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The state mind does not make plans to save the day. The state mind sees beyond and takes steps towards the future. The state has no feelings. It is always 18 years old. Sometimes it pretends to be asleep, sometimes it shows itself weak, but when the right time and place comes, it hits the table with it’a fist so hard that there is neither a table nor an opponent.

Leaders are faces in front of the curtain. They are just names, but some names are special. Such as Mete Han, Atilla, Osman Gazi, Çelebi Mehmet, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Yavuz Sultan Selim, Sultan AbdulHamid… The most important name of our time is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but just as many names have come and gone, his name will also be gone, his work will remain. These names come and go, and the state is permanent. The Ottoman Empire called itself The Eternal State. Of course, the Ottomans knew better than me that everything other than Allah is mortal. The secret that it called the state eternal was that it saw this state as the continuation of the state founded by Rasulullah (Aleyhi Salatu Vesselam).

Now let’s get to the topic… I will try to explain to you as much as I can how the mind of the state works.

Turkey has been working in the Mediterranean and especially the Eastern Mediterranean for a long time. When we look at the last 7 years, a history is being written in the Mediterranean. Although it can’t find a place for itself in the media today, history will surely write this glorious struggle.

The countries that are against us in the Eastern Mediterranean are implementing all kinds of dirty policies. Firstly, the Egyptian government of Sisi. See, I said in the first paragraph that the state has no feelings. The state acts in line with its interests. It may be friends with its enemies tomorrow. It is the state interests that matter.

Turkey has been trying to reach an agreement with the Sisi government in the Eastern Mediterranean for a long time, but the Israeli-led Sisi government is doing nothing but closing all the roads on the way to an agreement and giving us trouble. Turn off your phones and read more carefully from now on. Between the lines, you will notice how the mind of the State works.

It was the beginning of March of 2021. Egypt was suddenly stepping back, respecting Turkey’s maritime continental shelf and giving us the green light on the way to an agreement. What was happening to the Sisi administration, who said black to what we said was white and no to what we said was possible, that it suddenly shifted into reverse? What happened to the Sisi administration, which stood up against us on every issue, and how it suddenly softened? The answer to this is hidden in a country that is 5200 kilometers away from us…

Turkey has been making big breakthroughs in Africa for a long time. With a little research, you can see that these expansions started in 2005, but it actually goes back a lot. It officially started in 2005.

Relations between Turkey and the late Martyr Leader Mursi were very good. We were about to make a sharing agreement in the Eastern Mediterranean… You know the rest of the story.

Sisi, the Pharaoh of the Millennium, who took over the administration with the support of America and Israel, put all the agreements with Turkey on the shelf and started to become a wall against us. Of course, this situation interrupted our plans, but it never completely eliminated it.

The One that closes one door opens another…

Those who read the life of Sultan Abdul Hamid or watch the TV series Payitaht Abdul Hamid know that if diplomacy was an art, Sultan Abdul Hamid would be the shining star of this art. He would be the most skilled artist who gave plaques to those who practiced this art.

Diplomacy never runs out of options. If your opponent is closing a door to you, you force other doors. Isn’t there a door? If so, you call your master and produce a door. In diplomacy, whoever gives up is either a coward or has admitted defeat.

The Sisi administration had closed all the doors to us, but we opened such a door that the Sisi administration would realize that a 3–5-year-old mind could not stand against a 2500-year-old mind and would experience that it had no choice but to take a step back…

When Turkey started to open up to Africa, it separated some countries from other countries. Libya, Somalia and Ethiopia. We used the Ethiopian card against Egypt. When you examine the 2020 data, you will see that Turkey is officially the second country that invests most in Ethiopia. I can say very clearly that it is the first in unofficial data by far. I don’t want to bore you by giving numbers and going into details, besides, the subject I’m really interested in is deeper than that. The important issue for us is strategic partnership, strategic agreements.

The Nile…

The Nile is not an ordinary simple river, and it will never be. It has been so in the past, it is so now and it will be so in the future. The Nile River means life for Egypt.

On the other hand, when we look at Ethiopia, we see a state profile that has been trying to develop its industry for a long time. Industry needs energy. If you can not produce energy, you will not make any progress in the industry. We talked about diplomacy… Identify the weak point of your enemy and attack from there. Look how Turkey is catching the Sisi administration from its weak area and knocking it out in one move. Read carefully…!

