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Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha was an important figure and has a special place in history. He was one of the most famous sailors of the Ottoman Empire. He was known by the nickname of Captain-I Derya, due to his success at sea. During the periods when it was active, the Mediterranean became a Turkish Lake and reinforced the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire.

The real name of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha was Hizir Reis. Because of his services, Yavuz Sultan Selim gave him the name Hayreddin, which means the benevolent of religion. The Europeans named his older brother Oruc Reis Barbarossa because of his reddish colour beard. After Oruc Reis’s death, this name used for his younger brother Hizir which translated into Turkish as Barbaros.


Hayreddin Pasha was born on the island of Lesbos in the 1470s as one of the four sons of his father, Vardari Yakup Agha, an Albanian or Turkish cavalryman, one of the Vardar Aghas of Thessaloniki and the conquerors of Lesbos, and the Greek Katerina from the island people. The nickname “Barbaros” given to him comes from “barba rossa”, which means “red beard” in Italian.

While Oruc Reis was doing ocean trade with his brother Ilyas at a young age, he was captured by the Knights of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea. After his release, he decided to become a pirate instead of a merchant due to the influence of his experience he has gained. After a while, his brother Hizir Reis left the trade and joined him. They raided the Mediterranean shores and obtained booty

The fame of Hizir Reis and his older brother Oruc Reis, who used the island of Djerba as a base, spread far and wide throughout the Mediterranean. The two brothers agreed with the Tunisian Sultan Mohammed and started using the port fortress of Halku’l-Vaad (La Gaulette) in Tunisia. Hizir and Oruc gave one-fifth of the booty they captured to the sultan of Tunisia, and they were selling the remaining goods in the Tunisian market.


Hizir and Oruc sent a loaded ship they captured in 1516 to the Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim under the auspices of Piri Reis as a gift. Thereupon, Yavuz Sultan Selim sent them gifts as an expression of his support.

After Oruc Reis and Hizir Reisi’s older brothers İshak joined them, they did not settle for piracy and started to acquire lands in North Africa. They fought against the Spanish in 1516-1517 and captured the cities of Tenes, Tlemsen and Oran, taking Algeria under their control.

Hizir Reis struck the Mediterranean coasts of Europe between 1520 and 1525 and obtained great booty. He recaptured Algeria in 1525. He then defeated the Genoese Admiral Andrea Doria, who raided Jijel the following year.

During the German campaign of Suleyman I, Andrea Doria’s attack on the Peloponnese shores put the Ottomans in a difficult position. Thereupon, Kanuni summoned Hizir Reis to Istanbul and appointed Hizir Reis, whom he named “Hayreddin” in 1533, as the head of the Ottoman navy (captain).

Trt has starting filming the Barbaros which is rumord to be aired at the end of 2021 / begining of 2022.

First official trailer of Barbos


Barbarbos Official Trailer

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Mevlana Season 2



Are you a fan of the historical drama series Mevlana or Rumi? Exciting news for all the viewers out there – Season 2 is finally here! And what’s even better is that this season comes with English subtitles, making it accessible to a wider audience. In this blog post, we will be discussing the release of Mevlana Season 2 and Rumi Season 2 with English subtitles, as well as where you can watch Mevlana Episode 11 with English subtitles and Rumi Episode 11 with English subtitles on KayiFamilyTV. If you’re eager to dive back into the world of Mevlana and Rumi, keep reading to find out more!

Mevlana Season 2


Mevlana Season 2 with English Subtitles





Mevlana Season 2 is an eagerly anticipated continuation of the popular television series that tells the story of the famous poet and philosopher, Mevlana Rumi. This season promises to captivate viewers with its engaging storyline, powerful performances, and profound messages. With a renewed focus on Mevlana’s teachings and their relevance in today’s world, Season 2 is set to deepen our understanding of his wisdom and inspire us in our own spiritual journeys.

Experience the Magic of Mevlana

For those who have been following the Mevlana series from the beginning, Season 2 offers an exciting opportunity to continue the enchanting journey. With English subtitles, the show becomes accessible to a wider audience, allowing viewers around the world to experience the magic of Mevlana’s teachings. Each episode delves deeper into the profound philosophies and mystical visions that have made Mevlana Rumi an enduring figure in history.

