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Those under the age of 20 do not know much because they are born into it. However, middle-aged and older people see the TECHNOLOGICAL revolution clearly…

Because they are experiencing the change. When I was young, they would mention about the INTERNET.

We used to hear it.

It was not common.

Nobody knew.

According to the publications in the USA, it was claimed that it was used in the internal communication of PENTAGON in the 1960s.

After a while, it was seen and talked about.

Then computers came to the fore. It was put into a form. It was a great innovation. The route was clear!

MOBILE PHONES came into our lives, smart phones were waiting in line.

Thanks to Steve Jobs, the vehicle called TELEPHONE started to carry a COMPUTER, a TELEGRAPH, a TELEVISION, a RADIO, a LIBRARY, NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINE. That was the revolution… Now smartphones were like a part of people. No one was dropping them off…

While all this was going on, the debt of the USA, the homeland of all these innovations, DID NOT DECREASE, it was increasing more and more. It’s fight with the EU, it’s arm wrestling with China did not end.

However, the debt was increasing day by day. Now, there was talk of the DEBT crisis in the USA.

The wind that started with the pandemic affected every country. It was natural.

But the USA was also the champion of the BOWERS league!

How would it come out of this?

Could it come out?

Let’s go deeper… And let’s see…

A few days ago, CHINA announced that it is banning all cryptocurrency transactions and mining.

Ten organizations, including the National Bank of China, banking, stock market and currency monitoring institutions, have pledged to cooperate to root out what they describe as “illegal” cryptocurrency activities. China has previously imposed strict rules on digital currencies. Now it considered all transactions made with these currencies illegal.

It was also signaling that it would get tougher on the implementation of the rules. The National Bank of China declared that trading cryptocurrencies is illegal.

It also announced that harsh punishments would come. China’s National Development and Reform Council also announced that it will initiate a mobilization to stop the production of cryptocurrencies. But in 2013, Bitcoin was defined as a virtual commodity and the door to Bitcoin trading was opened! In the last month of the same year, when the SILK ROAD was announced, the Central Bank of China stepped in and said “STOP”. Naturally, in the following period, transactions such as opening an account, registering, trading and cashing in digital currencies were blocked.

Companies that did this were eliminated!

About 220 companies that made these transactions were deleted. But people continued to stay in CRYPTO MONEY, by FINDING OTHER WAYS…

Lastly, China put a PROHIBITION on ALIBABA.

Whereas, JACK MA, the founder of ALIBABA, said that cryptos “CAN REDEFINE MONEY”. Maybe it was because of this idea that he disappeared into secrecy! When he showed up months later, he was talking about retiring…

On the other hand, China-focused organizations such as Binance and MXC continued to serve the CHINESE… For example, there were whispers that the CHINESE BILLIONARDS escaping to GEORGIA used this route! Even for the wealth that went out to other countries… MONEY was leaving the country somehow, even if China put pressure on it or closed it down!

Experts said, “This cannot be avoided”…

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, the world’s largest virtual currency exchange, said, “It’s not Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, but Michael Saylor from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)”…

China’s war against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is hitting the market, depreciating it, but the story continued! Again, in the past days, to a question asked about El SALVADOR’s acceptance of Bitcoin as a legal currency, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitriy Peskov replied, “Russia is not yet ready to recognize Bitcoin as a payment system.”

When the internet revolution spreaded over PHONES, INTEGRATED WITH 5G-6G PANDEMIC, digital commerce was taking off! It was changing the world.

Every state that INVESTED MONEY in the USA was to be credited to the USA!

If the value of the dollar fell, their money would melt down.

They wouldn’t allow it!

They couldn’t! Chief among these was CHINA!



Is it because China saw what was going to happen to it, it was waging a relentless war against CRYPTO COINS these days when we were dealing with COVID-19…

While we were talking about Syria, Afghanistan, Crimea, the Mediterranean, the pandemic, vaccines, travel bans, deaths, were we overlooking how the world has changed? Were we missing the BIG BALANCE? The issue is always MONEY!

If there was no fight, how would the United States hide its debts? Was CRYPTO MONEY THE GREATEST CRYPTO WEAPON? I think that’s what should be discussed. And according to this, a new PATH had to be found…

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