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Most of us evaluate what is going on on a daily basis. This is where the deviation in the results we reached stems from… I’ve written it a thousand times! Turkey is a very valuable country. And it should definitely be on the side of one of the two contending forces on earth. The reason for the problems we experience inside is that these two powers operate here.

Let’s open it…

The 1971 Coup was important. Although it was spoken in whispers, the STATE was divided in TWO. Presidency – Prime Ministry – General Staff – MIT… Two of the 4 offices went to the USA and the other two to the UK. 9 Marchers, 12 Marchers! Who were they? Wasn’t the army alone? It was not! Sharing with the PARLIAMENTARY system is well established! The event defined as “COALITION” was actually THE AGREEMENT OF TWO GREAT POWERS HERE, THAT IS ON TURKEY!

With the decisions taken at the top of the world on the same dates, developing countries would be able to reach underground riches. Turkey is also included in the calculation. Well, this was a Muslim country. In this period, two communities (jamaat) were targeted.

Then one would weaken and the other would grow. Remember the past! A power formed the mustaches of the structures that hesitated to shake hands with women and then the beards disappeared. Then came the suit.

LIBERALISM was formatting communities in front of our eyes. INTEREST is haram. Clear and precise. But Turkey would be in the GLOBAL MARKET. So MONEY would come here. It was imperative that the interest issue be softened. For this reason, ISLAMIC PARTICIPATION BANKING was established.

The definition was being softened!

Communities that had a clear view on women became owners of the MEDIA. It was all about moderating the communities and changing the course of the country. With Özal, this gained even more momentum…

Kenan Evren did not know why he carried out the coup. But Turkey was changing!

The country was rushing to the role assigned to it.

On February 28, this peaked. While we were discussing the events over the secularism – military – coup – communities here, the GLOBAL CAPITAL was actually making the MILITARY do whatever it wanted, knowingly or unknowingly.

For example, the late Erbakan Hodja, who was against the GLOBAL ATTITUDE, was leaving. However, a large number of individuals and institutions were protecting secularism inside!

Isn’t it like a joke… The soldier was especially scratching the headscarf issue and naturally, MUSLIM IDENTITY was reviving and growing as it grew. It was making its mark on politics. This is how the AK Party was coming… Those who did not raise their voices before were now filling the squares.

The era in which the ISLAMIC SECTIONS were represented by proxy was coming to an end. AK Party was starting this. It was the biggest success. Even though a brand new page was opened in 2002 and he won the elections, ERDOGAN was the loneliest name in his party…

I have written often before. Graduating from Imam Hatip, praying with ablution, being a child of the same district did not mean that we were on the same path politically. Why did the USA leave one of the two congregations it chose and walk with the other?

So MUSLIM IDENTITY was not enough!

On February 28, although the soldiers appeared in the front and played an important role, there were SECRET CENTERS in the back, which were not visible at all. For example, we do not know at all about the BANKS that went out of business .

What actually happened?!

They started the change! The AK PARTY would come, they would achieve the result they wanted. That’s what happened. Even though he was banned, ERDOGAN came out of the ballot box. However, the fact that he was PROHIBITED was causing trouble.

DENİZ BAYKAL rushed to help. He paved Erdogan’s way to the PRIME MINISTRY to block Mr. Abdullah, whose GLOBAL ATTITUDE is clear. When Mr. Abdullah wanted to become the PRESIDENT, DENİZ BAYKAL was in front of him again, this time with the 367 crisis… Erdogan was not one of the usual leaders.

He won every election and touched everybody. He was working and was becoming more and more unrivaled with his works. That’s why the CASE OF CLOSURE was coming! There were those who wanted to close the path opened by Mr. Deniz. They got over it!

Prime Minister Erdogan continued. In fact, GLOBAL CAPITAL, who pushed the AK PARTY and paved the way, wanted to get rid of ERDOGAN. According to them, ERDOGAN DID WHAT WAS NEEDED…

That didn’t happen. The tension and separation that started with “ONE MINUTE” in DAVOS brought Gezi, 17-25 December and 15 July… Erdogan was the winner. As Erdogan won, his PARTY’s members started leaving. Erdogan, who could not be eliminated, continued on his way, and his old friends were standing against him. It was roughly getting to the current state…

There is a new book coming out! If you find it, get it and read it!

THE WOMEN OF ROTHSCHILD… From the East End of London to the east coast of the United States, from Spitalfields to Scottish castles, from Bletchley Park to Buchenwald, and from the Vatican to Palestine, the extraordinary lives of Rothschild women are told… I mean, HALF OF THE GLOBAL Dynasty… WOMEN…

The main players are the GREAT dynasties that are left behind, invisible but never broken… It is the same today. And the center of many of them is EUROPE… Erdogan’s AK PARTY and BAHÇELİ are against this ecole… All the rest of the political parties are there…

THE CAPITAL OF ISTANBUL as well… Erdogan would still be the first party, even if the parliamentary system was brought. There is no doubt about it! But the STATE will be in two parts as in 1971! There is a lot of talk in group meetings in the TV! But there is no real truth!

If President Erdogan had not pulled his INTEREST CARD, he would have gone in a controlled manner. However, the INTEREST issue was the breaking point because it had very different meanings.

President Erdogan is therefore under attack by a massive coalition. For the first time since 2002, MONEY was being used to corner him… And it would be… If we can manage to look at the events more broadly, we will see both ERDOGAN’s struggle and the insistence of those on the other side… Never look at politics from the local level…

Although the struggle is local, the place where it started is outside of TURKEY…

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