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It is clear that the NEW system is on the doorstep.

USA-Russia-England-Germany-France-Turkey are key players. It is highly likely that the USA will fit India, South Korea and Japan into the new framework it has established by taking Britain and Australia with it. That’s why Macron often brings up the idea of the EUROPEAN ARMY. I have written many times. A new world was being established over NATO, over BREXIT, over the SILK ROAD…

Russia and Turkey were important in this balance.

While Turkey took a clearer path and distanced itself from EUROPE, things were not as they seem in Russia.

There were many who wrote that it was a boiling pot…

Since we have read and passed the events, it was not easy to gather them all on the same ground and bring them side by side. How can you get them all?

Let’s put aside the efforts of French President Macron to establish a close relationship with the Kremlin.

Let’s continue by noting that Paris and Moscow stand out in Syria and Iraq.

In the Middle East too…

News fell to the agencies on September 8!

The last breaking news was as follows:

Russian Emergencies Minister Yevgeny Zinichev tragically died alongside the famous filmmaker Aleksandr Melnik during an exercise in the Arctic while trying to save his life.

The photo of Russian leader Putin hugging the coffin at his funeral was talked about a lot. He was deeply saddened by the loss of a friend, a close friend. However, in the speeches made in whispers, it was claimed that the Minister Yevgeny Zinichev was assassinated…

Moreover, it was said that HE WAS THE PERSON TO BE THE HEAD OF THE STATE AFTER PUTIN… It was claimed that a great message was given to President Putin through Zinichev…

A few days passed, this time another turbulence was capturing the Kremlin.

It was reported that one of Putin’s team had a COVID-19 test and it was POSITIVE. Oddly enough, everyone around PRESIDENT PUTIN had already had their vaccines. On the 23rd of March, Putin was getting his vaccine.

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitri Peskov said in a statement, “Putin was vaccinated against Covid-19. He feels good.”

It was also announced that Putin would not be vaccinated in front of the cameras!

And how many doses of which vaccine the Russian leader had was among the unknown things.

While the death of Minister Zinichev shook Putin, the main issue that was not disclosed was that there were an incredible number of POSITIVE CASES in the Kremlin. Although the number announced was ONE, it was claimed that the reality was very different.

How this happened is unknown and is being investigated.

“WERE THE VACCINES FAKE?” So many questions were asked.

The shock that started with Zinichev’s death continued with CORONAVIRUS.

And President Putin thought he was being targeted, he quickly disappeared.

He was seen fishing with ŞOYGU next to him, who gave strong photos on vacations he went to before. This time, there was no study showing the Russian leader healthy, happy and strong.

When this was the case, Putin was canceling all meetings and invitations. He was trying to understand what kind of situation he was facing with… Russian history was full of operations against those who moved away from the CAPITAL. He knew.

Despite this, he preferred to be on the sidelines with the names he trusted.

After the death of his close friend, Putin went to SIBERIA due to the shock of CORONA.

The OLIGARCHY, that is, RUSSIA, is deeply divided over the need for MOSCOW to decide.

WHERE WOULD RUSSIA BE? I think the struggle of MAKING A DECISION, AXIS DETERMINATION that we have been experiencing since 2013 came and took MOSCOW captive. Again, according to the allegations, even the elimination of Putin was on the agenda.

What did it mean for Putin to get lost and take a rest BEFORE the CRITICAL SUMMIT with President Erdogan?

Where would relations with the Middle East and Turkey fall? And what would Putin do?

Although they seem very far from each other, did Macron’s second operation with eggs after the slap yesterday have anything to do with them?

From the point of view of the Russian oligarchs and their depths, PARIS was right next to the Kremlin…

There’s definitely something weird going on.

We’ll find out soon..

But the current situation is quite strange.

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