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The father said to his son: You graduated from university with great success, son, here are the keys of the car I bought for you years ago and kept in the garage…


But before I give it to you, take it to the used car park in the city center and tell them you want to sell it and find out how much they will offer you.


His son went to the used car park, went back to his father and said, “They offered me 10,000 liras and they said it’s because the car is so tired and old.”


The father said: “Now take it out for sale in the market.”


His son put it on sale in the market, he asked around and went back to his father and said, “They offered 12,000 liras because they said it was a very old car.”


This time, the father asked his son to show the car to the classic car dealers in the city center.

His son took the car, came back and said to his father:


Dad, you’ll be shocked to hear this, they offered 100,000 liras for the car, because it was a Nissan Skyline R34, there were only 27 left in the world and collectors value this vehicle very much.


The father turned to his son and said, “I wanted you to see that the right place would evaluate you properly.


Don’t get upset if you’re not appreciated, it just means you’re in the wrong place and with the wrong people.


If there are people who know your value, understand you and care about your opinions, you are in the right place, never spend more time than necessary in a place where no one can appreciate your value…


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We Will See
WESTERN MEDIA announced May 14 with the headlines “The most important election of 2023”. A mass said, “Erdogan must go. Kilicdaroglu must come.” Some CHP members, who have not been in power for years and could not see under their noses, said, “Yes, our Chairman, you will defeat Erdoğan this time…
Their votes decreased. It’s now or never…” and brought Kilicdaroglu side by side with defeat once again. I don’t blame Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s team. When you sit on the presidency chair of CHP, you have to know what is going on in the world and how that balance reflects here. In fact, even thr assistants are chosen from people who know this. Kemal Kilicdaroglu did not understand, nor did he take those who understood with him.

As far as I can see…

It is strange that Kilicdaroglu attacked RUSSIA, PUTIN, KREMLIN, even one day before the election. He was mad at Moscow. He followed a pro-EU stance. He determined his position, his route. But once in a while, he made a statement about CHINA and SILK ROAD. Then he turned and grabbed his refugee card. He threatened the EUROPEAN UNION. As the leader of the CHP, he was being swept away. And the interesting thing was that he couldn’t stop himself. All these were nothing but signs of defeat. We will return to the CHP and to Kilicdaroglu. First, let’s get an important name together…

US academic and thinker NOAM CHOMSKY said that if Europe chooses to stay in the US-dominated system, it may face economic recession. Those who follow me know! I have been writing for a long time that the USA has been working to sink the EU, its biggest political and economic rival with 28 members… I have always looked at Russia’s Ukraine War from this window. I’m looking at it…

Let’s continue…

“Europe has an important decision to make: Will it remain within the US-dominated system, facing possible regression or even deindustrialisation? Or will it somehow fit in with its natural economic partner in the East, a gateway to the rich and lucrative CHINA market?” Answering the question of whether we are on the verge of a new world order, Chomsky said, “There is a lot of debate about the shape of the emerging world order.”

Stating that the alternatives are a UN-based multipolar order and a unipolar order based on the rules set by the USA, Chomsky said, “The first option is widely supported by the majority of the world. The second is supported by English-speaking countries, Europe, Japan and a few other countries.” And he was coming to the main part of the subject and explaining the new possible balance. Upon the incoming question, CHOMSKY replied, “Russia’s UKRAINE OPERATION is a gift given to the USA… Military action pushes Europe into Washington’s orbit and strengthens the demand for a unipolar world.”

I have been writing these since February 24, the day when Russia started the operation. Chomsky was just saying that. However, for the USA, the game was very big and deep. While the mind in Washington was building its own strategy, it basically wanted to DIVIDE the geography stretching from “Lisbon to Vladivostok” and prevent them from coming together. As soon as this geography met with ONE PHILOSOPHY, all the sovereignty areas of the USA would be damaged. Knowing this, they blew up everywhere, including the NORTH CURRENT PIPELINES. They made Kremlin and Putin invade UKRAINE.

Russia has found itself in a war that it will help it grow. They were not complaining. Romantic Europe, which does not have an army or weapons, was afraid of the shadow of the barrels, took refuge in the USA. The plot was simple to understand and the kind that would give one hundred percent results. Turkiye also had a ROLE over balance here. However, the situation of being side by side with RUSSIA, cooperation and strategic partnership points continued beyond the EU.

EUROPE was at risk of losing its competitiveness and industry due to a lack of energy. That was the purpose anyway. Once the EU issue was resolved, it was much easier for the US to fight CHINA. A controllable CHINA would be the most prominent OPTION. Wasn’t that the STRATEGY anyway?

