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How real is what we watch in front of the SCREEN? Who knows something about the background? I think these are the questions to be asked… President Erdogan gave important messages on his return from Africa.

One of them was for OSMAN KAVALA… President Erdoğan answered journalists’ questions on the plane. He targeted the Ankara ambassadors of the USA, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Norway and New Zealand, who made a joint statement for the release of Osman Kavala, who he described as “Soros residue”, with harsh expressions.

“I told our Foreign Minister, we cannot host them in our country,” Erdogan said.

Erdogan often pushes the other side, saying, ” THE LAW DOES THE NECESSARY THING. I HAVE NO CHANCE TO BE INCLUDED.”

Europe-centered pressure is not decreasing, it is increasing! Calls from Europe continue to end the detention of businessman Osman Kavala, who has been imprisoned in Silivri for 4 years. Germany repeated its call to ‘release Osman Kavala’.

Germany even used the phrase “WE TOOK A NOTE” for Erdogan’s remarks about AMBASSADORS.

Another area of tension was the GRAY LIST!

Turkey was placed on the “grey list” by the FATF on the grounds that it did not do enough to fight money laundering and terrorist financing. Upon this decision, reputable media organizations immediately “INVESTORS AND MONEY MIGHT LEAVE TURKEY” was making headlines, passing this news at the last minute…

Interior Minister Soylu rightly reacted and set the bar higher:

“Do they ever feel ashamed?. We had one shortcoming. We did not release Osman Kavala, we did not release Demirtaş. We did not receive any instructions from anyone in the fight against PKK and FETO. We think that this decision is a political decision…”

POLITICAL SITUATION IS LIKE THIS! When we look from afar, there is nothing more natural than thinking, “There is a great struggle. The tension will increase even more…”!

However, besides these, there were unseen and unobtrusive developments! Which I think was very valuable and important…

As I wrote yesterday, we should have understood and seen Erdogan’s EXPORT ISSUES. Erdogan was necessarily insisting on “EXPORT”… That is, Turkey that produces…

Let’s continue…

Overshadowed by negative news, it was not featured much! A few days ago, the President of the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Markus Slevogt made an important debut.

Although there was no news, it was often repeated that EUROPEAN COMPANIES would come to Turkey. Slevogt said, “We have more than 7,500 companies that are German capital subsidiaries or do business with Germany. We have a strong cooperation. We are proud.” Expressing that Turkey and the European Union need each other as strategic partners, Slevogt said, “As the country with the widest network and widest influence in this region, Turkey will help the EU and Germany to secure their strategic interests in this region.”

This sentence itself was like a manifesto! And there was more!

“It is thought that Turkey will create a stronger supply chain for European production centers!
We’ve seen the problems in the supply chain associated with COVID-19 in Asia. Regardless of the variant of the virus, we see that it mainly affects Vietnam and Bangladesh. They had to close their production areas.

The textile, sportswear or sports shoes industry is currently negatively impacted.

We might not even be able to find sneakers for Christmas,” he summed up the shifting balance!

Let’s open it…

In both NATO and the G-7 Summit, it was emphasized that CHINA should be controlled. A SERIOUS PART OF PRODUCTION NEEDED TO BE TRANSFERRED TO OTHER COUNTRIES in order to control China…

Turkey was one of the few countries like Mexico and Brazil! Don’t forget that Evergreen was on the way and closed the SUEZ! It was a ship working for the CIA. A mind wanted to kick CHINA into some reverse gear.


Weirdly, China was experiencing electricity shortages. Coal was hard to find. And although it is not announced, VIRUS HAS BEEN ATTACKING THE NORTH SIDE OF THE COUNTRY!

China’s real estate tycoon EVER GRANDE crisis was also contributing to the economic erosion. In this climate, Turkey’s EXPORT was increasing. Our commercial relationship with EUROPE was obvious.

We were sending 6 out of 10 items to the EU. The goods that would come from China in 30 days were going from Turkey to EUROPE in three days, much cheaper!

This made TURKEY stand out as a center of attraction. And it would!

For this reason, the CENTRAL BANK was pulling down the interest rates and paving the way for the investor.

Rising exchange also ensured that TURKISH PRODUCTS were unrivaled. In the near future, the EXPORT figures would increase even more.

Turkey was going to produce.

EUROPEAN companies would also come… So, even if the fight in front of the curtain was very real, very painful, WOULD EUROPEA CONSIDER TURKEY AS AN ECONOMICAL STRATEGICAL


Are the issues discussed too far from what actually happened? As I wrote yesterday, why would Erdogan cut the branch he was sitting on! Would he do this if he didn’t have a strategy?


