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PRESIDENT Erdogan is meeting with Russian President Putin in SOCI today.

Erdogan did not have the chance to meet with President Biden in New York, where he went for the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

For this reason, the SUMMIT to be held by the TWO LEADERS OF TWO COUNTRIES WITH PROBLEMS FROM SYRIA CENTER was very important. However, just as I sat down at the beginning of the article, an important statement was released. At the end of OCTOBER, it was announced that President Biden and ERDOGAN would have a meeting in person at the G-20 SUMMIT in ROME. The message was going directly to the KREMLIN. Despite all kinds of turbulence, Turkey’s attitude was very, very important for the GLOBAL ORDER. Those who didn’t understand this couldn’t read the course correctly either.


Believe me, this statement will seriously lighten the weight of the file in PUTIN’s hands.

Let’s continue…

Sometimes focusing on numbers says it all… COVID-19 has been a nightmare for all of us.

A great fear, great catastrophe. It was the greatest drama since WWII, as sane people described it…

The VIRUS itself and the mutations it went through were also trouble. Last time, we were dealing with DELTA.

It is interesting that cases and deaths caused by CORONAVIRUS happened in the USA, it has always been the top country. The epidemic spread effectively and quickly there. In the latest figures shared by Johns Hopkins University, the average daily number of cases in the country was over 100 thousand. I also read that the number of people who lost their lives due to Covid-19 increased by 3124 in the last 24 hours to 636.733. The number of people infected with the virus in the USA has already exceeded 38 million. Perhaps the second country that was hurt the most with the epidemic was the UK.

The reason why I put this in my mind was Klaus Schwab, the Founding President of the World Economic Forum… Schwab, describing the post-COVID-19 era, was highlighting very important issues… For example, every problem of the free market, which advocates the concept “The business world is to make profit”, It was already clear long before the pandemic that the neoliberal ideology, based on the belief that the free market would solve any problems with it’s own methods.

Dr. Schwab said “After the pandemic, there will be a great transfer of resources from the rich to the poor, from the capital owners to the working class,”

‘’I have been advocating responsible capitalism for years. We are facing two huge problems right now. The first is the growing gap between the rich and the poor, and the second is the climate crisis. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has been added to these.

It is also a fact that the two countries that have suffered the most from the COVID-19 crisis, namely the USA and the UK, are the countries where neoliberalism is most effective. The pandemic crisis has shown that neoliberalism is out of date…” HE WAS ANNOUNCING THAT THE CHANGE WILL START WITH TWO COUNTRIES, SO… THE DEATHS WOULD PROVIDE THIS!

So was that all he said? Of course not. Klaus Schwab made the finale more effective: “The crisis of 2008-2009 was a sign of this deadlock, but it was not in the interest of those who benefited from the system to face the facts. The system in the deadlock was kept alive by drowning in unlimited amounts of money. It was ignored that the problem underlying the deadlock was related to the way global capitalism works.

It was obvious that a form of operation in which global capital used the state and large segments of society for its own interests created great inequalities and caused social explosions, and also mortgaged the future of our planet, but it was as if a pandemic was expected to face these facts…

How much do we believe what an influential and important person in the capital says?

I can’t guess.

HOWEVER, the words “Global capital has used the state and large segments of society as a tool for its own interests…” was enough to describe the fight at the top of the world…

I don’t know if he was a member or if he was summarizing the point reached…

With his words he declared that the winner would be the STATES…

From this point of view, it would not be difficult to see that ERDOGAN would not be defeated at the ballot box. Before the summit with Putin, the statement “ERDOGAN WILL MEET WITH BIDEN” was the exact address of the support…

This is what I want to tell you. We are in a time when strong attitudes of strong leaders are needed…

THE GLOBAL SYSTEM CANNOT BE TRANSFORMED WITHOUT LEADERS. IF THERE IS NO WAR! If we look at the developments from this perspective, we can understand both the eliminations within the AK PARTY and why the opposition united…

What we are experiencing inside is NOTHING OTHER THAN WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD… Erdogan will find support both inside and outside… THAT’S CLEAR! Even when he leaves politics, someone from the same ecole will come…

The PARLIAMENTARY system is being heated to prevent this…

That’s the point.

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