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Dursun Ali Erzincanlı 52 Gün Var English Translation

If Allah, the Rabb of the entire universe, sends a Prophet…

HE first announces this with the stars…

Three stars are born around the moon…

These three stars announce the good news to the whole universe…

The stars are going to be born one last time…

Like news after another news, the divine light following another light…

They will tell the good news about our last and beloved Prophet…


There are 52 days left…


Sadness and happiness are one within the other in the house of happiness (house of Rasulullah Aleyhis Salatu Was Salaam).

The mother of all mothers are waiting for a consolation.

She is waiting for her pearl with sorrowful eyes since she just lost her husband…

Maybe she hears that little heart’s beating…

Maybe she is crying because he is not going to have a father when he is born…

But Hadhrat Aamina is aware of the mercy she carries.


And preparations are being made beyond the stars…

There are birds…

They are going a long way…

The birds are far away from the world, but they are coming closer at a fast pace…


There are 52 days left!


A disaster in Mecca happens!

The governor of Yemen, Abraha is going to attack the Kaaba.

They took 200 camels from Abdul Muttalib.

The leader of Mecca wants his camels back.

The Owner of the Kaabah protects the Kaabah.

Abraha is angry, he says:

No one can protect it against me!

The old man of Quraysh says the last word:

I am not going to be stuck in between! Here you are! Here it is!


There are 52 days left.


The folk of Mecca climb up to the mountains.

Mecca is evacuated.

The Haram Sharif is fortified…

Abdul Muttalib is so upset…

The old man of Quraysh holds on to the Kaabah’s circle.

The One, protect the ones whose immunity have fallen…

Protect the Kaabah and the Kaabah’s people…

Then he also climbs a mountain…

The cover of the Kaaba is left there…

A multicolored cover made in Yemen…

The house of happiness is alone, the station of Ebrahim.

Hijri Ismail, Hajre aswad and the Kaaba are all alone.

And birds (Abaabeels), created to fly… .

Obvious from their feet,that they will never land.

The birds are getting closer to the world..


There are 52 days left.


Abraha’s army is at the valley of Muhassab…

A giant elephant leads them at the front…

And sixty thousand miserable people follow it…

They are taking action to destroy the Kaabah.

Before the elephant takes a step Tufayl, the advisor of Abraha comes closer and whispers something…

”You mammoth, go back to the place where you came from safe and sound.

Because you are in a place which is made untouchable by Allah.”

And Tufayl also goes back to the mountains.

And the elephant kneels down.

You can see a fight going on among the soldiers. They wonder why the elephant is not standing up.

It runs when it is directed to the opposite way, but it stops and kneels when it is directed to the Kaabah.

They put sharp irons in it’s nose to make it stand up and walk, but it never stands up.

Then a darkness shows up in the sky around Yemen…

It’s like a dark cloud…

A darkness approaching from the sea…

Eyes are opened wide with terror…

Faces show terror..

A voice says: ”Look if you can stand it!”

Because Ababeels are raining down!

They are the birds that were never seen in the world before!

The big ones, the small ones, all in different groups..

They follow each other like wild animals…

In their beaks and claws are stones made from dirt…

Their wings are snow white…

On their heads is a writing…

Al-QAHHAR (The One who prevails over all creation)

For torment, they were created.

Here the torment starts…

Abraha and his army…

and stones raining on them…

The stones which can take their fossil hearts out…


There are 52 days left;


The Kaabah is not left alone, The Kaabah is not without an Owner…

And the Kaabah screams:

Where is your army? You were too proud.

Is there a place you can escape? Where you can go?

ALLAH is the One Who will be following you!

Today, everyone in this army is going to have their share of this torment.

Abraha is defeated, ALLAH always wins.

We know that you will find yourselves in flames when it’s all done.

”ALLAH is the best planner.”


Ya Rabb, if a person like Abraha gathers his army and attempt attacking Your possessions…

we beg You, please don’t send Ababeels again.