That’s the purpose. That’s the target.

As always, I think we should follow the MONEY…

Does ANKARA play a role in the balance of EUROPE in the background of the secret meeting attended by the British ambassadors in Athens, Lefkosa and Ankara? It should not be forgotten that Merkel came here for her farewell visit…

Isn’t it interesting that while the events of Osman Kavala and Selahattin Demirtaş are being discussed, EUROPE is looking for its future here!

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Russia attacked Ukraine. We were waiting for it and we wrote about it… I’ve moved what I’ve seen outside of the known templates here. I noted “I hope I’m wrong”. There is dust and smoke all around… Stock markets collapsed, companies lost value, wheat prices skyrocketed, gold skyrocketed, foreign exchange rose, oil went crazy, it is not clear what will happen to natural gas! When great powers like Russia use weapons, it has global repercussions. If this intervention of Russia was the result of the Biden-Putin meeting in GENEVA, as I predicted, they would have shot at least 5 birds!

I wrote a lot. During the period of the previous President Trump, the WHITE HOUSE was shaken by the Russian WAVE. It was alleged that the Russians rigged the elections and had TRUMP elected. 67 names next to Trump left or were forced to leave. From Steve Bannon to Michael Flynn, from Paul Manafort to George Papadopuulos… It was as if a mind took the stage during the TRUMP era and pressed the button to make RUSSIA “OTHER”. The Kremlin was attributed so much power that it would affect the fate of the USA. That was no small thing!

Russia hit it… From NATO to Biden, from Boris Johnson to Olaf Scholz, there is a lot of talk. But no one is saying anything. I wrote the other day, “If Ukraine were a member of NATO, such a fight would not have taken place”.

If NATO had included UKRAINE with the emergency meeting, RUSSIA would not have taken a step! BUT THEY DID NOT DO IT AND RUSSIA ATTACKED! The entry of Russian troops into UKRAINE would have multiple consequences. THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM would suffer greatly. Maybe it would have to change completely. The United Nations, which could not control the Kremlin, would be empty.

The European Union, which tried to bring order to the world with HUMAN RIGHTS and INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, would come to the brink of collapse. It would turn out that NATO was not a sufficient deterrent. Alliances would be reviewed. Criticizing Lenin and Stalin, Putin would take the stage as the new ROMANOV…

It is unlikely that the Kremlin alone will make this change! As I have written for a long time, I think that the USA, which has deep ties with Putin and Russia, will weaken Europe, which it sees as a rival. I don’t think that Biden and Putin, who were fighting in front of the stage, are far from each other. Look, the President of the United States says, “My wife and I are praying for Ukraine.” However, there are dozens of options that he can do! But Biden preferred what anyone could do and decided to pray. There was also the NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST on 3 FEBRUARY.

Biden was saying, “The world will change completely in 2022. Know that.” The Russian deep state has always sent its heaviest NAME TO THE NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST! Talking about Lenin and Stalin, Putin was actually declaring that he wanted the EMPIRE back. There will be those who remember. Last year there was the wedding of ROMANOVS in St. Petersburg…

With the October Revolution of 1917 by the Bolsheviks, it was the first royal wedding in Russia in more than 100 years after the overthrow of the last Russian Tsar II. Nicholas. Putin, who gave the title of Saint to the Romanovs in 2008, sent a special representative to the ceremony at the CHURCH, as if describing the new era: THE EMPIRE WILL COME BACK. OUR SYMBOL IS THE ROMANOVS. BUT THE NEW GENERATION WILL BE THE EMPIRE…

Yevgeny Prigozhin, also known as Putin’s “chief”, was serving at the wedding! Russians are entering UKRAINE, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was saying, “Today is a “terrible” day for Ukraine and a “dark” day for Europe… Putin made a big mistake.” And he accused Putin of not recognizing for violating INTERNATIONAL LAW.

The GLOBAL SYSTEM would not be broken by adhering to the rules! Or the new one would not be installed in the light of the RULES! All the developments justified FRANCE, which did not trust NATO and the USA. EUROPE was punishing for not forming its own army and not including Turkey in its time. There were no deterrents left.

THAT’S THE REALITY THEY FACED! Step by step, Russia was swallowing EUROPE. The pause and retreat of Europe would hurt everyone. It would hurt China… GREAT COMMERCIAL RELATIONS would be damaged. While EUROPE was importing 500 billion Dollars from China, it was exporting 200 billion Dollars! Losing market share with rising oil prices would create a negative climate in CHINA. The United States was the furthest from the fight.

