time, it was advancing on its own path.

However, in the USA, SOLDIERS were taking a step forward. In the Biden era…

Seeing the softening tendencies with Egypt, the start of warm contacts with the United Arab Emirates, the name of Turkey for Kabul Airport coming to the scene were like a reporter for a change of frequency. It would be useful to look at what will happen from this window.


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384 DAYS



384 days
Those who follow know. 6 party opposition table was assembled 384 days ago. Kemal Kilicdaroglu pioneered its formation. Since then, I have written many times, “Kemal Kilicdaroglu CANNOT BE A CANDIDATE”, “while there was nothing going on”… I conveyed the GLOBAL and local motives on which the table leans. I moved the individual parameters of the components here. And every time I added that Kemal Kilicdaroglu could not be a candidate somehow, he would not be strong enough… First of all, I looked at “where does the CHP fall in the GLOBAL EQUATION”. Then I took a look at the preferences of the TURKISH STATE, which changed after 15 July. There was no point in making a COMMENT without bringing these two factors together. You could say everyone is doing it. You are right. They did, but what happened?… They have no information about the world…

In some of my articles about the table in a 384-day period, I used to write a note saying “GET READY FOR A SURPRISE”. Sometimes I was trying to convey the 1960 coup and the FOCUS OF FOREIGN POWER behind it, sometimes the 1971 memorandum and those behind the scenes, and sometimes February 28 and how Abdullah Gul was elected. While going to the most important election in history, I warned you to be ready for CRISES as it will have GLOBAL consequences. I often did…

Although there was no general problem in the common denominator of the players in the table, vibration was very, very much at SMALL BUT EFFECTIVE frequencies. This vibration was the cause of the problem in all the Presidential elections! I know that no one wrote these events like me. They do not have to. However, the USA-ENGLAND-GERMANY will definitely interfere in our every election. They did before. When the STATE in Ankara showed weakness, they tried to take control. Now they don’t have that chance. They’re still effective, of course. But at least they’re not as strong as they used to be to break a storm inside. But they are all here! And on the Ankara-Istanbul line…

Queen of England II. Elizabeth has been to Turkiye twice I think. One for Bilderberg meetings and the other after Abdullah Gul was elected President. She also visited Bursa during her visit. She visited the ULU MOSQUE with her husband. She also gave a photo from inside the mosque. This photograph became the force that increased the closeness between the TWO STATES after the 15 July Attempt. When the attempt took place, the first state that rushed to help was ENGLAND. A stronger bond was formed between Ankara and London than before…

One of the results of July 15 was the pushing out of NATO, USA, GERMANY and EUROPE. Ankara was cleaning the district and England was helping as much as it could. It was saying goodbye to Europe at the same time as Turkiye. The separation that had begun was now clearly visible. Meral Aksener’s founding of her party and her conflict with the MHP coincided with this period. When the GLOBAL balances were shaken, they would have consequences that could be seen with the naked eye. While the IYI PARTY was getting ready to take the stage, the AK PARTY was also experiencing difficulties and purges were taking place. Ahmet Davutoglu resigned and became one of the members of 6 party opposition table. Like Ali Babacan…

Turkiye’s move after July 15, London’s BREXIT operation caused a GLOBAL shock based in EUROPE. And this continued…

The establishment of the table, the escalation of opposition to Erdogan, the reason why former AK PARTY names remained close to the table, was the GLOBAL format change. However, as I often write here, there were TWO STEEL CORES in ANKARA. These were the NATIONALIST parties.

If I have to exaggerate, they were like trustees in politics. The undesired results would not be obtained. They could not be. After the 17-25 Operations, the June 7, 2015 elections were held and there was a relation formed between the AK PARTY-MHP. Meral Aksener was setting up her party and sitting on the other side of the table. Thus, balance was achieved. The 6-party opposition table generally took a close stance to the GLOBAL CAPITAL because of the currents, ideas and tendencies it contained. They were not far from each other. It wasn’t even kept hidden. However, the REPUBLICAN Alliance was at the opposite pole. They wanted to walk with a strong voice with a model WHERE THE STATE IS STRONG. There were many people who said, “Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s candidacy and even his election as the PRESIDENT will erode the SECRET CODES in the country.”

In other words, if Kemal Kilicdaroglu became a candidate and was elected, the direction of Turkiye would change. It would be parked close to GLOBAL CAPITAL, EUROPE, NATO. However, the understanding of ANKARA and the NEW STATE that emerged after July 15 was strongly against it. There was not even the slightest harmony between the route Kemal Kilicdaroglu wanted to go and ANKARA. Since I saw this clearly, I often wrote “Kemal Kilicdaroglu CANNOT BE A CANDIDATE”. I was just analyzing it and sharing it. From a GLOBAL point of view, Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s job was difficult.

How would the CHP leader that EUROPE supports be a candidate here and how would he win while it was losing around the world? I think Meral Aksener was saying that a little bit. When she said “CANDIDATE TO WIN” and “We are not at a Gambling Table”, she was pointing at this when she debuted “WE ARE NOT A NOTARY”.