Do not send Your birds of torment until there is no one with the love of Islam in his heart left in the world…

Today, Ababeels should watch us just like how the folk on mountains watched them in a state of fear…

And the earth should hear us…

We are the protectors of the Kaabah!

Because we are the Ummah of Muhammad (SAW)


The Kaabah is waiting for the Sultan of hearts while Ababeels are leaving Mecca.

The mother of all mothers is waiting for her rose.

There are 52 days left!

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La Tahzen – Dont Be Sad



La Tahzen – Dont Be Sad



La Tahzen! Don’t be sad!

If people have broken your heart, don’t be sad!
Didn’t the Most Merciful say: “I am in the broken hearts”?
Then why are you getting upset O dear one?
If you want to spread light around like the morning, burn your darkest desires which resemble the night
You say “I have problems”. Problems are your carriages that carry you towards Haqq, don’t you know?
Don’t ever think that you are the only one who has problems.
Remember that there are some people who would gladly accept your problems as blessings.
Do not lose your hope. Remember Yusuf (A.S).
Whenever there is a problem, in there is cure.
Whenever there is poverty, blessings go to that place.
Whenever there is a question, the answer is given there.
Wherever the ship lies, there is water nearby.
Get thirsty, so that the water can start spreading from both underground and the earth.
Property and goods of this world are Allah’s smile.
Look at them but don’t get drunk with them.

La Tahzen! Don’t be sad!

The sea doesn’t fit into a river, and the ocean doesn’t fit into the sea.
Those who never fell in love, they wouldn’t understand you, nor me, even if you tried to explain.
If you tell them love is the way to reach Allah, they wouldn’t believe you.
Those who don’t have a tiny bit of sunshine in their hearts, they don’t burn, they can’t burn (with love).
Don’t be upset over a broken foot. Maybe Allah will give you wings instead of the foot He has taken away from you.
Don’t be sad as you are stuck at the bottom of the well.
Yusuf (A.S) got out of the well and became the Sultan of Egypt, don’t forget!
If something you wanted has come true, look for a fortune. But if it hasn’t, look for a thousand times more fortune in it.
The past and the future are for human beings. In reality, there is only one truth. This life is a dream.
Don’t get it wrong O dear one!
In a dream, if your hand is cut off, don’t be afraid, because in reality, your hand is just fine.
If this world is a dream, whatever befalls you is temporary.
Why do you feel so sad then?
When everything goes wrong and when you come to a point where you can’t take it anymore, don’t you ever give up!
Because that point is your crossroad where everything is going to change for good.
You are the book of this universe. Look inside and read yourself O dear one!
The universe’s furthest corner is a little dot inside you, but you are not even aware of it.
Whatever your problem may be, don’t be afraid! as long as your hope is Allah!
While everyone places trust on other things, let your reassurance be Allah!
There is no sin greater than Allah’s great mercy, however you must struggle to not commit sin.

La Tahzen! Don’t be sad!

Whatever your problem might be, perform an ablution (Wudhu), like taking a breath, and lay out a prayer mat in your room,
Sit down and cry out. If you wish, don’t say a word.
HE knows you and your problems better than you, don’t forget.
While praying, raise your hands along with a broken heart.
Because Allah’s mercy and benevolence immediately arrive to the person whose heart is torn.
Someone who hits a carpet with a stick does not aim to beat up the carpet, but to get rid of the dust.
Whilst Allah is cleaning off your dust, why are you getting upset O dear one?

La Tahzen! Don’t be sad!

If something doesn’t go your way, it is either because something better will happen or because that thing really shouldn’t happen.
Look at those flying birds! They don’t plant anything nor do they reap,
So do you think that Allah, Who thinks of even these birds’ livelihood would neglect you?
Allah wouldn’t neglect you, just so you know how to wish.
Troubles and calamities fall like rain.
But only those who are able to walk in them will be recorded in the book of love.
Love is a determined range in the path of trouble.
It doesn’t matter from where caravans of sorrow come,
The one whose concern is love, doesn’t have the concern of his head(whether he will be beheaded or not).

Moulana Jalaalud Deen Rumi – Mesnevi

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Efendi Of Roses



Efendi Of Roses



Take the stars with you
Efendi of Roses
Send news to this lover of yours
The beloved one of the Ummah
Take the stars with you
Efendi of Roses
Send news to this lover of yours
The beloved one of the Ummah
I can be the dust under your feet
I can be the way you walk on
Just ask for it, my beloved one
I can be your slave forever
I can be the dust under your feet
I can be the way you walk on
Just ask for it, my beloved one
I can be your slave forever, my beloved one
Take the lovers with you, Efendi of Roses
Let your lover be hopeful, the beloved one of the Ummah
I can be the dust under your feet
I can be the way you walk on
Just ask for it, my beloved one
I can be your slave forever, my beloved one
Take the stars with you
Efendi of Roses
Send news to this lover of yours
The beloved one of the Ummah
Take the stars with you
Efendi of Roses
Send news to this lover of yours
The beloved one of the Ummah


Original Content Belongs to CINARALTI Youtube Channel


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I Shouldn’t Have Been Like This




I shouldn’t have been like this
My neck should have fallen onto my shoulders when I heard your name
A fire should have broken out inside of me
I should have walked on air
Then I should have lost my conscience
I should have said your name when I forgot my own
But no one should have heard this,
I should have kept you until the judgment day
I shouldn’t have been like this
When spring sang its songs to the darkness
I should have run to every knocking door saying ‘it’s you’
Footsteps should have come from afar
I should have always thought it was you
When the night sprinkled its stars into the sky
I should have slept to see you
No matter who the songs are sung for
I should have listened as if they were written for you
My room should have been filled with songs,
When a voice said “I left a beautiful beloved one”,
You should have been the beautiful beloved one
The words ”since I fell for your fire my coal-eyed one”
Must have been said for you.
But no one should have known this,
I should have kept you until the day of judgement.
I shouldn’t have been like this
When the words carry Taif to my ears
Even before the wind of Taif hits my face,
The traces of the stones should have been seen on my face.
When Uhud was mentioned, my teeth must have been in pain.
An afternoon in Haram
When evil eyes turn to you
And when unfaithful hands reach out to you
My heart must have been in pain and I should have been out of breath.
While you were preparing for the beyond,
While the beyond was being dressed and prepared for you,
I should have thought about you in the window you looked at for the last time,
Like the curtain closing for the last time,
My eyes should have been closed.
Then I should have reached forward
Shouting out the name of the One Who blessed us with you,
Saying ”ALLAH”
I should have fallen to the ground.
But no one should have known this.
I should have kept you until the day of judgement.
And on the judgment day…
If only I could watch you from afar.
If only I could approach you
If they blocked me,
And if they asked ‘Who are you, who are you to be so close to him? ‘
If only I could not talk because of tears
If only you turned your eyes to me
‘My heaven is your eyes looking at me.’
And if only you smiled
If only no one saw that,
If only I could keep you forever.



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As Salamu Alaykum / Hello.

Alhamdulillah we completed another season. This season was challenging but Alhamdulillah we managed and completed accordingly. Of course, we are not perfect and some errors in translation may have been made, we sincerely apologise for this. Because we have limited time and have no Turkish scripts. Our translators listen and translate. Every series has a minimum 1200 lines. The Mehmed series was particularly challenging and difficult.

We will take a months break, in the meantime inşaAllah we will prepare some videos. First one will be about Fatih Sultan Mehmed Khan. Its his Manisa era. How he become a Sultan. His Shahzade era...

But we need funds for translating these videos. If you want to support our off season efforts and contribute to new projects you can donate to us. CLICK HERE FOR DONATE. If you want to be sponsor you can contact us on whatsapp: