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As we finish the week we left behind, I tried to convey the fight between Windsor and the Habsburg Dynasties in my last article. Because this conflict was the source of many events happening around us and inside… One day after this article, a strange thing happened at Windsor Castle…

An armed young man has trespassed on the property of Windsor Castle, where Queen of England II. Elizabeth came to spend Christmas. It was announced that the 19-year-old suspect was from Southampton and entered the castle at 08:30 local time. It was announced that the target of the suspect, who shot the video before, was the QUEEN. There was an important issue that I write about often!


The Queen even approved the closing of Parliament. Remember! “Let BREXIT happen”.

A few months after the break with Europe, an interesting incident occurred at Buckingham Palace at midnight. The Queen, who couldn’t sleep at night, went for a walk and a close guard, couldn’t notice it was II. Elizabeth, and he reached for his gun…

Luckily the Queen survived! This is how the British media was reporting the news… In reality, the incident was much more serious! A global fight was taking place that we have never witnessed in our daily lives. And one side of it was about QUEEN ELIZABETH!

The gunman in Buckingham and the young man who entered Windsor with a pistol were also elements of the same fight. THE QUEEN was being THREATENED…

There were parameters to look at when you wanted to see this pain inside. For example…

Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency; filed a criminal complaint against the former president of the Central Bank Durmus Yilmaz, who is a member of the IYI Party, and 4 names who commented on the economy yesterday. IYI PARTY or MRS. MERAL was an important name representing the global understanding. It was also useful to look at Durmuş Yılmaz’s statements from here… “Well, where is the second address of the global fight inside?” The answer was simple! THE ISTANBUL METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY…

The Ministry of Interior has announced that a special inspection has been launched on hundreds of personnel working in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality “on the basis of reports and determinations that they are related to terrorist organizations”. Minister Soylu said, “This is not a political issue, it is a security issue.” İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu said that he was supporting the 86,000 personnel working in the municipality, accusing Soylu of not fulfilling his duty and calling for his resignation.

Although people in their power see this as a detail experienced inside, the truth of the matter is not like this… After Turkey experienced the GEZI EVENTS and the 17-25 December operations, the road to 15 July was opened. The STATE took the control there.

THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE NEW STATE was different from the first period in which Erdoğan was also involved. The STATE was disbanding the names, organizations, groups that were CLOSE TO THE GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING.

There was no room for them in its new route. It saw them as a threat. Well, the STATE was making this decision, but was the other party completely sent away? Of course not!

Almost all of the opposition were structures that touched the updated face of HABSBURGS, which represents GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING…

Just as England was leaving EUROPE with BREXIT, Turkey was saying goodbye to EUROPE on 15 July… And this was a move that made the fight even bigger… When we look at the developments after 15 July, many people took refuge in EUROPE. It wasn’t hard to see. Likewise, the branch of the European Dynasty extending to the USA was also active… This EUROPE-based power, as it supported a GLOBAL movement, also gave spirit to the OPPOSITION in Turkey. The opposition wanted to put the position of the country on the axis of BERLIN-PARIS by eliminating ERDOĞAN.

However, Erdogan saw that it would not be possible with these and held the hand reaching out from London. For example, we saw this struggle in the attitude of Ankara, which was harsh against SOROS. As I have written many times, with Erdogan or without him, the STEEL CORE INSIDE THE STATE would not want to allow the opposition.

It would never want the country’s position to change. Because it reached there after so much hardship. All the steps, such as conducting a TERROR INSPECTION on CHP municipalities, the fluctuation in foreign currency, the comments of economists disturbing the BDDK, the opposition’s demand for early elections in over the discussions about currency, going to TÜİK and pushing the door, visiting the Central Bank, were all related to this BALANCE at the top. .

Since Turkey’s location is extremely valuable, the coordinates of ANKARA were affecting the GLOBAL BALANCE…

Especially the region… It is obvious that we will start the new year with high blood pressure and we will continue… As far as I can see, the STATE does not want to let the EUROPEAN-CENTRED organizations make their moves.

In order to understand what is going on, it is useful to look at the political figures in terms of the movement they represent…

Put the CHP municipalities in this picture. And take another look.

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Everyone is anxious these days. The war that started after the pandemic shook the balance. There are a lot of mysterious things about the future… All need to be answered. There are many topics such as inflation, currency, politics, who will be a candidate against Erdogan, how the Six-party Opposition Table will move, what CHP wants to do, what the opposition’s goal is, whether Turkiye is leaving the West and approaching Russia, what NATO will say about this, what will be the result of the relationship between HDP and the opposition… And then there are the unspoken, secret headlines…

I met a Jewish friend of mine who hadn’t been here in a long time. He is a citizen of the world. He comes around here sometimes. I hadn’t called him in a long time because I knew he was in the middle of something very important. We met recently. When I listened to him, I thought, “I guess I’m the one who doesn’t live here.” There’s nothing he doesn’t know.

If I tell you one percent of what he said, everyone would be shocked. You can’t even imagine. Since he is an influential person in the digital world, there is nothing he ignores. I even said, “Do you listen to everyone? How do you know so much? ” If you sat down with an internationally renowned agent and had a chat, he would only be able to tell you a little bit of what this friend said… Our main topic was politics.

