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The state mind does not make plans to save the day. The state mind sees beyond and takes steps towards the future. The state has no feelings. It is always 18 years old. Sometimes it pretends to be asleep, sometimes it shows itself weak, but when the right time and place comes, it hits the table with it’a fist so hard that there is neither a table nor an opponent.

Leaders are faces in front of the curtain. They are just names, but some names are special. Such as Mete Han, Atilla, Osman Gazi, Çelebi Mehmet, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Yavuz Sultan Selim, Sultan AbdulHamid… The most important name of our time is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but just as many names have come and gone, his name will also be gone, his work will remain. These names come and go, and the state is permanent. The Ottoman Empire called itself The Eternal State. Of course, the Ottomans knew better than me that everything other than Allah is mortal. The secret that it called the state eternal was that it saw this state as the continuation of the state founded by Rasulullah (Aleyhi Salatu Vesselam).

Now let’s get to the topic… I will try to explain to you as much as I can how the mind of the state works.

Turkey has been working in the Mediterranean and especially the Eastern Mediterranean for a long time. When we look at the last 7 years, a history is being written in the Mediterranean. Although it can’t find a place for itself in the media today, history will surely write this glorious struggle.

The countries that are against us in the Eastern Mediterranean are implementing all kinds of dirty policies. Firstly, the Egyptian government of Sisi. See, I said in the first paragraph that the state has no feelings. The state acts in line with its interests. It may be friends with its enemies tomorrow. It is the state interests that matter.

Turkey has been trying to reach an agreement with the Sisi government in the Eastern Mediterranean for a long time, but the Israeli-led Sisi government is doing nothing but closing all the roads on the way to an agreement and giving us trouble. Turn off your phones and read more carefully from now on. Between the lines, you will notice how the mind of the State works.

It was the beginning of March of 2021. Egypt was suddenly stepping back, respecting Turkey’s maritime continental shelf and giving us the green light on the way to an agreement. What was happening to the Sisi administration, who said black to what we said was white and no to what we said was possible, that it suddenly shifted into reverse? What happened to the Sisi administration, which stood up against us on every issue, and how it suddenly softened? The answer to this is hidden in a country that is 5200 kilometers away from us…

Turkey has been making big breakthroughs in Africa for a long time. With a little research, you can see that these expansions started in 2005, but it actually goes back a lot. It officially started in 2005.

Relations between Turkey and the late Martyr Leader Mursi were very good. We were about to make a sharing agreement in the Eastern Mediterranean… You know the rest of the story.

Sisi, the Pharaoh of the Millennium, who took over the administration with the support of America and Israel, put all the agreements with Turkey on the shelf and started to become a wall against us. Of course, this situation interrupted our plans, but it never completely eliminated it.

The One that closes one door opens another…

Those who read the life of Sultan Abdul Hamid or watch the TV series Payitaht Abdul Hamid know that if diplomacy was an art, Sultan Abdul Hamid would be the shining star of this art. He would be the most skilled artist who gave plaques to those who practiced this art.

Diplomacy never runs out of options. If your opponent is closing a door to you, you force other doors. Isn’t there a door? If so, you call your master and produce a door. In diplomacy, whoever gives up is either a coward or has admitted defeat.

The Sisi administration had closed all the doors to us, but we opened such a door that the Sisi administration would realize that a 3–5-year-old mind could not stand against a 2500-year-old mind and would experience that it had no choice but to take a step back…

When Turkey started to open up to Africa, it separated some countries from other countries. Libya, Somalia and Ethiopia. We used the Ethiopian card against Egypt. When you examine the 2020 data, you will see that Turkey is officially the second country that invests most in Ethiopia. I can say very clearly that it is the first in unofficial data by far. I don’t want to bore you by giving numbers and going into details, besides, the subject I’m really interested in is deeper than that. The important issue for us is strategic partnership, strategic agreements.

The Nile…

The Nile is not an ordinary simple river, and it will never be. It has been so in the past, it is so now and it will be so in the future. The Nile River means life for Egypt.

On the other hand, when we look at Ethiopia, we see a state profile that has been trying to develop its industry for a long time. Industry needs energy. If you can not produce energy, you will not make any progress in the industry. We talked about diplomacy… Identify the weak point of your enemy and attack from there. Look how Turkey is catching the Sisi administration from its weak area and knocking it out in one move. Read carefully…!

It was 2011. Ethiopia was proclaiming that it would build the Renaissance dam on the Nile. 10 years have passed and today this dam has reached the stage of completion. InshaAllah, this dam will be completed and put into use soon. This dam poses a great danger for Sisi. InshaAllah, this dam will be the move that will bring the end of Sisi, this is my personal wish.

The mind of the Deep State not only corners the Israeli-American puppet Sisi administration with its deep relations with Ethiopia, but also hits it every time it strikes to give it what it wants. Since the Sisi administration is aware that this dam will be the end of them, it threatens Ethiopia with war, but in response to this, military agreements are signed between Turkey and Ethiopia. This is not enough either. A delegation of Turkey goes to visit the dam and says, “Whatever you do, it’s useless! There is a decision coming from the sky.”

Naturally, these visits and agreements were met with resentment by the administration of Sisi, the fake Pharaoh of millennium, but they would have left no effect other than the dust effect that a simple wind would take from a 2500-year-old piece of rock.

Of course, Ethiopia’s military power is not strong enough to compete with Egypt. This is real. But Libya’s military might not be able to cope with Egypt either. We all know what happened. This is why military agreements with Ethiopia are of critical importance. The Sisi administration cannot directly fight Turkey. They experienced this in Libya. The whole world saw what happened in Syria and Azerbaijan. The military and defense industry power that Turkey has reached is not only disturbing the Sisi administration but also all our enemies, which is why the Sisi administration cannot confront Turkey through Ethiopia. Like the former prime minister of Armenia, Nikol Peshinyan, he will be disgraced and end in resignation. He knows very well that from the moment he attacks Ethiopia, he will fight Turkey behind the scenes. It’s good for us, but the scary thing for them is that they don’t know what weapons they will face when such a war takes place. He knows very well that the weapons that Turkey will give will inflict heavy damage on the army under Sisi. Sisi, the fake Pharaoh of the Millennium, who is currently in great economic trouble, is also afraid of the reaction of his people when he receives a big military blow.

The bottom line is that Sisi’s biggest fear is the unknown, the inability to foresee. It has become Sisi’s nightmare that no one but us knows about the technology we will give to Ethiopia. If he does not intervene in the dam, he will face a water problem, if the Egyptian people cannot reach water, they will rise up and attack Ethiopia, which will lose power, this time he will find a power he could not even imagine, Turkey. The war will both devastate and put the already troubled economy in even deeper trouble. It ends up losing power again. This uncertainty has put Sisi administration into such a vortex that they have not a single second to breathe easily.

Turkey cornered the Sisi administration and left no chance for a move. The message is very clear. Either you give us what we want in the Eastern Mediterranean or you endure what happens to you in Ethiopia. The choice is yours!

Egypt saw that the situation was scary. That’s why the Sisi administration, which said “NO” to everything we said, broke down its walls and turned all “no” answers into “yes”. That’s what Diplomacy is. This is the state of mind.

This is exactly the reason behind the statement of our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, “There are many fields in which we can cooperate with Egypt”. It was a war of reason, waged through years of strategy and diplomacy, that pushed the Sisi administration down this path. Well, even though the opposition in our country responds to this statement with a simple and silly answer “Turkey is making concessions”, it is not a very important issue to be considered.

Make sure of this. Sooner or later Egypt will come to terms with us. There is no other way. They must. Watch, follow, they will send many delegations to Turkey soon. Then others will come. In this region, it will be what we say!



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Political Articles





When the ELECTIONS were completed, blood pressure suddenly dropped. Erdogan was not winning elections for the first time. But great comfort was spreading in the country.

Calmness had all over the place… So what was going on? This is what I’ve been asked the most for a few days!

This is what needs to be understood anyway…

Let’s look at those that are not talked about, those that are not understood…

When President Erdogan was elected on May 28, the oath taking ceremony was held in the ASSEMBLY. He went and took an oath. Then they went to BESTEPE around 17:00. What was going on should have been looked at here! The answers to all the questions were clearly obvious. While President Erdogan and his wife Mrs. Erdogan passed through the middle of the hall holding hands, while greeting the guests, Turkiye was now entering another lane and DECLARING THAT it was too big. While President Erdogan greeted all his guests, guests from 78 countries were present there. 21 PRESIDENTS and 13 PRIME MINISTERs were attending the ceremony. The Organization of Turkish States, NATO and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation were also there.

Many leaders, from Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to Bulgarian President Romanian Radev, from Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba to Guinea Bissau President Umaro Sissoco Embalo, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to Montenegrin President Yakov Milatovic, from President of Kazakhstan Kasim Comert Tokayev to President of the Kyrgyz Sadir Caparov were giving Erdogan applauds. The statesmen who came and represented the TURKISH POWER, which descended from CENTRAL ASIA to the BALKANS and from there to AFRICA… Turkiye would be around there in the NEW CENTURY. The hand extending from the TURKISH REPUBLICs was descending to the south of EUROPE and from there to the strategic regions of AFRICA, where everyone wanted to come but was not successful!

Turkiye WOULD PLAY ITS ROLE IN FOREIGN POLICY on this AXIS. Africa was the center of the era. Turkiye had already started to take part and build space here. This was announced at the inauguration… And after President Erdogan showed that the EMPIRE WAS COMING BACK in BESTEPE, he went to CANKAYA and hosted his guests in the heart of the REPUBLIC. He was uniting and reconciling the past with the future.

And he was explaining his CABINET, which made an tremendous impact, after the meal at CANKAYA MANSION.

He was giving a very meaningful message to the world by going out of the hall where he hosted foreign STATE MEN.

He was changing every field from MONEY TO INTELLIGENCE, FROM FOREIGN AFFAIRS TO ARMED FORCES, and bring a new order suitable for the CENTURY.

Let’s explain here…

The most emphasized names were the Minister of Treasury and Finance MEHMET SIMSEK, Minister of Foreign Affairs HAKAN FIDA , Minister of Defense YASAR GULER and MIT UNDERSECRETARY Ibrahim Kalin and Hafize Gaye Erkan, who is expected to be the President of the Central Bank, as it is evident from the interest of the WEST MEDIA… President Erdogan was establishing ALL STAR 2023 for THE CENTURY. While announcing this, he was making another very important move.

He also emphasized the need to host Abdullah Gul and walk the road together.

When necessary, President Erdogan was knowledgeable, foresighted and experienced enough to switch, who did not insist when he deemed it mandatory… As I have often written before, there was no other leader who could make a TRANSITION between GLOBAL AXES like Erdogan.

He was fighting, challenging, raising tension when necessary, sitting and talking and finding a middle ground when necessary. President Erdogan went to CANKAYA and called out to the WORLD with the CABINET he announced there and said, “We will not conflict with the USA and England. We will not stand against each other. We will meet at a common point and continue on our way. Together, we will be side by side and overcome problems.

We will build the future together” he said…

Mehmet Simsek was a person who knew both the USA and England very well. And same thing is valid for Hakan Fidan. The success of Ibrahim Kalin, who is the Undersecretary of MIT, in solving the problems with the USA was not to be hidden. Hafize Gaye Erkan, who is likely to come, was also a name with great credibility and popularity in the WEST. All of them were very successful.

Moreover, there was no one in the world who did not recognize these names.

On the one hand, President Erdogan was contacting GLOBAL CAPITAL and assigning Mehmet Simsek to build the future, on the other hand, he continued his insistence about safety with Hakan Fidan. He was giving the message of determination with Yasar Guler.

Big states have big problems. The big ones also find solutions! Turkiye is doing just that. With the advantage of being at the center in the world shaken by the pandemic and war, he was announcing in front of the NATO SECRETARY GENERAL of the world media that it would reach places from KAZAKHSTAN to South Africa with new names.

It pushed back concepts such as friendship, closeness, sensuality and included only the MIND in STATE affairs…

The fact that he invited Abdullah Gul and talked about their future together was also a sign of this…

The things happened in Bestepe were watched by the White House, Buckingham and the Kremlin and they were receiving the necessary message. President Erdogan was opening a completely different page, making a completely different move and walking to a completely different horizon. With the accumulation brought by years, with the pleasure of knowing the global balances, with experience, knowledge and the right cadres, the new generation ALGORITHM…

While announcing that he would make the REPUBLIC stronger, he embraced THREE CONTINENTS and revealed that he would go even further by holding 85 million together…

It was useful to look at the new ERDOGAN and the new cadres from here…

Erdogan was also showing that he could walk without conflict with TWO ECOLES FIGHTING on top of the world.

There were a lot of signs of this in the CABINET. There was also no second name that could do this… I don’t want to hurt anyone, but Mr. Kilicdaroglu and CHP had no chance to understand what was done at this phase…

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The Seat!


Kemal Kilicdaroglu kept saying that he would win the YOUTH while going to the elections with his staff or alone. He got in the kitchen. He filled his tea. He rolled up his sleeves. He gave his messages on social media. He thought it would be enough to grasp the young people. He was wrong… Looking at MAY, it was possible to find hundreds of words of Kilicdaroglu said within this framework…

Let’s give an example or two… On May 13, “Shall I make another promise? While we are running this country, you will never see all channels broadcasting with the same content again. We promise democracy, democracy…” Let’s go back two days ago. “Mr. Kilicdaroglu’s craziest project is democracy, young people. My biggest gift to you is democracy…” Isn’t it very daring? The tongue has no limits, people say…

Let’s go back to the beginning of May…

“I promise you democracy, not a coup…” Now let’s stop by the middle of the month… “I promise democracy to this country. We will bring democracy to Turkiye…” Let’s continue with a well-known story…

The old man, who was about to die in his sick bed, explained his will to his 3 sons without taking his last breath: “I leave you 17 camels. Half of camels are yours myelder son, one third is yours my middle son, and one-ninth is yours my little son.” The brothers did not say a thing and listened so that there would be no disrespect to their dying father. Then the father surrendered his soul…

After the father was given the last duty, the brothers gathered according to the WILL…

They wanted to share the CAMELS in accordance with the will. However, this was not possible…

When the sharing did not take place, they went to the Wise Man of the VILLAGE WHEN they could not do it. THREE brothers conveyed the situation. The Wise man listened. Then he said, “I have a camel, take it and recalculate.”

THREE BROTHERS were surprised. They looked at each other’s faces. When Wise Man insisted, they did it by saying “okay”…

They dividrd 18 camels in half first. According to the will, the older child took 9 of them. Then they divided it into three, the middle child took 6 of them. Finally, they divided it by 9 and 2 camels were left to the little boy. There is a camel left. The children turned to the wise in astonishment and said, “We could divide, but there was a camel left.”

