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There is a shortage of gas and oil in EUROPE. Prices have increased. The situation is interesting if you listen to Putin and European leaders. “The European energy equation got it wrong. They were going to get energy by alternative means,” Putin said.

No, now they are demanding gas,” he says. The voices coming from Europe are more interesting! For example, “We supply gas from countries such as Russia, Norway and Algeria. Despite this high price, no more gas came to Europe. This is pretty weird! The price goes up and you are a supplier. You have spare capacity, you can use this opportunity to sell more gas at a higher price. That hasn’t happened yet…” his debut is so shocking!

In other words, they say, “We give our money, but we can’t get gas”… Despite the NORTH CURRENT between Russia and GERMANY, it is really interesting that these things happen. When Merkel said, “Europe does not act according to Russian gas,” I think she was conveying the internal distress.

While Europe was experiencing gas shortages, and electricity bills, they had to announce support packages. Oddly enough, ELECTRICITY was also a problem for CHINA. There were severe power cuts in areas of the northeastern part of the country, where 100 million people live. Production stopped, cities were plunged into darkness for a long time. On the other hand, oil prices are also peaking and it was said that they will see 120 dollars soon.

Oil, which could not find a buyer at $17 last year, was now at its peak.

OPEC declared that they would not increase production despite the demands. When there was more money to be made, no one was willing to do it!

Just like in the case of GAS, a hand in oil seemed to push prices up…

From a distance, it was EUROPE and CHINA that suffered from this the most. This being the case, it became clear once again how important the EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN was. This is exactly why FRANCE, which was hit by AUKUS, was on the stage again.

Macron was meeting with Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis.

France and Greece signed a DEFENSE AGREEMENT. Mitsotakis was pointing at Turkey, saying, “We all know who is threatening whom in the Eastern Mediterranean, which could be a cause of war.”
France was also going to sell 3 warships and 24 Rafale aircraft worth 3 billion EURO to Greece. The main aspect of the agreement that binds us was THAT THE CONDITION OF MILITARY SUPPORT IF A THIRD PARTY ATTACKS ONE OF THE TWO COUNTRIES…

Paris was signing the “Strategic Partnership Agreement” with Athens, just two weeks after Australia canceled the 56 billion euro submarine tender.

And TURKEY was directly the target.

Two NATO member countries were forming a BLOCK against another member, namely, TURKEY.

It shouldn’t have happened, but it was happening! Already, Macron had said long ago that “NATO is brain dead”. What the French leader said about ALGERIA and OTTOMAN was also obvious. Instead of easing tensions, Macron was increasingly intensifying.

The NATO Secretary General was repeating what he had said before, saying, “The European Army will lead to the disintegration of Europe”.

In other words, he was giving Macron the message “DO NOT LOOK FOR A WAY OUTSIDE NATO”!

But France did not stop. All this showed that NATO had come to the end of the road.

The ropes were already torn after the goal the USA scored while it was retreating from Afghanistan… As the world was getting ready to move to a new order, a mind and a hand seemed to remind everyone of ENERGY… This made Turkey’s geography unique.

It was showing how important it is for the TURKISH NAVY in the Mediterranean to display a flag!

While discussing the future of the European BALKANS, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, “If the EU does not offer a real perspective to this region, it should be aware that superpowers like China, Russia and Turkey will play a larger role there.

The region geographically belongs to Europe and needs a European perspective…” he explained what was going on.

He confessed how they saw Turkey.

There were many who did not see this inside! Trouble was everywhere!

Despite everything, Turkey continued on its way.

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EVERYONE is talking about it…

Squid Game…

I watched it as well. With great pleasure. I saw that a lot of people I talked to LIKED it but didn’t actually understand what they should understand from the show. Really weird! In addition to the themes of WORLD LIFE-HELL and HEAVEN in the series, mentioning about Allah, SIRAT BRIDGE, DEED, SIN, THE DEVIL, many concepts, such as demons were explained in the language of cinema… From the NUMBERS of the contestants to the FLOOR NUMBER of the skyscraper where we meet 001 in the last scene, there were messages everywhere! In fact, what we experience in the world was projected onto us by a smart person! Like a mirror… Until you see it…


I’m not going to tell you about the script.

