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Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 14




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In the 14th episode of Sevda Kusun Kanadinda, it will be known whether Arif Ünlü survived the bomb attak of Zafer Erbay …


Arif’s fate


Arif Ünlü fell into a trap set to kill him in the finale of the last episode. When he tried to save Halit, the bomb blows up. Now everyone is wondering about the fate of Arif Ünlü.
Arif and Halit are taken to the hospital. Most of Halit’s body was burned. Arif is in a coma. All his beloved, gathered in the hospital, pray for Arif. Tümay, on the other hand, is severely shocked in the face of what has happened.


Ömer chasing the bomber


Ömer leaves the hospital to take revenge. He goes to Solaklı to ask him for help. However, Solaklı also surprises Omer. Işık tells Omer who wanted to kill Arif. Omer trusts no one else, including Cemil Ateş. When Zafer discovers what Ömer is seeking, he orders Police Chief Bekir to capture Ömer. Süleiman Özmen in the face of these events contacts Alparslan Türkeş.


Destruction of Tümay


Zafer Erbay turns into a monster in the face of events. Playing with the lives of innocent people, he destroyed his family as well. His beloved daughter, Tümay, was devastated by what she learned. Tümay thinks that now there is only one crazy path left for her.

Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 14


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