He doesn’t think President Erdogan will lose. He talked about issues related to politics, which he shared information that no intelligence agency has. I listened to him without even breathing. He told me names, dates, places, times and many things… And he didn’t forget to mention the media. Believe me, I don’t know how he knows so much. He touched on such matters that I thought he worked specifically on them…

As you know, I won’t be able to write many of these. However, there are a couple of issues that need to be written and learned anonymously… In particular, he explained the critical points where the OUTSIDE and the INSIDE meet… At one point, the issue came down to personal data… He got really worked up about it. “Why don’t you care about these things as a country,” he said. I was going to say, “Don’t we?” But he interrupted me…

“Some people make millions of dollars. But there’s no one inspecting. This is wrong.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about. I waited for him to continue. He understood it… “On some issues, Turkiye is not as fast as it should be,” he criticised. He was looking sharp and wanted to take the matter somewhere. I let him talk. I didn’t say anything. He continued…

“I don’t want to say their names. Look at them yourself one by one. And see who’s doing what”
-Who are you talking about?
“Check the recent events. Which companies and which organizations were HACKED.
Whose personal information was stolen and who stole it? Who avoided it by making simple explanations?
Who covered it up…”
-Who are they?
“You can get their names very easily.
(Thanks to his emphasis, these names were immediately understood) You know, the USA is very good at these things. There are big corporations that pay $5 for a person’s data.
Imagine you have the personal information of 30 million people. From their eating and drinking habits to spending tendencies…
Collecting personal data is a small detail of what you do.
But some people do this as a job.”
“Imagine you have 30 million people’s personal data. You collect this data, from their card information to addresses.”
-You’re right, some of the companies were HACKED lately. What’s the deal?
“What hack are you talking about?”
-They were hacked, you know?
“That was the official statement. That’s not the truth!”
-What is the truth then?

“Imagine. You have a company and you have the personal data of 30 million people. One person’s data is $5. 30 million times $5 is $150 million. How much is the company? Maybe not so valuable! However, the address you are a member of and give your private information to is selling you. It’s a rude phrase, but it’s the truth. He’s getting the information from you. He reaches a certain number. Then one day, they make a statement on their own media channels, saying “We’ve been hacked.” There’s no one hacking actually. Behind the scenes, they make deals with companies that want information. The foreign company and the local company that will provide the information agree on the hack. One night, the planned attack happens.

They relocate the data of 30 million people. This 150 million dollars get deposited into the domestic company’s account abroad or in the account of its small partner abroad.”

“Your laws are weak and fragile. The state investigates the domestic company after this issue.
There’s nothing to do. There seems to be a HACK.

The goverment says “You’re right, but we have to fine you”. The boss is happy deep down inside. Because he knows the worst punishment he can get. “If this is the punishment we deserve, there’s nothing we can do” he says.”

-And then?

“They earn 150 million dollars out of other people and pay a fine of several million TL to the state. And they also react to this decision. I’m telling you so that you can write this down. No one knows about this. These events are avoided and only mentioned in small newspaper reports. Actually, that’s where they make their money.”
-And who buys the data?
“There are a few reasons. Let me tell you one of them. Companies in the pharmaceutical industry love these things. They know what people eat and drink and what diseases they’ll get in the future.
They make a map about it. Remember, the best customer is the patient. THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY knows that. Our meds are ready before we get sick. Think about it, please. And look at the value of the companies! Some companies were sold for a strange price.

Even though they were not worth much, much more was paid for them or partnered up. If you go into details, you’ll see that PERSONAL DATA ARE BEING SOLD. Don’t listen to those who say they were hacked. They are lying.”

My friend raised my pulse in a couple of hours. I’m trying to forget what he said about politics. How does a person know all the parties, all the people? He knows. He knows them very well.

He also mentioned the bosses’ league! He’s following every step. What he said while getting up was important. It was shocking! “There will be chaos soon. Be careful. Prepare to fight, some forces are lining up…

If political engineering and negotiations fail, the storm will come…

I hope you find a balance… You’ll be very, very surprised by the names that are likely to fight. Just wait…” he said and he blended into the darkness.

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From what I understand from the questions I received, we don’t really want to ask the right questions in the right time… We like to miss them, as it seems.

As I often write, I try to explain the two ecoles here. And they are really strong in Turkiye as well. You can’t even imagine. It may not be easy for working people to see THE WHOLE issue. However, in every problematic process we experience, TWO ECOLES take immediate action. The conflict and the controversy between them draws us in. It is hard to stay away.

In recent days, there has been a debate on the political attitude of Mehmet Ali Çelebi in CHP, or rather almost in all of the OPPOSITION. A young person was imprisoned, his life turned upside down, he was released and then he went into politics. These are important things of course. And meaningful… I think Mr. Kemal was his wedding witness. That’s what the debate is about.

There are too many people who object to his decisions. It’s natural. But isn’t there another question that needs to be asked before questioning a young politician’s DECISION? Why doesn’t anybody want to look at it this way? Why is everyone arguing about what’s in front of the stage? I don’t get it. I’m not interested in his political choices. But it is important to ask THE RIGHT question…

Let’s explain.

Ergenekon and Balyoz were about two ECOLES fighting over two cases. It was their fight! Did it happen? It did. Big characters were targeted. Some were arrested, some were released. Some died. Çelebi was a young lieutenant in such an environment and now he has entered politics. Who targeted him and why?

It was not difficult to dig up some things from the past actions of the big commanders. But what did they know about a LIEUTENANT? What did they find and what were they afraid of? Were they afraid of the fact that he might interfere with something in the future? I don’t know. When the fight breaks out, the two ECOLES somehow know their rivals. That is the unchangeable rule.

The operations are carried out with this perspective. We keep ignoring this while we are evaluating what’s happening. The lists seemed to be always ready for situations like this… I think the maneuvers should be evaluated from this point of view. What was the difference between Mr. Deniz and Mr. Kemal? Didn’t they both support CHP? Of course. However, the difference between them kept them away. Also, there was no problem between Mrs. Meral and Mr. Devlet in terms of the definition of NATIONALISM. But they were on different sides.

Let’s get faster.

There was an ECOLE difference between Mr. Tayyip and Mr. Abdullah and they were the two different sides… Starting in the same place doesn’t mean being in the same place. The maneuvers are also about the course of the world. Politics is the ability to see and understand this. Six-party Opposition Table has been saying that they will beat President ERDOĞAN for a long time.

I said a few times, “It’s not that easy. In fact, it’s not easy at all. It takes a great power to reverse Turkiye’s path with PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN. The opposition is not that strong…” Because there is no harmony between the ROLE the world needs for Turkiye and the opposition’s perspective on Ankara… This will determine the outcome. Valor, slogans, memorized sentences will not work at some point.

You may have to face the truth one day. The war that started after the pandemic broke the balance. I think there are very few people in Turkiye who are aware of what is happening. We’re in a big simulation. There’s a great fiction.

Everyone knows his role and moves forward accordingly…

For this reason, both the raid on the house of Trump in the USA, Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the collapse of Europe, the Six-party Opposition Table wanting to defeat President Erdogan, and the economic criticism of Istanbul’s capital are different sides of the same fight. That’s what we need to figure out. Turkiye’s course of events is not explained. Everyone talks considering patterns and audiences… Those who cannot see the truth and those who do not want to see the truth put their feelings in the foreground and submit to this perception… This fight isn’t just here! TWO ECOLES don’t just fight here!

Here’s an example! From European Union…

In an article, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused the European Union of having an imperialist stance against small member states. Although there seems to be democracy in the EU, he claimed that there is an oligarchy. Morawiecki specifically targeted Germany and said, “Strong EU countries rule Europe with an oligarchy under the guise of democracy…”. If there is someone targeting the EU, there is a 99% chance that he is against Germany!

We and the Europe have TWO ECOLES but aren’t they also in United States? Of course they are. Let’s give a fresh example about it. STEVE BANNON, whom I often mention here before, took action. He talked about the raid on Trump’s mansion…

Former White House Adviser Steve Bannon described the FBI raid on Mr Trump’s Mar-a Lago mansion as “disrespectful”. “The deep state plotted to assassinate former President Trump. The raid on the estate in Mar-a Lago is a fiction. The FBI went there to leave evidence. I think Trump should have gone there immediately and announced HIMSELF AS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Because everything that happened was done deliberately…”

As I’ve been writing for two days, Bannon agrees with my ideas and thinks evidence has been created… The ECOLE against Trump took no chances and the moment he’ll BECOME PRESIDENT, they will be ruling him.

Let’s get back to Europe.

Because the SECRET HEADLINE IS EUROPE… However, this is not mentioned here. Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Relations and Security Policies, spoke about the European support for Ukraine. He said that they should be prepared to pay the price. “If Europeans continue to support Ukraine and the EU, they must be prepared to face difficulties. Unfortunately, we will have to pay some costs this winter…” The ECOLES, which are the prominent figures of our time, want to disband GERMANY and the EU. By taking Russia with them.

We are dealing with such a GLOBAL fiction. I don’t think I need to write down how severe the consequences will be. Casualties that will be caused by the THIRD WORLD WAR are coming towards us…

If you look at this issue without considering the names and events, you can see the truth behind every fight. You can see those who strive for EUROPE or those who try to divide it…

The TWO ECOLES know the players and they won’t let anyone else on the stage…

That’s the whole point.

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I often try to explain TWO ECOLES here. Nothing has changed in terms of the history and origin of the struggle on Earth. Two cultures stem from the Middle East, sprouting from there and spreading across the world…

Among them are emperors, presidents, great wealthy people, scientists, politicians, banks, celebrities, everyone. There are aspects of the struggle between the TWO ECOLES that we know and we don’t know. However, both sides continue their way as enormously organized groups. We see this sometimes with the RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN war, sometimes with an act of terrorism, sometimes with the assassination of an important person. Or with other ways…

Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly hanged himself in prison, was also in the structure of one of the TWO ECOLES. I won’t go into detail, but Epstein was a very powerful person. And one of the most important carriers in the structure of companies was EPSTEIN… He was an intelligence officer as well as a businessman. It was impossible not to know such a high-ranking person.