This is not our topic.

Let’s go back inside…

I think it was 2014.

It was interesting news. People were also proud when they read it…

The exhibition titled “Heir of the Sun Circle”, opened in Marlborough Monaco, made a great impression. It was Ahmet Güneştekin who held his second solo exhibition after New York in Marlborough Monaco.

The artist was presenting 30 of his works, all of which were exhibited for the first time, for art lovers. Güneştekin’s works continued to be exhibited in galleries in different cities of the world such as London, Madrid, Barcelona and Santiago. One of the important names that came to Marlborough Monaco was the famous businessman Murat Ülker.

ÜLKER, who bought Ahmet Güneştekin’s painting “Seven Sleepers” and added it to his collection, was announcing it on social media as “THE PAINTING I PURCHASED”. The price was unknown.

Artist Ahmet Güneştekin is now on the agenda with the exhibition he opened in Diyarbakir.

He featured his new works in the exhibition titled “The Memory Room”.

In the exhibition, in addition to internationally known works such as “Lost Alphabet”, “Mothers wall”, “You did not exist”, “Memory Hill” and “Rotting”, “Corridor No. 5”, which Güneştekin specially made for Diyarbakır, also stood out. was among the works. The artist was saying, “This geography is my family, I wanted my family to see my works.”

The artist said, “Many things that I have witnessed have changed over the years. I am not just an artist who paints. Artists also have a responsibility.

He somehow conveys the periods he witnessed through art.

Artists have great responsibilities in these periods.

With my own conscience and my own courage, I try to express my testimonies through art…” he explained his feelings.

“Today is actually the time for such an exhibition. The right time is when someone does something brave when people are scared the most. And I guess it is our duty,” said Güneştekin.

“CORRIDOR NO. 5” was describing the DİYARBAKIR PRISON, known for its tortures after the 1980 coup…

Ekrem İmamoğlu, who came to the opening of the exhibition, also became the center of attention and said, “Do we have an obstacle to unite?

No; there is none. Well, did we not see that this obstacle does not exist? We saw it in 2 elections in Istanbul. What we achieved in Istanbul, we can achieve together in Turkey,” he said.

The recent language of the CHP and its desire to make a move brought with it many reviews.

Combined with the gossip of the opposition, an area was being built around President Erdogan.

The economic problems experienced by every country after the pandemic were naturally on the agenda here as well.

However, the troubles here, or rather one of the events that evoked the CRISIS, were perhaps the fact that the owner of a construction company left the country and fled. That was the first sign! The door of the 50-year-old firm was being locked.

The owner of the company was Serdar Inan. The debt of the company that developed 220 projects to banks was 215 million liras.

Serdar İnan was going to CANADA and was declaring that he went bankrupt on social media.

Although his yachts was on the agenda for the victims, it was claimed that the yacht was in Greece.

However, the company was a 50-year-old company.

I think someone from the İNAN family was classmates with someone from the ÜLKER family.

I’ve heard something like this, although I don’t remember exactly. Or I read. Besides, as early as 2005, Ülker Group, one of the most important players in the food industry, was taking action to take its share from the revival in the construction industry. ÜLKER was establishing a real estate investment company with İsmail Bacacı, Adnan Ağaoğlu, Serdar İnan and Mahmut Mahir Kuşçulu…

Serdar İnan, I think, also shared his sadness with the sincere announcement he made after Sabri Ülker’s death, and thus it was once again on the agenda.

As everyone knows, MARKET PRICES were on the agenda recently.

President Erdogan was harsh and criticizing 5 MARKETS. Then Ülker gets into this discussion and says, “They keep blaming the markets. The marketer buys and sells. He pays the producer. So there is no need to make fun of the mind of the nation. If there is an expensive product, it is never sold anyway.”

In fact, the struggle between CAPITAL and Erdogan was at its peak lately. For this reason, whispers and rmours about Erdogan, such as “he will leave”, “he is sick”, came one after another. Of course, Erdogan would take his place in the elections when the time came. And normally, someone would be standing against him as an opponent. Here Imamoglu was entering that frequency and was leading the way from GÜMÜŞTEKİN, from the exhibition, from the Kurdish votes to the capital.

He wanted to stay ahead.