Delve into Spiritual Enlightenment

Season 2 of Mevlana not only entertains but also serves as a spiritual guide for those seeking enlightenment. The teachings of Mevlana Rumi are timeless and universal, touching upon the deepest aspects of the human experience. Through the mesmerizing performances and thought-provoking dialogues, viewers are invited to reflect on their own lives and explore the path of spiritual growth and self-realization.

  • Table:
1The Journey Begins
2The Whirling Dervish
3The Beloved’s Call

Mevlana Rumi Season 2

Are you a fan of historical dramas? If so, then you are in for a treat with “Mevlana Rumi Season 2”. This captivating series tells the incredible story of the renowned poet and philosopher, Mevlana Rumi, and his journey of love, spirituality, and enlightenment. With the use of stunning visuals, exceptional acting, and an engaging plotline, this season promises to be even more captivating than the first.

One of the highlights of “Mevlana Rumi Season 2” is the inclusion of English subtitles. This allows a wider audience to enjoy and appreciate the depth and beauty of the story. Whether you are a native English speaker or not, the subtitles make it easier to follow along with the dialogues and immerse yourself in the world of Mevlana Rumi.

Season 2 takes off where the previous season left off, delving deeper into the life and teachings of Mevlana Rumi. The series artfully presents the poet’s encounters with various individuals who shape his outlook on life and spirituality. Each episode is filled with thought-provoking moments and profound insights that leave viewers introspective and inspired.

  • While the first season introduced us to the major events in Mevlana Rumi’s life, Season 2 goes beyond the surface and explores the complex emotions and dilemmas faced by the protagonist.
  • The character development in this season is remarkable, allowing the audience to form deeper connections with each character and understand their motivations and struggles.
  • The cinematography and set designs are visually stunning, providing a rich and immersive experience for viewers. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Konya or the serene beauty of the Rumi’s mausoleum, each scene is a visual treat.

Moreover, Season 2 brings a fresh perspective by intertwining Mevlana Rumi’s teachings with the challenges faced by modern society. It bridges the gap between centuries, reminding us that the wisdom of Mevlana Rumi still resonates today.

EpisodeTitleEnglish Subtitles Available
1The Call of LoveYes
2The Whirling DervishYes
3The Path to EnlightenmentYes
4The Eternal FlameYes

Each episode of “Mevlana Rumi Season 2” is packed with emotional depth, spiritual insights, and captivating storytelling. It is a series that not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impact on its viewers. So, grab your popcorn and immerse yourself in the profound and enchanting world of Mevlana Rumi.

Rumi Season 2

Welcome to the exciting second season of Rumi, where we continue to explore the teachings and wisdom of the great Islamic poet and philosopher, Mevlana Rumi. In this season, we delve deeper into Rumi’s timeless messages of love, compassion, and inner transformation. With English subtitles, this season promises to bring these profound teachings to a wider audience, allowing more people to connect with Rumi’s poetic brilliance.

In Season 2 of Rumi, we witness the continued journey of Mevlana Rumi and his disciples as they navigate through various challenges and encounters. Each episode is filled with inspiring stories and insightful dialogues, providing viewers with valuable lessons and reflections on life, spirituality, and the human experience. With the addition of English subtitles, the audience can now fully immerse themselves in Rumi’s profound words, feeling the depth of his wisdom in their hearts.

To enhance the viewing experience, KayiFamilyTV has made sure to provide accurate and high-quality English subtitles for each episode of Rumi Season 2. This allows non-Turkish speaking viewers to fully understand and appreciate the beauty of Rumi’s teachings expressed in the original language. The English subtitles also enable a broader audience to connect with Rumi’s poetry and philosophy, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among diverse cultures.

As we embark on this captivating journey through Rumi Season 2, let us open our hearts and minds to the transformative power of Rumi’s words. Let us embrace the profound teachings of love, compassion, and spiritual growth that he imparts. Through the medium of television and the availability of English subtitles, Rumi Season 2 becomes accessible to a wider audience, inspiring more individuals to embark on their own personal journeys of self-discovery and enlightenment.

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Wisdom
1The Journey BeginsLove and Longing
2Paths of EnlightenmentFinding Truth Within
3The Language of the SoulExpressions of Love

Mevlana Season 2 with English Subtitles

Mevlana, also known as Rumi, was a 13th century Persian poet, Islamic scholar, and Sufi mystic. His teachings have had a profound impact on people around the world, transcending time and cultural boundaries. Mevlana Season 2 with English Subtitles is a series that aims to bring his inspiring words and timeless wisdom to a wider audience.

