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In days of the past, a Muslim in Bursa built a fountain once called Yahudilik Junction, today, it’s called Arap Sukru.
He inscribed above that: “Halal to everyone but Muslims!” Since Bursa was the capital,
the Ottoman Empire intervened and questioned what kind of fitna was this.

The man was forcefully brought to the judge. He was asked why a Muslim would build a fountain only to
forbid other Muslims to drink from its water? The judge stood up and asked: “What kind of fitna is this?
You build a fountain for charity, and yet you forbid its water to the Muslims; in a country where
people’s religion is Islam, in a state where the people are Muslims. Have you lost your mind?”
The man answered: “Pardon me, indeed there is a reason, though it needs proving.” Hearing this answer,
the judge got even more angry: “What proof, what evidence? This is obviously fitna,
and you disturbed our Muslim community. You must be executed!”

But the judge was curious, “What was the reason?” he asked. The man answered:
“I can only say it to the Sultan.” He was taken to the Sultan.
The Sultan was also annoyed by the incident, but he too was curious.
The Sultan told him: “Say what it is you came to say. How dare you build
this fountain and forbid its water to all Muslims and let non-Muslims use it?”.
The man, with his head low, answered: “I have a reason, but it must be demonstrated.”

“What if your reasoning isn’t as reasonable as you think?” asked the Sultan.

“Then my neck is thinner than hair for the ruling, my Sultan,” the man said.

The Sultan asked what was needed. The man said: “Detain a rabbi from a synagogue
and keep him for a week. Then see what happens.” What he said was done.

All minorities came together, the Jews leading them spoke:
“What’s the reason for this cruelty? We vouch for our rabbi,
he is innocent. Tell us what needs to be done, if necessary,
we will pay his bail.” Even ambassadors from neighbouring
countries came and delivered dozens of letters. After a week,
the rabbi was released and minorities were happy.
Then came all the thanks and presents for the Sultan.
After a while, the man asked the Sultan to do the same,
but this time with a priest from a church. The priest was
brought by force from the Sunday ritual and this time people
reacted even more intensely. After a week, he was released,
bringing the Sultan even more gifts, even more thanks…
Levantines came together by the happiness of reuniting with their priest.

The Sultan asked: “Are we done?” The man answered: “Just one more, my Sultan, and then you’ll see.”

“What do you need?” asked the Sultan.

“Sir, take the Imam from our capital, Bursa, who is most loved, listened and trusted, take him from his mimbar.”

What the man said was done; the Imam was taken by force from the Grand Mosque of Bursa
in the middle of his Friday khutba. Then, what happened? Not even a single soul realised
he was gone, no one asked where he was. No one asked them: “What is up with you?
You could at least wait for the khutba to end.”

After a week, still, no one was asking any questions about him. Then, a gossip erupted among the people.
Everyone started saying: “We thought he was a decent man, we listened to him, made him our Imam…”

“Allah knows what he did to be taken in!”

“What a pity! All those congregational salahs I participated in, under his lead, what a waste!”

The Sultan, the Imam and the man were only watching what was going on.
Eventually the Sultan asked the man that built the fountain: “Now what?”
The man answered: “It’s time to release him and also apologize.”
The Sultan agreed and ordered what the man said to be done.
The man spoke with his head low: “O, great Sultan,
please tell me, can water be halal to Muslims like that?”

The Sultan smiled painfully: –
“Even the air is haram, even the air!” he said.


Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Zikr Scene



Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 7 Zikr Scene


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Interview with Gassal Woman (Dead Body Bather Woman)

”I do not understand… Why are they afraid of me? Fear the incoming Azrael.
Let us fear the answers we will give to my Allah.But they are afraid of me.”
”I am not afraid of death but I am afraid of my deeds.”

One of the most important video on KayiFamilyTV site. Please watch until end and imagine your death!




Original Content Belongs to Yer6Film


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Heredot Cevdet Hour – Sultan AbdulHamid



Heredot Cevdet Hour – Sultan AbdulHamid.

Herodot Cevdet, whose nickname was taken from the famous historian Herodotus, describes the assassination attempt on Sultan AbdulHamid Khan in this chapter with his unique narrative style.

Herodotus Cevdet, who set out with the motto “Those who do not learn a lesson from history, become a lesson in history for others”, is on with English subtitles of the stories he tells in his unique style.

“I exaggerate; because I want to be understood.” Franz Kafka.

Heredot Cevdet Hour – Sultan AbdulHamid.



Prayer of Sultan AbdulHamid.


My Allah, I don’t give my pardon in this world and Qiamah to those who make my nation suffer, not me! For me, if they tore me apart, ruptured my flesh with tweezers, burned my palace, destroyed my family, destroyed my dynasty, killed my children in front of my eyes, I would give my pardon in this world and Qiamah, but for the reason of me following my Beloved (SalAllahu Aleyhi and Sallem)’s way, I don’t give my pardon in this world and Qiamah to those who made my nation and I suffer.
My Allah! My Allah Whom I give my life for HIS Sacred names!

O AL-‘ADL! (The Utterly Just)

YOU are making Armenians who call me as “Red Sultan” and do their best to overthrow me be rended by those who have overthrown me! Who knows YOU will make hangmen be rended by whom?