I don’t know what Mr. Kemal was thinking, but İmamoğlu was going high and moving forward…

We did not know the opinion of the party, just as we did not know the opinion of Mr. Kemal.

We also don’t know what the members of the alliance will say.. An interesting period is about to start… It is a must to watch it closely.

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CHP’s leader visited the Central Bank. He talked to the President.

It was a surprise meeting for everyone.

Mr. Kemal targets President ERDOĞAN before and after the visit and “HE SHOULD RESPECT THE CORPORATE IDENTITY OF THE CENTRAL BANK!” he was saying. “Why was the interview being held?”, “What was the need?”, “What was the purpose?” Perhaps we will find answers to such questions in another article. Because it was important! It was a serious move for CHP.

As we finish the week, I would like to focus on the “POLITICAL Assassinations” that Mr. Kemal talked about recently. Of course, we do not know from where and how the rumors reached to Kemal Bey. But the signs are starting to COME NEGATIVE!

Let’s open it a little…

Raoul Wallenberg was a person who lived through Nazi Germany.

He was a brave figure in Europe groaning under the boots of the Nazis. He ran to Hungary as a DIPLOMAT. He had a Swedish passport. He was serving as a special ambassador in BUDAPEST! He was handing out protective passports to Jews. He was pulling people away from the journey to death. According to some, this number reached 100 thousand. He took the Jews to whom he had given passports and sent them to Sweden.

He was officially a hero during the Second World War.

He was saving innocent people from Hitler’s cruelty… While 12 thousand Jews were being sent to Auschwitz a day, Wallenberg started to distribute fake Swedish passports to Jews and wrote his story. He was taking his first step by taking 30 buildings under Swedish protection near the Swedish embassy!

He was the person that saved hundreds, thousands of families from extinction!

British politician, David Amess was also a fan of Raoul Wallenberg.

The Wallenbergs were a very famous, deeply rooted family.

Banking was their main business.

They had a mindset that went beyond the Rothschilds but was not in the foreground. Even now they are the owners of many global companies.

It is hardly known. Even if they were very, very rich, they would not appear on FORBES!

There was a statue of Raoul Wallenberg outside the Marble Arch Synagogue in England. It was David Amess who made this happen! After a long struggle!

It was none other than AMESS who brought Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles here to show respect to Wallenberg.

David Amess was a political figure known as a friend of IRAN, who was deeply disturbed by the fact that TAHRAN was associated with TERROR. He was a person who worked with MI6 and prevented Iran-based terrorist attacks. As he did in Paris…

He was strongly protesting the retreat from Afghanistan.

He attended the conference in BUDAPEST about two weeks ago!

He said:

The Leader of British Intelligence and MI6 officers also met with Pakistan and the Taliban.

We do not want Afghanistan to become a house of terror.

But things are not easy.

Intelligence agencies in Afghanistan have challenges working forward. Most of the informants either fled or hid.

We can’t receive news! Therefore, we will need to rebuild an established network of informants in order to successfully place agents inside terrorist groups.

But this will take time.

To understand what’s going on there, we need to take action now…

After the retreat, TALIBAN got incredible weapons. We don’t know what they will do. We have to act very quickly for intelligence… We don’t want to make a mistake for the intelligence network for operations and finance TALIBAN…

David Amess was close to the Wallenbergs, who own or work with many brands such as Saab, Ericsson, AstraZeneca and dozens of banks.

Sir David Amess was like a member of the FAMILY… He had a GLOBAL understanding…

Conservative Party’s MP Sir David Amess died as a result of a knife attack while meeting with his voters.

While this murder, which shocked England, was being committed, there were FRIDAY (prayer) ATTACKS in AFGHANISTAN, which had become commonplace at the same time! And mosques belonging to Shiahs were being bombed.

While nearly a hundred people lost their lives in the last week’s attack, the world was turning into a bloodbath yesterday… FOREIGN FORCES, especially the USA, were leaving the country, but CHAOS was still there!


The murder of David Amess, the bombing of the Shiah mosques, the escalation of tension in Syria all seemed to be on the same line… While President Erdogan continues to give a message about SYRIA, can the forces that want to change the direction of politics intervene here?

Possible! I think we are going through a period where everyone has to be very careful.

It will be in everyone’s best interest to take a step with understanding without raising the tension… Because it is not easy to know who is planning what.

It won’t hurt anyone to discuss every event with a calm attitude… Let’s not set the scene for those who want to set a game…

Let’s be careful… Let’s not see the murder in England far from here…

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For COUNTRIES, the main issue is EXTERNAL AFFAIRS !

It is diplomacy… We are talking about an area where TWO times TWO is not always FOUR. It is the combination of variables and unfamiliar interests… Especially if you are running a country like TURKEY, which has no precedent, sometimes it gets harder…

If you are also creating your own route, political travel becomes even more difficult…

The previous day, I again devoted my article to SYRIA and in the final, I wrote the note “We are in a period when everyone should think a thousand times and take one step… We must be calm, careful and cautious…” Yesterday, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar spoke about the Syrian issue…

“We follow up instantly with the reports we receive. Whatever needs to be done to protect and preserve our rights and interests will be done in the same way as has been done under the leadership of our President, when the right time and place comes.

Let no one doubt about that.

There is never such a thing as concession, giving up the struggle.

It is our duty to protect the rights of our noble nation and every bit of its law…” He said clearly and briefly “WE ARE HERE, OUR JOB IS NOT DONE”…

As I wrote before, the USA and RUSSIA are the current real owners of Syria.

Although ESAD, which was wanted to shine on paper by publications such as Newsweek, appeared to be the leader, the truth of the matter was not like this. We are talking about a leader who did not run side by side with Putin on the RED CARPET in his own country. Remember the Russian commander who pulled Assad’s arm!


After Akar’s statement, a move came from RUSSIA! The time was set!

Evaluating Turkey’s possible military operation against Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vershinin said, “All military preparations should consider respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity…” And he added, “We are in favor of respecting Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence. This is our principled stance…” So this was a response to ANKARA… Akar’s speech at 10:32′ While Sergey Vershinin’s statements were reaching the news centers at 12:42!

Two hours later I mean…

The US and Russia are definitely in agreement on Syria about the BALANCE we are going through right now. Soon they will try every way to get TURKISH SOLDIERS out of there.

A thing which is an attack and a danger to us, has no meaning for them.

Clichés such as “Assad’s return” and “respect for Syria’s territorial integrity” seem to be making Ankara think even more in the coming days… Russia was saying “NO ONE CAN PLAN AN OPERATION IN SYRIA” over Vershinin.

The real power behind was the USA… You should have no doubt that the two capitals agreed on this issue…

Since Akar sees this, he talks about the need to make the right move at the right time…


There is Moscow-Washington signature behind the work!

As I have been writing for months, this will reflect inside.

Let’s continue while we entered from Syria and Russia…

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to CNBC. He shared his thoughts on many issues from DOLLAR to CRYPTO COINS… Putin, who dismissed the questions about whether he would be a candidate or not, was making an incredible point when it came to the DOLLAR!

Putin roughly said: “It is possible to say that the United States has cut the branch it is on. It is definitely an advantage for the dollar to be the world’s reserve currency, but in this way they undermine this position, harming their strategic economic interests for the sake of the momentary political situation. It is a fact that Russia is on the same path.
However, we do not intend to give up the DOLLAR completely. We have no intention. At the moment, we are happy to be paid in dollars for, for example, energy resources, primarily oil. THE WHOLE WORLD’S ECONOMY IS NOW DEPENDING ON THE WEALTH OF THE USA’S ECONOMY. That’s why we follow the USA very closely. We want there to be no turbulence or fluctuation…”

Putin indirectly says “There is ONE BOSS and that is the USA”… Everyone’s MONEY (China, Japan, Arabs’ income from exports) is in the US financial system, they are the measure of how everyone values their assets. also… Putin was commenting on CRYPTO COINS as “I think it’s too early to be used in energy trade”! So the USA has not finished the CRYPTO trials yet!

He was giving the message that “When the DOLLAR is removed, they will bring COINs instead”… These two powers, which seem to be fighting, were not afraid to be against us in matters such as SYRIA.

GENUINE ALLIANCE then appeared! NATO turned into a fairy tale and Turkey was left alone! As it has been done before…

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