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When you see in Makkah, that already its mountains are with holes (pierced through them), and you see that the buildings have already surpassed over the tops of the mountain, then know that the command (of the Hour) has already cast its shadow over you (or the matter is close at hand).

[Narrated by Al-Azraqi in the Book of reports about Makkah – Kitab Akhbaar Makkah, Hadiyth-1724]

When you see the belly of Makkah will be cleft open and through it will be dug out river-like passages (i.e. tunnels) (or water in the road to Makkah), and you see the buildings surpass its mountains, then take care (or beware, or a variant has: then know that the matter is at hand, or then understand that the time of trial (Judgment day) is near at hand).

[Narrated by Al-Azraqi in the Book of reports about Makkah – Kitab Akhbaar Makkah, Hadith-1725;

Nu`aym b. Hammad in Kitab al-Fitan 1:43 no. 59 (with its chain);

Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani in Fath al-Bari: Kitab al-Hajj, Bab ayna yusalli al-zuhra yawma al-tarwiya, and he sourced it to al-Fakihi’s Tarikh Makkah;

[Ibrahim al-Harbi in Gharib al-Hadith]

The Hadith has both literal and metaphorical implications. The metaphorical implication is that the Hour has already cast its shadow means that the Hour is approaching

When the Mecca Clock Tower was built in 2012, it reached, or even surpassed, the mountain tops of Mecca. And, the Hadiyth says that when you see the buildings in Mecca reach (or surpass) the mountain tops, then the Hour has already cast its shadow, i.e. this is a sign that the Hour is near (close by).

The Clock Tower is also called Burj as-Sa’ah, one of the meanings of as-Sa’ah is the Clock. The Clock Tower actually casts its shadow over the Kaba. So, in a literal fulfilment of the prophecy, as-Sa’ah (the Clock) has already cast its shadow (over the Kaba).

Translation Notes
Hadith = Hadith = record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)
Qiyamah = The Resurrection Day according to Islam
Mahdi = (in popular Muslim belief) a spiritual and temporal leader who will rule before the end of the world and restore religion and justice.
Zamzam = a well in Kaba whose water is considered holy water from this well, zamzam, name of a celebrated well at Mecca
Awliyah = (Islam) a divinely inspired leader; saint
Masjid al-Haram = A mosque that surrounds the Kaaba in Mecca
Majhool = a type of large, sweet date (= the fruit of various types of palm tree), orginally grown in Morocco. Muslims traditionally break their fast with it.
Sunnah = the traditions and practices of the Prophet, Muhammad (ﷺ)
Ayah = A verse of Qur’an
Azan = the Muslim call to ritual prayer made by a muezzin from the minaret of a mosque
Bairam = Islamic festival
Tawaf = the ritual of circumambulating the Kaaba seven times as part of the hajj in Mecca.


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Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Zikr Scene



Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 7 Zikr Scene


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Interview with Gassal Woman (Dead Body Bather Woman)

”I do not understand… Why are they afraid of me? Fear the incoming Azrael.
Let us fear the answers we will give to my Allah.But they are afraid of me.”
”I am not afraid of death but I am afraid of my deeds.”

One of the most important video on KayiFamilyTV site. Please watch until end and imagine your death!




Original Content Belongs to Yer6Film


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Heredot Cevdet Hour – Sultan AbdulHamid



Heredot Cevdet Hour – Sultan AbdulHamid.

Herodot Cevdet, whose nickname was taken from the famous historian Herodotus, describes the assassination attempt on Sultan AbdulHamid Khan in this chapter with his unique narrative style.

Herodotus Cevdet, who set out with the motto “Those who do not learn a lesson from history, become a lesson in history for others”, is on with English subtitles of the stories he tells in his unique style.

“I exaggerate; because I want to be understood.” Franz Kafka.

Heredot Cevdet Hour – Sultan AbdulHamid.



Prayer of Sultan AbdulHamid.


My Allah, I don’t give my pardon in this world and Qiamah to those who make my nation suffer, not me! For me, if they tore me apart, ruptured my flesh with tweezers, burned my palace, destroyed my family, destroyed my dynasty, killed my children in front of my eyes, I would give my pardon in this world and Qiamah, but for the reason of me following my Beloved (SalAllahu Aleyhi and Sallem)’s way, I don’t give my pardon in this world and Qiamah to those who made my nation and I suffer.
My Allah! My Allah Whom I give my life for HIS Sacred names!

O AL-‘ADL! (The Utterly Just)

YOU are making Armenians who call me as “Red Sultan” and do their best to overthrow me be rended by those who have overthrown me! Who knows YOU will make hangmen be rended by whom?

But, O AR-RAHMAAN (The Most or Entirely Merciful)

If YOU appear with YOUR justice, we will all be ashes! Pity us! Appear for the nation who is in this situation because they lost the Messenger, the Beloved, the Master of the Universe’s light with YOUR grace, goodness, favour.

O AL-QADEER! (The Capable, The Powerful)

It can be only with YOUR power to make the carrion crow which took the baby into his beak fall and save the baby. Save my nation who is like the baby in the beak of the carrion crow, my Allah!

O MA’BUD! (Worshipped)

I can’t remember missing a fardh prayer in my life! But I can’t find the force to argue that this is my only time for prayer! Rather than bending over YOU, I’m stiffening and rather than passing away, I’m squirming in my bed! Forgive this servant who cannot worship YOU, my Allah! If I was able to remember YOU, YOUR Messenger(SAW) just for once in my reign that lasted for years as much as my rosary beads, accept my prayer for the sake of that moment.

O SUBHAN! (Praise, Glory)

Do not refuse this old man’s prayer who, on the Day of Judgment, will beg like “my nation, my nation!” at the foot of the Beloved, who are begging like “my Ummah, my Ummah!” now with these shaky hands! Save my nation from the false rescuers and fake salvations that led them to the destruction with the death without “Ba’u ba’de’l-mevt”(The Truth of Resurrection after death); And bestow them the rescuers who will come one day, true salvation!

I have no hope for prosperity that I can have in this world now. At least, don’t bring me disaster anymore, my Allah! I feel fatigued! When will I die, my Allah?

From the Book, Necip Fazıl KISAKÜREK’s ”Ulu Hakan AbdulHamid Han”

Ulu Hakan AbdulHamid Han




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As Salamu Alaykum / Hello.

Alhamdulillah we completed another season. This season was challenging but Alhamdulillah we managed and completed accordingly. Of course, we are not perfect and some errors in translation may have been made, we sincerely apologise for this. Because we have limited time and have no Turkish scripts. Our translators listen and translate. Every series has a minimum 1200 lines. The Mehmed series was particularly challenging and difficult.

We will take a months break, in the meantime inşaAllah we will prepare some videos. First one will be about Fatih Sultan Mehmed Khan. Its his Manisa era. How he become a Sultan. His Shahzade era...

But we need funds for translating these videos. If you want to support our off season efforts and contribute to new projects you can donate to us. CLICK HERE FOR DONATE. If you want to be sponsor you can contact us on whatsapp: