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Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 2



Watch Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 2 with English Subtittles For Free.


With the help of Arif, they bring Tarık, who was injured in the coffeehouse of the opposition, was taken to hospital. Tumay wants to get to know this mysterious young man better. Tumay, who learns that he is a graduate of Imam Hatip High School, is from a world he does not know very well.


The paths of Arif and Tumay, who view life from different windows, will once again cross at the university. This time, both will come face to face as a result of an unexpected event.


On the victory front, the situation is different. On one hand, he should stop his married wife Esma from coming forward in order to get a divorce, on the other hand, he must continue his way quietly with Nesteren, with whom he wants to spend his life together.


In addition to all these, Zafer, who discusses how to intimidate the nation with his colleagues in front of the “reaction file”, encounters an unexpected event. Who fired the oppotion’s café and the shop of Omer, is the President of the Idealist Association, unaware of him? Zafer pursues this event that unfolds beyond his control and eventually encounters a surprise.


Meanwhile, the opposition take action after the decision to occupy the law school. The idealists plan to move against the School. It’s a matter of curiosity what kind of attitude the National Student Union, led by Arif and his friends, will take against this occupation in the university.


Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 2


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