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ANKARA is boiling… The 50+1 debates, the interest rate decision to be taken by the Central Bank, the CABIN change spoken in whispers, where the foreign currency comes from…

Even when we are talking about BURNING topics, we go away from IDEOLOGIES. We consider people who study at the same school, breathe the same air, and meet at the same iftar table as one and alike. We evaluate with TEMPLATES…

However, POLICY is important in politics… Whether it comes from the RIGHT or LEFT, it is the POLICY itself that should be looked at! The important thing is not the person, but the policy he will follow! Because POLICY has a world-wide equivalent. Not many people know this. This is what is missed!

When AK PARTY came to power in 2002, ERDOGAN was alone in his party. I think he himself did not know this fact at that time. HE WAS PROHIBITED. With the support of Mr. Deniz, that is, with the move of the CHP that day, his way was cleared. Mr. Deniz was not doing this because he loved ERDOGAN very much. Mr. Abdullah was the place where my step was taken. The CHP wanted to prevent Mr. Abdullah from taking over the AK PARTY completely. Therefore, the elimination of Erdogan had to be prevented. MR. DENİZ did this. Then he himself went with a tape! MR. Deniz was causing the 367 crisis for Abdullah Gül’s candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic. Mr. Kemal, on the other hand, was not having any problems with Gul. So it was essential to understand that the names coming from the same LINE do not follow the same policy! The same example was valid for Mr. Devlet and Mrs. Meral. The NATIONALIST base included both parties. So what was the difference? Why weren’t they under the same roof?

The answer was telling a lot! Mrs. Meral was the only political organization with a DIGITAL MONEY model. It was different! It was not far from GLOBAL CAPITAL. Erdogan found a CABINET which was ready when his ban was removed.

So the government’s policies were also ready! Mr. Abdullah was known for his pro-EUROPEAN UNION policies from the very beginning. It wasn’t a secret either. AK PARTY was saying these things when it came as an institution. The place where Mr. Abdullah and Mr. Tayyip positioned Turkey in the world was different! Mr. Abdullah and his friends wanted to integrate Turkey with GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING, while Mr. Tayyip kept the NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE alive. TWO ECOLES are alive… None of them was a shame or a sin. UNDERSTANDING was different. That’s what happened.

In the GLOBALIST understanding, it was undesirable for the STATE to be so strong in its main lines. It was intolerable that the ARMY had the last word. Civil society was at the forefront. In Mr. Tayyip’s view, the STATE was a structure that needed to be lived and protected. That was roughly the case…

When you take a step back and look from afar, it was not difficult to see MR. KEMAL as the leader in GLOBAL POLICIES. The CANAL ISTANBUL letter he wrote to FOREIGN AMBASSADORS actually told everything. In his letter, Mr. Kemal said, “This call has become a necessity for the future of our world in order to continue the fight against the climate crisis. During the detrimental process in our world, supporting a project such as Canal Istanbul is being against the protection of nature and fighting against the climate crisis” He was not only supporting the wind started by the Obama-Biden ecole, but also demonstrating his position on the WORLD.

He was telling the US President that he was not far from Biden through the language he used in the letter. So there was no “secrets”… At the same time, 10 AMBASSADORS were making warnings about OSMAN KAVALA! The ambassadors of USA-FRANCE-GERMANY- NETHERLANDS-SWEDEN- NORWAY-FINLAND-DENMARK-CANADA-NEW ZEALAND were calling for “FREE KAVALA IMMEDIATELY”. FINLAND Ambassador Ari Maki, who said that Osman Kavala was imprisoned unjustly and signed the letter, was visiting Mr. Abdullah afterwards. Did Mr. Kemal say that Kavala and Demirtas were imprisoned unjustly? Certainly…

We were always incomplete when discussing Soros or the great power behind it. Instead of seeing GLOBAL CAPITAL, we were looking at the names and getting stuck. HOWEVER, POLICIES WERE IMPORTANT! President Erdogan WAGED WAR ON INTEREST, because he knew this, because he saw it… He thought that the Presidency was a must for him to run the country. The opposite block insisted on the PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM.

Everyone was right in terms of the POLICIES they would follow… IN THE PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM, at least 50 PERCENT OF THE GOVERNMENT WAS DELIVERED TO GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING. President Erdogan and Mr. Devlet did not want this. The other side was also pushing ON MONEY, trying to convince them…

Biden was not giving the green light on either the F-16 or the F-35! He was not inviting Erdogan to the DEMOCRACY SUMMIT. Thus, the DEMOCRATS, where the spirit of SOROS traveled, found a solid place for themselves in the spectrum ranging from Kavala to Canal Istanbul, from the interest rate cut to Mr. Kemal’s demand for making peace… It was not the names but the POLICIES… Even if Mr. Tayyip and Mr. Abdullah formed a party together, they were different. Just like the CHP leaders, Mr. Deniz is very different than Mr. Kemal…

It was true that the OPPOSITION, the ALLY OF THE GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING, has been working meticulously for a long time to eliminate ERDOGAN. This was not seen in the AK PARTY… Erdogan’s steps would give a shape to the future.

It was very important…

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