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Everything started with a walking stick. CennetMekan Sultan AbdulHamid Han’s walking stick…

5 years ago we started with Payitaht AbdulHamid series on Facebook secret group. There was a secret group option too at that time. There isn’t today. There was only one goal and it was that Sultan AbdulHamid should be known by everyone in the world. Facebook started to delete videos because of copyright issue but one door closed, another one opened by The Owner of all doors. A brother offered to build a website and KayiFamily was born. I didnt know of course in those days that this name will be a brand. Today you can see so many sites with this name. If you watch Payitaht’s intro carefuly, you will see a crescent at the begining. KayiFamily’s ”K” idea came from this Crescent.

What is KayiFamily Project?

At first it was the idea of spreading Islamic-Turkish-Historical series to the world with English Subtitles. But in time like everything it also changed…

What is KayiFamilyTV Project?

Its a project that spread Islamic-Turkish-Historical-Family Friendly series to the world. It’s also a business because KayiFamilyTV is not like our first project was. There are not just TV Series but also articles, videos, poems, history, TV Movies… And all, completely all, has a cost. We need income to pay this cost and continue our life. In the end we dont eat stone or pay our rent/bills with leaf. We dont work only for popular series like Kurulus Osman, Alparslan… We also translate family friendly series like Dunya Hali and Osmanli Tokadi. we lose money with these series but there is a goal for translating it. Today’s world unfortunatelly, we dont read much but we watch. And you know there are so many dirty companies like netflix. They show disgusting series. When you say ”do not watch this” it will not work. People will watch. Our target is to fill this area with better series. The TV series that has no dirty scenes and subliminal disgusting messages.

What we are doing is almost impossible. To translate 2,5 hour serie in just 3-4 hours is almost impossible. Difficult is done once; the impossible takes a little longer…

Today what you see on other sites is 80% our work. Some directly steal the video without our permission, some steal the translation from the video without our permission. Unfortunatelly these people do not take lesson from the series they steal, probably they do not watch. At least watch Hacı Bayram Veli and take some lesson. But wait, ahh yes… They also steal this series… What a shame!

We are in love with death. Death is our meeting day. Death is the day all lies, slanders, fakes will be removed and Truth will be revealed and we will take our right from these thiefs and so called ”Muslims”. You can say ”but you steal atv and trt video” yes you are right, we use this video and add subtitle, we make effort. Also we take order from Reis (Recep Tayyip Erdogan). He wanted these series to be translated. Also we are not in the same league with atv and trt. Please be logical. How can a website be an opponent to a billion dollar tv channel? They are elephants, we are ants. However we are in the same league with the people who steal our videos and translations.

Another question you can ask ”but you use kayifamily videos?” Yes because its our work, not that ”creature’s” work who is running the site now. Even the name and logo belongs to us. So we have the right to use our work.

Ardirilis site steals our translation and uses it in his video. He also sells premium with our work. A Muslim normally should make an offer for .srt (translation) files but he chooses to steal from the videos without permission. I guess in his beliefs there is no ”Haram and Halal” belief. It’s ok.. death is for everyone and we love death. Do you?

Kayifamily site also steals our translations and uses our work without permission. They even steal our ”The Original Source” slogan. It’s really so funny, all in the team laugh and have fun so much with this stealing. Because they even do not understand what they steal. We already use this slogan since last year. When you steal and use it, you dont be original. It’s normal because the brain team moved to so the old site is now brainless. For that reason, produce a slogan is another challange…

So many sites steal videos directly and some even ask for donations.

I’m not complaining but just want to tell you the truth and to not believe these thiefs. Our work is not 100% perfect because like I said above, we translate in just 3-4 hours without a script. The translator team listens and translates. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand because they talk with old language or sometimes with a deep voice from within. There is so much effort in our work. There is an average of 1500 lines in every serie so there are mistakes in this work but we try to keep it in a perfect way with the help of Allah-u Zulcelal.

We will continue to remain in this work of ours Insha Allah. If you want to use our translation in a HALAL way, you can contact us: [email protected]





As Salamu Alaykum / Hello.

Alhamdulillah we completed another season. This season was challenging but Alhamdulillah we managed and completed accordingly. Of course, we are not perfect and some errors in translation may have been made, we sincerely apologise for this. Because we have limited time and have no Turkish scripts. Our translators listen and translate. Every series has a minimum 1200 lines. The Mehmed series was particularly challenging and difficult.

We will take a months break, in the meantime inşaAllah we will prepare some videos. First one will be about Fatih Sultan Mehmed Khan. Its his Manisa era. How he become a Sultan. His Shahzade era...

But we need funds for translating these videos. If you want to support our off season efforts and contribute to new projects you can donate to us. CLICK HERE FOR DONATE. If you want to be sponsor you can contact us on whatsapp: