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For COUNTRIES, the main issue is EXTERNAL AFFAIRS !

It is diplomacy… We are talking about an area where TWO times TWO is not always FOUR. It is the combination of variables and unfamiliar interests… Especially if you are running a country like TURKEY, which has no precedent, sometimes it gets harder…

If you are also creating your own route, political travel becomes even more difficult…

The previous day, I again devoted my article to SYRIA and in the final, I wrote the note “We are in a period when everyone should think a thousand times and take one step… We must be calm, careful and cautious…” Yesterday, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar spoke about the Syrian issue…

“We follow up instantly with the reports we receive. Whatever needs to be done to protect and preserve our rights and interests will be done in the same way as has been done under the leadership of our President, when the right time and place comes.

Let no one doubt about that.

There is never such a thing as concession, giving up the struggle.

It is our duty to protect the rights of our noble nation and every bit of its law…” He said clearly and briefly “WE ARE HERE, OUR JOB IS NOT DONE”…

As I wrote before, the USA and RUSSIA are the current real owners of Syria.

Although ESAD, which was wanted to shine on paper by publications such as Newsweek, appeared to be the leader, the truth of the matter was not like this. We are talking about a leader who did not run side by side with Putin on the RED CARPET in his own country. Remember the Russian commander who pulled Assad’s arm!


After Akar’s statement, a move came from RUSSIA! The time was set!

Evaluating Turkey’s possible military operation against Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vershinin said, “All military preparations should consider respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity…” And he added, “We are in favor of respecting Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence. This is our principled stance…” So this was a response to ANKARA… Akar’s speech at 10:32′ While Sergey Vershinin’s statements were reaching the news centers at 12:42!

Two hours later I mean…

The US and Russia are definitely in agreement on Syria about the BALANCE we are going through right now. Soon they will try every way to get TURKISH SOLDIERS out of there.

A thing which is an attack and a danger to us, has no meaning for them.

Clichés such as “Assad’s return” and “respect for Syria’s territorial integrity” seem to be making Ankara think even more in the coming days… Russia was saying “NO ONE CAN PLAN AN OPERATION IN SYRIA” over Vershinin.

The real power behind was the USA… You should have no doubt that the two capitals agreed on this issue…

Since Akar sees this, he talks about the need to make the right move at the right time…


There is Moscow-Washington signature behind the work!

As I have been writing for months, this will reflect inside.

Let’s continue while we entered from Syria and Russia…

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to CNBC. He shared his thoughts on many issues from DOLLAR to CRYPTO COINS… Putin, who dismissed the questions about whether he would be a candidate or not, was making an incredible point when it came to the DOLLAR!

Putin roughly said: “It is possible to say that the United States has cut the branch it is on. It is definitely an advantage for the dollar to be the world’s reserve currency, but in this way they undermine this position, harming their strategic economic interests for the sake of the momentary political situation. It is a fact that Russia is on the same path.
However, we do not intend to give up the DOLLAR completely. We have no intention. At the moment, we are happy to be paid in dollars for, for example, energy resources, primarily oil. THE WHOLE WORLD’S ECONOMY IS NOW DEPENDING ON THE WEALTH OF THE USA’S ECONOMY. That’s why we follow the USA very closely. We want there to be no turbulence or fluctuation…”

Putin indirectly says “There is ONE BOSS and that is the USA”… Everyone’s MONEY (China, Japan, Arabs’ income from exports) is in the US financial system, they are the measure of how everyone values their assets. also… Putin was commenting on CRYPTO COINS as “I think it’s too early to be used in energy trade”! So the USA has not finished the CRYPTO trials yet!

He was giving the message that “When the DOLLAR is removed, they will bring COINs instead”… These two powers, which seem to be fighting, were not afraid to be against us in matters such as SYRIA.

GENUINE ALLIANCE then appeared! NATO turned into a fairy tale and Turkey was left alone! As it has been done before…

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