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CHP’s leader visited the Central Bank. He talked to the President.

It was a surprise meeting for everyone.

Mr. Kemal targets President ERDOĞAN before and after the visit and “HE SHOULD RESPECT THE CORPORATE IDENTITY OF THE CENTRAL BANK!” he was saying. “Why was the interview being held?”, “What was the need?”, “What was the purpose?” Perhaps we will find answers to such questions in another article. Because it was important! It was a serious move for CHP.

As we finish the week, I would like to focus on the “POLITICAL Assassinations” that Mr. Kemal talked about recently. Of course, we do not know from where and how the rumors reached to Kemal Bey. But the signs are starting to COME NEGATIVE!

Let’s open it a little…

Raoul Wallenberg was a person who lived through Nazi Germany.

He was a brave figure in Europe groaning under the boots of the Nazis. He ran to Hungary as a DIPLOMAT. He had a Swedish passport. He was serving as a special ambassador in BUDAPEST! He was handing out protective passports to Jews. He was pulling people away from the journey to death. According to some, this number reached 100 thousand. He took the Jews to whom he had given passports and sent them to Sweden.

He was officially a hero during the Second World War.

He was saving innocent people from Hitler’s cruelty… While 12 thousand Jews were being sent to Auschwitz a day, Wallenberg started to distribute fake Swedish passports to Jews and wrote his story. He was taking his first step by taking 30 buildings under Swedish protection near the Swedish embassy!

He was the person that saved hundreds, thousands of families from extinction!

British politician, David Amess was also a fan of Raoul Wallenberg.

The Wallenbergs were a very famous, deeply rooted family.

Banking was their main business.

They had a mindset that went beyond the Rothschilds but was not in the foreground. Even now they are the owners of many global companies.

It is hardly known. Even if they were very, very rich, they would not appear on FORBES!

There was a statue of Raoul Wallenberg outside the Marble Arch Synagogue in England. It was David Amess who made this happen! After a long struggle!

It was none other than AMESS who brought Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles here to show respect to Wallenberg.

David Amess was a political figure known as a friend of IRAN, who was deeply disturbed by the fact that TAHRAN was associated with TERROR. He was a person who worked with MI6 and prevented Iran-based terrorist attacks. As he did in Paris…

He was strongly protesting the retreat from Afghanistan.

He attended the conference in BUDAPEST about two weeks ago!

He said:

The Leader of British Intelligence and MI6 officers also met with Pakistan and the Taliban.

We do not want Afghanistan to become a house of terror.

But things are not easy.

Intelligence agencies in Afghanistan have challenges working forward. Most of the informants either fled or hid.

We can’t receive news! Therefore, we will need to rebuild an established network of informants in order to successfully place agents inside terrorist groups.

But this will take time.

To understand what’s going on there, we need to take action now…

After the retreat, TALIBAN got incredible weapons. We don’t know what they will do. We have to act very quickly for intelligence… We don’t want to make a mistake for the intelligence network for operations and finance TALIBAN…

David Amess was close to the Wallenbergs, who own or work with many brands such as Saab, Ericsson, AstraZeneca and dozens of banks.

Sir David Amess was like a member of the FAMILY… He had a GLOBAL understanding…

Conservative Party’s MP Sir David Amess died as a result of a knife attack while meeting with his voters.

While this murder, which shocked England, was being committed, there were FRIDAY (prayer) ATTACKS in AFGHANISTAN, which had become commonplace at the same time! And mosques belonging to Shiahs were being bombed.

While nearly a hundred people lost their lives in the last week’s attack, the world was turning into a bloodbath yesterday… FOREIGN FORCES, especially the USA, were leaving the country, but CHAOS was still there!


The murder of David Amess, the bombing of the Shiah mosques, the escalation of tension in Syria all seemed to be on the same line… While President Erdogan continues to give a message about SYRIA, can the forces that want to change the direction of politics intervene here?

Possible! I think we are going through a period where everyone has to be very careful.

It will be in everyone’s best interest to take a step with understanding without raising the tension… Because it is not easy to know who is planning what.

It won’t hurt anyone to discuss every event with a calm attitude… Let’s not set the scene for those who want to set a game…

Let’s be careful… Let’s not see the murder in England far from here…

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