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Human it is, flows as it is water, curly
The one that flows one side is me, on other side Sakarya

Water goes down from climbs, always step by step
And my fate is to get thirsty on acclivities

Everything flows, water, history, star, human and idea
Channels are dual, from one flows divine light, from the other one dirt

Little, big, universe; beamed in the flow
Look to the cloud there!, climbing, contrary to the water that goes down

But Sakarya is different, is it climbing ha?
A lead burden is loaded on its foamily body

Cracking, straining every nevre to take the climb
Hey Sakarya, Who said that water cannot be riveted ?

If Allah wants, waters get wringed
And history of Turks gets settled on its body

Oh my Sakarya, is this burden( duty ) for you?
This cause is seen despicable, this cause is orphan, this cause is big

What a heavy test that you are dealing with, Sakarya!
How can a canary could carry 1001 headed eagle?

I thought that it was human, who is the carrier of sacred burden
Being a hamal (porter), with no rank in the end, with no goods

Only a bite, from the meal that cooked with poison
And apartness from mother, country and friend

Now be frantic with sorrow, it is time for it
Remember the old suns (days), that run to milkyway (that became history)

That, Yunus Emre was walking by your side
That, the army which drizzles shiny domes after itself

Where are your brothers, beneficent Nile, green Danube
When will the glorious raider that gone, turns back to the country

Does still Takbir voices crashes in the pulses of marbles
Does the mad wind find that sound : Allah is One!

All these are in you, these complex puzzles
Sakarya, nights poured tar on candles

Equal to guilty conscience, boil, boil Sakarya
You are poor on your own land, outcast in your own land

Human, 3-5 drop blood, river 3-5 drop water
We are facing with a life, that is ambushing for life

Came; the mortal lie, gone; the immortal truth
You! living deaths, who will bring you to life

Sakarya, honest children of clean Anatolia
Only we are left, wild mads of the path to Allah

You and me, we are made of dough that is prepared with tear
When one looks to our colours, we are from mud, and from blood

Fate kneaded us in the chela of scorpion
Dont bother, came like this, this world goes like this!

To me; bed is winding sheet, to you pool is coffin
You curl, I go, the guide is Last Prophet!

The path belongs to Him, everything is His, all the other lie
You creeped much with your face down, stand up, Sakarya!


Ustadh Necip Fazil KISAKUREK – Sakarya -English Translation-



I Shouldn’t Have Been Like This




I shouldn’t have been like this
My neck should have fallen onto my shoulders when I heard your name
A fire should have broken out inside of me
I should have walked on air
Then I should have lost my conscience
I should have said your name when I forgot my own
But no one should have heard this,
I should have kept you until the judgment day
I shouldn’t have been like this
When spring sang its songs to the darkness
I should have run to every knocking door saying ‘it’s you’
Footsteps should have come from afar
I should have always thought it was you
When the night sprinkled its stars into the sky
I should have slept to see you
No matter who the songs are sung for
I should have listened as if they were written for you
My room should have been filled with songs,
When a voice said “I left a beautiful beloved one”,
You should have been the beautiful beloved one
The words ”since I fell for your fire my coal-eyed one”
Must have been said for you.
But no one should have known this,
I should have kept you until the day of judgement.
I shouldn’t have been like this
When the words carry Taif to my ears
Even before the wind of Taif hits my face,
The traces of the stones should have been seen on my face.
When Uhud was mentioned, my teeth must have been in pain.
An afternoon in Haram
When evil eyes turn to you
And when unfaithful hands reach out to you
My heart must have been in pain and I should have been out of breath.
While you were preparing for the beyond,
While the beyond was being dressed and prepared for you,
I should have thought about you in the window you looked at for the last time,
Like the curtain closing for the last time,
My eyes should have been closed.
Then I should have reached forward
Shouting out the name of the One Who blessed us with you,
Saying ”ALLAH”
I should have fallen to the ground.
But no one should have known this.
I should have kept you until the day of judgement.
And on the judgment day…
If only I could watch you from afar.
If only I could approach you
If they blocked me,
And if they asked ‘Who are you, who are you to be so close to him? ‘
If only I could not talk because of tears
If only you turned your eyes to me
‘My heaven is your eyes looking at me.’
And if only you smiled
If only no one saw that,
If only I could keep you forever.



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Your sorrows, O’ friend, set my mind clear,
Mistaken whispers formed this path, I fear, my dear.

Don’t, don’t kick me out, from your door to realms afar,
Merve to Iraq, a journey of misery, O’ shining star.

In dreams, your hair appeared, a sight so grand,
Yet, transformed to a dragon’s form, in distant land.

Upon your hair, hope’s flickering light I bestowed,
And yet, like life itself, with fickleness it flowed,

In haste, he sought fortune without delay,
And yet, this was marked as his final pray.

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