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Only Allah Will Know




A respected man wanted to collect money from the people, in order take precautions against the enemies and for maintenance.Sadly, the people didn’t make any donations and the person was very sad about this and cried. Later that same evening after the night prayer a man came and left two thousand pieces of gold in a pouch and said:


-You can spend this money however you want!

The person who gave the gold was Abu Amr (RA). The respected man accepted the money and prayed for Abu Amr (RA) and gave him well wishes. That respected man gathered his friends and relatives, took the pouch out and said:


-We have great hopes on Abu Amr (RA). He gave two thousand pieces of gold for the Muslims to defend themselves against the enemies last night. May Allah bless him. Abu Amr (RA) suddenly stood up and shouted:

-That gold I gave you last night belonged to my mother. My mother doesn’t want the gold to be spent in this way. Please give the gold back to me, so I can give it back to her.

The respected man reached to the pouch and returned the gold to Abu Amr (RA). Abu Amr (RA) took the pouch and left.

During the same night and again after the night prayer, that respected person was thinking to himself in a quiet corner…
When Abu Amr (RA) came again with the same pouch in his hand, with two thousand pieces of gold.

Abu Amr (RA) puts the pouch in front of that person and whispers:

-I brought the gold but I want one thing from you, spend that money in such a way that, no one else other than us will know about it. Only Allah will know where it came from.