In this second season, viewers can expect to delve deeper into the life and teachings of Mevlana. Each episode is filled with profound insights and poetry that touch the depths of the soul. With English subtitles, the series becomes accessible to a global audience, allowing more people to experience the transformative power of Mevlana’s teachings.

The table below provides an overview of the episodes in Mevlana Season 2 and their respective subtitles:

EpisodeEnglish Subtitles
1Awakening Love
2The Path of Surrender
3A Glimpse of Divine Beauty
4The Journey of the Soul
5The Language of the Heart

Each episode in Mevlana Season 2 invites viewers on a spiritual journey, exploring profound themes such as love, surrender, and the inner longing for union with the Divine. With thought-provoking poetry and insightful commentary, the series offers a unique opportunity for self-reflection and spiritual growth.

Don’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the wisdom of Mevlana Season 2 with English Subtitles. Let the words of this timeless poet and mystic guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Rumi Season 2 with English Subtitles

Are you a fan of the popular Turkish series, Rumi? If so, then you’ll be thrilled to know that Season 2 is now available with English subtitles! This captivating show, based on the life and teachings of the famous poet Mevlana Rumi, has won the hearts of viewers around the world.

In this much-anticipated second season, we delve deeper into the life of Mevlana Rumi and the impact his teachings have had on society. The series beautifully portrays the essence of his philosophy and how it continues to resonate with people even after centuries.

Thanks to the addition of English subtitles, a wider audience can now appreciate the profound wisdom and spirituality that Rumi stands for. Whether you’re a long-time follower or just starting to discover the beauty of Mevlana Rumi’s poetry, this season is bound to leave a lasting impression.

  • With the English subtitles, viewers can now fully immerse themselves in the rich dialogue and nuanced performances. It’s a wonderful opportunity to not only enjoy the captivating storyline but also gain a deeper understanding of the teachings and philosophy of Mevlana Rumi.
  • The inclusion of English subtitles also opens up the possibility for more people to connect with the show on a global scale. The messages of love, compassion, and self-discovery that Rumi Season 2 explores are universal, transcending language and cultural barriers.
  • Furthermore, the use of English subtitles allows for a more inclusive viewing experience. It enables non-Turkish speakers to appreciate the beauty of the Turkish language and the nuances of the performances, while still understanding the plot and themes of the series.
EpisodeTitleSubtitle Availability
1The BeginningEnglish Subtitles Available
2A Journey of the SoulEnglish Subtitles Available
3Love’s EmbraceEnglish Subtitles Available
4Whispers of the HeartEnglish Subtitles Available
5Paths of EnlightenmentEnglish Subtitles Available

Each episode of Rumi Season 2 with English subtitles is a captivating exploration of Mevlana Rumi’s teachings and philosophy. It is a journey of self-discovery, love, and spiritual enlightenment that will leave you inspired and uplifted.

So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and immerse yourself in the world of Rumi Season 2. Let the wisdom and beauty of Mevlana Rumi’s words guide you on a transformative adventure.

Mevlana Episode 11 with English Subtitles

Welcome to the second season of Mevlana, the critically acclaimed historical drama series that mesmerized audiences worldwide with its captivating storyline and brilliant performances. In this highly anticipated season, viewers can expect an even more thrilling and emotional journey through the life of the legendary philosopher and poet, Mevlana Rumi. With the addition of English subtitles, this season is bound to reach a wider audience and enchant even more fans around the globe.

Mevlana Season 2 takes us deeper into the spiritual realm of Mevlana Rumi, providing a profound exploration of his teachings and the remarkable events that shaped his life. This season delves into the transformative power of love, the quest for inner peace, and the eternal connection between the human soul and the divine. Through extraordinary performances by a talented cast and exquisite cinematography, Mevlana Season 2 leaves a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of its viewers.

With English subtitles, the beauty and wisdom of Mevlana’s words can now be fully appreciated by an international audience. This addition allows viewers from different cultures and backgrounds to immerse themselves in the poetic language and profound teachings of Mevlana Rumi. The profound messages conveyed in each episode transcend language barriers, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and inspiring them to delve deeper into the depths of their own souls.

