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When I hear words of love
I always think of you
All through these endless dreams
I always think of you


From the heavens, the stars fall
And colors pull from midnight blue
In my heart, a pain install
And I always think of you.


When wit is met by its end
I look inward for the path that’s true,
The silent sleep of cosmos portend
That I always think of you.


And eternal, the time flows
Fruits fall and branch’s exposed,
I watch as the flower grows,
And I always think of you.


The wind blows far from land to land,
In health, I know this does not end.
Beyond richness, and even nothingness
I always think of you.
Beyond richness, and even nothingness
I always think of you.


English translation of AbdurRahim Karakoç’s ”Ben hep seni düşünürüm” poem






Dursun Ali Erzincanli’s ”Adın Geçer” poem with English Subtitles.

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Dursun Ali Erzincanlı – Badr (Bedir) Poem English Translation

Get ready, we are setting off on a long journey.
We are going back to Age of Peace.
(the period which Hadhrat Muhammed (PBUH) lived in)
Say ”Bismillah” then go to Badr.
Angels are above the sky, you are on the ground.
Wait in silence.
Look at them carefully when they come.
They are the bravest valiants of their time and of all times.
They are stars in the sky and lions on the ground.
They were 125,000 bodies but only one soul, Muhammedi soul.
Lions left Medinah.
Badr’s lions were on the way.
Look, Mus’ab ibn Umayr.
A lion’s child.
Rasulullah will reject him as he is young.
But Mus’ab ibn Umayr cries in such a way that the Prophet allows him.
O Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas!
Go and tie your brother’s sword.
He is short. He can’t wear it.
Hamza ibn Abd al-Muttalib has two swords on his waist.
Every step he takes, stops a heart.
O, Hamza!
it’s true that you are never scared of what you see.
But keep your solemnity private.
Your walking scares death.

Listen to the Sultan of worlds.
Even wind is quiet when he talks.
O, Ashab! Are you ready?
Sa’d ibn Mu’adh says:
”Ya Rasulallah thanks to Allah,
Who sent you with the right way
if you show us the sea and dive
we will dive with you.
Walk us with the blessings of Allah.”

The one who is glorious, the one who is the beloved one of Allah smiles!
When he smiles, the thirsty ones are saved from their thirst.
Roses blossom in hearts. Everyone forgets about their grief.
He smiles and they walk.
Sufferings in Mecca were finished they were walking!
They were like stars on the ground.
They had the sun in front of them.
Umar (Omar) and Ali one of them, the son of Hattab, the one who never gives up.
And together they are approaching death.

Fathers and sons are fighting in Badr.
Brothers are fighting in Badr.
Mecca’s polytheists want three valiants first.
Show three valiants to us, they say.
Angels are looking at the Sultan of the worlds
Who will the Sultan Rasul choose?
Because when he points at a place, the moon splits in two.
I wonder who his blessed hands will reach.
”Stand up, O Abu Ubayda! Stand up O Hamza. Stand up O Ali.”
Did you see the valiants?
Did you see Hamza? He is going there with no concern.
What about Ali? It’s like he is coming from above, father of the Awliyahs.
Abu Ubayda is injured from his leg.
He goes to his Efendi.
”Ya Rasulallah, am I a martyr?”, he asks.
”Yes, you are a martyr.”

And the greatest Efendi prays
He reaches his hands to Ar-Rahim.
O my Allah, grant me what You have promised me.
O my Allah, if this small band of Muslims perishes
there will be no one left who can worship You on earth.
A storm comes out in Badr.
A thousand angels under the command of Hadrath Mika’il stands to the right of Rasulullah.
A storm comes out in Badr.
A thousand angels under the command of Hadrath Israfil stands to the left of Resulullah.
And one more storm comes out!
Hadrath Jibril stands in front of the Rasulullah with a thousand angels.
Three thousand angels with multicolored horses.

They are coming back from Badr.
There is our Prophet’s uncle Hadrath Abbas among the captives.
It’s midnight. Captives’ hands are tied.
Abbas’ hands are tied tight.
There is a groan in the night.
Our Prophet of mercy can’t sleep.
Ya Rasulallah, why can’t you sleep?, Sahabah ask.
”My uncle’s groan doesn’t let me sleep.”
The chosen Sahabi unties the Uncle of Prophet’s hands.
Our Prophet gives an order when he finds out.
Untie the hands of all captives.
They turn back from Badr.
The Prophet’s son-in-law is among the captives.
He is going to be freed in return for ransom money.
A necklace is handed to Allah’s Rasul.
Your daughter Zainab sent it as a ransom for her husband.
The merciful Prophet’s eyes were filled with tears.
Because that necklace was gifted to his daughter by Khadija.
Nabi (PBUH) speaks with tears in his eyes
”Can’t you free him and send that necklace back to Zainab?”
“Sure, O RasulAllah.
Don’t be sad!
You are more precious than our lives!
Here, we can sacrifice our own lives for you.
Just don’t be sad!”

They come back from Badr.
Their beloved ones pray.
They come back with the prayer of Prophet (PBUH)
We praise to Allah, Who helps His men, and value His religion.
We thank Allah, the Owner of the universe.
We thank Allah, the Owner of all worlds.

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