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Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 16



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In the episode 16 of Sevda Kusun Kanadinda we wıll see the assassination of Tümay and the suffering of his father Zafer Erbay.
The “death plan” that Tümay chose to show her father the truth worked flawlessly. Tümay came under fire and dies in the arms of her father Zafer Erbay. So what will the powerful Zafer Erbay do at the most difficult moment of his life?


Ömer chasing Zafer


Fulfilling his promise to revenge the death of his dear friend Arif, Ömer seeks new ways to trap Zafer Erbay. Ömer accepts Solaklı’s offer to work together, knowing that Solaklı is Zafer’s man and that the way to Zafer is to be with Solaklı. Meanwhile, he meets Asım.


Young Cypriot Mujahid Asım


Asım is a young Cypriot fighter. He came to Turkey to buy weapons. He will bring it to the Mujahideen who are trying to escape the massacre of the Greeks. But he doesn’t know that he is being watched. Zafer sends Solaklı for him. Solaklı send Ömer to pursuit him. This is how Ömer comes face to face with Asım. Leila has a sister named Elif. Doctor Elif helps Asım at the most difficult moment.


Two new actors


We know Buse Varol, who will give life to the character of Elif, from the series Angels of the City, Winter Sun and Back Street. Gurbey Ileri, who will play the role of Asım, is the name that we already knew from the series “My Heart Chose You”, “Magnificent Century”, “The Day My Destiny Was Written” and “Coming Home”.

Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 16


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