She was telling that she could not be chosen due to both external and internal problems. However, the CHP leader was not listening. According to those whispering to him, he thought he would win. Since the leader of the IYI PARTY saw this, she said “Let’s take off the epaulettes”. Kilicdaroglu pretended to understand and continued on his way…

Interestingly, the leader of the CHP was at the door of the Central Bank, TUIK, SADAT, the Ministry of National Education, the Meat and Milk Institution. The doors didn’t usually open but he went there. What was it like to go to the door you couldn’t open? But he was still going…

Another issue that the CHP leader was keen on was that he did not give the candidacy to THE MAYORS… I just wrote that name this week. And the morning my article was published, he spoke for the first time. “I’m ready to do it if the task is given,” he said. Although no one spoke openly, the name that was wanted was Mansur Yavas. There was a reason. Mansur Yavas had no contact with any associations, foundations, communities, clubs, capital structures, organizations, or institutions. Mansur Yavas’s candidacy was an indication of the desire to prevent the STATE from being taken to Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s way. Meral Aksener knew this. She knew, even though she didn’t say it. The strange thing is that Kemal Kilicdaroglu knew this just like Abdullah Gul. Both the six party opposition table and Abdullah Gul were clearly against the name Mansur Yavas.

Because the route that Turkiye would sit on with Kemal Kilicdaroglu was different from the one where it would go with Mansur Yavas. So being a CHP member was not enough. All these little differences paved the way for the table’s separation. Meral Aksener also parted ways with Kilicdaroglu, who she thought did not find a response inside and outside. The CHP leader can announce his candidacy and continue his insistence.

That’s possible. This is politics. I conveyed the balance behind the scenes. Meral Aksener said the names Imamoglu and Yavas. We’ll see how things go there. I don’t know if they will nominate someone else if they can not announce Mansur Yavas. However, if they do, the FREQUENCY WILL BE THE SAME.

That’s clear. If Kemal Kilicdaroglu insists, he will encounter other obstacles. That’s for sure.

This is the situation for now… Let’s just watch…

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Street Photograph
I think that when going to the ELECTIONS, we should not go too far away from the outside. We should focus on what’s going on around and try to understand WHAT CAN HAPPEN… We’ll see what Kemal Kilicdaroglu says and how Meral Aksener responds at the 6 party opposition table. Until the CANDIDATE is announced, let’s take a look around us.. BECAUSE WEIRD EVENTS ARE HAPPENING ONE AFTER ANOTHER…

The summit of independent movements started in Baku. 9 COUNTRIES took part there. Speaking at the opening of the summit, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said, “The new world order is being reshaped. The greatest east-west conflict is taking place after the Cold War. France’s colonial approach must come to an end…”

Trump and President Erdogan, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, were on good terms. It’s hard to say the same for Biden. Biden held a DEMOCRACY SUMMIT shortly after he defeated Trump and came to the WHITE HOUSE. Neither Turkiye nor Hungary were invited to the SUMMIT hosted by Joe Biden on December 9-10, 2021. While 107 countries were there, there was not a big NATO member like Turkiye. While countries such as Angola and Ghana were present, countries such as Iran, Russia, China and Afghanistan were not invited as well as Turkiye and Hungary.

There were none! In his own words, Biden put AUTHORITY on one side and DEMOCRACY on the other. Classification was carried out accordingly. In fact, the OPPOSITE CAMP, dividing the world into two, was formed at this point. In the WORLD BALANCE established after the Second World War, there were COMMUNISTS on the opposite side!

Let’s continue…

Let’s move on to SOROS and Israel, which is claimed to be behind every issue and declares that it is at war with authoritarian governments…

Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was sharing a cartoon targeting his father’s opponents on social media and a mess was happening. Young Netanyahu was targeting SOROS with his FOOD CHAIN post. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not get along with either Obama or Biden. But he was very close with Trump.

Soros was dealing with NETANYAHU as he had fought Trump, Bush, Putin, Erdogan and Modi. Due to the EARTHQUAKE, there is not much on the agenda, but hundreds of thousands of people have been on the streets in ISRAEL for weeks. They are in a great action far beyond our GEZI…. Netanyahu and the Likud Party took office for the 6th time on 1 November. The coalition he formed was declared as the most right-wing structure in the history of ISRAEL. This is a structure that rejects both Palestine and Arabs…


The moves of the Netanyahu-led coalition government to transfer some of the judiciary’s powers to the parliament caused trouble in the country. Already, Minister of Justice Yariv Levin announced on January 5 that they were planning a law that would limit the powers of the Supreme Court and reduce the influence of the judiciary on the selection of judges. Israel’s Supreme Court has the power to overturn the laws passed by the Assembly on the grounds that it violates the “fundamental laws” accepted as the draft Constitution. It was Netanyahu who declared that the Supreme Court would be deprived of its authority to overturn the laws passed by the Parliament. That’s when the FIGHT started. Although the rumor that Netanyahu would close the files belonging to him and the dismissal of the HIGH COURT seemed to be an internal matter, in reality it was about the AXIS it would take place. Where would Israel fall? Next to the ecole that Biden put across or inside the WEST? It was already possible to understand and see the reflections of this in the attitudes of the protesters who filled the streets.

Protesters stopped traffic on the busy main road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem at times. Many waved the blue and white Israeli flag. They shouted “democracy” and yelled “Israel is not a dictatorship, Israel is not Hungary”. The Hungarian leader has long been a target of SOROS. Viktor Orban, taught by Soros, was also accused of undermining democratic institutions along with the judiciary. Israel was getting involved and there was a GLOBAL fight going all the way to SOROS. When this was the rhythm of the fight, both Hungary and Orban had their share. But names like Modi, like Orban, who was accused of being AUTHORITATIVE, were coming with ELECTIONS. In other words, they were in administration because the PEOPLE VOTED. Since the people were happy, they were successful in coming back again and again. There was obviously a problem with the definitions of Soros or Biden!

I have written before. Soros used the definitions for Trump, who was elected President of the United States, as “an impostor, fraudster and so-called dictator”. For Bush, he said, “I will lose all my wealth if necessary. But I want this man gone.” His new target now was the Indian leader Narendra Damodardas MODI. We already knew about Putin…

Azerbaijani leader Aliyev was saying “NEW WORLD ORDER” and signaling that those who were against the idea of SOROS would gather and become a union. He was declaring that they were against EUROPE through France. It was clear how much Soros attaches importance to the integrity of EUROPE. He worked day and night to prevent Britain from leaving the European Union, pouring money into the campaign…

As Biden points out, as seen from Soros’ projects, one mind, one hand, was dividing the world in half with a completely different model. Apart from the EAST-WEST conflict we experienced in the past, a much more comprehensive, much more difficult to understand balance was being established. Accordingly, Israel, Azerbaijan and Turkiye determined their position accordingly. REUTERS was serving what I wrote for months under the name of ANALYSIS …

The subject was 6 party opposition table… Reuters was saying, “If the 6 party opposition table wins, those close to the WEST and EUROPE will win”… It emphasizes that Erdogan weakened democracy during his 20-year rule and said, “If the coalition of 6 wins “Turkiye will show that it is a solid ally of NATO,” it said. It was explained how decisions would be made, from the independence of the Central Bank to climate change if the table won.

ANALYSIS actually gave signs of the struggle Erdogan will experience with whom and how. Adults living in the country will vote, but the results will be GLOBAL. Turkiye is going to such an election. The tension will certainly rise. On May 14, not only Turkiye but also the world will come to the ballot box.

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Our perspective on things is different. Even if it is not wrong, it is incomplete… The length of our longest idea does not exceed the day. We do not have a chance to understand what is going on with instant, daily, weekly evaluations.

Nobody does! The earthquake showed us a great UNITY and revealed that we can fight even on the smallest issues. There were those who disliked Erdogan as much as those who loved him. Although he is very successful, there were those who did not see them. This happens in democracies. So, what was the real struggle in the back while the masses were moving and being moved with certain emotions? It was more than just whether a leader was successful or not. Let’s take a look at what’s going on while going to the elections, while the tension is rising…

Let’s start from a little behind… When the AK PARTY came to power, the weakest name in the party who had no BASE and no international connections was Erdogan, even though he gathered the votes. Erdogan thought that if he moved forward by serving the nation, it would be enough. However, his party did not think like him. Those who disagreed felt that the REGIME had to change FROM THE basis.

That’s how the big lawsuits that everyone knows started like this. Prisons were filled with people, people died, many were hurt… A lot happened. Those who wanted to seize and change the system also targeted Erdogan with the CLOSING CASE.

There was the issue of PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDACY before. The AK PARTY was not comfortable in issuing a CANDIDATE. Decisions were not made quickly. Presidential elections have always been like this. There was great pain. Abdullah Gul came forward and said, “I am the candidate.” The military objected to this because of his relations with the United States and NATO. They took a stand against Abdullah Gul, the name known by the GLOBAL CAPITAL. The memorandum arrived. But what needed to happen happened.

When Abdullah Gul went to CANKAYA, the case of CLOSING was filed the following year. Tension in the country was not falling. This was the first move of the ELIMINATION PLAN for Erdogan. After that, many incidents took place. Erdogan played the leading role in all of them. He also managed to get over the last July 15 Attempt. He was not hurt by that storm either.

What happened actually showed Erdogan the difference between him and his party. When Erdogan became President, he wanted to protect his party. BECAUSE THE WAR OF ECOLES WAS ON THE STAGE. There, too, they fell apart with Ahmet Davutoglu. He was eliminated. In a sense, Erdogan approached the STATE after what he went through and returned. Those who had already been arrested with major trials were also being reinstated to their positions.

The AK PARTY, Erdogan and the STATE were transforming. However, the GLOBAL structure, which brought the AK PARTY to power, continued its struggle for SOVEREIGN over the world at full speed. One of the epicenters of this fight was the ISTANBUL-ANKARA axis.

Don’t think of it like a neighborhood, like a street, like a city. There is no sharp, visible side separation either! Many men with TWO ecoles took their place among their rivals through mutual infiltrations. This was already the case. This is what was not seen in Turkiye anyway. This was the unexplained reason for the moves and some scandals!

Journalists do not know, universities do not teach, but this was the reason why our presidential elections were in WAR MODE. Both sides did not want to give that seat to ecole opposite them. Presidency meant determining the position of the country in the world. Is that a little thing? In a sense, it was the coordinate to which it would drag the country. Being close with Russia, coming together with China, or standing with NATO were choices that had completely different results. This meant establishing the destiny of the whole country…

As you can see, there were TWO SIDES in the fight that took place in the last 20 years. It all happened in this circle. Especially after 15 July, while the TURKISH STATE was looking for a GLOBAL fulcrum, it also started the NATIONALIZATION MOVEMENT inside. This was not an easy event. Being a national meant being SMART and not being used BY FOREIGNERS, even if unknowingly. So it wasn’t such a simple event to be glossed over with a slogan.


A new page was opened with the UK, who came to the aid first after the 15th of July. They were breaking away from EUROPE and Turkiye was returning from the door that the EU did not open and reaching for London.

Putin was waiting in line with his hand of friendship extended. Then Russia entered Ukraine, EUROPE was the place where the pain of war was felt the most. The EU was bleeding. However, despite everything, France and especially GERMANY wanted to exist here. After the earthquake, German Chancellor Scholz sent two of his ministers here, saying, “Real friends can only be seen on bad times,” but he was actually saying, “Don’t approach ENGLAND, never mind them”… In the past, all the great powers made themselves felt here. One way or another… But EUROPE was in trouble now. Russia’s move over Ukraine was punishing them. Naturally, the EU was also making efforts for Turkiye without Erdogan. Both to find an exit and to leave Putin alone.

6 party opposition had been welcoming this offer from the very beginning. The circle they were close to was already on EUROPE. It was WESTERN VALUES…

Roughly in all our choices, the other force that had an impact on Turkiye, which was stuck between EUROPE and ENGLAND, was the USA. Although the USA does not openly fight with England in general, when it comes to Turkiye, they will also want to play a role here… Therefore, candidates close to EUROPE or England always wanted to get support from the USA. That was the general attitude. As I wrote yesterday, after July 15, the power of NATO in the USA was decreasing while that of England was increasing. It wanted a reliable friend next to itself while showing its national reflexes inside. This was also very reasonable… Six party opposition table also preferred EUROPE and GLOBAL CAPITAL as FRIENDS.

Here another problem arose for Kemal Kilicdaroglu and CHP. If the table approves Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s candidacy, there will be no problem. The ecole was going to walk with a name suitable for its own structure.

However, if the name of Mansur Yavas came to the fore, there would be a shift in the system of the table. Yavas was a POWER from Ankara, whi had no CONTACT WITH THE WEST AND THE EAST. As I wrote yesterday, it was a name that was thought for a long time by some for Turkiye after Erdogan. The choice of the name Mansur Yavas meant that the 6-party opposition table would evolve into the ERDOGAN line in a sense. It meant crossing from Jeremy Rifkin to ANATOLIA. It meant being promoted from the search for power in the Washington-London-Berlin triangle to the Maras-Antep-Hatay trilogy… It meant protecting the rhythm of Ankara… Meral Aksener yesterday said, “… Everyone should consider this and think very well.

And let no one forget; sometimes you have to give up the epaulettes to be a real commander. For a genuine struggle, you must first make peace with yourself. I think he was sending a message to Mr. Kilicdaroglu with the words: “It is necessary to leave small plans and see the big picture, the real danger…” President Erdogan is a well-known name. But apparently, the table was struggling about the election and showing each other memorandums in a nice way…

Let’s see what kind of mix they would come up against Erdogan…

Which one is going to win? The ecole to which the table belonged or the unseen power in the foggy boulevards of ANKARA?

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Kilicdaroglu is in Trouble

While the wounds of the EARTHQUAKE were being healed, the political scene began to move. Internal conflicts, balances, checks, whispers, backstages, and threats never end in Ankara. The protests reaching the stadiums, the opposition of the artists on social media, the messages of the club presidents, the suffering of the victims running from the earthquake area to safe places or their relatives, the rebuilding of cities and the hardened political language on the way to the elections…

A large area is being tried to be opened over the debate over AFAD and KIZILAY and the day the military arrived. A mind is already preparing for the steps that will annoy ERDOGAN especially if he loses. It is laying the basis… This is the hidden truth that lies behind many discussions, even though the masses are not aware of it.


I look at the elections, especially such historical elections, from the answers to two questions. WHAT IS OUTSIDE SAYING, WHO DOES IT WANT? WHO WILL THE TURKISH STATE CHOOSE? Maybe before, the preference of the TURKISH STATE did not take up as much space as it is now. When we were weak and ineffective, OUTSIDE could play games as it wanted.

Maybe the young people don’t know much, but the Presidential elections were held under constant tension. There were people with guns pointed at their heads, there was an e-memorandum, there was the attitude of the army, was is the attitude of foreign powers, there was the attitude of Istanbul capital… So going to the polls and voting was the last frame of the movie. What happened before that was unknown. Even when giving examples through names, I try to convey what’s going on through the GLOBAL ECOLE THEY SIT ON. Both yesterday and today.

In 1971, the Turkish state was divided between the British and the Americans. Is this taught to children in schools? So who did the 1960 coup and why? What about February 28? There is no information! Memorizations were enough for all of us. We did not like to think. We were seeing people either as ENEMIES or as FRIENDS. However, life cannot be described in two words. We didn’t understand it. We were missing it.

If you want, let’s come to the elections, the candidates, the 6 party opposition table… First of all, it is known that both the OUTSIDE and the TURKISH STATE, by establishing parties from time to time, ensure that the ROAD is passed SAFELY. A while ago, when I wrote about POLITICS, I NOTED that the nationalist core was THE FOUNDATION, SEED, ESSENTIAL of the REPUBLIC or NATIONAL alliance. Devlet Bahceli is with President Erdogan, Meral Aksener is with Kilicdaroglu…

I don’t know what the total votes are, but without the NATIONALIST VOTES, no one could win the election. There was no way to win. This was one of the fuses in the PRESIDENTIAL system. TWO STEEL CORES were shared…

Let’s continue…

In the article I wrote yesterday, I was looking at the CANDIDATES and relations from the outside, and for the first time I was pulling the veil over the name MANSUR YAVAS… In the elections where TWO ecoles were in fierce competition, the mind and power of the TURKISH STATE was taking the stage… What a coincidence, when I brought the name Mansur Yavas here yesterday he was saying “I CAN BE A CANDIDATE”. However, he was turning down the offer that came before. He was making statements such as “I am not a candidate”.

He was expressing that he would work for 6 party opposition table and for Kilicdaroglu. The CHP leader also ended the questions about himself by saying “Let them do their job”. But why did Mansur Yavas feel the need to come forward now? What was going on? Could he be a candidate for 6 party opposition table? What would Kilicdaroglu do in such a situation?

