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Everything you are going to read is about the future of world. Please do not approach the subject if you are going to remind us ayahs from Neml and Jinn surahs without knowing the secret of ayahs. Click on the red sign at the right and let’s not see each other again. We will continue with those who are trying to get involved in the secret of Shams surah.

Only Allah can know the Al-Ghaib, but with the science that Allah granted us with, some incidents can be foreseen. Ages ago, people didn’t know when it was going to rain, but now, we can see when it’s going to rain on our phones. For example, people didn’t know if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl but now, we can find it out. This is science. Only Allah knows what is going to happen after 7 hours and 7 minutes, this is unknown for us. But we can figure what’s going to happen to a country after 7 years and 7 months, this is the undecided future. Scholars like Muhyiddin-i Arabi were deeply interested in this science, and our source is already the blessing itself.
Let’s take those who have narrow points of view outside…
And let’s dance with those who are left.

Nafs has 7 degrees. Nafs-i Emmare, Nafs-i levvame, Nafs-i mulhime, Nafs-i mutmainne, Nafs-i razıyye, Nafs-i merdıyye and Nafs-i kamile. A person who has the third degree, Nafs-i Mulhime can get inspiration from Allah. For example, he might give up on getting on an elevator when he was about to. He gives up, and the electricity gets cut-off. Even the third degree Nafs can take inspiration, imagine the 7th degree.

It’s not only for people, Allah-u Zulcelal reveals it for the bees as well. To design a honeycomb to take up the least space and get the most honey, you need to make it hexagonal. Get a pen and a paper, test all the shapes except for the hexagon. You will see that it is the best shape. How could a little bee learn this? Who taught this to them? Did they graduate from Oxford and learn this from John Nash?

Hadhrat Muhyiddin-i Arabi lived in the years of Hijri 560-638, Gregorian 1165-1240 and he was one of the most important scholars of Andalusia. He was a scholar beyond time and he was a jewel that people didn’t realize. He predicted incidents in future in his book, Anka-yi Mugrib. The most important subject was the codes he gave out about the Ottoman. Ottoman which was founded in 1299 was the most rightful state in history. In this book, there are codes about the state which was founded after 59 years of his death and hidden details. We should also talk about the famous seer Nostradamus. He read the book of Muhyiddin-i Arabi and he predicted some things after being inspired by it. And the reason why he is so famous is because he is a Westerner. He doesn’t have any other special things. Let’s get back to our subject…

Hashim Baba

Such a long introduction was necessary to understand or be able to understand this subject. We are just starting our main topic. The subject that I want to talk to you about is the book of Hadhrat Hashim Baba Celveti, Anka-yı Mashrık. Hashim Baba also sent salaams to Muhyiddin-i Arabi with this book. In fact, the source of inspiration was Muhyiddin-i Arabi.

Hashim Baba was a very important person with deep knowledge who lived in Hijri 1130-1197, Gregorian 1718-1783. His books were confiscated because they were misprinted just like Muhyiddin-i Arabi’s books and today the original version is in the Istanbul Central Library in the manuscript form, which will be the source of the subject we will be dealing with in this article. Hashim Baba does not have a single book in libraries, only his original manuscript is open to public. Anyone can go and read it, write it down, and then analyze it.

Hashim Baba’s Anka-yi Mashrik book consists couplets, it is not plain text. He hid his messages in poems encrypted with double lines, but some of the codes are obvious. It delivers the message directly. There is no password to be decrypted. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

‘‘Istanbul-based Islam Unity will be established. Istanbul will be the base of it and it will be controlled from Hagia Sophia”. Do not be confused, it is not the Islam unity we have today. They are just called Islam. This unity will be a unity which lives according to Islam and do justice to their name.

The break up of European Union. A country will betray this union in Europe and for us, that country is still in betrayal because it is soon for this union to be divided. One of the most important reasons for this break up will be this country’s betrayal. After that betrayal, the process will start.

Poland will be the financial base of European Union. Who knows, maybe the country who will betray is Poland? Give a break at this moment and analyze Poland’s economical datas. You will see that they have been rising like a rocket since 2017. By the way, Hashim Baba doesn’t directly refer to Poland. He said Lehistan, which is now called Poland.

Hagia Sophia will make a magnificent opening for the second time and will become the center of the world in terms of science. Do not be confused, there is no such thing as closing and reopening. As Necip Fazil mentioned in his poem, “Whatever is in its vaults, windows, symbols will be opened by lifting its curtains and covers”. This will be a spiritual opening. It will not only become a religious center but also a scientific center, and it will gain it’s former identity. There will be Hagia Sophia Madrasa. It is very interesting that Hashim Baba said it here for the second time. As you know, after the Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum, it was opened to worship on Friday, July 24, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Hashim Baba had already predicted this and specifically mentioned it for the second time. The Islamic Unity, which we mentioned at first, becomes the center after this second opening.

A disorder will take part in Kosovo. Kosovo will seek help from Islam Unity. An enormous army led by Turkey will get in Kosovo and provide peace. This will be the first conquest of Islam Unity.

Islam Unity will become stronger with the conquest of Kosovo and Western Rome will also be conquered. Mediterrenean will be under Turk-Islam Unity’s control. Stop at this point, and make a research. They are making history in Mediterrenean. Well, the media doesn’t write anything understandable about it, but you should read between the lines. Read how the French ran away from Turks, how Macron cryingly complained about Turkey to NATO, how NATO did something that they would never do and acknowledged Turkey to be right, how Israel accepted every demand of Turkey about Mediterrenean… When you make a research, you will see that the process has already started. Hashim Baba foresaw that the Mediterrenean would be under the control of Turk-Islam Unity.

A pill will be fabricated in Bulgaria. This pill will repair the organs and let people live longer.

Great developments will take part in 2023 but big incidents will happen in Saudi Arabia.

People in crowds from all around the world will believe in the true religion Islam. After that, the central of Islam Unity will be carried to Venice from Istanbul. Venice will be the first centre, Istanbul will be the second and Damascus will be the third one. Before Damascus becomes the third base, Syria will join Turkey.

All of the Balkans will convert to Islam.

Arabs will have three phases. A group will show up in the third phase. They will call themselves ”Inviters” but their actual mindset and plans will be exposed later on.

When Dajjal takes action, Muslim lands will be invaded and some of them will change the governance.

Allah knows the best. Not a single leaf can move without His consent, not one fly can move it’s wings.


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