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Vahyin Izinde Episode 2



Watch Vahyin Izinde Episode 2 with English Subtitles. Watch The Journey of Revelation Episode 2.


The cousin of the wife (Khadija R.A) of Muhammed Peace be upon him, Waraqah, a monk who has spiritual knowledge, including knowledge of the last Prophet, speaks of trouble that awaits the last Messenger of Allah.


Muhammed, now the Messenger of Allah, the final Messenger, receives more revelation from Allah. This time Allah commands him to spread the message of belief in One Allah. The first believers in his mission bring faith in his message.


The word of this religion now starts to spread, but silently. However, word of it reaches the leaders if Makkah, who are not impressed


Hadrath Prophet (Peace be upon him) feels the weight of Revelation on his Mubarak shoulder…



Journey along in this docudrama through the Messenger of Allah, Muhammed’s (Peace be upon him) efforts and struggles as he strove to spread the Divine revelation among his people and the whole world.

Discover the state of the Meccans pre revelation, and post, the hardships and persecutions that Muhammed (peace be upon him) and those who believed in him faced in order to practice on this revelation and spread it and the impact it brought thereafter into those who believed in him.


The Journey of Revelation Episode 2


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