Let’s explain it…

The Chairman of the Zafer Party, Umit Ozdag, was the first to mention Mansur Bey’s name on the NOMINATION. He announced that his candidate was YAVAS. “Mansur Yavas does not support himself as much as I do,” he said. After these statements were repeated, Mansur Yavas ended the discussion by saying, “My opinion was not asked, it was not spoken, and I said that I am not a candidate either… Frankly, I was disturbed…”. As I wrote yesterday, the other claim about Mansur Yavas consisted of a sentence said to belong to Abdullah Gul… “This office is not a piece of cake. The Beypazari Municipality is not a reference for the Presidency…” Those who leaked the allegation were saying that Abdullah Gul also made the comment that “KILICDAROGLU CAN’T WIN”… However, the interesting thing was that Abdullah Gul wanted to eliminate Mansur Yavas when there was nothing going on about him.. That was his intention.

There was another leader who was in the same line. He was Temel Karamollaoglu. Temel Karamollaoglu, on the other hand, was clearly showing his side and preference by saying, “Saying ‘We want Imamoglu or Yavas, if one of them is a candidate, he will definitely win.’ is just an ignorant claim. They are underestimating Erdogan’s political knowledge. Erdogan will go over them like a bulldozer.” In other words, he agreed with Abdullah Gul. Then time passed.

There was a conflict between Kilicdaroglu and Meral Aksener. And the previous day, PEACE BREAKFAST was made. What was discussed is unknown! However, it was said that the table would announce its candidate on 2 MARCH. Yesterday’s article that I wrote and Mansur Yavas’ statement “I CAN BE A CANDIDATE” happened after the “BREAKFAST”. Naturally the questions came one after another, “Did Kilicdaroglu give up? Did Meral Aksener win?” Was the CHP leader losing his control? What caused this? These were the two questions I was wondering about…

Of course I had an idea! The answer was very much related to the operations Turkiye has experienced in recent years. Turkiye was making a move to stay at the same distance from two ecoles and walking with President Erdogan. The earthquake was, of course, a very shocking and surprising development. No one could have foreseen this. Despite everything, ERDOGAN was very close to victory. Despite the earthquake, despite the pain, despite the collapsed cities.

However, the GOVERNMENT should also have a PLAN B. In order to prevent two ecoles from sneaking in BESTEPE… The mind required this as well. In order for the state to continue on its path with confidence, it is imperative that a name that the STEEL core will say “YES” to be replaced in case that Erdogan loses by a big surprise or after Erdogan completes his duty. FOR PERMANENCE…


For this reason, it should be a name that has no special contact with anyone, does not come together with any community, group, association, or structure. Mansur Yavas was one of the rare names who fit this description. Although they were not on a separate frequency with President Erdogan and the AK PARTY, although they had very little common ground, a MIND, a POWER, was putting Mansur Bey forward despite Kilicdaroglu.

Abdullah Gul who stayed close to global ecole was the first to see this… I don’t know if Yavas will be announced as a candidate! However, if it happens, how will KEMAL KILICDAROGLU, 6 party opposition table announce it?… HOW CAN THEY EMBRACE A NAME WHO WILL NOT BE TRUSTED WHEN HE IS AGAINST ERDOGAN?

HOW WILL THEY SUPPORT HIM? I am just curious… Balance within balance… Let’s watch and see….

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Everyone is working hard to heal the wounds of the EARTHQUAKE. Both the state and the nation are in the earthquake field… Even though we are always in a fight, there is a tremendous unity. With all this, the country is going to the elections… For now, it seems like the ballot boxes will be set up on May 14. “So what’s the situation inside and outside?”, “Who is waiting for what?”, “Who is supporting whom?” There are so many questions… Let’s start with the opposition and move on.

I’ve written before. CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu supported Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu together with the MHP. His party didn’t even know this. He didn’t share it with anyone. He forced them. Then the election happened. Time has passed. Again, ballot boxes were set up. This time, Kilicdaroglu said, “Come here Muharrem.” He lost again. Afterwards, the roads parted with Muharrem Ince. Ince said “My party did not support me” and left. However, this time, as can be understood from Meral Aksener’s reaction, Kilicdaroglu does not listen to others and he insists. He made many names around him declare his candidacy. The person closest to the CHP leader said, “The 6-party opposition table gathered for the candidacy of our chairman.” CHP did not approve this. Meral Aksener did not forget it. She expressed it at every opportunity. “We are not a notary,” she explained. This and similar things are already known. “WHY IS KILICDAROGLU INSISTING SO HARD THIS TIME?” The answer to the question was enough to explain the whole thing. But no one asked!

Why was he giving, a name that no one knew before as a rival to Erdogan, but now he was taking a step forward? What was on the GLOBAL BALANCE side of this business? I guess it was necessary to look at this side a little bit…

Does Kilicdaroglu have any contact with Abdullah Gul? Do they communicate? We saw it happening. Is it normal? It is extremely normal. So how was his relationship with Davutoglu? It’s always been good. They were so friendly to each other that they formed a government together. Is it positive? Definitely.

What about Ali Babacan? We understand from the rhythm of the table that they can actually think and move forward together. As for Temel Karamollaoglu, maybe he is one of the best friends with Kilicdaroglu. There is also the DP leader, who unconditionally says “YES” to everything the CHP leader says, despite being the smallest partner of the table. I think Kilicdaroglu was able to sit down and get along with anyone with an AK PARTY background. Except Erdogan… CHP leader was side by side with the West in developments such as the Canal Istanbul and the letter written for Osman Kavala.

He too could sign the letter signed by the USA, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada and New Zealand. So he wasn’t thinking differently. As I have written many times, the 6 party oppositon table was a formation that adopted WESTERN values and EUROPEAN values. Then why were Kilicdaroglu and Meral Aksener clashing? That’s the question! This is the knot that needs to be addressed and untied. It’s worth noting!

