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It is necessary to understand and see what is going on, to solve tomorrow. Turkey is actually like a political laboratory. We don’t remember because we live daily, we miss, but many things happened in the last 20-25 years… Let’s start from 2001 and come to tomorrow…

Old people will remember.

Before the AK PARTY came in 2002, they crossed the country with a dozer. The government was helpless, alone. The crisis was hitting every place, every street. The late ECEVİT was also far from what was going on… Kemal Derviş came in a heroic manner. There was a need. There was hope. He got the job done. He put his program into practice. As soon as he arrived, a breakfast was served in the BOSPHORUS…

As soon as Kemal Derviş, Minister of State for the Economy was transferred to Turkey, he reached out to his old friends. Economist Prof. Asaf Savaş Akat was the leader of the New Democracy Movement he founded for his Dervish friends.. Akat expanded his circle of friends and gave a breakfast that allowed Derviş to meet with Istanbul bosses. The mansion of Akat, where Derviş stayed in the first days of his arrival in Turkey, was in front of the cameras for the second time with breakfast. Akat’s mansion on the Bosphorus functioned like Derviş’s residence in Istanbul. Akat called his friends Bülent Eczacıbaşı, Güler Sabancı, TÜSİAD executives and TESEV President Can Paker, and ISO President Hüsamettin Kavi to the breakfast he held with Kemal Derviş yesterday morning. The invitation was no surprise. This was a news in MİLLİYET…

Kemal Derviş Bey was an important name for the world of economy. He came before the AK PARTY. He was close to GLOBAL CAPITAL. One of his close friends was IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Both names were not far from George Soros. For example, in 1994, Cem Boyner was founding the New Democracy Movement (YDH). It included very important names from Asaf Savaş Akat to Cengiz Çandar, from Kemal Anadol to Kemal Derviş. They called it OPEN SOCIETY, Plurality, FREE MARKET, FREEDOM. There was nothing to oppose. However, political success could not be achieved… I think the power that gave the spirit of this movement walked through the AK PARTY in 2002. But before that, he prepared the ground for the economic depression and cleaned the district. The AK Party was a coalition within itself. Perhaps the only name against the GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING was Erdoğan…

With the support of Deniz Baykal, the ban was lifted and he became the PRIME MINISTER. But the government and its policies were ready in advance! The route was EUROPE… The AK Party’s 2002 election manifesto was not much different from YDH. While YDH could not get even 1 percent of the vote, AK PARTY came to power alone.

Different from Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s CHP, Deniz Bey’s CHP, who assumed the role of VOICE and PROTECTOR of the Regime, was approaching Erdoğan, lifting the ban and increasing the number of frequencies in the AK PARTY to 2.

The reason for Deniz Bey’s elimination was that he made a move against the GLOBAL MOVEMENT. His replacement was Mr. Kemal. If you look carefully, Mr. Kemal was in action like never before. He was now doing what he had not done in 10 years… Not only did he change the CHP, he was in contact with every group and every faith segment.

He was also promising, “WE WILL HAVE OUR MINISTER WITH A HIJAB”. I wasn’t looking at any of them through names. It couldn’t have been looked at anyway… Kemal Bey’s offer for peace was likewise the expression of a great mind and a great opening!

Despite Erdoğan, the opposite of the role assigned to the AK Party in 2002 was now valid for the CHP. The new CHP was the catalyst… It was making contact with every party and every view and expanding its sphere of influence. It was trying to bring together many dissimilar elements…


Both Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Kemal Derviş were people who believed in the GLOBAL perspective. Both were close to George Soros. When Mr. Kemal became the MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ECONOMY, SOROS was sending 3 important assistants to ANKARA. However, Deniz Bey and MHP were shaken by the tapes.

Something similar happens to Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Kemal Derviş. Kahn stays in the room for $3,500 a night, but he was harassing a cleaner! It’s like a joke, but that’s it. He was eliminated. Mr. Kemal was about to become the IMF Director, but one of his old relations was brought up. He couldn’t move further.

Mr. Can Paker’s definition of “The ropes broke after DAVOS” was important. Erdogan was both falling apart with the AK PARTY and staying at the center of the operations. Again, as Mr. Can Paker stated, SOROS was raising a flag to ERDOĞAN… There was no need to explain Soros. It was an important name. He was also assigning a role to Turkey. He was coming to Istanbul in 2005 and was praising the AK PARTY to all the big bosses.

When Erdoğan realized that they wanted to eliminate him, the cards were shuffled again. MHP, which had the most problems with Kemal Derviş, was now side by side with ERDOĞAN. If Deniz Baykal had not been eliminated, he would have been here too. It was easier to change parties when the leaders changed. The structure that was uncomfortable with Erdogan was trying this. Erdogan was struggling by changing both his alliances and policies.

There wasn’t even a SUCCESSFUL example of it. But Erdogan succeeded. We have to put the names aside and look. Everyone fights for the values they believe in. You will not participate at most.

That’s it…

President Erdogan said, “I will fight against interest as long as I stay in this position.” In fact, it was this statement that described the camps, ecoles and struggle. Erdogan wants to write a completely different story before he goes to 2023. The GLOBAL understanding also does not intend to allow this… This must be the most difficult test of ERDOĞAN, who has survived all these hardships… The move he makes is very, very important… No one will be able to change this POLICY, even after him, if he wins.

If the policy he followed does not work, he will have to find other political solutions… I mentioned it yesterday. He could go to 2023 without going against the usual flow of life. He could even return to the parliamentary system and become the first party again.

However, he chose the one that was not among the options. It just escalated the struggle. As someone who knows 2001 well, “are the conditions same?” I asked myself…

Despite the rising exchange rates, I couldn’t say “YES”… We’ll live and see… But the FIGHT OF ECOLES… It has never been like this… Nobody could challenge it like Erdoğan…

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Political Articles




While looking at the incidents in KAZAKHSTAN, the Turkish Union and Hungary are also discussed. It is normal. As I have written many times, it is possible to understand the GLOBAL STRUGGLE through some names. One of them was Donald Trump and the other was Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban. Adding Putin and Erdogan to the list was not difficult at all.

Street protests in Kazakhstan and Turkey were brought side by side. “DOES IT AFFECT US?” This question has been asked often… Of course, Kazakhstan has a gateway to Turkey. However, it looks like HUNGARY, which will affect us more.

Let’s open it… And let’s start with a breaking news…

As the country prepares for the most contentious elections in its history, Viktor Orban has ordered to limit the prices of six basic foodstuffs in order to prevent the rise in inflation. Stating that the prices have increased due to the rising cost of energy, Orban said, “Basic necessities such as sugar, flour, sunflower oil will be sold at prices dated on OCTOBER 15.” Inflation had increased by 7.4 PERCENT monthly in NOVEMBER in Hungary!

Hungarian people will have an election on 3 APRIL. On one hand, the Fidesz Party, led by Orban, and on the other hand, there is an alliance of 6 opposition parties. The candidate of the alliance is PETER MARKİ-ZAY… Orban was a different person. Although he was taught by Soros, he was a political figure who challenged SOROS. He had changed! And there was a fight between them. Even a blood feud.

That’s why the elections were so important. We were also interested in who would win! Viktor Orban was a leader who said his country would not leave the European Union, of which it was a member in 2004, but instead that Brussels would resist “attempts to ruin Hungary’s sovereignty”.

He often compared the communist era to the EU process. “After the communist bureaucracy, we don’t want to receive new orders from Brussels,” he declared. And he declared that Hungary would reject Western liberalism! THIS WAS THE MAIN SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM! “In Hungary we insist that marriage is between a man and a woman, the father is a man and the mother is a woman. Leave our children alone.” He shows his attitude, his side and rises against GLOBAL ECOLE…

A few months ago, the same ORBAN had an advertisement on Bild, one of Germany’s biggest newspapers, and warned the EU. Orban, who made a full-page ad on behalf of the “government of Hungary”, said “NO” to the European Empire with 7 articles. SOROS, whom he saw as his mortal enemy, was also against himself and Putin. Soros repeatedly said, “Putin wants to collapse the EUROPEAN UNION. The reality is that Putin’s Russia and the EU are in a race against time. The question is which will fall first… Putin wants Europe to collapse first in order to delay the destruction of his country. The refugee crisis is just one side of it…”

He wrote these and similar articles in world-famous newspapers. Former President Trump was supporting ORBAN before the ballot boxes appeared. The candidate for the alliance against Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, would be the economist and engineer Marki-Zay, who lived in the USA and Canada for a while.

ZAY managed to get all the attention after winning the mayorship of Hodmezovasarhely city in 2018! Interestingly, the city of Hodmezovasarhely was the headquarters of the ruling Fidesz Party headed by Orban! There were interesting points between HUNGARY and TURKEY…

From the ALLIANCE consisting of dissimilars against the government, to showing the mayor of the city where Orban is the strongest as a candidate… It is obvious that the new political algorithm that is meant to be written here is strangely compatible with HUNGARY! I think this reason also has a role in President Erdogan’s desire to reach a conclusion with the NEW ECONOMIC MODEL as soon as possible. If ORBAN, who deals with inflation, loses, the winner will be EUROPE, especially the mind of SOROS…

As I wrote the other day, it is necessary to pay attention to the lands where TURKS live! It’s not just about KAZAKHSTAN… It’s not going to stay there for too long either… It’s important to be careful… Let’s not forget what Macron said, “Erdogan’s political project DOES NOT MATCH WITH EUROPEAN VALUES” and that Mukhtar Ablyazov, who fought to defeat Nazarbayev, lives in FRANCE.