They were just watching. They were also praying from time to time! Trump: “If it weren’t for us, you would be speaking GERMAN in Paris right now!” saying, reminding them of their role in the WWII and showing that NATO could not do anything in this process. And now it seems that without the USA, there is no such thing as NATO!

EUROPE is helpless and silent! This was making the European capitals shiver from fear years later! Russian intervention would have military, political and especially economic consequences. It would be a very well-intentioned assessment to think that this move that came after the pandemic occurred spontaneously. It is not easy to calculate what a climate will bring to whom even when the possibility of not being able to find wheat is spoken.

Obviously, we would see the USA and RUSSIA clashing in front of the stage. It is imperative that Turkey take steps knowing the background of the crisis. It is vital to understand what is planned, especially for the MIDDLE EAST. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s inexperience on NATO and unawareness of the international balance has turned his lands into a “A COUNTRY BEING USED” by the EU and NATO. The signature behind the tragedy was comedian Zelenski! Don’t you find it interesting that NATO can’t produce anything other than words, despite Putin’s saying “We have no power to oppose NATO”? Doesn’t it tell you that the GAME is huge? Russia’s coup is the first step for the NEW WORLD ORDER…

A process where the ones who look at the developments from this side will win has begun… If RUSSIA’s harsh steps are heard on the axis stretching from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan, Turkey will have to bring its own system both in Syria, the MIDDLE EAST and CENTRAL ASIA.

We are going through a period where it is very important to go beyond the fight images on the screens and think.

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The problem between UKRAINE and RUSSIA, or more precisely between the USA and Russia, came and sat on top of the world. EUROPE will be the most affected one. Seeing this after the WWII, France brought the EUROPEAN ARMY to the agenda, especially in the last period. Although the main player behind was GERMANY, it wasn’t done. It couldn’t have been done.

They weren’t strong enough. The WWII showed that there are really smart men in the world. Even if the system they established is destroyed by the SOVIETS, even after 70 years, there is a huge majority that does not understand. I think we are going through such a climate now. I don’t want to glorify anyone. I have no such purpose. However, Turkey has 100 years ahead of it, with both opportunities and risks. Here we can get a big share with the right move. I guess we have to understand the GAME first…

And we must read the last 70 years very well… From President Nixon’s departure to China in 1972, we must focus on the cracks of the LIBERAL world and the final solution found…

NATO is the cause of the Ukraine-Russia crisis! Or rather, the USA! The strategy of wanting Ukraine to join NATO and making it a part of the West consists of three interrelated components. The expansion of NATO and the European Union, the permanence of the Orange Revolution aimed at producing pro-Western leaders in Kiev… Russia, on the other hand, was gaining the upper hand by saying, “NATO promised us when the SOVIETS were parting ways. There would be no expansion to the East even an inch…” The USA is putting pressure on such a point that it was impossible for RUSSIA to remain unanswered.

This is how the Ukraine issue started…

Let’s open it… I wrote the previous week, “The rise in oil prices is nothing but support for RUSSIA…”. Trump spoke the other day:
Russia is getting richer with rising oil prices. Weak sanctions are insignificant compared to the seizure of a country and strategically important territory…


While the Twin Tower attacks were taking place in 2001, John Mearsheimer, the author of The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, was saying something important back then… China’s first target is to become the hegemonic state of ASIA… Explaining the STATE with the theory of “aggressive realism” Professor from West Point John Mearsheimer used to say that “Every state that has power wants to expand”… Looking after 2001, it is obvious that Prof.Mearsheimer was right… CHINA, which was poor in the early 1990s, became a GIANT thanks to the liberal policies of the USA. With its growing economy, China pressed the button to increase its military capacity. EVERY EMPOWERED STATE EXHIBITIONS AGGRESSIVE ATTITUDES IN FOREIGN POLICY.

THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE OTHERWISE. It is not a secret that the US influences and controls the Western World. China intends to seize ASIA in order to establish and break this balance. Well, could DEEP RUSSIA, which brought Putin to power, not know what Prof. Mearsheimer,one of the deep names of the USA, knows?

It is not possible…

The USA has 1.5 competitors in the world. And it will want to take its steps accordingly with its partners. The biggest competitor is CHINA, which has 4 times more population than itself. The other is EUROPE, which has a lively relationship with CHINA. The USA will first want to control EUROPE in order to fight against China. It will do this by referring it to RUSSIA over the UKRAINE issue it provoked.