As I often write, Epstein’s death was no ordinary occurrence. It was important enough to complicate things in the United States. TRUMP was the president of the United States when he died. He wanted his people to investigate this issue thoroughly. Minister of Justice Barr told that “There are many questions to be answered. We’ll find them. ” Then, his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, but nothing came of it. There was a whole archive. No one knew who had it. There were too many claims. There was hardly any important name that Epstein wasn’t close to… Anyway…

At the beginning of the week, an incident took place for the first time in the United States. For the first time, the home of a president was searched. The FBI raided the Mar-a Lago mansion of Trump. They had a dispute among them. There was a different person about this raid. It was Judge Bruce Reinhart who gave the order, approved it and signed it. According to the witnesses, Jeffrey Epstein and Trump met several times at the house that has been raided. With underage girls… Trump was unable to uncover much about Epstein’s death during his term as PRESIDENT. Only the warden’s post was changed. Why would a guy who’s willing to bail out his private jet and 77 million dollars worth of mansion choose suicide? He was murdered.

And thus, an important name was eliminated. Let’s continue. Bruce Reinhart worked as a federal prosecutor until January 1, 2008. Strangely enough, the prosecutor, who was said to be meticulous, known for his defense of Jeffrey Epstein’s friends AS A LAWYER. Reinhart’s past has incited TRUMP supporters. Although the relationship of Judge Reinhart, who did not talk much about his faith, with the church was not well known, some people declared him a JEW and a member of CHABAD. Judge Bruce Reinhart is on the board of a synagogue in South Florida. He is allegedly close with CHABAD. Jeffrey Epstein was also a JEW…

It was leaked that 15 boxes of SECRET DOCUMENTS were taken from the house. There is no way that all this information and documents could have come from a WHITE HOUSE. There are a lot of people who say, “YOU NEED TO KNOW what was in the house before a raid can take place.” The force that made the raid was LOOKING FOR A TRACE OF EPSTEIN in TRUMP’S house. I don’t know if they found it or not. “They even opened my safe” Trump said. Considering that Bill Clinton is the closest name to Epstein, we can see that there was an important fiction about Trump. As I wrote yesterday, the US DEEP STATE seems to have taken action to control, manage and keep Trump in the line, who might take the office after Biden. Trump, which had different perspectives on NATO, Europe, China and Russia, must not be a BURDEN on the new system, according to them. When he’ll run for the office, those 15 boxes will always be behind him. That’s for sure.

The change officially began with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and the planners in this world left no room for coincidence. Volodimir Zelensky said that “The war must end with the rescue of Crimea”. On the same day, the RUSSIAN BASE was attacked and the war moved to Crimea. CRIMEA is also a sensitive issue for us and it is bothering us. Zelensky said “Crimea belongs to Ukraine. We will never give up on Crimea. ” A few weeks ago, however, he said that they would accept a ceasefire if Russia retreats to their position before 24 February, when the invasion began! Strangely, there was a GAME planned that could draw us to CRIMEA… Despite Zelensky’s sudden changes, Dimitry Medvedev, former President of Russia and vice president of the Security Council, said “Ukraine’s targeting of Crimea might result in apocalypse…”

The escalation of tension in Iraq, Turkiye’s action for cross-border cleaning, the departure of ABDULHAMID HAN SHIP to the Mediterranean, attacks on Djemevis, China’s show of strength in Taiwan, the FBI’s raid on Trump’s mansion in Mar-a Lago, all these are the fronts of the GLOBAL WAR we are facing.

Don’t you forget! THE TWO ECOLES CAME TO EUROPE after the Middle East. They see it as their MOTHERLAND. TWO ECOLES that we don’t know why they are fighting. This is the reason for the tension in the regions ranging from the Ottoman Empire to Buckinham, from the White House to Kremlin. EUROPE is at the center… Look at the fact that Russia stopped supplying gas to its biggest customer, EUROPE from this point of view…

Look at what’s happening and what will happen in Turkiye from this point of view…

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It’s not easy to write about everything, even if you’re a journalist. Sometimes having a pen doesn’t change anything at all. The climate hinders you. Sometimes you have to settle for what you hide between the lines.

And we have a bad habit of following every incident, every conflict, every struggle, every competition through NAMES. If each name is important, it would be clear who is connected to whom in the lists and we would explain it. But still, that would be too short. After all, the POINT you will follow and focus on is the outside. Your destination is outside. So what I want to look at is the MAIN CHANNEL… When you examine the direction of the parties, alliances, intelligence, financial operations, military maneuvers, targets, the result you’ll get leads you OUTSIDE! You’ll either see the real alliance there, or you’ll see the conflict with ANKARA…

ENGLAND-GERMANY and the ecols born from them always conflict. In everywhere. Just like right now. Washington’s effect changes the outcome, as the USA is the largest carrier of these two ecols. This is what the recent history of Turkiye is about. No one WANTED TURKIYE TO BE LIKE A REAL STATE. They kept us waiting, controlled us, kept on the sidelines, and we did as they say! Although we weren’t told, the recent history showed that the real strike and the real fiction always came from Europe. It came from GERMANY, FRANCE AND ENGLAND… And, of course, it came from the United States…

These forces caused governments to come and go and managed to keep important characters with them. Or dismissed those who opposed them. One of President Erdogan’s healthiest moves was to take the ARMY and the MIT by his side. This was the first and most important move to take back the STATE. Remember what was said when HAKAN FIDAN came to office…

The expectation of “Erdogan will dismiss him soon” was being tried to be established. The shadow that was causing all of this was out there. We didn’t know it. Our perspective on events was based on concepts such as Iran, the military, and the idea that the foundation of the regime is being shaken. We are still the same. Look at the last few days!

Levent Göktaş, Gökhan Nuri Bozkır, İnan Kıraç, Necip Hablemitoğlu, Bergama gold, confessors, Special Forces, commanders, fugitives, people brought back, so-called orders, City surveillance records, attacks on Djemevis… And many more things…

Countless incidents like that. But we need to look at things outside of what they show us… We’re dealing with a matter of ENERGY and SECURITY. Particularly the issues of Europe. How did it happen?

Russia attacked UKRAINE for a simple reason. They cut off the oil and gas. THE EUROPEAN UNION began to decay. I’ve written a lot about it. There’s no need to write it again. Russia’s invasion of UKRAINE was a fatal blow to EUROPE. This move would bring Turkiye closer to Russia. Naturally, we would not be away from the USA, who planned this operation. I think we should focus on every event, every fight, every investigation going on inside and around us, through this fiction. In the plan made for the elimination of Europe, a force was going to come and make itself felt for those who opposed it inside and outside!

And that’s happening…

While Russia was shaking Europe, Turkiye was keeping the channels alive and opening them. Ankara was relieving Europe as well… The recent GRAIN operation seems so… For example, Glencore International AG, which is not widely spoken about, is the largest raw material trading group in the world and its headquarters is in BAAR, Switzerland. Glencore is the second largest company in Switzerland after Vitol in terms of turnover. Glencore has facilities in many parts of the world. It deals with metals, minerals, crude oil, petroleum products, coal, natural gas in those regions. However, one of its main issues IS GRAIN, SUNFLOWER… It’s huge.

And Turkiye has succeeded in relieving Europe, which is suffering from Russia, at least in terms of GRAIN. Turkiye is rapidly advancing towards becoming the BALANCE country. We should look at the news of the ships leaving Ukraine as GLENCORE ships… SWITZERLAND, I mean… But we always preferred to look as much as we were shown. There is another really important person nowadays. İnan Kıraç… It is easy for me to predict the influence and power of Mr. İnan.

But even he was scammed a few years ago. The person, who identified himself as FRENCH MINISTER Jean-Yves Le Drian, defrauded around 150 people from 40 countries via video conferencing. “We have to pay a ransom for the rescue of French journalists captured by terrorists. But we can never do that as a state. That’s why we need your help.” he said. Mr. İnan was the one who gave the most money to the fraudsters who collected 80 million euros. That’s what the allegations were. And according to the French media, Mr. İnan was making the payment from his accounts in China… And Le Drian, with a special face mask, was Israeli-born Frenchman Gilbert Chikli…

Russia’s cornering of Europe and Turkiye’s coming to the forefront are also the determinants of relations with CHINA. Something brand-new is being done. A lot of different alliances are forming. We have a new fiction ahead of us. There are no more governments that can be overthrown by such nonsense as “reaction” and “THE REGIME IS IN DANGER”. Instead, they are using other cards. They’ll keep using it. It’s natural. There’s a big war going on.

As a result of this struggle, Trump’s home in Florida was raided by the FBI. While in office, Trump dismissed FBI PRESIDENT JAMES COMEY. Even if it seemed like retaliation for that incident, it wasn’t. Evidence was gathered to check on TRUMP, who might come back to office after Biden. More precisely, it was created… For the first time, a US PRESIDENT’s house was raided. They took away 15 BOXES of paperwork.

They also lied that Trump shredded valuable documents and flushed them down the toilet. Although it was revealed that Hillary Clinton sent 33,000 e-mails from her own private account, nothing was done, but there was a perception that Trump SMUGGLED PRIVATE PAPERS…


In this way, Trump would obey and adapt to the new order established… They left no room for coincidence… That’s how the world works. That’s how politics and commerce work… Anyone who goes beyond the plans of the power not featured in newspapers and televisions will be harmed. Especially EUROPE and those with ties to EUROPE… This is what it looks like. For this reason, Europe also needed to launch counter operations.

Ignore the names…

Focus on the actions…

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We’re back in Istanbul… Everyone is chaotic nowadays. The one who has the power takes the card out and plays it. The fight is tough and long-termed. This fight, which didn’t start today, doesn’t seem to end tomorrow. But the characters of the incidents, alliances, goals, and the destinations are still unclear. There is obviously some confusion… We still haven’t understood money and power, power and government.

This issue has been written before.

However, these words did not spread to people… Ali Balkaner damaged Yurtbank which he owned by granting loans to his own companies. For this reason, Yurtbank was seized on December 21, 1999. On 15 April 2009, the Istanbul 8th High Criminal Court sentenced Balkaner to 16 years and 8 months in prison and a judicial fine of 66,666 liras. He was released on bail of 1,500,000 TL thanks to the length of his detention and his health problems…

At that time, BALKANER was playing a very important role. “We are 18 families. And we have a president. We run the whole economy. THE STOCK MARKET is under our control. Our president once lost $800 million on a foreign stock market. He didn’t even care…”and revealed the truth at a time when everyone was thinking about the military, the police, the intelligence.

MONEY gets the final say in everything. But we were busy with BUREAUCRACY. Turkiye couldn’t see what’s going on. It overlooked. For example, Satvet Lutfu Tozan was the main character in the 1960 coup. But we memorized the names of the soldiers, not him…

We were focusing on those with epaulettes on their shoulders, not businessmen and those with money. HOWEVER, ISTANBUL’S CAPITAL was dividing and managing the STATE within themselves. In fact, with the habits from those days, they continued to put pressure on AK Parti and Erdogan through the economy…

In other words, PRESIDENT ERDOGAN was defeating the CAPITAL OF ISTANBUL by winning the elections. Of course, we don’t look at things like that and we evaluate them through patterns… I don’t want to talk about names. A lot of important people have been on the agenda lately. The struggle seems to be getting tougher and tougher… This is inevitable when it comes to Turkey. Now we know it.


EUROGOLD… The most important issue in the hidden headlines…

The company obtained a GOLD EXPLORATION permit from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in 1989, it obtained a 10-year OPERATION license from the same ministry in 1992, and a POSITIVE REPORT and OPERATION permit from the Ministry of Environment in 1993.

EUROGOLD was founded on 29 August 1989 under the Australian-origin NORMANDY POSEIDON and the Canadian-origin Metal Mining Corporation. Over the years, partnerships have changed. For example, POSEIDON GOLD LIMITED, one of the Normandy Poseidon Group companies, owned 66.7 percent of the shares. Then the German Metallgeselschaft Group had 33.33% of it. Then Normandy-Poseidon-BRGM (Austria-France) raised its share to 67%. Later, another Canadian company gained influence.

The capital structure was changing over time. We didn’t hear much of that until Bergama…

However, even in a country like the United States, judges had interesting ideas about the company. A judge once said, “I’ve never seen such an effective company in my life. They overcome every difficulty…”

Sir RON Brierley from New Zealand was the strongest member of the company from the beginning. It was the manager and most effective person. I guess he was found guilty of child abuse in 2019. In 2021, action was taken to retrieve his KNIGHT title. The title of knighthood given to him by Governor General Sir Paul Reeves in 1988 didn’t help him much…

When you look at the activities of this company in Turkey, Bergama and other countries, you can see that it has a huge financial structure…

We were missing the real fight, because every incident was discussed based on names and clichés. The 18 families in Istanbul or similar powers in Australia were not independent of each other. Everyone was connected by UNDERGROUND channels. People who were minding their job didn’t see it. GOLD, as a powerful material, was causing storms to break.

The change in capital movements continued until 2005. At that time, Koza Davetiye Chairman Akın İpek said that “We sold our share in Eti Gumus (Silver) to Sogutsen Ceramik. We will use this money to buy Normandy Mining, which produces gold in Bergama. Our goal is to bring gold mines into the economy.”

ATP, a partner of Koza Invitation, which focused on PRECIOUS mining, withdrew from the silver business by transferring its 50 percent share in KSS Mining to its partner Sogut Ceramic. Koza Invitation Board Chairman Akın İpek explained that they would use the $12 million income from the sales to buy Normandy Mining, which produces GOLD in Bergama…

Stating that Eti Gumus is Turkey’s most precious one with its structure, indorsement and profitability, Akın İpek said, “However, Normandy Mining is a more attractive company for us compared to Eti Gumus. Earlier this month, Normandy and I agreed on principle and we made the down payment. We will conclude the agreement by the end of the month.” İpek reminded that Normandy Mining gained 94.9 trillion liras in 2003 and its profit reached 34.7 trillion liras, and said that the company’s turnover was 63.5 trillion liras in the first 9 months of 2004. İpek also said Normandy is one of Turkey’s most profitable companies. I think İpek was going to pay 44.5 million DOLLARS to buy a company that made such a profit…

Interestingly, THE LEFTISTS was constantly protesting the extraction of GOLD by foreigners and talking about ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, and yet these voices were silenced after İPEK! Cyanide was also used in Eti Maden’s silver business in Kütahya…


We didn’t really know the MONEY or the power because we missed the relationships and unity of power created by the underground connection. We had to content ourselves with what we saw on stage. Since the POWER distribution was not understood, the POWER WARS in Turkey WERE also ignored. We couldn’t see the financial operations, the impact of the capital, the actual characters who had the power behind the stage…

The easiest way was to put pressure on the elected power, which was at the forefront and carried the responsibility. It was in everyone’s best interest. It seemed very simple… There was no price to pay for it… We will never know how the recent incidents actually happened. We won’t be able to solve the invisible power and hierarchy…

We’ll be content with what we have… Soon, we will see the attacks of those behind the stage to those on the front… What happened was more important than the names. That’s what we missed… It is useful to look at the reason for the change in CHP, especially after Deniz Bey, from this perspective.