  • In this season, each episode of Mevlana is a masterpiece in itself, meticulously crafted to tug at the heartstrings of the viewers. From the poignant dialogues to the breathtaking visuals, every aspect of the series is designed to captivate and fascinate the audience. The seamless incorporation of English subtitles further enhances the viewing experience, allowing non-Turkish speakers to fully immerse themselves in the compelling narrative of Mevlana Rumi’s life.
EpisodeTitleEnglish Subtitles Availability
11The Path of LoveAvailable

Episode 11 of Mevlana Season 2, titled “The Path of Love,” continues to unravel the intricate layers of Mevlana Rumi’s life, shedding light on his spiritual journey and his unwavering belief in the power of love. The episode delves into the profound bond between Mevlana and his spiritual teacher, Shams Tabrizi, exploring the transformative impact this relationship had on Mevlana’s teachings and the foundation of the Whirling Dervish order.

With English subtitles provided by KayiFamilyTV, viewers can now fully comprehend the depth and meaning behind each dialogue and embrace the sublime wisdom shared by Mevlana Rumi and other prominent characters. The availability of English subtitles ensures that the universal messages of Mevlana’s teachings are accessible to all, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for this remarkable historical figure.

As Mevlana Episode 11 with English Subtitles unfolds, viewers will find themselves drawn into a mesmerizing world of love, spirituality, and self-discovery. The impeccable storytelling combined with the emotional performances of the cast creates an immersive experience that transcends time and culture. Engrossing and enlightening, this season promises to leave a lasting impact on all who embark on the profound journey with Mevlana Rumi.

Rumi Episode 11 with English Subtitles

Are you a fan of the popular Turkish historical drama series, Rumi? Well, get ready for some exciting news – Season 2 is here! Yes, you heard it right, Rumi Season 2 has arrived, and it’s better than ever. With its captivating storyline, stunning cinematography, and remarkable performances, this season promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

is one of the highly anticipated episodes of Season 2. This installment continues the thrilling tale of Rumi’s journey, filled with intense emotions, unexpected twists, and unforgettable moments. If you’ve been following the series, you know how addictive it can be, and Episode 11 is no exception.

KayiFamilyTV is the go-to platform to watch Rumi Season 2 with English Subtitles. They have made it easier for international viewers to enjoy this captivating series by providing high-quality subtitles that bring the story to life. Whether you’re a native English speaker or just want to fully immerse yourself in the series, KayiFamilyTV has got you covered.

So, what can you expect from Rumi Episode 11? This episode delves deeper into Rumi’s spiritual journey and the wisdom he gains along the way. As the season progresses, we see the development of Rumi’s teachings, his encounters with influential figures, and the impact he has on society.

Key Details of Rumi Season 2:
Season: 2
Genre: Historical Drama
Language: Turkish
Subtitles: English
Platform: KayiFamilyTV

If you haven’t started watching Rumi Season 2 yet, now is the perfect time to catch up. The intricate storytelling, breathtaking visuals, and powerful performances make this series a must-watch. You’ll find yourself captivated by the characters, their stories, and the profound messages woven throughout the episodes.

Stay tuned for more updates on Rumi Season 2 and make sure to mark your calendars for Episode 11 with English Subtitles. Get ready to embark on an enchanting journey with Rumi and discover the beauty of his teachings.

Mevlana with English Subtitles KayiFamilyTV

Mevlana, also known as Rumi, is a highly popular Turkish historical television series that follows the life and teachings of the famous poet and philosopher, Mevlana Rumi. The show has gained immense popularity not only in Turkey but also worldwide, captivating audiences with its captivating storyline and rich cultural background.

The second season of Mevlana has recently aired, and fans of the show were eagerly waiting to continue the journey of Mevlana Rumi and his disciples. This season promises to be even more exciting and insightful, as it delves deeper into the life of Mevlana and his teachings, leaving viewers with profound lessons and a renewed sense of spirituality.

One of the standout features of the second season is the availability of English subtitles, thanks to KayiFamilyTV. This allows a wider audience to appreciate the beauty of Mevlana’s teachings, even if they do not understand the Turkish language. With English subtitles, viewers from different parts of the world can now connect with the essence of Mevlana’s words and experience the enlightenment that his teachings offer.