It was 2011. Ethiopia was proclaiming that it would build the Renaissance dam on the Nile. 10 years have passed and today this dam has reached the stage of completion. InshaAllah, this dam will be completed and put into use soon. This dam poses a great danger for Sisi. InshaAllah, this dam will be the move that will bring the end of Sisi, this is my personal wish.

The mind of the Deep State not only corners the Israeli-American puppet Sisi administration with its deep relations with Ethiopia, but also hits it every time it strikes to give it what it wants. Since the Sisi administration is aware that this dam will be the end of them, it threatens Ethiopia with war, but in response to this, military agreements are signed between Turkey and Ethiopia. This is not enough either. A delegation of Turkey goes to visit the dam and says, “Whatever you do, it’s useless! There is a decision coming from the sky.”

Naturally, these visits and agreements were met with resentment by the administration of Sisi, the fake Pharaoh of millennium, but they would have left no effect other than the dust effect that a simple wind would take from a 2500-year-old piece of rock.

Of course, Ethiopia’s military power is not strong enough to compete with Egypt. This is real. But Libya’s military might not be able to cope with Egypt either. We all know what happened. This is why military agreements with Ethiopia are of critical importance. The Sisi administration cannot directly fight Turkey. They experienced this in Libya. The whole world saw what happened in Syria and Azerbaijan. The military and defense industry power that Turkey has reached is not only disturbing the Sisi administration but also all our enemies, which is why the Sisi administration cannot confront Turkey through Ethiopia. Like the former prime minister of Armenia, Nikol Peshinyan, he will be disgraced and end in resignation. He knows very well that from the moment he attacks Ethiopia, he will fight Turkey behind the scenes. It’s good for us, but the scary thing for them is that they don’t know what weapons they will face when such a war takes place. He knows very well that the weapons that Turkey will give will inflict heavy damage on the army under Sisi. Sisi, the fake Pharaoh of the Millennium, who is currently in great economic trouble, is also afraid of the reaction of his people when he receives a big military blow.

The bottom line is that Sisi’s biggest fear is the unknown, the inability to foresee. It has become Sisi’s nightmare that no one but us knows about the technology we will give to Ethiopia. If he does not intervene in the dam, he will face a water problem, if the Egyptian people cannot reach water, they will rise up and attack Ethiopia, which will lose power, this time he will find a power he could not even imagine, Turkey. The war will both devastate and put the already troubled economy in even deeper trouble. It ends up losing power again. This uncertainty has put Sisi administration into such a vortex that they have not a single second to breathe easily.

Turkey cornered the Sisi administration and left no chance for a move. The message is very clear. Either you give us what we want in the Eastern Mediterranean or you endure what happens to you in Ethiopia. The choice is yours!

Egypt saw that the situation was scary. That’s why the Sisi administration, which said “NO” to everything we said, broke down its walls and turned all “no” answers into “yes”. That’s what Diplomacy is. This is the state of mind.

This is exactly the reason behind the statement of our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, “There are many fields in which we can cooperate with Egypt”. It was a war of reason, waged through years of strategy and diplomacy, that pushed the Sisi administration down this path. Well, even though the opposition in our country responds to this statement with a simple and silly answer “Turkey is making concessions”, it is not a very important issue to be considered.

Make sure of this. Sooner or later Egypt will come to terms with us. There is no other way. They must. Watch, follow, they will send many delegations to Turkey soon. Then others will come. In this region, it will be what we say!



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I’ve written about it before. It is a must to understand what is happening now and what will happen, by looking at 2016. Trump was performing as President of the United States in 2016. In the same year, the Brexit decision, which would affect the FUTURE, was made. Turkey was experiencing July 15 and was shaken. 2016 was a very interesting year. For example, Jacob Rothschild was writing an article for THE TIMES for BREXIT.

In the article he wrote, the most influential living member of the FAMILY, who laid the foundation of the EUROPEAN UNION by performing BANKING activities in London, Paris, Vienna, Naples and Frankfurt in the 18th century, he wrote the note “All evidence shows that Brexit is a disaster”.

He also insisted that “We do not accept a belittled role in the world”. Again, as I often write, George Soros was also anti-BREXIT. He was against leaving with his money…

Breaking up was already very painful. Prime Minister Cameron was stepping down when BREXIT was accepted. He was replaced by Theresa May. She couldn’t get the ENGLAND PARLIAMENT to approve this either. It was “NO” three times. She had to leave, too.

Boris Johnson, whom Cameron described as “the representative of the age of populism in distorting the facts”, was coming and becoming the PRIME MINISTER. He was even SENDING PARLIAMENT ON HOLIDAY AND ENDING THE BREXIT ISSUE…

TURKISH ORIGIN, on the other hand, reminded of the deep ties that extended to this place. “It was a surprise that this whole process went so badly, but I gave May an idea about the negotiations, but she didn’t listen to me,” said US President Trump. So everyone was in that process. It was a step that would affect the future. Few people saw it.

Turkey was switching to another frequency with 15 July, it was definitely moving away from EUROPE. Turkey, which was kept at the door for years, was almost changing its shell, skipping EUROPE and shaking hands with ENGLAND. If Hillary Clinton had come, perhaps the transition would not have been so easy! In the same period, it was possible to see that the frequency changed within the AK PARTY.

For example, the elimination of Ahmet Davutoğlu should have been viewed from here. Ankara was walking with London, thinking about the new place it would take in the newly established world, not with EUROPE. The QUEEN wanted this very much. Turkey also saw its interests here.

It was calculating the SHARE it would take in the new game, not EUROPE. This naturally warmed the politics inside. There were other signs that the NEW GAME had begun in 2016. For example, Sadik Khan from the Isci Party was elected Mayor of London at the same time! He made history as the first Muslim Mayor of the capital. As the GLOBAL FIGHT escalated, a hand was pressing the button and the PANAMA LEAKS began.

Records and documents kept for more than 40 years by a law firm called Mossack Fonseca operating in Panama were leaked…

101 offshore establishments lined up with 684 names! The fight was getting bigger. Also at that time, Brussels, the capital of Belgium, was shaken by simultaneous terrorist attacks. 32 people lost their lives in three separate terrorist attacks at Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek Metro Station. In Nice, France, a driver was diving into the crowd with his truck and committing a massacre. 86 people died. There were so many events that happened that year…

It also happened to us …

The birth was painful…

Even from afar, it could be seen that Turkey had embarked on a new route and was advancing rapidly there. There was no EUROPE in this PATH. AK PARTY-MHP never saw EUROPE on the route they went to. This was great politics. It was a new soul, a new frequency. Since many people did not know this, they could not understand what was going on inside.

INTEREST, EXCHANGE and INFLATION were the results of this…

And this fight was getting in such a way that it was going over the ICONS and it was reaching to the peak. That was the case with OSMAN KAVALA. Leaving EUROPE, ECOLE was sending a message to EUROPE through Kavala. 47 countries were also coming together and discussing what to say to TURKEY about OSMAN KAVALA… Since the entire opposition preferred to march with EUROPE, they were targeting Erdoğan. Privately or openly… That was what determined the ALLIANCES inside!

Bringing the National Security Council’s view of the ECONOMY to the agenda and addressing the issue within the framework of NATIONAL SECURITY are important in terms of understanding the struggle. The CHP’s saying “NO” to the MEMORANDUM is one of the consequences of this.

The EUROPE-based global understanding and the shadow stretching back to Biden will want to shake Turkey economically and turn it off track. They will push us from the field they know best, namely MONEY.

As far as I can see, ANKARA is also taking precautions for this…

This is the GULF POLICY!

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I don’t know who understands what’s going on. Even though I come together with many people (especially politicians), they are don’t know many things. Understanding and taking a position… While many people share some coordinates by chance, others, that is, those who know everything, are persistently locked on the same target…


To understand what’s going on inside, you must first look at Washington and London! At the same time at BERLIN… Whatever the result you see here is reflected in Turkey! These are not just THREE CAPITALS! Many intertwined actors such as Vatican-Popetic-Catholic World-Jesuits-Noble Families-Global Capital are among these three capitals! The outcome of the conflict here affects the world. That’s clear!

This is what’s happening inside right now… One hand is over London and the other hand is reaching Washington via Berlin… President ERDOGAN and MHP leader Bahçeli are taking a position in the world with the hand reaching over London and seeing that the future is here.. Everyone who comes out of the AK Party and takes a position on the opposite side is together with the CHP, the IYI PARTY, the Saadet Party and the HDP… People who just live their lives make the classification ideologically. It is natural.

But this is not enough to understand. For this reason, the formations in the OPPONENT, which seem distant from each other, are clearly side by side… So is the Cumhur Alliance… I don’t want to go into names and go from there… There is no need… But those who entered politics with President Erdogan, those who started and later parted ways would make a much stronger attack in the coming period.

After the elimination of Deniz Baykal, CHP leader Mr. Kemal moved the party to that coordinate. He will be leading. Ms. Meral and other alliance partners will also be on the same side. They will talk about the COST OF LIFE, EXCHANGE and INTEREST.

Although the subject is much deeper, these will be discussed and a reckoning will be made over it… This alliance, which has a GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING, cannot come together with the ALLIANCE of CUMHUR, which exalts the state in terms of the values it carries. And the struggle is too deep and big to be told with local motives!

Those who advocate global understanding, namely the ecole with Biden at number one, are against Erdogan. Besides Biden, we should see BERLIN and EUROPE. The Queen of England is also against it… However, there are nobles who support this ecole. Which we saw at BREXIT. THESE NOBLES WERE AGAINST LEAVING EUROPE… SOROS was also against it, remember…

With his money and mind… Trump was very good with Erdogan and Putin. But GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING came and let Biden enter the WHITE HOME. It is possible to summarize it as “BLACKROCK” did it! Trump’s team was from Goldman Sachs! For example, BlackRock says “CLIMATE CHANGE”, “There is no investment in coal and fossil fuels”, and Biden was taking a position right here! Trump was the opposite! Paris took USA out of the Paris CLIMATE AGREEMENT… There are so many examples to describe the great fight!


In the USA, BlackRock came and overthrew Trump. In other words, those who claimed that the STATES WILL WIN were defeated in the USA. It was a variant of CAPITAL defeated! The winner was the one who was open to innovation…

There were important names of these two ecoles in Turkey as well. Yesterday and today, there were names close to Biden’s ecole in the AK Party. The entire opposition was already there. However, Erdogan’s determination and Bahçeli’s support stood firm as the most important obstacle to GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING…

It was not difficult to see this in terms of interest and OSMAN KAVALA. Especially the messages given over OSMAN KAVALA were clear… The European Court of Human Rights said on 10 DECEMBER 2019 that he was “arrested for political reasons, without reasonable suspicion” and put the end to it because there was a “VIOLATION OF RIGHTS”.

Who was saying that?

EUROPE! In other words, the arm reaching Biden over BERLIN… Then the AMBASSADORS of countries such as the USA, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Norway and New Zealand WRITTEN A WARNING LETTER…

Saying “FREE HIM IMMEDIATELY”… I guess they didn’t have ENGLAND! Therefore, Osman Kavala became a symbol and a huge fight was being waged over it. The statement was made that “Ambassadors took a step BACK under the pressure of Ankara”. However, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte came out and said, “There is no backing down. We will make these warnings in the future as well.” In other words, the war continued from where it left off.

This equation would fiercely confront the GOVERNMENT and the OPPOSITION in the coming days. Why?

Because in the final analysis, this ecole eliminated Trump… In other words, they won at the heart of the business. It is obvious that we will see very different political steps in the coming days… I see important signs that I do not want to write about right now… And they are quite strong… Let’s see…

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Three days ago, a friend of mine called me. But I didn’t see him calling. He tried again the day before. He couldn’t contact me again. He called yesterday and left a note. As soon as I got the information, I called him back. He spoke without greeting: “YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME. I DON’T WANT TO TAKE A LOT OF YOUR TIME”…

He spoke so fluently, he made such points that I could listen without interrupting him without breathing…

Because the things he was talking about wouldn’t even be in the movies ! We wouldn’t have believed it! In a few minutes he summarized what had happened. I was surprised. After I hung up I said “Come on! What was that now”…

I think only one sentence came out of my mouth! “SHOULD I WRITE ABOUT THESE?” ‘ I asked in a whisper. “Your choice,” he replied. We hung up. My friend got off the line. I was out of breath for a few minutes. “What can I do?” I thought. I immediately put my hand on the phone. I was rolling after the question “Who can help me”. I reached several places. I guess they didn’t want to say “YOU CAN WRITE” because we were on the phone… But I didn’t want to write without getting it verified.

