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We have always appreciated the mental support, but there are times when we need your financial support due to the low ad income we earn because of the off-season period. Unfortunately, It has come to a point where we are struggling to pay for our weekly translations. To afford the translations and the costs of our website, we need your support.

We leave behind a season of very hard work. And we still continue translating series like KIZILELMA, political articles 5 days a week, videos, news etc… Alhamdulillah we don’t steal any translations, we make our own text and translation. Only Mevlana and AbdulKadir Geylani series are not our translations but we edit the time length of the files to make it easier for you to read and follow. And you can see a note about it for these series. We don’t ask for donations for work that we haven’t shown effort for. On this site, except for a few series, all the translations belongs to us. Line by line we have made our own effort for it. But it all has costs. Some terrible people use our efforts and ask for donations from you. It is really so disgusting. We have no idea how these people can sleep. Today, people who really show great effort ask for your support. If you want to economically help us out and share our burden, you can support us with the links below. If you want to be a sponsor to us, you can contact us on [email protected]


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Donation from a Kayi citizen: (11$)
Donation from a Baciyan/Alp: (33$)
Donation from a Tajir(merchant): (53$)
Donation from Vizier: (77$)
Donation from a Hatun/Bey: (99$)
Donation from Sultan: (199$)

If you want to donate via paypal: [email protected]