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The Miraj



Close your eyes,
And watch the darkness.
It is such a night,
A night in Makkah,
Deep silence,
Even sleep is sleeping.


At the Hatim side of the Kaaba,
Lies someone asleep on his right
The year is the year of sadness,
There is no Abu Talib.
The year is the year of sadness,
There is no Loyal wife Khadijatul Kubra.


At the Hatim side of the Kaaba,
Lies someone asleep on his right.
A heart seeking solace.
A heart beating with sadness.
His heart…


And footsteps..
The stars are shining.
These footsteps coming from the sky,
The stars open the way,
Someone is arriving from the sky.


If Allah were to allow,
The universe would descend to the ground,
Because who lies in the Hatim area..
Is the Sultan of the universe.


If Allah were to allow,
All the worlds would descend to the ground,
But the Order is only for Jibrail,
And only Jibrail descends.


Get up O Rasulullah(Aleyhi Salatu Vesselam)
Angels are waiting you in the sky
Longing for your face that was stoned in Taif,
Longing for your word which was ridiculed,
The angels are waiting you!


Is there no loyalty on earth?
Is your heart looking for someone to comfort you?
Your loved ones are gone, one by one?
Dont be sad, open your eyes
Beyond awaits you


The universe will say your name this night,
The *Buraq will fly for you.
Open your eyes O Habibullah
This night, Allah will name as ”Isra”


O seven layers of sky, open your gates,
And send word to the longing Prophets who are waiting for you,
Say to Hadhrat Adam,
”Salih(a person with good deeds) son is coming”


Tell Isa(Jesus),
You smell him like he is one step away you,
While you take shelter in Allah with your followers,
And you announced good news to humanity,
Ahmed is coming.


Tell Yusuf (Joseph), Idris, Harun,
Tell Musa (Moses),
The one who you admire his qualifications,
And want to be from his ummah,
Brother Salih is coming,


Give good news to Prophet Ibrahim,
The son you pray for is coming.
Open your gates O seven layers of sky,
Muhammed Mustafa is coming.


Jibrail leads the way,
And the Sultan of the Sultans is walking.
What a beautiful walk is this?
What a beautiful manner is this?
Pearl sweat on his blessed forehead,
There is full adab(decency) from head to toe,
With every step he takes


My Sultan…
Did you dream of your Ummah while heaven was shown to you that night?
Did Jibraeel see your tears
As the flames of hell made Salam to you?
Did you say, “My Ummah!”?
You never forget us, we never doubt it
May Allah not make us forget you.


Rasulullah walked,
Jibrail ahead.
A night walk, they walk rising up.
They rise more and go higher.
Then suddenly Jibrail stopped,


”Ya Rasulullah, till here it is with me”
”Why?”, asks our master.
”This is Sidra-i Muntaha,
If I take one step more, i will burn, I will get scorched”.
”How i can walk on Sidre-i Munteha?”, asked Rasulullah (Alaihis Salatu Was Salam).
Jibrail answered;
”With love!”


Walk with love Ya Rasulullah
Walk my Sultan, the road is yours!
The promise is yours on the the valley of love.


The name of conversation is you.
The taste of everything is you.
Walk and send the Salam(greeting) of your tearful Ummah,
So many orphans without you,
Forward your greetings,
The sigh of the end times,
Send it to the Exalted Allahu Zul Jelal.


My Sultan
As you turn back from Miraj,
With divine gifts;
With five daily prayers which is Miraj for us,
With the last two verses of the Surah al-Baqarah,
And with the good news that those who do not fall into shirk can be forgiven.


While you return from Miraj,
We call from Akhir(end) times like Abu Bakr:
”If he said it, then it’s truth”.
”If Rasulullah told it, then it’s truth”.


And an ayah(verse) warms the universe:
“Pure is that Being Who transported His slave by night from Masjidul Haraam to Masjidul Aqsa, the vicinity of which We have blessed, to show him Our Aayaat. Undoubtedly, He is the All Hearing, the All Seeing.” (Surah Bani Israeel, Ayah 1)


*Buraq is a white, winged animal, smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey. It was used to transport Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam on his night journey of Miraj to the seven heavens and beyond. (Taken partly from Hadith 429 of Bukhari)

Another Hadith describes the Buraq:

“On the night of Mi’raj, Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was brought an animal with a long back [Sayyiduna stretched out his hands wide to demonstrate this], one stride of it is as far as its vision. So, the two of them [Nabi sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and Jibril] remained upon the back of Al-Buraq until they saw Jannah and Jahannam, and all of what has been prepared for the Hereafter, then they returned back to where they began.”

(Sunan Tirmidhi, Hadith: 3147)

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La Tahzen – Dont Be Sad



La Tahzen – Dont Be Sad



La Tahzen! Don’t be sad!

