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Watch Tozkoparan Episode 48 with English Subtitles. Watch Tozkoparan Season 3 Episode 14 with English Subtitles.

Kaya combined the stone he took from the hands of the Tozkoparans with the machine of the Ravens, but could not operate the machine. Although Volkan says that he fixed the machine, but the problem is not with the machine, but with the stone, he cannot convince Kaya.

While the Ravens are wasting time with the fake stone, the Dustbinders try to solve the clues given by the broadcast in order to find the real stone. Fikri, who escaped from Salih’s house, wants to raid the Kuzguns and destroy their machines. When his idea is caught and imprisoned by Kaya, he cannot go to school and attend classes. Karayel, who saw the professor coming out of the warehouse unconscious for the last time, asks Blue Moon to account for what happened to Fikri.

If Blue Moon does not tell the truth again, Karayel will go to the police this time. While Blue Moon deals with Karayel, he tries to solve the clues to find the real stone. Making a guess based on the numbers shining on the bow, Blue Moon thinks that Piri Reis hid the real stone on an island. Blue Moon, who sailed to the sea with Salih Usta, is determined to find the real stone this time.

Will Professor Fikri be able to escape from the Ravens? Will he be able to learn what happened to Karayel Fikri from Blue Moon? Will the dustbreakers find the real stone?

Tozkoparan Episode 48 (S3E14)

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