ENGLAND was not involved at all in events such as Canal Istanbul and the Kavala letter. It always wanted to walk with ANKARA. Especially after the 15 July Coup Attempt, this alliance revived a lot. The two capitals took steps together on many issues. Is it nice? It is great…

Let’s continue…

When the subject was Turkiye, even those who thought together on a GLOBAL scale could part ways. When the subject is Turkiye, the USA and England were parting ways. This separation was also reflected in the 6-party opposition table… For example, Ekrem Imamoglu was a political figure who wanted the “CANDIDACY”. He was busy enough to gather the consuls of more than a hundred countries and throw a tea party in the BOSPHORUS.

The FISH that he had during winter while snowing with the British Ambassador became the most important milestone of his political life. He wanted to be the CANDIDATE but could not turn his back on his party. Although it was possible that he was PROHIBITED, he was having trouble when trying to work harder. He received the greatest support from Meral Aksener inside. Sarachane was already proof of that. So what happened, how did Ekrem Imamoglu step back? Was he obliged to step back? There are sides to this that can be read from the inside. I’m not interested in it.

However, Washington did not evaluate Imamoglu as “A GOOD PERSONAL, STRONG, COLLABORABLE PARTNER”. On the contrary, it saw him as someone who could take the shape of any mold for the candidacy. In other words, Washington did not want to stand next to Imamoglu and support him. Strangely, the meeting at the fish restaurant did not work. Maybe this was the result of the influence of the USA in England… Meral Aksener was a leader who did not support Abdullah Gul, who was always good with England, and fell away from that frequency when necessary.

But she was supporting Imamoglu, was not she? Isn’t it strange? No, it’s not… Meral Aksener saw Imamoglu as the right person and thought that she would not have any problems with Washington. However, the fact that Imamoglu gave photographs with England and the USA and France separately made the scene suspicious. His close contact with Germany also made the situation unbearable. He was also seen on a line stretching as far as China. When the USA was not behind Imamoglu, his tempo slowed down. At least for now. Meral Aksener also seems to have stopped helping…

Who was the winner according to Aksener, who was constantly making statements as “the candidate to win”? They didn’t explain it.

Let’s continue then…

According to the information I received, Abdullah Gul also supports Kilicdaroglu. Like Davutoglu and Babacan… While CHP leader was often criticizing the government over London, it was obvious that he aspired to the same frequency. The point where he was successful was that he was keeping EUROPE on his side.. This was not a little thing. On the US side, things were not going as he wanted. I think they were parting their ways with Meral Aksener at this point… The frequency used by Kilicdaroglu was far from AKSENER. Also, Washington’s attitude was making things difficult. Meral Aksener was being distant. So how would they get along? This is where engineering is required. I assure you, a lot of power was being involved in the game here.

And they will… Could the breakfast the two leaders had yesterday morning have solved the problem? I don’t think so! Meral Aksener does not say “yes” to Kilicdaroglu when she says “NO” to Abdullah Gul’s candidacy…

Don’t be confused, this is a short summary of a long equation. So what awaited us in the final? Although he does not want to take a step in spite of Kilicdaroglu, I think that the name of Mansur Yavas, which is at an important point in the GLOBAL equation and inside, will be brought on the scene in the coming days. I can even say that he is protected by being kept away from discussions. A quick reminder… Abdullah Gul once said to Mansur Yavas, “The Beypazari Municipality is not a reference for the Presidency”! Along with the name Yavas, there is another name that is kept on the sidelines. That is the plan that will shock everyone…

I know that the USA will not take a stance against Mansur Yavas. This is the scenne! Let’s see, whill Kilicdaroglu be able to convince Meral Aksener? Or will he face a name that the TABLE cannot say “NO” with a SHOCKING move… Let’s just wait…

So what is the situation on the part of President Erdogan? Let’s step back and try to see… The 1999 earthquake happened. Golcuk was demolished with 7.4. Istanbul was shaken. The state did not show up. There was desperation. This big-hearted nation took the stage and ran to the wreckage.

They grabbed the STATE, which was under the rubble, and pulled it out. They left the POWER there. Years passed. How could they know that they had another duty? The 15 July Attempt took place. They immediately rushed to help. They took away both the state and the power on the Bosphorus BRIDGE. They saved both. Now there was a much more serious incident. 10 of our cities were officially destroyed. The STATE did not wait for what to do and how to do it. It set out right away. Although millions of people did not know each other, they became ONE. They came from everywhere to the earthquake zone. They stood by the wreckage.

Those who were unable to do so prayed. They did their best. They showed what a great nation they were to everyone, friends and enemies. Again, again, again… They saved everyone and every institution with their actions.


It was this great nation that deserved the applause and appreciation… Despite everything, it was Erdogan who managed to stand in the same place with this nation for years, even if there was a mistake and mishaps…

NOTE: A political figure who had important positions is in contact with Meral Aksener for his son to become a member of parliament… That’s what I heard…

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Foggy Contact

The political turbulence that will come after the EARTHQUAKE is probably about to start slowly. Maybe it already started. In fact, the ground was prepared for a tremor that started with the assassination of Sinan Ates. Now, attacks started over Meral Aksener… I have written about it before. Turkiye is a difficult country. Due to its geography, it has a multidimensional relationship with the EXTERNAL.

Managing it is not easy either. Let’s go step by step if you want. Because it is a long and complicated subject… The late Deniz Baykal was politically eliminated. Did we find the one who did this? Did we see them? No. Kilicdaroglu became the leader of the CHP. Kilicdaroglu, who was polished as GANDHI KEMAL, took over the party after a short march. It was an operation, in a classy way. It happened.

Afterwards, Kilicdaroglu tried to change the CHP, the party known as the party of educated people and therefore never came to power. He’s come a long way. While Kilicdaroglu was changing his party, two political operations were taking place. Meral Aksener was leaving the MHP and was continuing with the IYI PARTY. AKP got its share from it and both Ahmet Davutoglu and Ali Babacan were changing their routes and sailing to new horizons with their own parties. Even from a distance, there was no possibility that these THREE PARTIES, namely IYI PARTY-GELECEK PARTY and DEVA, would come into power alone. However, the operation was carried out to weaken CENTRAL RIGHT, that is, Erdogan. That is, to pave the way for the UPGRADED CHP.

Let’s try to move forward without going into the names too much… On January 12, Meral Aksener became ill for an UNKNOWN reason. She spent the night in Ankara Guven Hospital, where she was admitted with “mild palpitations”. Although I heard very strange whispers about the incident, I did not want to write about it. It wasn’t necessary. It could be easily denied… I knew it. However, there was no problem with Meral Aksener. After Aksener left the hospital, the spokesperson of the party said, “Turkiye has very serious problems. Our President is tired.”

I still don’t understand! It was not Meral Aksener who ruled the country! Why was she getting tired… I didn’t see the need to make a statement about it. But when I listened to Meral Aksener’s HEAD ADVISOR, Turan Comez, things changed. Comez said, “Turkiye is going through a historical turning point. Our President has very, very heavy responsibilities on her back. SHE IS GOING THROUGH FROM A VERY DIFFICULT AND STRESSING PERIOD THAT THE PUBLIC KNOWS AND DOESN’T KNOW…”

The apprentice was slightly opening a parenthesis, which was bothering Meral Aksener, with the two words he put between the lines. But he didn’t say the rest… We didn’t know what Aksener was dealing with, what was bothering her, what problems she had to deal with. Let’s get up to date… Former Minister of Labor and Social Security Yasar Okuyan, who joined the CHP, that is the changed CHP, in 2019, made a very ambitious and resounding statement.

Saying, “If Aksener disperses the table, there will be a cost, I have documents, I will explain them all, documents belonging to the period of the Ministry of Interior,” and he left the hand grenade with the pin in the middle of the 6-party opposition table. Saying, “I gave CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu a file containing documents about IYI Party‘s General President Meral Aksener,” Okuyan went down on top of politics like a sledgehammer. Okuyan, the politician of the years, said roughly:
“Which party builds the fact that Kilicdaroglu can’t win? They say we should come out with a candidate that will win. As soon as he disperses the table, we and my generation have something to say about Meral Aksener. There are documents and files. It is betrayal, I say this very clearly; Negative speeches from within the party against Kilicdaroglu’s candidacy are all within his own knowledge. Kilicdaroglu will not use the file, I will. The event had a bigger impact than expected.

Kilicdaroglu called the leader of the IYI PARTY and said, “All the allegations in question are completely lies…” and then Okuyan was dismissed from the party. The IYI PARTY was also suing Okuyan by taking legal action. And two days later, Meral Aksener was going live in the morning and was making a mess. She called Kilicdaroglu’s team stupids… She was saying such forward words that the table and the sticks were not even the case… If Kilicdaroglu called and dismissed Okuyan, why were these explanations needed? Meral Aksener obviously did not believe in Kilicdaroglu at all.

There was a huge TRUST PROBLEM between them. The update of CHP Deputy Chairman Bulent Kusoglu’s words in SEPTEMBER on live broadcast pointed to this. Kusoglu was saying, “In case of opposition to the candidacy of CHP Chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the table will fall apart.” Aksener insisted, “These words have not been corrected. They have not been fixed.” That is to say, ‘We cannot learn Kemal’s candidacy from outside the table, even if we learn, we are not the NOTARY, we cannot give approval’.

If the table was set up for Kilicdaroglu’s candidacy, if the table was to be demolished when it comes to the candidacy of another name, it would have been officially ruined as of yesterday. Meral Aksener wanted a name other than Kilicdaroglu when she was saying “CANDIDATE TO WIN” again. Kilicdaroglu was saying, “There is no such possibility,” over his people. When things got messy, FILES, DOCUMENTS, OLD BOOKS, THE MOVEMENTS THAT GAVE THE MESSAGE OF BLACKMAIL WERE TAKING THE STAGE. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO. Everything was getting dirty… We were going to experience more events like this while we were going to the most important election in history. I’ve written this over and over. After President Erdogan, after Devlet Bahceli, a great war had already started in the depths on what will be the REPUBLIC ALLIANCE and who will command it.

Kilicdaroglu, too, was persistently making an effort to become a CANDIDATE without knowing where the world was going. The Russian-Ukrainian war was obviously not going to end. We were being dragged into a phase where the borders would change and the war would become much bigger. A power, a hand, a mind insistently wanted to carry Kilicdaroglu up. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Erdogan achieved a tremendous success by establishing the BALANCE, and he was the only leader in the world to do so. CHP was the same CHP in the candidacy of Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and Muharrem Ince. Its votes and effect were the same. Why was Kilicdaroglu, who was not a CANDIDATE at that time, insisting now? Could it be that the wind behind him WANT A LOW PROFILE NAME AFTER THE STRONG LEADER, although he did not know it?!