Since I was writing all this for months, when the domestic politics got heated, I called out to Kemal Kilicdaroglu and his friends, “How will you win here when the axis you rely on is losing in the world? Is there such a possibility? I can’t see it…” There were maybe hundreds of reasons that prevented them from winning! I think most importantly, would a country be entrusted to someone who does not know the world and Turkiye? It wouldn’t be… There is no lane left he didn’t visit.

He was driven away from Selahattin Demirtas to the axis of Umit Ozdag. He hoped for help from Gultekin Uysal, whom no one knew! He did not even see that his partners, except Mrs. Aksener, did not have any votes. That was the problem anyway! Kemal Kilicdaroglu did not see himself, his surroundings or the world!

On the other hand, Selahattin Demirtas, with whom they entered the elections together, was reading May 28 correctly and was taking an important decision about his future: I sincerely apologize for not being able to put forward a policy worthy of our people…

I leave active politics at this stage… Demirtas was far ahead of Kemal Kilicdaroglu in terms of understanding what was going on. He saw them defeated both inside and outside. At least after the election…

Kilicdaroglu, on the other hand, had no intention of giving up on the seat, even though he did not stop talking about the concepts of LIABILITY, DEMOCRACY and ONE MAN. He didn’t want to KNOW THAT HE HAD BEEN DEFEATED.

He didn’t know that everything needed to change, from the entrance gate at the CHP headquarters to the copywriters. They did not even see that the CHP did not have a structure to compete with the AK PARTY.

If you do not see the balances in the world, if you do not see what is missing in your assistants, if you do not see that the table does not have votes, if you do not see that it never exceeds 45 percent in the polls, if you do not see the demand of the nation, if you do not see the BOTTOM WAVE, you will face disaster at the ballot box. If Kemal Kilicdaroglu sees the future and leaves, it will be good, but if he stays, it means he has a lot to see… Like the loss of metropolitan cities…

We’ll see…

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The state of the elderly couple in their eighties, in the courtroom was heartbreaking. The man, stubbornly, was examining the silent old woman’s exhausted eyes, which were deeply hollowed from crying. The judge said to the old woman with a rich voice:

– Tell us, aunt, why do you want a divorce?
After taking a deep breath, the old woman held her headscarf and began to speak in a hoarse voice.
– Enough of what this man did to me! For fifty years, he has sickened me… I want a divorce.

Then a long silence prevailed in the courtroom… One of the journalists who made such news headlines every day broke the silence by taking a picture. Who knows what kind of headlines they’d make for a 50-year relationship? Many journalists were watching the case… What was she going to say? Everyone was listening to her. The old woman’s eyes were filled with tears and she continued to speak:

– We had a lunaria that I loved very much… He wouldn’t remember… It happened 50 years ago. I grew that flower by seedling a leaf that I plucked from the flowers he gave me. We didn’t have a baby so I saw them as my babies. After a while, the flower started to dry. That’s when I took a vow. I said that I would water it with a bowl of water every night before the sun came up… They said it would be good for it. It’s been 50 years, and this guy hasn’t gotten up and watered the flower even once. Until the other night… That night, I fell asleep out of fatigue… This is the man I’ve spent 50 years with. I put my life, my hope, everything in him. I didn’t get anything from him. All I wanted was for him to get up for once and water my flower… But he didn’t. I’m better off without him, I swear.

The judge turned to the old man and said:
– What do you have to say about it, father?
The old man went to the stand with a cane, with a shy expression of being accused, and turned to the judge. He spoke one by one:

– I served as a gardener in the Presidency Mansion. I worked hard to flourish that garden in a glorious way. That’s where I met my Fadime. And pearls… I gave her bouquets of the most beautiful flowers. At the beginning of our marriage, I took her to the doctor because her neck was hurting. The physician said that if she sleeps without waking up for a long time, she’ll suffer arthritis of the neck and her condition will deteriorate. He said that she should interrupt her sleep every night and walk around. She didn’t listen much to the physician… She didn’t listen to me either… What a coincidence, the flower started to dry back then. I told her, “If you water the flower at night, it will come alive again.” She took a vow… I woke her up every night and I watched her. I watched the woman I love watering the flowers as if they are her children. Every night I felt like I was that flower… I got up every night after she slept. I emptied the water in the pot. Lunaria does not like to be watered at night, Your Honor… And the other night… Aging… I couldn’t wake up either. I couldn’t wake her up… The flower would have been dehydrated, but my woman’s neck pain would have gone bad again. I was accused… I couldn’t say anything… It’s your call, Your Honor.

At that moment, everyone in the courtroom, including journalists, was left in tears…


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