Just as the WARSAW Pact was established against NATO, now we will see CHINA with the alliance of PAKISTAN-NORTH KOREA-LAOS-MYANMAR. The USA, on the other hand, would prepare allies such as Japan-India-Singapore-Vietnam-Australia in the EAST for the new system. 2 POLES were already ready! For this reason, the heart of the world was beating in CENTRAL EUROPE, in the balance it established with the SOVIETS. Now the space is much larger and more playful!

THE SOUTH CHINA SEA, THE EASTERN CHINA SEA and TAIWAN WILL BE THE THREE prominent CENTERS… The MIDDLE EAST would also remain important to control China’s energy demand… In the WORLD WHERE NUCLEAR WEAPONS TALK, even if it is not possible to destroy a target, SURROUNDING PLACES was the wisest way. The USA also wanted to finish the surrounding process by giving a LARGE SHARE to RUSSIA…

DEEP RUSSIA, with its growing economy and increasing military capacity, had no difficulty in predicting that CHINA would swallow itself when the day came… When the day came when China would openly challenge the USA in 20 years, ASIA would be completely CHINESE LAND. IT SHOULD HAVE. It was not a secret that China was making moves for it. Russia knew it too!

In the final analysis, RUSSIA, which has no borders with the USA, would not hesitate to walk with the power of the USA. The SOVIETS did this. Why wouldn’t Putin do it?! The BALANCE between the US and the Soviet Union was different.

But CHINA is different! It had the potential to become richer than the USA, with its economy that produced with STATE CAPITALISM, its large population and its military power increasing day by day. This is what they are scared of! It was not difficult to keep the balance by controlling the Soviets. China was a different power! New game, new plot, new alliances were essential.

I think the step taken to get UKRAINE out of the Russian orbit is the biggest move against CHINA. Britain’s parting from EUROPE with BREXIT, NATO’s return to the fields from 2021, AUKUS and the USA’s sending nuclear to the seas and expanding the alliance in the East… These are the steps that are taken all against CHINA.

I don’t know if it will be successful or not. However, CHINA, which was surrounded by the seas that I saw, is now surrounded by land from ASIA, where it wants to challenge the USA…

The USA started a game where it can weaken Europe and control China. And everyone from England to Japan is in the game.

Turkey cannot stay outside either. As I wrote yesterday, Turkey will be forced to choose its side…

Significant developments can be seen from a distance. Let’s see what is going to happen…

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What is waiting for TURKEY?… Recently, I have tried to write about INSIDE, even though I don’t want to. Because INSIDE was also the OUTSIDE! I put Erdoğan and Bahçeli on one side, and 6 parties on the other, and tried to convey what was actually going on. Of course, there was also the fact that “HDP” was on the table even though it was not…

EMOTIONS come to the fore in the geography where we are located. For example, the foreign policy of the party we vote for or the economic program it will follow is of little interest to us. The axis that will carry the country around the world is nothing! HOWEVER, THAT IS THE ISSUE… The struggle is made precisely for this. I have been writing that EUROPE and TURKEY parted ways. I try to explain the domestic politics through the power of EUROPE here. I add that from time to time, Ankara shoots at EUROPE through Soros and Osman Kavala. For the sake of understanding…

Let’s open it…

Upon the invitation of CHP’s Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, IYI Party’s Chairperson Meral Akşener, Saadet Party’s Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, Democrat Party’s Chairman Gültekin Uysal, DEVA Party’s Chairman Ali Babacan and Gelecek Party’s Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu, Çankaya Municipality’s Ahlatlıbel met at their facility. The parties, which I have described IRONICLY as “UNLIKE EACH OTHER”, gathered around the round table. All of these parties looked alike. They were the same. There was no difference between them.

Our comments were sterile because we were stuck with ideologies and stereotypes. Our definitions were lacking. All OPPOSITION PARTIES, as I often carry here are EUROPEAN supporters. They represent the values of Europe…

If you look at the statement made after the opposition’s 5.5-hour meeting, you would see what I mean. They emphasized that the Strengthened Parliamentary System is the common and primary goal. THAT IS CLEAR. However, they also gave details… For example, “… Turkey has no problems that cannot be solved by consultation and consensus.

The important thing is to build a democratic Turkey where fundamental rights and freedoms are guaranteed within the framework of the Council of Europe and European Union norms, where everyone sees themselves as an equal and free citizen, where they can freely express their thoughts and live as they believe. …” This statement was important. Two days before the meeting, Ahmet Davutoğlu was making a statement and giving a message through NATO… Davutoğlu said that Turkey was not represented at the NATO meeting, where the Russia-Ukraine crisis was discussed, “This cannot be the reputation Turkey deserves.”.