If people have broken your heart, don’t be sad!
Didn’t the Most Merciful say: “I am in the broken hearts”?
Then why are you getting upset O dear one?
If you want to spread light around like the morning, burn your darkest desires which resemble the night
You say “I have problems”. Problems are your carriages that carry you towards Haqq, don’t you know?
Don’t ever think that you are the only one who has problems.
Remember that there are some people who would gladly accept your problems as blessings.
Do not lose your hope. Remember Yusuf (A.S).
Whenever there is a problem, in there is cure.
Whenever there is poverty, blessings go to that place.
Whenever there is a question, the answer is given there.
Wherever the ship lies, there is water nearby.
Get thirsty, so that the water can start spreading from both underground and the earth.
Property and goods of this world are Allah’s smile.
Look at them but don’t get drunk with them.

La Tahzen! Don’t be sad!

The sea doesn’t fit into a river, and the ocean doesn’t fit into the sea.
Those who never fell in love, they wouldn’t understand you, nor me, even if you tried to explain.
If you tell them love is the way to reach Allah, they wouldn’t believe you.
Those who don’t have a tiny bit of sunshine in their hearts, they don’t burn, they can’t burn (with love).
Don’t be upset over a broken foot. Maybe Allah will give you wings instead of the foot He has taken away from you.
Don’t be sad as you are stuck at the bottom of the well.
Yusuf (A.S) got out of the well and became the Sultan of Egypt, don’t forget!
If something you wanted has come true, look for a fortune. But if it hasn’t, look for a thousand times more fortune in it.
The past and the future are for human beings. In reality, there is only one truth. This life is a dream.
Don’t get it wrong O dear one!
In a dream, if your hand is cut off, don’t be afraid, because in reality, your hand is just fine.
If this world is a dream, whatever befalls you is temporary.
Why do you feel so sad then?
When everything goes wrong and when you come to a point where you can’t take it anymore, don’t you ever give up!
Because that point is your crossroad where everything is going to change for good.
You are the book of this universe. Look inside and read yourself O dear one!
The universe’s furthest corner is a little dot inside you, but you are not even aware of it.
Whatever your problem may be, don’t be afraid! as long as your hope is Allah!
While everyone places trust on other things, let your reassurance be Allah!
There is no sin greater than Allah’s great mercy, however you must struggle to not commit sin.

La Tahzen! Don’t be sad!

Whatever your problem might be, perform an ablution (Wudhu), like taking a breath, and lay out a prayer mat in your room,
Sit down and cry out. If you wish, don’t say a word.
HE knows you and your problems better than you, don’t forget.
While praying, raise your hands along with a broken heart.
Because Allah’s mercy and benevolence immediately arrive to the person whose heart is torn.
Someone who hits a carpet with a stick does not aim to beat up the carpet, but to get rid of the dust.
Whilst Allah is cleaning off your dust, why are you getting upset O dear one?

La Tahzen! Don’t be sad!

If something doesn’t go your way, it is either because something better will happen or because that thing really shouldn’t happen.
Look at those flying birds! They don’t plant anything nor do they reap,
So do you think that Allah, Who thinks of even these birds’ livelihood would neglect you?
Allah wouldn’t neglect you, just so you know how to wish.
Troubles and calamities fall like rain.
But only those who are able to walk in them will be recorded in the book of love.
Love is a determined range in the path of trouble.
It doesn’t matter from where caravans of sorrow come,
The one whose concern is love, doesn’t have the concern of his head(whether he will be beheaded or not).

Moulana Jalaalud Deen Rumi – Mesnevi

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Efendi Of Roses



Efendi Of Roses



Take the stars with you
Efendi of Roses
Send news to this lover of yours
The beloved one of the Ummah
Take the stars with you
Efendi of Roses
Send news to this lover of yours
The beloved one of the Ummah
I can be the dust under your feet
I can be the way you walk on
Just ask for it, my beloved one
I can be your slave forever
I can be the dust under your feet
I can be the way you walk on
Just ask for it, my beloved one
I can be your slave forever, my beloved one
Take the lovers with you, Efendi of Roses
Let your lover be hopeful, the beloved one of the Ummah
I can be the dust under your feet
I can be the way you walk on
Just ask for it, my beloved one
I can be your slave forever, my beloved one
Take the stars with you
Efendi of Roses
Send news to this lover of yours
The beloved one of the Ummah
Take the stars with you
Efendi of Roses
Send news to this lover of yours
The beloved one of the Ummah


Original Content Belongs to CINARALTI Youtube Channel


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I Shouldn’t Have Been Like This




