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EVERYONE is talking about it…

Squid Game…

I watched it as well. With great pleasure. I saw that a lot of people I talked to LIKED it but didn’t actually understand what they should understand from the show. Really weird! In addition to the themes of WORLD LIFE-HELL and HEAVEN in the series, mentioning about Allah, SIRAT BRIDGE, DEED, SIN, THE DEVIL, many concepts, such as demons were explained in the language of cinema… From the NUMBERS of the contestants to the FLOOR NUMBER of the skyscraper where we meet 001 in the last scene, there were messages everywhere! In fact, what we experience in the world was projected onto us by a smart person! Like a mirror… Until you see it…


I’m not going to tell you about the script.

This is not our topic.

Let’s go back inside…

I think it was 2014.

It was interesting news. People were also proud when they read it…

The exhibition titled “Heir of the Sun Circle”, opened in Marlborough Monaco, made a great impression. It was Ahmet Güneştekin who held his second solo exhibition after New York in Marlborough Monaco.

The artist was presenting 30 of his works, all of which were exhibited for the first time, for art lovers. Güneştekin’s works continued to be exhibited in galleries in different cities of the world such as London, Madrid, Barcelona and Santiago. One of the important names that came to Marlborough Monaco was the famous businessman Murat Ülker.

ÜLKER, who bought Ahmet Güneştekin’s painting “Seven Sleepers” and added it to his collection, was announcing it on social media as “THE PAINTING I PURCHASED”. The price was unknown.

Artist Ahmet Güneştekin is now on the agenda with the exhibition he opened in Diyarbakir.

He featured his new works in the exhibition titled “The Memory Room”.

In the exhibition, in addition to internationally known works such as “Lost Alphabet”, “Mothers wall”, “You did not exist”, “Memory Hill” and “Rotting”, “Corridor No. 5”, which Güneştekin specially made for Diyarbakır, also stood out. was among the works. The artist was saying, “This geography is my family, I wanted my family to see my works.”

The artist said, “Many things that I have witnessed have changed over the years. I am not just an artist who paints. Artists also have a responsibility.

He somehow conveys the periods he witnessed through art.

Artists have great responsibilities in these periods.

With my own conscience and my own courage, I try to express my testimonies through art…” he explained his feelings.

“Today is actually the time for such an exhibition. The right time is when someone does something brave when people are scared the most. And I guess it is our duty,” said Güneştekin.

“CORRIDOR NO. 5” was describing the DİYARBAKIR PRISON, known for its tortures after the 1980 coup…

Ekrem İmamoğlu, who came to the opening of the exhibition, also became the center of attention and said, “Do we have an obstacle to unite?

No; there is none. Well, did we not see that this obstacle does not exist? We saw it in 2 elections in Istanbul. What we achieved in Istanbul, we can achieve together in Turkey,” he said.

The recent language of the CHP and its desire to make a move brought with it many reviews.

Combined with the gossip of the opposition, an area was being built around President Erdogan.

The economic problems experienced by every country after the pandemic were naturally on the agenda here as well.

However, the troubles here, or rather one of the events that evoked the CRISIS, were perhaps the fact that the owner of a construction company left the country and fled. That was the first sign! The door of the 50-year-old firm was being locked.

The owner of the company was Serdar Inan. The debt of the company that developed 220 projects to banks was 215 million liras.

Serdar İnan was going to CANADA and was declaring that he went bankrupt on social media.

Although his yachts was on the agenda for the victims, it was claimed that the yacht was in Greece.

However, the company was a 50-year-old company.

I think someone from the İNAN family was classmates with someone from the ÜLKER family.

I’ve heard something like this, although I don’t remember exactly. Or I read. Besides, as early as 2005, Ülker Group, one of the most important players in the food industry, was taking action to take its share from the revival in the construction industry. ÜLKER was establishing a real estate investment company with İsmail Bacacı, Adnan Ağaoğlu, Serdar İnan and Mahmut Mahir Kuşçulu…

Serdar İnan, I think, also shared his sadness with the sincere announcement he made after Sabri Ülker’s death, and thus it was once again on the agenda.

As everyone knows, MARKET PRICES were on the agenda recently.

President Erdogan was harsh and criticizing 5 MARKETS. Then Ülker gets into this discussion and says, “They keep blaming the markets. The marketer buys and sells. He pays the producer. So there is no need to make fun of the mind of the nation. If there is an expensive product, it is never sold anyway.”

In fact, the struggle between CAPITAL and Erdogan was at its peak lately. For this reason, whispers and rmours about Erdogan, such as “he will leave”, “he is sick”, came one after another. Of course, Erdogan would take his place in the elections when the time came. And normally, someone would be standing against him as an opponent. Here Imamoglu was entering that frequency and was leading the way from GÜMÜŞTEKİN, from the exhibition, from the Kurdish votes to the capital.

He wanted to stay ahead.

I don’t know what Mr. Kemal was thinking, but İmamoğlu was going high and moving forward…

We did not know the opinion of the party, just as we did not know the opinion of Mr. Kemal.

We also don’t know what the members of the alliance will say.. An interesting period is about to start… It is a must to watch it closely.

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