You can look at the S-400s bought from Russia, or THROUGH THE CONTINUATION OF OSMAN KAVALA’S INVESTIGATION, either over the Cyprus, or over the reaction against George Soros, or the German Frigate to block our ship going to Libya. If you want, look at the French warships and our navy’s coming to the brink of conflict…

Or through the US not giving F-35s… The fact that we are standing against Europe and NATO will not change… GLOBAL ECOLE’s homeland, EUROPE, seriously objects to Turkey’s current position. They know that for Turkey’s position to change, the POWER must change. This is what we overlooked. We only read politics from the inside. However, the reality is completely different.

While this attitude of Europe continues, 6 parties (AND HDP) are making moves against Erdoğan with an alliance. The most important actor making Erdogan’s job difficult is US President Biden… Ankara, which was able to easily overcome EUROPE’s sorties during the Trump era, is now struggling with Biden’s influence…

Owners of Global Ecole aim not only to eliminate Erdoğan but also to eliminate the established system in Turkey. This is the struggle. This system change is what is meant by the PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM! In order to do this, it will be required to experience a GREAT BREAKTHROUGH during the ERDOĞAN period.

For example, not taking a step in the economy… Not stopping inflation, such as experiencing a currency crisis… The other party will play these and similar cards. In order for the system to change, it is a must to make people complain … Current politics needs to cover GLOBAL politics with a black curtain…

We will experience the steps taken for Turkey’s approach to EUROPE through terms such as cost of living, exchange rate, current account deficit. We have lived it… Even though the purpose is different, we will discuss other elements… But if Erdogan does not give way to EUROPE and those who defend those values, they will have nothing to gain.

THE GULF OPERATION is Erdogan’s plan to break and get rid of the EUROPEAN-based containment… Consider the events like this… As long as Erdogan keeps the economy strong, the winner will not change… Look at the event of landing in the Gulf from here…

NOTE: The echoes of Halil Falyalı’s assassination continue. A source of mine said, “Falyalı lost a large amount of drugs. Two groups were hurt. That’s the reason for the execution!”…

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What is going on in CYPRUS?! The murder of Halil Falyalı, the participation of important figures from the government to the funeral, the growing tension in the Island, the emergence of armed elements, the dark focus taking the stage and the climate becoming increasingly blurred…

I am reading what is written. Everyone tells, writes and shares what they know about Cyprus. But so far I have not seen the truth in exactly one address! I have many friends in Cyprus. I don’t want to get into the names and the moving mechanism there. But important murders are committed for significant results. This murder should have been evaluated in this parenthesis. And peace in the island would gradually deteriorate…

Where did the Kalashnikovs come from? Any shooters escaping by sea? Who gave the order? What was the purpose? And who was going to gain something from this? There’s a lot of questions. All of them are waiting for an answer. However, even if the shooters and those who ordered them were found, the real actors would not be reached… IT’S CLEAR! And there is no one who does not know this in Cyprus!

Gambling, online betting, drugs, black money… The allegations are flying. When I first went to Cyprus, I was surprised at the airport. There was a wealth of cameras as everywhere. And there should have been. It was natural. However, there was another scene that I encountered outside while leaving the airport! This time, a number of attendants were unobtrusively watching the leaving passengers. Careful eyes must have seen them like me!

I don’t think it’s a secret either. In other words, Cyprus was a place where security was prioritized. It was the criminal side of the case that Halil Falyalı was attacked while he was in his car in Çatalköy, Kyrenia region, and that he and his driver lost their lives as well! The GOVERNMENT will do what is necessary, it will come to a certain point…

What should be known was the fact that Halil Falyalı kept politics alive there. Financially it was the most important player in the island. Whatever he did was one side of the coin! The other side was that it was the most important economic player in CYPRUS and dragged the island with it. What would happen to Falyali and his work now?

It would either be completely eliminated or a new player would come and sit in that seat. First of all, everyone should focus here. On the other hand, I think that the political side of the issue is missed. The people of the island already know all the details. Name by name, step by step, street by street…

There is no secret about the murder in the island. Maybe these are not written here or there, but the BLOODY Ambush has already become a secret that everyone knows… For this reason, Falyalı was sent off as a MARTYR. The state was there! There were also many names who could not go because they did not want to be seen at the funeral. Anyway…

Let me come to the side that I am interested in… There is great concern in Cyprus right now. This is not reflected in the media. Nobody talks about it. Many armed elements are in the island, they were there before and after the Falyalı murder. And now the youth of CYPRUS will begin to get armed secretly. THAT’S THE MAIN FEAR!