I shouldn’t have been like this
My neck should have fallen onto my shoulders when I heard your name
A fire should have broken out inside of me
I should have walked on air
Then I should have lost my conscience
I should have said your name when I forgot my own
But no one should have heard this,
I should have kept you until the judgment day
I shouldn’t have been like this
When spring sang its songs to the darkness
I should have run to every knocking door saying ‘it’s you’
Footsteps should have come from afar
I should have always thought it was you
When the night sprinkled its stars into the sky
I should have slept to see you
No matter who the songs are sung for
I should have listened as if they were written for you
My room should have been filled with songs,
When a voice said “I left a beautiful beloved one”,
You should have been the beautiful beloved one
The words ”since I fell for your fire my coal-eyed one”
Must have been said for you.
But no one should have known this,
I should have kept you until the day of judgement.
I shouldn’t have been like this
When the words carry Taif to my ears
Even before the wind of Taif hits my face,
The traces of the stones should have been seen on my face.
When Uhud was mentioned, my teeth must have been in pain.
An afternoon in Haram
When evil eyes turn to you
And when unfaithful hands reach out to you
My heart must have been in pain and I should have been out of breath.
While you were preparing for the beyond,
While the beyond was being dressed and prepared for you,
I should have thought about you in the window you looked at for the last time,
Like the curtain closing for the last time,
My eyes should have been closed.
Then I should have reached forward
Shouting out the name of the One Who blessed us with you,
Saying ”ALLAH”
I should have fallen to the ground.
But no one should have known this.
I should have kept you until the day of judgement.
And on the judgment day…
If only I could watch you from afar.
If only I could approach you
If they blocked me,
And if they asked ‘Who are you, who are you to be so close to him? ‘
If only I could not talk because of tears
If only you turned your eyes to me
‘My heaven is your eyes looking at me.’
And if only you smiled
If only no one saw that,
If only I could keep you forever.



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As Salamu Alaikum / Hello

As you will already be aware, we are the team that works to produce the subtitles for many of the of Turkish dramas that have been serialised but with the exception of Mevlana Season 1, Hay Sultan, Ibn-i Sina, Mehmetcik and The Last Day. We did not work on these series, translations, but you can see who has. We give credit to them, because we are not thieves, and know what effort it takes. So, apart from those series on our website, all other series are translated by us. Some with KayiFamilyTV name, some without ‘TV’.


At this point some ''weak minds'' can say ''but you steal from ATV and TRT''. Yes, there are people who say this to us. It’s an honour for us because they compare us with billion-dollar companies :)
Rest assured if we bought the copyright with a billion $, then I would not be writing this message and you would not be reading it. Having said that, if we did have the copyrights, then I wouldn’t care who stole because at that point we need to think big and about the bigger picture, however we are small players.


So now that we have separated the Elephants from the Ants, let us continue to the point of this message;
As you will notice there are no ads on the website. We tried with some companies, but this did not cover the running costs. We do not want to show you improper or unbefitting ads. Be sure that if we want, we can add ads to the entire site and videos and we can earn more income. But we don’t want to earn in this manner.


As I mentioned at the beginning, we are the subtitle providers. These subtitles and translating takes around 3-4 hours. Normally it’s not possible to complete this in such a short timescale…. If you want to check, by all means you can do so… You can ask some of the on-line translators using various platforms, such as google and find Turkish Translators. There are so many and ask them to translate a 2,5 hour series in 4 hours. Their reaction will simply be ''are you kidding?'' Please test it. Check google ''translatorcafe'' you will see so many translators on that platform.


Our efforts are relentlessly stolen by so many sites. Some even ask donations for Gaza. Interesting, isn’t it? They steal our work and, in the meantime, want to help Gaza. Merciful thieves? Your decision. Be careful, hyenas wear sheepskins.


My promise at this point, If it was only my effort then no problem. I give my pardon to all our viewers and audience. However, it’s not just me. They steal our team effort. So, I will ask Allah for our team right after death. When death knocks on our door there will be no lies ALHAMDULILLAH. Noone can steal anything ALHAMDULILLAH. All truths will be revealed ALHAMDULILLAH. I will ask our right form Allah from people who steal our team effort. This message will shake hearts of the people who have a little conscience in their heart. I thought they will maybe contact us during Ramadan at least but no...


Now my real message to the people who want to partner with KayiFamilyTV. We have no ads income anymore. Our only income is the donations. Those donations are already used to maintain and host the website. We must need a minimum of $220 weekly for just translation costs (Please note and pay attention this is not monthly but weekly as we make payments to our translators weekly.) Besides that, there are still site, player, internet costs etc. We also have a life. Some people think we live in a cave so no need to pay rent. We feed ourselves with stones and leaves and there is no need for kitchen costs. Our water comes from the skies and the electricity comes from underground so no need to pay any bills. Yes, we have life costs too, this was covered through the revenue generated from the ads, however there is no longer that revenue. I personally pay the translation costs from my own pocket since the last 2 weeks. As you can appreciate, I cannot do this indefinitely.


At this point we are offering people who want to advertise their company/brand on our site. You will have 2 benefits:
Firstly, over one million people as our audience will see your company and your company name will stay within the minds of millions.
Secondly, you will help our service continue. Because if we stop translating, automatically so many sites will stop too. You know why ;)


If you want to advertise, or see the analytics of our site, you can contact on:

Mail: [email protected]   or [email protected]



We are also looking for volunteers to manage our social media platforms, youtube, if you are interested and think you are capable, please contact us. EyvAllah!