But, O AR-RAHMAAN (The Most or Entirely Merciful)

If YOU appear with YOUR justice, we will all be ashes! Pity us! Appear for the nation who is in this situation because they lost the Messenger, the Beloved, the Master of the Universe’s light with YOUR grace, goodness, favour.

O AL-QADEER! (The Capable, The Powerful)

It can be only with YOUR power to make the carrion crow which took the baby into his beak fall and save the baby. Save my nation who is like the baby in the beak of the carrion crow, my Allah!

O MA’BUD! (Worshipped)

I can’t remember missing a fardh prayer in my life! But I can’t find the force to argue that this is my only time for prayer! Rather than bending over YOU, I’m stiffening and rather than passing away, I’m squirming in my bed! Forgive this servant who cannot worship YOU, my Allah! If I was able to remember YOU, YOUR Messenger(SAW) just for once in my reign that lasted for years as much as my rosary beads, accept my prayer for the sake of that moment.

O SUBHAN! (Praise, Glory)

Do not refuse this old man’s prayer who, on the Day of Judgment, will beg like “my nation, my nation!” at the foot of the Beloved, who are begging like “my Ummah, my Ummah!” now with these shaky hands! Save my nation from the false rescuers and fake salvations that led them to the destruction with the death without “Ba’u ba’de’l-mevt”(The Truth of Resurrection after death); And bestow them the rescuers who will come one day, true salvation!

I have no hope for prosperity that I can have in this world now. At least, don’t bring me disaster anymore, my Allah! I feel fatigued! When will I die, my Allah?

From the Book, Necip Fazıl KISAKÜREK’s ”Ulu Hakan AbdulHamid Han”

Ulu Hakan AbdulHamid Han




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As Salamu Alaikum / Hello

As you will already be aware, we are the team that works to produce the subtitles for many of the of Turkish dramas that have been serialised but with the exception of Mevlana Season 1, Hay Sultan, Ibn-i Sina, Mehmetcik and The Last Day. We did not work on these series, translations, but you can see who has. We give credit to them, because we are not thieves, and know what effort it takes. So, apart from those series on our website, all other series are translated by us. Some with KayiFamilyTV name, some without ‘TV’.


At this point some ''weak minds'' can say ''but you steal from ATV and TRT''. Yes, there are people who say this to us. It’s an honour for us because they compare us with billion-dollar companies :)
Rest assured if we bought the copyright with a billion $, then I would not be writing this message and you would not be reading it. Having said that, if we did have the copyrights, then I wouldn’t care who stole because at that point we need to think big and about the bigger picture, however we are small players.


So now that we have separated the Elephants from the Ants, let us continue to the point of this message;
As you will notice there are no ads on the website. We tried with some companies, but this did not cover the running costs. We do not want to show you improper or unbefitting ads. Be sure that if we want, we can add ads to the entire site and videos and we can earn more income. But we don’t want to earn in this manner.


As I mentioned at the beginning, we are the subtitle providers. These subtitles and translating takes around 3-4 hours. Normally it’s not possible to complete this in such a short timescale…. If you want to check, by all means you can do so… You can ask some of the on-line translators using various platforms, such as google and find Turkish Translators. There are so many and ask them to translate a 2,5 hour series in 4 hours. Their reaction will simply be ''are you kidding?'' Please test it. Check google ''translatorcafe'' you will see so many translators on that platform.


Our efforts are relentlessly stolen by so many sites. Some even ask donations for Gaza. Interesting, isn’t it? They steal our work and, in the meantime, want to help Gaza. Merciful thieves? Your decision. Be careful, hyenas wear sheepskins.


My promise at this point, If it was only my effort then no problem. I give my pardon to all our viewers and audience. However, it’s not just me. They steal our team effort. So, I will ask Allah for our team right after death. When death knocks on our door there will be no lies ALHAMDULILLAH. Noone can steal anything ALHAMDULILLAH. All truths will be revealed ALHAMDULILLAH. I will ask our right form Allah from people who steal our team effort. This message will shake hearts of the people who have a little conscience in their heart. I thought they will maybe contact us during Ramadan at least but no...


Now my real message to the people who want to partner with KayiFamilyTV. We have no ads income anymore. Our only income is the donations. Those donations are already used to maintain and host the website. We must need a minimum of $220 weekly for just translation costs (Please note and pay attention this is not monthly but weekly as we make payments to our translators weekly.) Besides that, there are still site, player, internet costs etc. We also have a life. Some people think we live in a cave so no need to pay rent. We feed ourselves with stones and leaves and there is no need for kitchen costs. Our water comes from the skies and the electricity comes from underground so no need to pay any bills. Yes, we have life costs too, this was covered through the revenue generated from the ads, however there is no longer that revenue. I personally pay the translation costs from my own pocket since the last 2 weeks. As you can appreciate, I cannot do this indefinitely.


At this point we are offering people who want to advertise their company/brand on our site. You will have 2 benefits:
Firstly, over one million people as our audience will see your company and your company name will stay within the minds of millions.
Secondly, you will help our service continue. Because if we stop translating, automatically so many sites will stop too. You know why ;)


If you want to advertise, or see the analytics of our site, you can contact on:

Mail: [email protected]   or [email protected]



We are also looking for volunteers to manage our social media platforms, youtube, if you are interested and think you are capable, please contact us. EyvAllah!