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Watch Tozkoparan Episode 49 with English Subtitles. Watch Tozkoparan Season 3 Episode 15 with English Subtitles.

Blue Moon reaches the island under the guidance of Salih Usta and sees that there is an old castle on the island. While Kerem is looking for ways to enter the castle, he suddenly finds himself falling through a hole. Mavi Ay and Salih Usta immediately go to help Kerem. Meanwhile, the Karayel team, following Özge, manages to enter the secret laboratory at the excavation site and sees with their own eyes that the time machine is real.

Professor Fikri, who is held captive by the Ravens at the excavation site, hears the voices of the children and asks them for help. Mavi Moon and Salih Usta try to reach the room where the real stone is hidden by moving through the castle, but the roads leading to the room; It is full of challenging puzzles, dangerous games and traps. The Tozkoparanlar, who managed to progress by overcoming various difficulties, are suddenly cornered when Kerem steps on the booby trap.

Will Karayel be able to understand that Fikri Hodja is being held captive at the excavation site? Will Professor Fikri be able to make his voice heard and get rid of the Ravens? Will Blue Moon be able to solve the challenging puzzles in the castle? Will the dusters be able to escape the booby trap they fell into and reach the room where the real stone is hidden?

Tozkoparan Episode 49 (S3E15)

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