Without forgetting, does this FILE storm started by Yasar Okuyan attack Meral Aksener, who insisted by saying “the candidate to win” as it is thought, or Kilicdaroglu? Think about it. We will hear the sounds of very carefully planned steps… Whether it is a fight between the parties or the war within the table, the issue is about WHERE TURKIYE WILL STAND IN THE WORLD. Don’t forget this as well…

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We Will Get Over These Days
We have to read correctly what is happening within the framework of the changing world, changing conditions and experiences. Turkiye was shaken by an earthquake that no one expected. Normally, our experiences would have economic, political, sociological and psychological consequences. But this is Turkiye. In the first place, POLITICAL balances are preserved. Let’s take a look inside from outside…

Let’s see who is planning what.

After the earthquake of 17 August 1999, there was a rhythm similar to the discussions made today. The US President at the time was Bill Clinton. There was a coalition in Turkiye. As seen in the case of Kemal Dervish, one of the partners, the MHP, was taking a tough stance against the USA.

This was clearly evident from their reaction to Dervish, the head of the economy. “Should the US Navy come to help or not?” There was a great controversy. Actually, it was a hospital ship belonging to the US Navy. Health Minister Osman Durmus was sternly preventing this.

Although the US Navy could not come, Madeleine Albright, the first female Secretary of State of the USA, was in the earthquake zone on her return from ISRAEL. She was responding to the storm over the navy through her hat.

Even though they took a step back in the face of the MHP’s attitude, US Secretary of State Albright was visiting the tent city with the NAVY CASE on her head and was giving the message “We are here somehow. We will come…”. The visit of Bill Clinton, who was remembered as a magazine because of “BABY ERKAN”, was also important. US President Clinton was visiting earthquake victims with his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea.

In his speech, Clinton said that 84 countries rushed to help Turkiye. There is almost no country that did not come to help for the earthquake we are experiencing right now. But there is a difference! Well, this is the issue…

This is what we need to understand!

We will look at what came after the earthquake that destroyed 10 of our cities. But let’s go back a bit… When Russia invaded UKRAINE last year, EUROPE was having ups and downs. They had a hard time fully understanding what was happening to them. Turkiye took the right position.

It held Russia with one hand and Ukraine with the other. It became a bridge, staying in BALANCE. For whom? For WEST. For Europe. Erdogan played the leading role both in energy problems and in the movement of ships full of grain. British Prime Minister Johnson even congratulated President Erdogan for his indispensable global leadership for helping to end Russia’s grain blockade in Ukraine. When the war came to Europe’s door, EU capitals were having sleepless nights and would not leave Turkiye’s door.

For example, Austrian Chancellor Nehammer was going to Kiev on April 9 last year, seeing the results of the war on the spot. Then, two days later, he went to Moscow and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nehammer was informing Erdogan after every step he took. The philosophy of “Only Erdogan can solve this” was now in their minds… It is not possible for me to write about every person who comes and leaves. Everyone came. From NATO’s General Secretary to German Chancellor Scholz…

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the uncertainty about the roles that countries would take were also evident in the earthquake that Turkiye experienced. For example, Zelensky, Putin and Aliyev had not yet visited after the EARTHQUAKE. The President of the USA was coming to Kiev and trying to ignore this place. There was no one from EUROPE that we can call a ‘leader’.

The same thing was valid for India or China. Everyone who came to the door saying “Please talk to Putin” was not visiting here after the earthquake. We were going through a strange time. Everyone was interested in the position they would take on their own balance. Despite the increasing relations after 15 July, neither the King nor his son came from England. There was no one who came from the politicians.

Of course, there were statements that gave the signs of politics and global balance… One of them belonged to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz… ‘’True friends show up during hard times. We also have a similar idiom. We say ‘People get to know their true friends when they are struggling.’ And we are true friends.

As a friend, we share your pain and as a friend we will not leave you alone in an emergency…” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Interior Minister Nancy Fraser were also coming to the earthquake area and making investigations. They said they would not hesitate to help.

I looked again after Hasmet Babaoglu’s warning. Because I missed it. Just after the earthquake, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias came to Adana. He wandered around the earthquake zone. While talking about the support of the Greek people and the magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes, he brought the issue to politics. With the words “EUROPEAN UNION is always with you… As the EU, we will do our best…” He nicely criticized the policies followed by Turkiye.

Just like Olaf Scholz, Dendias was saying, “REAL FRIENDS SHOW THEMSELVES IN HARD TIMES. AND THAT’S US.” In other words, he emphasized that Turkiye should abandon its policies and return to them. Of course, they were expressing it diplomatically and nicely…

Without exaggeration, all capitals had the expectation that Turkiye would change its position GLOBALLY after the earthquake. 6 party opposition table was already on the political scene for this. But still, none of the states came forward with an invitation and said, “Be with us. Join us. Give us strength.” Putin could not say, “Don’t go,” just as the USA could not offer, “We’ll erase everything.

We will forget. We will turn a new page.” Although the European Union talked about friendship, it could not come to Ankara with the option “Our door is open to you, you are always welcome. We are making up for our mistake”. Even though it was not said openly, there were many who thought that Turkiye would not come out of the debris. Both inside and outside… Even though they knew that the GLOBAL balance could not be established without Turkiye, they thought that it was weakened by the earthquake and they were making plans to turn a NATURAL DISASTER into a NATURAL OPPORTUNITY. Despite all the pain Turkiye had suffered, it would come out of there safe and strong.

They also knew that… After a while, President Erdogan would build these cities and raise them up. That’s for sure! As in the saying “The wolf survives in the winter, but does not forget the cold it experiences”, the real issue was the decision that Turkiye would make when the pain of the earthquake subsided, Erdogan’s decision.

Where would we be? Who would we be with? Because this would redefine every rhythm inside…

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