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Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 13



Watch Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 13 with English Subtittles For Free.


Arif Ünlü’s hard fight!


In Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 13 we will see the thrilling and action-packed struggle of Arif, who decided to kill Zafer Erbay in order to avenge his father. Arif, who learned in the past episode that Zafer was his father’s killer, now has only one target. To avenge his father … However, this is not easy at all. Because this person is Zafer Erbay, who has deep connections … Therefore, Arif must make a very ideal plan.


Tümay is caught between two fires.


Tümay, on the other hand, is trapped between her father and the man she loves. She doesn’t believe her father was a murderer. Tümay secretly listens to his father’s conversation with someone about Arif. She was shocked by what she heard. Regardless, she takes steps to prevent bad events from happening…


Ambush on Omer and Arif


Zafer Erbay learns that Arif is taking action to take revenge. And he makes a return move … Omer, as always is with Arif. Zafer ambushes two soul mates … Well, can Arif and Omer get out of this trap?


Coup Plan!


The Admiral is the man who raised Zafer. The Admiral informs Zafer that they are planning a new coup and this coup will be a continuation of May 27. Zafer is delighted with this news. And immediately takes an action to set the stage for a strike. His plan is to pit the religious and the leftist against each other and eliminate Arif. For this dirty work, he chooses a person whom Arif loves more than his own life …

Sevda Kusun Kanadinda Episode 13


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