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Let’s keep talking about KAZAKHSTAN. There is a CALMNESS that can be seen even with the naked eye. However, this is not very convincing. There are still ACTORS both locally and globally! There is nothing ended… Let’s open it a little bit…

Yesterday, I quoted the words of my friend, who gave important details about KAZAKHSTAN. NAZARBAYEV INVITED RUSSIAN SOLDIERS NOT TOKAYEV …” Even this showed how delicate the balances were. Likewise, the words “The names affiliated with TOKAYEV armed people…” were also remarkable.

It was another window to show that this challenge is both local and GLOBAL! Anyway…let’s move forward in a few steps…

Nazarbayev, 81, who ruled Kazakhstan for nearly 30 years and chose Tokayev as his successor, did not appear in front of the cameras for a long time. He is still not around! It is claimed that he went abroad and came back…

I think he does not stay in a place for too long… Likewise, for example, dozens of PRIVATE JETs returned to the country yesterday. Many of them had landed in MOSCOW with their planes… So they started going back with the planes they parked… Tokayev was giving an important password in a speech he gave recently!

“Thanks to Nazarbayev, a wealthy group in the country is rich even by international standards…” he said. And he continued: “I think the time has come for these people to pay their debts to Kazakhstan, to help people systematically and regularly…”

So who was the hidden subject in this speech? Of course it was NAZARBAYEV and his FAMILY! His daughter was the ruler of money. Because so many people were rising with him!

Let’s continue…

Yesterday, while writing that “Nazarbayev invited the Russian soldiers,” President Kasım Cömert Tokayev was making a statement, “Russian forces, which ensure stability by intervening in the protest actions in the country, will start leaving the country in two days…”.

He added, “The fact that Russian soldiers came to Kazakhstan, especially Almati, played a very important role in stabilizing the situation in our country…” After a while, TOKAYEV was repeating this statement and SHOWING THE DOOR TO RUSSIAN SOLDIERS…

But there was definitely something odd. Just last SEPTEMBER, there was a CORONAVIRUS panic in the Kremlin. As a result, Putin was going hunting in SIBERIA, taking SHOYGU, the most authoritative name after him! Shoigu was perhaps the person who prevented a possible elimination operation against Putin. Together with the army…

Here is the answer to the statements of the President of KAZAKHSTAN TOKAYEV about the Russian soldiers in his country, from SHOYGU:
The missions of the Collective Security Treaty Organization peacekeepers, namely the Russian Soldiers, in Kazakhstan will come to an end after the situation in the country has completely stabilized…

So, Putin’s best man, SHOYGU, was saying, “We will decide when the Russian soldiers will leave…”…

When the subject was Russian soldiers, the USA was also stepping in. “We are concerned about the ongoing state of emergency in Kazakhstan,” said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. ‘’There are question marks about the US-led troops going to Kazakhstan. Recent history shows us that once the Russians enter your house, it can be very difficult to get them back out,” he said. However, he was keeping the real message for the last!

“I think Kazakh law enforcement has the capacity to deal with the protests,” Blinken said.

‘’It is not clear why they need help from outside.” He was implicitly explaining that things were complicated in KAZAKHSTAN and the STATE WAS CUT IN TWO PIECES. Blinken was emphasizing the same thing as what my friend conveyed yesterday! Nazarbayev invited the Russians. Because Tokayev hurt Nazarbayev! What will happen next?

Let’s get the answer to this question from the other player involved in the issue…

Let’s go to Mukhtar Ablyazov. Opposition leader ABLYAZOV, Nazarbayev’s enemy was speaking in FRANCE 6 days ago, he said: Putin is happy to assist the Kazakh administration as part of its strategy to build the Soviet Union. Khazaks need to see the presence of foreign powers as an “invasion”. People should stay on the street. Protests must continue.

If Putin intervenes more in Kazakhstan, the country will turn into Ukraine. The last sentence of Mukhtar Ablyazov was very remarkable! THE COUNTRY WILL TURN INTO UKRAINE… There was another name who defended this! Matthew Bryza, who served as the State Department official in charge of Central Asia policy during the former President George W. Bush’s period, said, “Even if the street protests are suppressed, the crisis will continue. Russian troops will not leave in a short time, as said…

While the USA-EU-RUSSIA trio are dealing with the UKRAINE crisis, will there be SURGERY in the heart of CENTRAL ASIA? IS KAZAKHSTAN GOING TO BE DIVIDED? Or is a process beginning where the guns never stops?

It seems like a move has been made that will affect both the Turks’ world and Turkey.

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Although the incidents seem to have slowed down in KAZAKHSTAN, the struggle is not over. It would not be wise to wait for it to end in a day or two. I’ve been writing about this for a few days already.

So what happened?

What will happen? Will Turkey be affected? This is the point we need to think about… The fact that the incidents in Kazakhstan took place after the USA’s retreat from AFGHANISTAN deserves a separate evaluation both for the region and for the SILK ROAD… Many questions still haven’t been answered yet…

I started chasing. First, I tried to reach my two important friends in KAZAKHSTAN. THEY WERE REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE STATE… I managed to reach one of them. I haven’t heard from the other. However, the friend I reached was normally not comfortable.

He couldn’t speak. This was perfectly natural in such issues… But I had to write something about KAZAKHSTAN, where the flames are still alive. And I thought of another very important name that I haven’t called for a long time. That name was very special because of the job he did! I never thought that I could reach him, that even if I did, he could speak. I was surprised! After an incredible warm greeting, the conversation started…

To avoid being rude, “Start asking your questions if you wish. I’ll try to answer if I can,” and he took the lane he wanted to talk to. I didn’t have any objections. Because even that was a sign that he was going to talk…

While I was meeting his request, I said, “I think you will tell about the unknown aspects of the events. I hope to get information about behind the scenes from you, which is not covered in the media…” He smiled… He surprised me again… “Don’t worry, you will be surprised…” He surprised me even more…

Knowing that he wouldn’t have much time, I said, “I’m listening to you”, so I let him speak. He started speaking… “I know what is written about Kazakhstan. We follow a lot of things. However, very important points are being overlooked… Kazakhstan is a rich country, but as you know, this wealth is reflected in 20 PERCENT.

The general majority is in difficulty due to their livelihood conditions. And these poor people were being prepared for the operation for a long time. Someone set up headquarters provoking the ones who are disturbed by the prices…” I interrupted immediately.

“Can we go from the names?” “Of course…” he continued. “There is President Kasım Cömert Tokayev behind the events, at the beginning and the end…” I was shocked… I interrupted… “Can you give details?” I insisted…

He continued… “It was known how much the cost of living would affect whom and how. The calculations were based on this. Take a look at the events from the start and to ALMATI. No one did anything for 24 hours in ALMATI. In some squares, this time was even longer. Tokayev and his team personally wanted things to got bigger. They increased the anger of the communities on purpose…

They wanted to strengthen the struggle. And that’s how it happened…” But why?

“Tokayev wanted to eliminate Nazarbayev and his family. And he succeeded…” By inviting Russian soldiers? “Of course not. IT WAS NAZARBAYEV, NOT TOKAYEV, CALLING THE RUSSIAN SOLDIERS TO KAZAKHSTAN…”

I was quite surprised… “What are you saying?” I conveyed my feelings with these words… He continued…

“Nazarbayev invited the Russians as saviors. He saw the game. However, it was too late for a move. Tokayev had an army strong enough to suppress the events. His aim was not to suppress, but to bring power from the street. He did that. He arrested the HEAD OF INTELLIGENCE and hurt Nazarbayev from the weakest point. All the men of the former leader, the FOUNDING FATHER, are being eliminated. And at the table set up by the Russians, they are still bargaining. I know you’re wondering, but only he knows where Nazarbayev is! All the names that Nazarbayev enriched are side by side with the Russians. This group of capital has reached PUTIN.

Nazarbayev already wanted it. All Turkic Republics know this… Will Putin agree with TOKAYEV? Is there a middle way? We are waiting for this. Nazarbayev lost an imporant thing. The most important men were arrested. If he comes back, it will be thanks to the Russians, and Putin…

Is it easy? It is not…

However, it was TOKAYEV who organized many people and gave them weapons. There is a serious organization to end the Nazarbayev era… For this reason, Tokayev said that the Russian soldiers will step back and go away in a short time… Many KYRGYZ CITIZENS were caught in the events.

These were the protesters from the neighboring country. Even famous Kyrgyz names such as Vikram Ruzakhunov were included in this list.” Well, in this balance, can Nazarbayev return? Is there a chance? “The Russians will make it a reason for bargaining and get what they want from TOKAYEV… The table was set for this purpose…

As for Intelligence Chief Karim Masimov, it’s a bit of a mess. He knows every step Nazarbayev takes. He is on good terms with both Putin and Biden. Let’s wait for a bit.

Let some time pass, we can then talk again…” My friend talked about some things on the condition that I would NOT WRITE. This was the case from his point of view. I wanted to write this side of the incident as well…

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