Nothing was as it seemed…

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We are going through VERY strange times. Just yesterday, I informed you, “WE WILL EXPERIENCE VERY SURPRISE INCIDENTS”. For those who could see the final state of the GLOBAL FIGHT, it wasn’t just a PREDICTION. There is an incredible war. Although we did not hear the missiles, planes, bombs and cannons in every capital, the struggle was very tough.

Russian leader Putin ignored the invasion that lasted for months and said, “The war in UKRAINE hasn’t started yet,” and in the meantime, ex-PRIME MINISTER SHINZO ABE was assassinated in Japan. ABE was a very strange person… His way of interpreting the world was different. Let’s analyze the past…

Donald Trump sometimes made some very strange speeches during his election campaign. He was raising the tension. It was the team behind him that wrote these speeches, but he was the one to say them. Trump was talking about JAPAN before he was elected.

In one of his speeches, he said “Japan must have nuclear weapons right now. If they don’t pay more the US troops should withdraw.” This was an assertive move. Trump took part in the election and won. ABE was the first Japanese prime minister to go to the United States. ABE stopped by Trump Tower in Manhattan even before the WHITE HOUSE. There was a meeting that lasted 90 minutes.

ABE attended the meeting with only one interpreter, and Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and National Security Advisor Lieutenant General Michael Flynn were at the meeting. After the meeting, ABE said that “I’ve realized that I can trust Trump”. After a long time, ABE resigned and shocked the whole world, and he first called TRUMP to explain the issue.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine was changing everything. While the Russian soldiers were advancing, Putin said “Anyone who tries to stop Russia will face consequences that they have not seen before.” Everyone understood what he meant. Although Putin didn’t say it explicitly, he was implying NUCLEAR WEAPONS. From that moment on, a NUCLEAR DISCUSSION started in JAPAN… Ex-PRIME MINISTER SHINZO ABE was the prominent person about this…

Japan, the first and only country in the world where these weapons were used, was divided into two. The former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated, argued in a television program that Japan should be open to nuclear weapons sharing, similar to the one between its allies the USA and NATO members, against Russia’s nuclear threat. So ABE wanted NUCLEAR weapons. Abe thought that Japan should be more active and it should defend itself, and he said “We need to understand how security is provided in the world. We shouldn’t consider it taboo to discuss the facts we face.”

However, PRIME MINISTER Fumio Kishida fiercely objected to this proposal at the risk of conflicting with his predecessor and he said “Our country will keep three anti-nuclear principles.

Such a thing is unacceptable,” and thus, he deciphered the gap in between. Although Shinzo Abe struggled to change the constitution dictated by the USA after the war, nuclear disarmament was a life goal for the Hiroshima congressman KISHIDA who replaced him. The three principles that KISHIDA defended, “We will not contain, produce or allow nuclear weapons”, were in the JAPANESE CONSTITUTION…

Abe kept acting like a hawk on the TAIWAN issue as well. For example, when Shinzo Abe was talking about the Washington-Beijing tension, he was acting like the President of the USA… Thereupon, the Japanese Ambassador to Beijing was summoned to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Beijing warned that “Japan should not be militarist as it was in the past,” and said “Those who oppose our red line will be crushed.” Abe opposed China saying: “Neither the United States nor we will remain silent if China enters Taiwan.”

Abe clearly and crisply wanted the US NUCLEAR UMBRELLA to be in his country. He demanded that the ships and submarines carrying the nuclear power of the US navy be in their ports and that the nuclear codes of PENTAGON be in TOKYO.

It was even said that the JAPANESE CONSTITUTION hasn’t said “NO to NUCLEAR” since Abe’s grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, who came from a noble family. With these discussions, they were trying to get the public accustomed to the idea of NUCLEAR, first to open the way for containing it and then for producing it.

Maybe Japan does not have nuclear weapons, but it has the infrastructure and material to produce more than any other country! So runnig past the NUCLEAR threshold would be a piece of cake for Japan…

Abe sometimes overrode the USA about TAIWAN! He said “If China makes a move against TAIWAN, the US must abandon its policy of “strategic uncertainty” After Russia started the war, the NUCLEAR issue was in the news all over the world and Japan’s ex-PRIME MINISTER was killed by a sailor soldier. THE NAVAL WAS OBJECTING!

With Putin’s moves, EUROPE was in a tight corner because of UKRAINE. The FAR EAST would have to become the HOT ZONE with this assassination. Russia, which was alleged to have rigged the American elections, now playing the leading role in Ukraine. We’ll see what happens after Shinzo ABE’s murder…

Keeping in mind that TRUMP was the first person to initiate the NUCLEAR debate, we can say that things will get more complicated… Because the foundation of what is happening now was laid at that time…

Although 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami killed the 67-year-old ex-PRIME MINISTER Shinzo Abe in Nara, near Kyoto, with a hand-made weapon, the reality was very different from this. This was just the emergence of the GLOBAL FIGHT that had penetrated deep into JAPAN. Even though we don’t know who gave the order, we will soon find out who it was from the CHANGING BALANCES… But this incident will not be the last surprise…

Eid Al Adha Mubarak to everyone.

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I belive that the small inside events that leave a mark should be observed at from the outside and I’m writing this because it isn’t possible to do the opposite. I’m talking about GERMANS and TETONS. I’m talking about a solid ecole here. I’m trying to describe a system that affects the entire globe and isn’t afraid to assert its power.

Both TEUTONS and ECOLE are still engaged in a fierce battle. For this reason, we should read politics, murders, gambling, betting, drugs and character exchanges here. It’s easy to comment just by looking at the names. But I don’t think it is convincing and satisfying… It’s not true… Open the map and divide the world into three parts! USA-EUROPE-CHINA…

This is where the fight is taking place. The USA sent RUSSIA to the field to prevent the other two sides from uniting. USA forwarded them not to China, but to EUROPE, whose defense is much weaker. WHY? Because the EU, especially GERMANY, did not have GASPETROL assurance. Although they are great thinkers, great actors, great civilizations, they were helpess about ENERGY. THEY CANNOT MAKE A MOVE… Washington knew this very well…

Moscow made a move. Great GERMANY is suffering a very serious crisis. There are more ahead. Even during the TRUMP period, the USA frequently asked them to “turn off NORTH STREAM-2 Pipeline”. This is what war caused, it was closed. The Russians also reduced the gas from Nord Stream-1 Pipeline by 60 PERCENT. In fact, gas will not be given for 10 days and the excuse is that there is maintenance on 12 JULY. The GERMAN DEEP STATE doesn’t think that gas will come back again. They do not inform the public, but the danger is great. Very great. It is not possible to take a step without GAS in sectors such as STEEL, GLASS, CHEMICAL.

UNIPER company buys and distributes gas wherever it finds even if it is expensive. The company is about to go bankrupt. The damage is heavy. Thanks to WAR, the Russians both reduced the gas and increased the price. It was almost like attacking the GERMAN ECONOMY with missiles. THEY DID SO.

This crisis would affect all of EUROPE… The GERMAN ECONOMY lost its competitiveness as gas prices rose. It will be even worse. As I have written a thousand times, THE EXPECTED RESULTS OF THE WAR ARE HAPPENING! And there is no country that will not be affected by this!

Including us…

I wrote earlier about the possibility of seeing the dark side of this war in ENGLAND, RUSSIA and TURKIYE. Then I said “Extraordinary incidents can occur in these three countries”. Because that ECOLE had to break the pressure created by RUSSIA with the support of the USA. I explained that the EUROPEAN economy consists of EUR 2.5 trillion would try this.

You will see that weird things will happen… This was inevitable because it was beginning to show signs of an aftermath that was more severe than the effects of the Second World War. It was impossible to stop a truck with no brakes. That’s what I was trying to convey. The situation is more or less like this…

ENGLAND experienced a political earthquake while GERMANY was in trouble. Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON HAD TO resign. He couldn’t bear the effects of ongoing resignations in his party. He’s gone! Johnson left by saying “YOU CAN’T GET RID OF ME WITHOUT HAVIN BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.”

This phrase was in the headlines. As a journalist from ETON and OXFORD, the PRIME MINISTER wanted to say, “I HAVE SUCH A POWER BEHIND ME THAT YOU CAN’T TAKE ME”. I think he was the most outspoken PRIME MINISTER in British history.

He was talking about the GLOBAL FICTION without hesitation. At the G-7 and NATO summits last year, when the events occured, he met with Biden and made this statement which got lost between the lines: “WE ARE REVIEWING THE SYSTEM FOUNDED by Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill after the Second World War and this time it will be much stronger. ”

Boris Johnson who shined with BREXIT was the prominent name in leaving the EUROPE. Or that was what the power behind him wanted. Even while he was resigning, BREXIT was a source of pride to him.

During the NATO summit in Madrid, the British Prime Minister said, “I have a dream of establishing a new and modern Roman Empire instead of the European Union…”. And then he added: Turkiye is vital in this structure. There should also be Israel and Ukraine… Johnson, pointing to MACRON next to him, said “That’s his idea!”. Of course, it was MACRON who was working for the EU army and said “NATO is brain dead”.

The French president stated that the EU was dysfunctional and confirmed that UKRAINE’s candidacy would take years. He also said “The EU was too late to address the financial and economic crises. National responses are being used as a last resort rather than the JOINT responses.” Was the former British prime minister Boris Johnson attempting to persuade France to join him in dissolving the EU, or was he attempting to warn them of their inevitable collapse? They were trying to prevent the GERMAN-FRENCH alliance, as they have done throughout history…

The real issue was that RUSSIA was bothering GERMANY through energy… Although it is not in the news nowadays, CHINA couldn’t protect itself from this storm. Xi Jinping-Putin duo, PRESENTED AS A FRIEND, was making polite gestures to avoid coming close to one another. Even though this was the case, it was not simple to avoid being impacted by such a big operation. It was crucial that JOHNSON, who claims to have a great power behind him, resigned. It was clear that he completed his mission with BREXIT.

No matter how you look at it, the fall of the PRIME MINISTER in ENGLAND was very important… It was not an event independent of the war between RUSSIA-UKRAINE, the energy crisis of GERMANY, the new state of NATO, the US soldiers coming to the EU, and the fact that EUROPE was on the verge of dissolution…

The rules, balances and the actors keep changing nowadays…

We have to be much more careful and calculate the pressures well…


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