Although we cannot see it from here, Halil Falyalı united CYPRUS. And politically and sociologically, it moved the island away from ANKARA. If the Cypriots do not see a solution in a short time, the “disconnection” will increase. I think this is an expectation that will work for everyone except Turkey. In fact, there was nothing SECRET in the island even though we didn’t know it! For example, there was a special RADAR only for FALYALI.

He was constantly watched from the sea. From land too… But the real unknown thing was something else. According to the leaked information, the claim that “Falyali was killed so that he wouldn’t talk” was being brought up. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not. HOWEVER, I KNOW THAT HE TALKED!According to the information I received, Falyalı told many things to people. And HE HAD TO BE KILLED FOR THAT…

Falyali was someone who served as a GUARD in the casino and went “TO THE TOP”. How was this happening? Who was supporting him? This side of the story is very important. Halil Falyalı, who has become the strongest FIGURE in Cyprus, was tried in a lawsuit in 2010 on the grounds of “threat” and was released. Falyalı was arrested in October last year in a case related to “battery” and “forced detention”.

He remained inside for 70 days.In other words, someone who could be eliminated through LAW was killed with a KALESHNIKOF… Who was choosing this path, why? CYPRUS was pushed away from Turkey through this assassination. And right now, in private meetings in CYPRUS, prominent names of the island were speaking of Turkey as “NORTH”… Is that an unimportant thing?

We are in a period where everyone should focus on Cyprus sensitively. I hope nothing worse will happen… Let’s see…

Let’s watch…

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From a distance, we see that energy prices are increasing everywhere. As a matter of fact, Turkey is not out of this. It can’t be anyway. Especially since NATURAL GAS prices have jumped, electricity costs from gas also differ. It is climbing higher. When all the numbers are going up, the prices are also going up. In Turkey, there are ELECTRIC BILLS on all the headlines. From tradesmen to households, from industrialists to medium-sized producers… And it doesn’t seem like there will be an easy solution any time soon!

But why? That was the question I followed. We know and experience inflation around the world. Even in Norway electricity prices were protested. People went off to the street. They called for “take back the raises”. However, I was wondering the answer to the question “what happened that GAS prices flew up, along with electricity bills?” And when Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s “I WON’T PAY MY BILL” output came, it was like a different lane. Then, to understand what was going on, I reached out to my friend who knows these things best.
I asked the questions “WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH NATURAL GAS? WHY ELECTRICITY BILLS RISE? AND IS THERE A POSSIBILITY OF A DECREASE, WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN? These are the questions that I am sure everyone is waiting for answers to…

My friend started from COVID-19… “With the pandemic, the lock down periods came. The news of fear, anxiety, intensive care and death reduced natural gas consumption. The balance between SUPPLY and DEMAND was shaken. So, the prices came back.

The demand was uncontrollable. The revival of economies and life after vaccines increased the demand for gas. There was an explosion of demand in almost every geography. However, this was not the only reason that made prices go up. One of the main reasons was that countries like CHINA-JAPAN-INDIA built huge STORAGE areas, warehouses! And they hung on the gas. They filled their tanks with the gas they bought. This caused the changes in prices. We could not do this job in Silivri and Salt Lake. However, this alone was not enough to explain the increase in prices. I think it was because of the CLIMATE CHANGE issue that investments in NATURAL GAS were stopped. Currently, there is a 75 percent escape from NATURAL GAS as an investment. GAS is not in the lead role where the world wants to be taken…

The area in which 100 TL was invested until yesterday is now content with 25 TL. This is roughly the situation… Alternative energies are being studied. This is the trend in the world…” What about the Iran issue? What happened there?

Iran plays this game every year. Our contract with them expires in 2026. This winter is very harsh there, too. Iran is sending us the gas it extracted from the south. And what it bought from TURKMENISTAN… Recently, there has been a problem between the two countries.

When Iran could not easily get gas from there, it took the risk of paying COMPENSATION and gave it to its own people. It warmed the north. There was a great need. There will be a penalty for the deal. But they are ready to pay its cost… We can say that they have already started the negotiations in 2026…”

So, is Iran important to us? Can we give up? As in the world, there is an increase in gas consumption in Turkey as well. For example, we used 40 billion cubic meters last year. It is over 50 this year. Russia does not and will not give even a SINGLE MOLECULE outside the contract. Iran knows this too. Although Israel and the EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN gas cannot be a solution, it will be a dressing for the wound. But they keep changing the prices. It’s not exactly clear. It is necessary to look at the costs. So is the LNG market. It’s very wavy. Your chances of buying it and using it with peace of mind are slim. Prices change places frequently… This makes it difficult to take a step…”

How will the UKRAINE crisis and sanctions between Europe and Russia affect GAS trade? Will we experience a gas crisis? It will not not affect. It shouldn’t affect. Fight and trades are different things. However, it is a fact that gas has begun to be used as a weapon. As per the contracts, if EUROPE does not get what it demands, it pays the penalty! If Russia does not send the amount to be given, it will be billed. This is trade. It is provided by agreements… Nord Stream-2 is over as you know. However, it has not yet been given the gas.

We are waiting for it. Germany is a big customer. However, alternative energy routes are being used too much. Natural gas does not receive investments in EUROPE either. They supply the gas as LNG from Qatar-Egypt-Algeria-Nigeria. It is true that it is not enough. Consumption also skyrocketed in Europe. The numbers are much higher than expected…

Putin saw this and started to use it… Politics also got involved… Will gas prices decrease worldwide? Will electricity bills turn back to normal? Will it become cheaper?

It is not possible from today to tomorrow. If we build gas supply diversity with Israel, increase the 10 billion cubic meters we buy from Iran and sign a long-term contract, prices will come back to some extent. The advantages we will gain through bargaining will drive prices down. This can be a step. Russia will not help us in this matter. The bills they give to Europe and us are different. This will not change. We will have to go with other solutions. We need some time to meet the Black Sea gas…

My friend told me these things. It is not known how the government will save on electricity bills. We will wait and see. However, there does not seem to be a global decrease in gas prices… According to my friend, who is one of the people who knows these things best, this is the situation…

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CHALLENGES prepared with the PANDEMIC have become a trouble for every government. It looks like it will continue to be a trouble. We are passing through a period unlike any before. As the world shakes, the first thing that falls to us is the question, “WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO TURKEY? HOW WILL IT BE AFFECTED BY THE INCIDENTS?”…

I don’t want to go back to the local and go into names and parties. It’s not a secret that soon there will be big surprises in every lane. 2023 is important not only for the children of this country, but also for others! Some outside focuses see this as the final year…

I’ve written a thousand times! “TURKEY is a very important country. It cannot be left alone”… Therefore, compelling moves will come… They will try. In the past months, we were talking about POLITICAL MURDERES.

This was a subject that Turkey was familiar with. Political murders were committed to change the course of politics. ONLY THE KILLERS would be caught. No one could reach the real boss. I haven’t seen any one who did it. Because we were having difficulties in clearly revealing the parties… More precisely, we did not know the SIDES!

Let’s open it…

Munich Security Conference President Wolfgang Ischinger stated that Turkey has a very important role for the security and peace of the West and said, “We do not want Turkey to follow a similar path as the UK did to the European Union, saying ’We are leaving, goodbye.,’ he said. An experienced German diplomat, who stated that he has been the chairman of the conference since 2008 and that he witnessed many crises in the international arena during this period, said, “The current developments overshadow the sum of what we have experienced in the past. I do not remember such a process in which many crises developed simultaneously. ‘ he said.

In other words, he was saying, “WE ARE IN SUCH A FIGHT THAT NONE OF THE SIDES HAVE ENOUGH SOLDIERS OR AMMUNITION”. Of course, this was not a FIGHT as we understand it. But there was a great struggle…

Wolfgang Ischinger ended the part about Turkey as follows:
At the moment, nothing is more important than security in the Black Sea and the surrounding region. The great strategic importance of the Black Sea region is often underestimated in Germany…

Here, Turkey has a very, very, very central importance… And I hope Turkey will continue to play this important role for the peace and security of the entire West and Europe…

In other words, Ischinger wanted to say, “Europe’s security starts from Turkey. We cannot lose that.” Which he was right…

The Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, which made England the OTHER, was saying that they would not lose Turkey! And at the end of his speech, he gave his message with the words “TURKEY SHOULD STAY IN NATO. THEY SHOULD MAKE IT STAY …”.

So how would that be? That’s the real knot! Would Turkey stay in NATO? Would it leave? Which cadres would make which decisions?

Despite all the problems experienced, ANKARA did not part ways with NATO.It did not say “I’m out” even though it showed that it would separate it or gave the signs. Even the S-400 move was scary enough for NATO…

When I looked at the line ranging from energy to financial moves, a POWER wanted Turkey in NATO in its old form. For this, they would suppress it as hard as they could. They didn’t hide it either. As I wrote yesterday, NATO was not only the largest military union in the history of the world! It was also a structure that could set up big games and get results with the GLOBAL MIND behind it…

THE STRUCTURE, which is also behind NATO, was planning to take steps that would make itself felt in the coming days. I don’t know if they can. However, they will want to raise the tension and form a NEGATIVE climate in the country. Politically, the ranks would become clear afterwards… In other words, a EUROPEAN ORIGINAL move would come against ERDOĞAN and steps would be taken to support Erdogan to stop Europe here. The GLOBAL STRUGGLE would once again be seen with the naked eye…

All kinds of instruments would be used in this arm wrestling… Although Erdogan struggled with strong opponents he had defeated before, there will be important issues that he will get support for…

It is useful to evaluate what we will experience in the coming days from this window.

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Let’s start with the tension between UKRAINE-RUSSIA, continue with NATO… From there, let’s move on to Turkey. However, it would be beneficial to stop by a CHINA first. Soros spoke at the Hoover Institute, a think tank affiliated with Stanford University, last week. He described China as ‘the most powerful authoritarian state in the world’. He made CINPING “OTHER” by saying “the greatest threat facing open societies”. And he compared the Winter Olympics in Beijing to the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Nazi Germany… The Olympics started and the Athletes started to share posts against CHINA.

Quarantine rules, food-drinking and accommodation problems were marked by the games that were overshadowed by the coronavirus and the political boycott. Many athletes were mad at the REGIME, sharing their difficulties. Strangely, the developments were in the direction SOROS wanted…

Let’s continue… Let’s come to NATO, Ukraine, Russia…

Biden: We will end Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine Satellite images of Russia’s military build-up on the Ukrainian border have been released. USA: Russia has alerted 70 percent of the troops it needs to invade Ukraine…

These were the prominent headlines on the subject in the world media. French President Macron was both going to Putin, talking about the issue at the LONG TABLE, and going to Ukraine from there, testing the pulse of the other side. The German Chancellor was also going to the White House and apparently got support from Biden. Biden said, “Today we talked about our close cooperation with the Chancellor;

“We have developed a strong package of sanctions that will have rapid and serious consequences if Russia violates Ukraine’s sovereignty,” he said.

Biden also shared that the US and Germany are a “united front”. All eyes were on Putin. He also talked to Macron for 5 hours in the Kremlin. After the meeting he said:

In its military strategy in 2019, NATO directly identified Russia as the main security threat and enemy. Russia is not moving towards NATO, NATO is moving towards Russia. And they accuse us of being irrationally aggressive… When it comes to NATO, it is understandable to go to two addresses. One is the fact that many names have taken shelter under the umbrella of NATO after July 15, and the other is the clear statements of the former US President Trump…

I wrote it before because I thought it was important. In 2019, Trump called for the promotion of nationalism and nationalism at the UN. Trump spoke as if summarizing the conflict both within the USA and on the roof of the world:
The free world must be re-established on national foundations. We should not try to erase national values or replace them with other things. The future will not be of globalists. The future belongs to the patriots…

Trump was already the leader who made his line clear. It was claimed that one of the things he would have done if he gained VICTORY from the Presidency election he entered with Biden was TO TAKE THE USA OUT FROM NATO… Trump, looking down on NATO members, said, “They don’t give money and they ask for protection”.

He even stated that he was protecting EUROPE for free, saying “NATO SHOULD INCLUDE THE MIDDLE EAST. ONLY USA should not base the load”. Trump’s former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, also wrote in his book after leaving office, “WE WERE GOING TO LEAVE NATO…”…

Right after Trump took office, he was shaken by the allegation that “RUSSIA CHEATED IN THE ELECTIONS”. Turmp, who could not act comfortably in the White House, was dealing with this case for 2 years. There was a power that showed Trump and Putin together! This was the GLOBALIST ECOLE itself.

Nobody thought about NATO’s share in Trump’s departure and Biden’s arrival! The OPEN SOCIETY theme of an iconic name like SOROS scares Putin. It is not in vain that the Russian leader said, “If UKRAINE joins NATO, there will be a fight between RUSSIA and NATO”…

Putin knows that the power against him, namely the GLOBAL MIND, is at his door with NATO… If there is a fight, it is not a secret that EUROPE and RUSSIA will suffer the biggest damage… It will also harm CHINA’s trade and business… The USA will watch the oil prices that will skyrocket and the losses of CHINA and EUROPE from afar…

If the USA does not want to end EUROPE with RUSSIA, it will play G-2 at best. That is, the TWO GREAT POWERS… USA and CHINA… The old balance was between the USA and the SOVIET UNION… Do they want to make CHINA ”THE OTHER” through NATO? Do they want to open the way for Beijing and declare them as an ENEMY? If RUSSIA is to be eliminated through NATO, it means that NATO will have the whole EURASIA, which will mean that the USA has taken over the CONTROL mechanism against CHINA…
I think we have to watch NATO very closely…

There is no other address!

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