Wise man also laughed… “Good… I am very happy. Since your problem has been solved, I’ll take my camel back” he replied…

CHP does not insistently want to understand the situation. Mr. Kilicdaroglu is trying to make you forget the pain by saving time. Those who hold positions near them do not hesitate to make surprising sentences…

“There is no one in the party who says Kilicdaroglu should resign. It’s on social media. The result obtained is not a result that will offend our chairman. Investigate the accounts that spread hatred, AK Party members will come out…” ISN’T IT LIKE A JOKE? You sat on the seat in 2010, there is an ERDOGAN who destroys you in every election. And his staff say, “AK PARTY MEMBERS WANT HIM TO RESIGN.” The only thing the AK PARTY wants is for Mr. Kilicdaroglu to stay in that seat forever…

The same name continued to speak and raised the bar: I do not hear a discussion about the resignation of Mr. Chairman. If you lose the election with a very bad result, you lose because of a big mistake, the leader resigns and leaves. This election ended 48 to 52%. If we lost this election 58 to 42, you would see another power behavior reflex. Now it’s different, it’s different if we fall apart and shatter it, if we’re upright together…” 25 million who voted for the CHP should have read these statements over and over again with examples. Mr. Kilicdaroglu was establishing a TABLE, involving parties that could not get 1 PERCENT, then invited the real partner Aksener. He was declaring himself a CANDIDATE with games and learning his lesson. Naturally, you expect resentment for the disappointment of someone who is 75 years old.

But it didn’t happen. He gained time by being silent. There was no party called “CHP” anyway. As far as it could be seen, the emergence of a LEADING SPIRIT name was a weak possibility. Both Imamoglu and Yavas missed that opportunity when Mrs Aksener. invited them but they did NOT PARTICIPATE. That train would never stop by their stop again. Kilicdaroglu took 4 parties with him outside the CHP, formed an alliance against PRESIDENT ERDOGAN, whom he knew could not defeat ALONE, and entered the elections like that.

With the 4 parties next to the CHP, 25 percent were difficult. Can you imagine what would happen if there was a PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM? CHP would be destroyed. It would be wiped out and gone. Under the pretext of the PRESIDENTIAL race, they are now hugging 48 PERCENT, which has no function. The VOTES received was 25 percent! WITH ALLIANCE as well… Mr. Kilicdaroglu is the so-called democrat…

While tea and coffee appear on social media, that’s what he thinks! However, he CAN’T BE A WISE MAN WHEN HE HAS TO DIVIDE THE CAMELS… His mind, knowledge and ability do not allow this. However, if he left his ambition and used his mind a little or consulted someone smart, he would know that HE SHOULD HAVE MANAGED THE CHANGE HIMSELF. He would give the camel to himself! In other words, he would take on responsibility AND START AND END THE CHANGE IN THE CHP. Even alcoholic YELTSİN paved the way for PUTIN by doing this. Statesmanship needed another fabric…

According to Mr. Kilicdaroglu, Erdogan was DICTATOR, ONE MAN. But was he?! These were easy to say with the provocation of FOREIGN MEDIA. You were defeated, you were ended, you were finished, you melted… This is the case for CHP! So why is there no resignation? BECAUSE THERE WAS NO REQUEST FROM THE PARTY!

Isn’t it like a cartoon… What sound would come out of the party where he dismissed Baykal and took his title deed? I don’t know who was waiting for what! People did not trust Mr. Kilicdaroglu. They didn’t believe him. Therefore, they did not vote for him. So what did he do?

He received the resignation of names: Ali Oztunc, Fethi Acikel, Gamze Akkus Ilgezdi, Gokce Gokcen, Gulizar Bicer Karaca, Oguz Kaan Salici and Yuksel Taskin, who no one would even notice if they walked on the street, and said “Let’s continue”. The common sense of the nation is really worth applause…

They saw Kilicdaroglu and ignored him… Seeing the future must be something like this…

President Erdogan, on the other hand, APPOINTED THE NEW CABINET. He influenced people with the change. He continued to make headlines in the world… Kilicdaroglu, whom even Twitter gave up, was promoted from “DEMOCRAT GRANDPA” to “BIG CHEF”… He was approaching a dramatic end… He would experience this in the local elections…

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