EVEN IF I CAN’T CONFIRM IT, I thought it is wise to bring it up as “CLAIM”…

The topic was UNITED ARAB EMIRATES… It was about a Turkish soldier. IT WAS ABOUT THE NAHYAN FAMILY. IT WAS ABOUT A COUP! Here is the summary of my conversations yesterday in a single document… Will you like it?

Here is the behind-the-scenes of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s “ARRIVAL TO ANKARA WITH EMERGENCY CODE”…

US President Trump approved an important deal in the last days of his term. With his signature, he authorized the sale of 50 F-35 type warplanes and 18 MQ-9 Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to the Abu Dhabi administration. There was also special ammunition in the deal! It was a $10 billion deal…The deal was made with Trump’s signature. However, influential figures such as Bob Menendez and Dianne Feinstein influenced the new President Biden.

The weather suddenly changed.

Biden started an investigation on the sale by emphasizing “DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM and closed governance”. As a result, ABU DHABI was shocked. In April, on the other hand, some loosening was observed in the developments. Despite all the steps, the SALE did not happen again. Even though the PACKAGE increased from 10 billion dollars to 23 billion dollars. At the beginning of NOVEMBER, THE SALE WAS STOPPED.

Even Saudi Arabia was included in the coverage area. We haven’t come to the exciting part yet… Let’s continue…

Before the visit, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Nahyan sent a very close man to Ankara with the EMERGENCY CODE. The message has been forwarded to BEŞTEPE. The person in between was conveying a single sentence: “NAHYAN WANTS TO COME HERE IMMEDIATELY! HISLIFE IS IN DANGER… YOU ARE THE ONLY WAY OUT…

Naturally, this was not an ordinary message… An important name of an important country wanted to come. URGENTLY…

We didn’t say “no”. He jumped on the plane… United Arab Emirates could not buy F-35s and other weapons even though it was signed. The US side was in trouble. Near ABU DHABI, CHINA started a construction of a port. A week ago, CNN broadcasted, “Construction halted”.

But the trouble was far beyond what was discussed. Two small CHINA ships coming to the port were a big problem. And at the same time, two CHINESE planes were secretly landing in ABU DHABI. U.S. intelligence was monitoring what was happening and tensions were escalating. According to the USA, CHINA was forming the TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURE to monitor the region and the USA at the port.

And it considered the NAHYAN FAMILY to be primarily responsible for this. Thereupon, a US representative jumped into an official vehicle and went to the PALACE with his companions.

The NAHYAN FAMILY and the state were there. The American man raised his voice and said, “We know what is going on. We are watching everything closely. You cannot sit on this seat. It will send you away, bring democracy, and you will then pay the bill…”

In other words, the USA was threatening the NAHYAN FAMILY because of the area that CHINA found. As a matter of fact, it was going OUT OF THE DIPLOMACY RULES. And ABU DHABI was shaking. USA was pushing them… Their only option was to run to ANKARA. His life was in danger. A COUP was coming. Ankara immediately took a step. Three teams were urgently shifted to ABU DHABI from the TURKISH BASE in QATAR.

A large number of DRONEs were also sent. The NAHYAN FAMILY was controlled 24 hours a day. It was protected from AIR and LAND. It was safe. The family was able to breathe… But the hostility of the USA continued. The point of the arms sales, which TRUMP approved but Biden suspended, was the F-35.

The US intelligence officers were reporting, “The moment we deliver the planes, CHINA will receive all the information immediately. NAHYAN will not prevent this, but on the contrary, they will support it”.

In any case, this was causing the destroyal of relations and paving the way to the COUP… Both the Chinese collecting SIGNALS from the port and the information that would go to BEIJING via the F-35s to be received were falling into the GULF like a bomb.

When the THREAT came, the United Arab Emirates, which had taken an anti-Turkey position until yesterday, found the solution in ANKARA…

This is roughly the background of the visit. There are more details. However, as I mentioned at the beginning, I didn’t have the chance to completely VERIFY it. However, I shared the issue as it is, so that it “gets on the record”…

If the rumors are true,everything will change in the MIDDLE EAST. Many things will happen.Let’s see.

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