  • Season 2 of Mevlana introduces viewers to new characters and captivating storylines. As the show progresses, the viewers are taken on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the depths of spirituality and love. Each episode is carefully crafted to resonate with the audience, leaving them inspired and enlightened.
  • With Mevlana Season 2 with English Subtitles, the barriers of language have been broken, allowing a global audience to connect with the show on a deeper level. The powerful messages of Mevlana Rumi can now be understood and appreciated by people from different cultures and backgrounds. This not only helps in spreading Mevlana’s teachings across the globe but also promotes cultural understanding and unity.
  • To make the viewing experience even more enjoyable, KayiFamilyTV provides English subtitles for each episode of Mevlana Season 2. This allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the world of Mevlana and grasp the true essence of his teachings. Whether you are a fan of historical dramas or someone interested in spirituality and philosophy, Mevlana with English Subtitles is sure to captivate and inspire you.
Episode NumberEpisode NameEnglish Subtitles
Episode 1The AwakeningAvailable
Episode 2Journey of LoveAvailable
Episode 3The Path of EnlightenmentAvailable

Experience the magic of Mevlana Season 2 with English Subtitles on KayiFamilyTV and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Let the words of Mevlana Rumi touch your soul and inspire you to live a more meaningful life. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with the teachings of one of the greatest poets and philosophers in history.

Rumi with English Subtitles KayiFamilyTV

Mevlana, also known as Rumi, is a timeless philosopher and poet whose teachings continue to inspire people around the world. His wisdom and mystical insights have touched the hearts of many, transcending time and language barriers. Season 2 of the popular television series “Rumi with English Subtitles” on KayiFamilyTV brings these profound teachings to a wider audience, allowing viewers to delve deeper into the spiritual journey of Mevlana.

With the release of Season 2, fans of Mevlana can now enjoy the continuation of his story and teachings with the added bonus of English subtitles. This opens up the world of Mevlana to a global audience, who can now fully immerse themselves in the beauty and depth of his words, even if they don’t understand the original language. The English subtitles allow for a broader reach and a deeper understanding of the messages conveyed in each episode.

One of the key benefits of watching “Rumi with English Subtitles” on KayiFamilyTV is the ability to connect with Mevlana’s teachings on a more personal level. The English subtitles make it easier to grasp the subtle nuances and metaphors used by Mevlana, allowing for a deeper appreciation of his wisdom. Each episode is filled with profound insights, and the subtitles ensure that these gems of wisdom are not lost in translation.

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When Will Kurulus Osman Season 5 Start



When will Kurulus Osman Season 5 start? Kurulus Osman Season 5 release Date.

Preparations for the new season have been completed in the Kurulus Osman series, which will meet its audience with its 5th season. Filming for the TV series Kurulus Osman, produced by Mehmet Bozdag, will begin at the end of August; However, while many ATV series will meet the audience in September, unfortunately Kurulus Osman will wait for another month.


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Uğur Güneş Will Play The Role Of Selahaddin Eyyubi




The leading role of the Selahaddin Eyyubi series, which will meet with the audience on the TRT 1 screen in the new season, has been announced.

Emre Konuk, the owner of Akli Film, announced that the role of Selahaddin Eyyubi was given to Ugur Gunes. Ugur Gunes recently took part in the TV series “Al Sancak”, which was also broadcast on TRT 1.

“Again… We are embarking on a new journey with my old friend. The role of Selahaddin Eyyubi, the conqueror of Al-Quds, is entrusted to Ugur Gunes with his talent, passion and love for his job.”, Konuk said.



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    As Salamu Alaykum / Hello.

    Alhamdulillah we completed another season. This season was challenging but Alhamdulillah we managed and completed accordingly. Of course, we are not perfect and some errors in translation may have been made, we sincerely apologise for this. Because we have limited time and have no Turkish scripts. Our translators listen and translate. Every series has a minimum 1200 lines. The Mehmed series was particularly challenging and difficult.

    We will take a months break, in the meantime inşaAllah we will prepare some videos. First one will be about Fatih Sultan Mehmed Khan. Its his Manisa era. How he become a Sultan. His Shahzade era...

    But we need funds for translating these videos. If you want to support our off season efforts and contribute to new projects you can donate to us. CLICK HERE FOR DONATE. If you want to be sponsor you can contact us on whatsapp: